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Sunshine Soap and Candle Company

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Sunshine Soap and Candle Company

We at Natures Garden have found a wonderful soap and candle creator that we would like to share with you! This creator’s name is Cory and she makes gorgeous cold process soaps, adorable candles, and even more fun recipes! Not only does Cory share some fantastic homemade recipes on her YouTube channel, but she has her very own candle and soap making business! The Sunshine Soap and Candle Company website is full of high-quality products that are unique and beautiful! If you are interested in learning even more about Cory and her candle and soap business, then check out more information below!

Sunshine Soap and Candle Company: What is the Company's Mission?Sunshine Soap and Candle Company: What is Sunshine Soap and Candle Company?

Cory shared with us that the Sunshine Soap and Candle Company had come to be 2014.

Further, she has expressed the following as the core beliefs behind this company. “I have a passion for creating beautiful, usable products. I have always been drawn to more natural products, but also really wanted them to look beautiful as well as perform very well. I have always wanted people to smile, feel happy and a bit pampered when
they use my handmade products. The name of my company really epitomizes my idea of happiness. As a native Californian, I am a lover of the beach and the sun. These things make me happy and are reflected in my logo to represent the feelings I wanted people to have when using my products. Today, we carry an array of products you can feel good about like body butters, lotions, night cream, soap, candles and more.”

Sunshine Soap and Candle Company: How Did This Business Start?

Today Sunshine Soap and Candle Company sells all kinds of products! This includes homemade candles and soap made from scratch. While this company has lots of wonderfully created recipes now, this endeavor began with Cory’s love for candles and an interest in making them at home!

According to Cory herself, ” A lot of people may not know that that Sunshine Soap and Candle Company started out in 2001 as a candle company only. I was a new college grad and newly married. I was working full time at a local insurance company and needed some
creative outlets. I was really into burning candles and thought I could make them.
That is when I started getting into the art of making candles. Back then, there was
no YouTube, so I did all my research and studying from books and hands on trial
and error. I became obsessed with making the perfect burning candle! Once I got
it down “Twilight Inspirations” was born and I started selling my candle creations.
I LOVED creating products from scratch and customizing items.”

Sunshine Soap and Candle Company: How Did The Company Grow?Sunshine Soap and Candle Company: How Did The Company Grow?

Of course, this interest in candle making has grown over time and has led to even more skill for the craft through experience and experimentation. Plus, we all know that trying out a new craft is fun and can lead to another beloved hobby. In the case of Cory’s company, trying something new led to expanding her company to add even more lovely products!

Cory has shared that, “Over the years my candle making style evolved with changing styles and times. Fast forward to 2013 and three kids later! I became fascinated with soap
making after attending several local markets. I decided to give it a try. As soon as
I tried it, I knew I needed to expand my product line to include soaps. I loved it so
much I couldn’t believe I hadn’t tried it before! I immersed myself in research and
studying until I came up with soap I could actually feel great about selling.”

Sunshine Soap and Candle Company: What Does This Company Create?

We would like to share a few of the many wonderful products and recipes from Sunshine Soap and Candle Company. So, anyone that may be curious about the kinds of products that you can find on their site can find a sampling here. Of course, you can check out their website to find even more of the fabulous products that they have available for you to experience! 

Sunshine Soap and Candle Company: "Life's A Party" Cold Process SoapSunshine Soap and Candle Company: “Life’s A Party” Cold Process Soap

One lovely cp soap recipe that you may enjoy is the Life’s A Party Cold Process Soap. This lovely cp soap recipe uses fun, vibrant colors in a creamy batch of white soap to create a gorgeous batch of soap that looks as fun as confetti!

Plus, this bar of soap includes luscious cosmetic oils, like apricot kernel oil, canola oil, castor oil, olive oil, coconut oil, and palm oil. Not only will this cp soap recipe nourish your skin, but it has a scrumptious fragrance oil. This soap scent has fragrance notes of strawberries, raspberries, cherries and tree ripe peaches, and fresh lemons. Further, the scent includes the aroma of tangerine essential oil. So, this is a fantastic product all around! If you would like to have this adorable soap, then check out the “Life’s A Party” Cold Process Soap page on the Sunshine Soap and Candle Company website!

Sunshine Soap and Candle Company: Beach Bum Cold Process SoapSunshine Soap and Candle Company: Beach Bum Cold Process Soap

Another gorgeous scented soap recipe that you may enjoy is the beautiful Beach Bum Cold Process Soap! This cp soap recipe is perfect for any beach lovers out there! These gorgeous layered soap bars are topped with white beach foam soap, golden sea star mp soap, and rounded sea glass mp soap. Not only are these bars of soap gorgeous, but this scented soap uses olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, palm oil, canola oil and almond oil. Further, this cosmetic recipe includes cocoa butter and kaolin clay to add some extra moisture and bubbles to the bars.

Also, this luscious bar of soap has an aroma similar to Coppertone sunscreen with a note of light floral. If you want to get your very own beach themed soap recipe, then you will want to check out to the Beach Bum Cold Process Soap page to get your own scented soap recipe! Further, you can find out how to make the Beach Bum Cold Process Soap on their YouTube channel!

Sunshine Soap and Candle Company: Daydream Cold Process SoapSunshine Soap and Candle Company: Daydream Cold Process Soap

Also, you can check out this lovely swirled soap recipe.

First of all, this scented soap recipe uses purple and blue hues to create a gorgeous soap recipe. Further, this soap recipe uses the shimmer of mica dust powder. Also, this luscious cosmetic recipe uses lovely olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, palm oil, canola oil and sweet almond oil. Plus, this soap recipe scent begins with mandarin orange, melon, blackberry, and violet leaf. Then, the scent continues with middle notes are lavender, jasmine, lily-of-the-valley, and nectarine. Further, this soap recipe has a fresh base of honey, oak, and musk. If you are interested in this beautiful, feminine soap recipe, then you should check out the Daydream Cold Process Soap page of their website!

https://www.sunshinesoapandcandle.com/product/beach-bum-cold-process-soapSunshine Soap and Candle Company: Egg Shell Candles

Next. they have a fun candle making recipe that you can try out at home! This is a perfect idea for anyone looking for some fun Easter egg crafts! So, you can decorate real egg shells exactly how you want and turn your colored egg shells into candles. If you want to learn how to make these cute scented candles, then you can follow these step by step instructions on making these cute scented candles! You can find a video on How to Make Candle Using Real Eggshells (a candle making tutorial) on the Sunshine Soap and Candle Company YouTube channel.

Sunshine Soap and Candle Company: Strawberries and Champagne Soapy CupcakesSunshine Soap and Candle Company: Strawberries and Champagne Soapy Cupcakes

Another adorable soap recipe that you can find from this company is one for the adorable Strawberry and Champagne scented cupcake soap. You can find how to make adorable cold process soap that looks just like these adorable cupcake soaps from the Sunshine Soap and Candle Company YouTube channel! This soap recipe has a gorgeous cp soap base that is topped with soap frosting and mp soap strawberries! So, you can learn how to make this soap recipe by checking out the Strawberries & Champagne Soapy Cupcakes video. Here you can learn how to create these adorable cupcake soap and even look at some of the ideas from other craft makers in the comment section!

Sunshine Soap and Candle Company: Where Can I Find This Company?

There are a few different ways that you can find this lovely company online. First of all, the Sunshine Soap and Candle Company has a website where you can find all kinds of products. These products include all kinds of fantastic cosmetic recipes and scented wax creations that you can purchase and enjoy! Plus, you can find Sunshine Soap and Candle Company on YouTube, as they have a channel where you are likely to find videos on some of your new favorite recipes! Additionally, this lovely company has a variety of social media sites, like Facebook and Instagram, where you can share your experience and reach out to them. 

Sunshine Soap and Candle Company: Can I Find and Buy From This Company Online?

Of course, you can shop from Sunshine Soap and Candle Company using their online store! If you are interested in buying some of this company’s products and checking out even more of what they have to offer, then you will definitely want to visit their online store! So, you can use the following link to find their online site and all their fun candle and cosmetic creations; www.sunshinesoapandcandle.com. Once you are there, you can shop for scented candles, homemade soaps, and all kinds of awesome products!

Sunshine Soap and Candle Company: Where Can I Find Them on YouTube and Social Media?

First of all, you can find the Sunshine Soap and Candle Company on YouTube by clicking here. This channel is full of all kinds of fun and unique recipe ideas that they show you how to make! You may be interested in craft recipes or you may just want to know how the Sunshine Soap and Candle Company makes their lovely products. Regardless of what you are interested in, this channel is a great place to check out!

Additionally, you can find this company on both Instagram and Facebook. If you want to keep tabs on when your favorite products are restocked, be one of the first to know about a new product, see how some products work, or just scroll through all the gorgeous product pictures, then you will absolutely want to find them on their social media! You can find their Instagram by clicking here and their Facebook page by clicking here.

Sunshine Soap and Candle Company: Upcoming Candle Making Collaboration

If you are interested in their fun soap and candle making recipes, you should definitely subscribe to their YouTube channel! Not only will you find all kinds of fun step by step videos on how to make these awesome homemade cosmetic and candle recipes, but there will be a fun Natures Garden sponsored video that will be coming soon! So, be sure to turn on your notifications for this channel so you don’t miss out on this fun upcoming craft recipe!

Sunshine Soap and Candle Company: Reaching Out for Community and Questions

Of course, you can feel free to reach out to the Sunshine Soap Company with questions about their products or the homemade recipes they share. Of course, you can reach out to and communicate with the community on their YouTube channel, Instagram (@sunshinesoapandcandleco), and their Facebook page. 

If you have any questions related to us at Natures Garden, then feel free to reach out to us! As always, you can find us on our HUG Line.  You can also find us in the NG store or on any of our social media sites. So, you can ask us your questions on Twitter(@ngscents), Instagram (@ngscents), and Facebook. If you try some of the lovely creations from Sunshine and Soap Company, we would love to hear about it!  We would also love to hear about any of the products you have bought and enjoyed!


Soap Making Terms

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Soap Making Terms

If you want to learn about different soaping methods and get help for potential problems, then it helps to know common soap making terms. Whether you are a beginner or experienced, you are likely to come across something new with your batches at least once. So, we are here to help you understand what to do and how to solve any soap-making issues.

Soap Making Terms: How Much Fragrance Oil Can I Add to Soap?

While you should always check the usage rate for each individual fragrance, the maximum that we recommend is 5%. Sometimes you can a scent where the IFRA sheet allows more and you can do more if you’d like. After you know the usage rate, you just need to do some simple multiplication to figure out how much scent you need.

Formula: Weight of Soap x Usage Rate = Weight of Fragrance Oil
Example: 912 grams of soap x 0.05 (which is a 5% usage rate) = 45.6 grams of fragrance

Soap Making Terms: Why Did My Soap Turn Brown?

Often fragrance oils that contains a high amount of Vaniilin will turn soap brown. Also, the color will be a darker brown with scented oils with higher amounts of Vanillin. We can use Vanilla White Color Stabilizer to reduce these effects and still use the scent. Since this ingredient is added to provide a vanilla scent, strong vanilla fragrance oils will almost always turn soap brown without the color stabilizer.

Soap Making Terms: Can I Use Essential Oils in Soap Making?

Yes, essential oils can be used to scent soap. We find that essential oils hold up better in MP soap than in soap made from scratch. This is because the saponification process can cook off the essential oil, which doesn’t have middle notes to anchor the scent. You may have some scent after the soaps cure, but it won’t be as strong as it is in MP soap.

Soap Making Terms: How Much Essential Oil Can I Use in Soap?

This can be different for each essential oil, so you will need to check the IFRA sheet for the usage rate. Then, you can figure out how much you need using the same method as you would for fragrance oils.

Soap Making Terms: How Do You Make Soap White?

You can add titanium dioxide to soaps to make them white. In fact, many of our white soap bases use this ingredient. If you wanted, you could use this ingredient to turn your clear soaps to white.

Soap Making Terms: What is Melt and Pour Soap Making?Soap Making Terms: What is Melt and Pour Soap Making?

Another option for soap making is melt and pour soap. This method starts with a soap base that has already gone through the saponification process. So, you cut need to cut and melt the amount your need before you are ready to add colorants, fragrance, or herbs. Then, you can pour the melted soap into a mold and spray the top with rubbing alcohol. As soon as the soap is hardened, it is ready to use!

Soap Making Terms: How Much Melt and Pour Soap Will I Need for My Mold?

For each ounce by volume in your mold you will need 31 grams of soap. Say the soap mold will hold 16 ounces, you will need 496 grams of soap

Formula: Constant Value for Soap Needed to Fill Mold x Volume of Mold = Weight of Soap
31 grams per ounce x 16 ounce mold = 196 grams of MP soap

Soap Making Terms: How Long Should Melt and Pour Soap Stay in the Mold?

This can vary based on the size of soap you are creating. Smaller soaps will take less time compared to bigger soaps. Just make sure that they are hardened all the way before you remove them. Also, you should be able to feel that the mold is no longer warm to touch.

Soap Making Terms: How Do I Get My Melt and Pour Soap Out of the Mold?

While you should be able to hold your molds upside down and lightly push, sometimes they get stuck. If you place your soaps in the refrigerator for a short amount of time, this should make it easier for you to remove your mp soap.

Soap Making Terms: How Do I Get Fingerprints Off My Melt and Pour Soap?

Sometimes when you are removing your soaps from the mold, you can transfer a fingerprint. Just use some rubbing alcohol to dampen a cotton swab and  gently swab the fingerprint. It should begin to fade as you do this.

Soap Making Terms: Can Melt and Pour Soap Be Used Right Away?

Of course! The saponification process is already complete before you get your soap base. So, there is no active lye to worry about. This means that you can use your soaps as soon as they harden.

Soap Making Terms: Why Is My Melt and Pour Soap Sweating?

There are a few reasons why your soap would sweat. First, it could be due to adding too much oil. Whether it is fragrance oil or carrier oil, the soap can only hold on to so much before the oil begins to leak out to create beads on the surface. More often, it is due to the soap drawing moisture from the air. Since your soap base uses vegetable glycerin, a humectant, it will draw moisture to it. Although this is great for you skin, it can lead to your soap sweating . However, you can prevent the latter by wrapping your soap as soon as it comes out of the mold. This way it can’t pull moisture from the air.


Soap Making Terms: What is Hot Process Soap Making?Soap Making Terms: What is Hot Process Soap Making?

Another way to make soap from scratch is hot process soap. This process is very similar to cold process soapmaking. However, in this method you will have a heat source to speed up the saponification process. You can use a crock pot or stove top to heat your soap mixture. After, you can technically use the bars immediately. However, letting them cure a week will provide you with harder, milder bars.

Soap Making Terms: Does Natures Garden Offer Any Hot Process Soap Recipes with Shea Butter?

Yes, we have a few! For example, we have our Manly Soap Recipe, the Beard Soap Recipe, and more that you can find under the Hot Process Soap Recipes page!

Soap Making Terms: How Long Do You Have to Wait to Use Hot Process Soap?

Yes. Although you don’t have to wait as long for your soaps to cure, there is still some lye left that needs to react. Typically, you will need to wait 1-2 week(s) before using your hp soap.

Soap Making Terms: What Does Rebatch Mean?

If you want to redo a soap batch or add more ingredients, then this is a great idea for you! It is common to rebatch to correct issues like seizing or forgotten ingredients. Also, this can be done to add ingredients that wouldn’t react well during the saponification process, like natural exfoliates or essential oils. First, take the soaps that you aren’t necessarily pleased with and grate them into pieces. Place these pieces in a crock pot and melt them with milk, water, or another liquid to prevent scotching. Also, add any additional oils that you want in these soaps. Allow you batch to reheat for one hour at which point it will by thick. After, add the color, scent, and herbs before scooping this soap into a mold.

Soap Making Terms: What is Cold Process Soap Making?Soap Making Terms: What is Cold Process Soap Making?

This process is one of a few that are refereed to as making soap from scratch because in uses water, lye, and oils to create bars of soap. Another key characteristic of this method is that you don’t need outside heat, as the lye provide enough heat for saponification. Once trace occurs, you are able to add colorants, scented oils, and herbs can be added at this point. After 24 hours, you can remove the soap from the mold and cut. However, you must let your soap cure for a period of 4-6 weeks.

Soap Making Terms: What is Lye in Soap Making?

Lye is a caustic base that is a key component for soap, as it drives the saponification process. It is sometimes referred to as sodium hydroxide for bar soaps and potassium hydroxide for liquid soaps.

Soap Making Terms: What Does Saponification Mean?

This is the process of lye reacting with the oils/fats/butters to produce soap. Saponification will produce both the soap and the glycerin in the soap.

Soap Making Terms: What Does Cure Time Mean?

Cure time is the period where the soap finishes the soaponification process until there is no more active lye present in the bars.

Soap Making Terms: What Does the Term Trace Mean in Soap Making?

In soaping, trace is when the lye water and the oils/butters have been fully combined. You will know that you’ve hit trace because the batter will thicken to a pudding-like consistency. Also, you can check to see whether you are at trace by using a spatula to “trace” a line of soap in the batter. You will notice that the line will not immediately disappear and you can see a trace of the soap you drizzled in.

Soap Making Terms: What Does Light Trace Mean in Soap Making?

Light trace is the point right before your soap comes to trace. You will begin to see a trace, but it won’t stay for more than a few seconds. So, the batter is about to hit trace where it will be thick enough to see the soap for a bit longer.

Soap Making Terms: How Long Does It Take for Soap Batter to Get to Trace?

The time is takes to get to trace will vary between batches for a number of reasons. The ingredients in a recipe can lead to different times. Also, fragrance oils and some soap additives can accelerate or slow trace in your batch.

Soap Making Terms: What Does Seize Mean in Soap Making?

If your soap seizes, then it means that your soap has gone through saponification enough that the batter is beginning to turn from liquid to solid. While this isn’t bad on its own, it makes it impossible to pour soap that is still in the bowl. This hardening soap that hasn’t yet made it to the mold will be too thick to mix and, at best, will be chunky in the mold.

Soap Making Terms: Why Do I Have Lye Pockets in My Cold Process Soap?

If you use too much lye in your soap recipe, then you can
Lye pockets can form in cold process soap most often when too much lye is used. However, it could also be a recipe that wasn’t properly formulated, an oil was left out, the soap seized, or even when the lye solution was not fully mixed. If the lye was not completely saponified you can always rebatch the soap and hot process the soap adding additional oil. Also, it is possible that it could be used in recipes such as laundry soaps that can utilize soap with a higher pH level.

Soap Making Terms: Can I Change the Soap Making Recipes?

Unlike many other bath and body recipes, you can’t simply swap out oils in the Natures Garden formulated recipe. Each oil has a certain saponification value that determines how much lye it will react with. So, switching an oil could result in your batch being lye heavy. Even if you wait longer to cure, there won’t be enough oils to react with the lye and the bars will irritate the skin or even cause burning. Instead, use SoapCalc to determine what you would have to change to get the recipe that you want!

Soap Making Terms: Reach Out to UsSoap Making Terms: Reach Out to Us

If you have any other questions or concerns about soapmaking, then please reach out to us! One easy way to ask us something is on social media. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Have fun soaping!