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Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate SLSA

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Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate- SLSASodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate- SLSA

We have an exciting new blog for everyone today! We will be introducing to you a new product that we recently added onto the Natures Garden website. There are a couple reasons for writing this blog. First, we want to give you information about this product to educate you about it. Second, we want to show you a different way to create your favorite and most loved bath and body products. New ways of doing things are constantly emerging. It can be very beneficial to try things out other ways than you are used to. You may find a new personal preference that you didn’t know you had! Plenty of methods are out there for making homemade recipes. Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate, is the product we are introducing today. We are excited to be talking about our new product and hope you get to enjoy it as much as we do!

All About SLSA

Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate is a surfactant that is derived 100% naturally. It comes from coconut oil and palm oil. It is also completely free of all sulfates. A surfactant is a surface acting agent, which basically means that it causes products to fizz and foam. There are a plethora of homemade cosmetic items that you can make with SLSA. Starting with bath bombs, the two most important ingredients to make them are baking soda and citric acid. The combination of these two is necessary in order to cause the fizzing reaction when the bath bomb hits the water. SLSA is going to contribute incredible foaming qualities to your bath bombs that will accompany the fizzy reaction. Another product that can be made using SLSA is bath bubble bars. This is the perfect surfactant to use to make these because of the foaming quality it contributes. Your bath water will be exploding with mounds of bubbles when these hit the bath water. You can also use SLSA to create many other cosmetic related products too, such as shampoo bars, liquid soap, and facial washes.

The Benefits of Using SLSA

Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate carries a lot of benefits along with it. SLSA brings to the table many elements that are very beneficial to the skin. What might just be the greatest quality of this surfactant is that it can be used on every type of skin and hair. We feel this characteristic is important, and products with SLSA work really nicely for people with dry and sensitive skin. There are so many different skin conditions out there such as eczema, rosacea, acne, and psoriasis. We want to be able to cater to our customers and provide them with products that will work for all types of skin. This is just one of the reasons we decided to add SLSA to our website. Personally, my skin tends to be more on the dry side. When I took a bath using a bubble bar made with SLSA, it left my skin feeling more hydrated. This is one of my favorite things about this product.

Another key benefit of using SLSA in your homemade bath product recipes is that it will provide a much thicker lather to them than other surfactants will. This quality contributes significantly to creating bubbles that are actually long lasting. SLSA readily dissolves in water because of its small particles, which is great for things like bath bombs. Other great things about it are the excellent flash foam that it has, the two year long shelf life, and the versatility of the product. Powder shampoos and bath salts are some of the other recipes SLSA can help create that we have not mentioned. There are many other cosmetic items this can make, which we will be mentioning later on. Next, we want to discuss how SLSA compares to other types of surfactants.

SLSA in Comparison to Other Surfactants

SLSA is a product that is extremely versatile in this industry. It can be the perfect alternative to other surfactants such as Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate (SCI) and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS). SCI is a customer favorite that we sell at Natures Garden. Each of these also contribute plenty of versatility in cosmetic recipes, projects, and products. Similarly to SLSA and coconut oil, SCI derives from coconut. Some of the recipes that we have on our website that were made using SCI include the Pearamel Salt Scrub recipe, Lavender Mint Bath Bomb, and our Rainbow Bath Salts recipe. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is another type of surfactant that commonly gets used for soap making. It is an inexpensive item that makes for a great foaming agent in different personal care products. As we mentioned, many of the same recipes can be created with any of these. However, your recipes will have individual elements added to them based on the one you use.

These three surfactants are great for making all kinds of homemade bath products. Some of the different ones include bath truffles, bubble scoops, and body scrubs. Although SLSA can be used as an alternative to both SCI and SLS, we wanted to share some of their differences. SCI has qualities in it that benefit the skin. Products that are made with SCI tend to have more moisturizing elements in them than those made with SLS or SLSA. One example of this is in bubble bars. Compared to other surfactants, a bubble bar made with SCI is going to make your skin feel more softened and silky smooth after taking a bath. However, a bubble bar made with SLSA is going to create a lot more lather and extra bubbles for your bath compared to the others. The surfactant you choose to use depends on what you are looking for. If you want more of a bubbly bath, SLSA will provide that.

Recipes That Can Be Made with SLSA

In order to give all of you a realistic idea of what to expect with this product, we created some new recipes to showcase it. We will be selling SLSA in two different size options, a 16 ounce package and a ten pound package. For this blog, we have prepared three recipes to share with you. There is the Sparkling Sangria Body Scrub, the Sangria Shimmer Bath Bombs, and the Sangria Scoopable Bubble Bars. Each one of these were made using the Natures Garden Sangria Punch Fragrance Oil, which is a perfect blend of fresh fruit and wine. This is one of our best selling fragrances. We are super excited to get to show you how you can create these recipes too!

Recipes That You Can Make with SLSA: Sparkling Sangria Body ScrubRecipes You Can Make with SLSA: Sparkling Sangria Body Scrub

The first recipe we are sharing with you is our Sparkling Sangria Body Scrub. This luxurious product is going to make your skin feel wonderfully moisturized and exfoliated. We used enriching ingredients such as mango butter, avocado oil, jojoba oil, palm oil, and coconut oil 76. The mango butter has properties that provide softness to the skin as well as moisturizing qualities. This is a popular product in many of our recipes such as lip balms, lip glosses, lotions, and scrubs for this reason.

The moisturizing quality of avocado oil makes it such a common ingredient in recipes for soap, lotions, massage oils, and scrubs. The jojoba oil contributes to lather and also contains moisturizing properties. The palm oil gives this scrub a nice creamy lather, while the coconut oil produces a nice bubbly lather. All of these ingredients mixed together make up this wonderfully exfoliating body scrub. Mixing up different oils, butters, fragrances, and more can create variety within your products, which is important. We tested out the SLSA in this product to add to the variety in our recipes. This surfactant makes this more of a foaming body scrub, as opposed to some of our other scrubs. Additionally, it adds significantly to the lather and application to the surfaces of the body. It can also help treat any patches of dry skin that you may have because of the SLSA it contains.

Recipes That You Can Make with SLSA: Sangria Shimmer Bath BombsRecipes That You Can Make with SLSA: Sangria Shimmer Bath Bombs

The second recipe that we made using Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate are these Sangria Shimmer Bath Bombs. Our new product is perfect for making bath bombs. Some of the other bath bombs on the Natures Garden website use SCI. As you know, we switched that up in this recipe. The purpose of using a bath bomb for most people is to watch the bath bomb fizz. When the SLSA is added into a bath bomb recipe, it will fizz AND foam. What could be better than that? These will let you experience a bubble bath in a brand new way and they are simple to make. We love them!

Recipes That You Can Make with SLSA: Sangria Sparkle Bubble BarsRecipes You Can Make with SLSA: Sangria Scoopable Bubble Bars

Our last recipe to share is these Sangria Scoopable Bubble Bars. Who does not love to take a nice, relaxing bath after having a long day? These bubble bars are the perfect product to help you to a night of relaxation. To use the sangria bubble bars, run a couple under warm bath water. They will start foaming immediately. We love these bubble bars because of the bubbles they provide. Unlike bath products made with SCI, these have much more lather to them! This is because SLSA is a surfactant that has more of a foaming quality to it. Therefore, the products made with it are also more foamy and bubbly. These will give you one of the most relaxing baths you have ever had!

More Fun with SLSA

We have covered some of the benefits of SLSA, but this page gives you the full run down. We also found a blog page that is super helpful when it comes to learning different ways you can make bath bombs. The website is actually called How to Make Bath Bombs! This specific recipe is written by a user named KCAT, who attempts to duplicate a very popular bath bomb recipe. In this step by step recipe, she used SLSA to create her bath bomb, just like we did!

We hope that you enjoyed learning all there is to know about SLSA with us and the different ways it can be used! If you try out any of the recipes that we mentioned today, we would love to hear how they turned out for you. Reach out to us on social media to share your results!

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Natures Garden is not responsible for the performance of any of the recipes provided on our website. Testing is always the responsibility of our customers. If you plan to resell any of the recipes that we provide, it is also your responsibility to follow all FDA regulations. We, at Natures Garden, cannot offer any advice on where to buy the products and ingredients that are listed in our recipes if they are not sold by Natures Garden. When you use Natures Garden recipes and/or raw ingredients, you are agreeing to indemnify Natures Garden against any liability of performance, any lack of performance, or any problems that you encounter with the finished products.


Ways to Use Avocado Oil

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Ways to Use Avocado OilWays to Use Avocado Oil

Earlier in the week we talked about the benefits of avocado oil.  Today, we will look at ways to use avocado oil in your handcrafted bath and body products.  Avocado oil is wonderfully nourishing for your skin.  It is wonderfully thick, luxurious oil.  This oil is perfect for those winter months when your skin could really use some extra moisturizing.  To read about the many benefits of avocado oil click here.  However, be sure to read on for 20 ways to use avocado oil in your handmade body products.

Ways To Use Avocado Oil: Bath Bomb RecipesWays To Use Avocado Oil: Bath Bomb Recipes

First, let’s talk about bath bombs.  Bath bomb look really cool in as they fizz in the water.  Some even make the water a rainbow of cool colors.  However, did you know they aren’t just wonderful for the wow factor, some even contain added oils that are wonderful for your body.  Below, we will show you how we incorporated this oil into one of our bath bomb recipes.

Ways to Use Avocado Oil Fish Toy Bath Bomb RecipeWays to Use Avocado Oil Fish Toy Bath Bomb Recipe

First, we will talk about bath bomb, or bath fizzies as the kids a calling them these days!  In fact, with kids in mind this homemade bath fizzy was created.  Parents, we know how tough it can be to get those kiddos to take a bath.  We fight, yell, and sometimes it even ends in a melt down.  Well, what if each bath meant getting a toy?  With that thought in mind we created the fish toy bath bomb recipe.  We place a toy into the middle of the bath bomb.  So, when your little one takes a bath, pop the bath bomb into the tub and out comes a surprise.  In addition, we scented this bath bomb with Mermaid Kisses Fragrance Oil to give it a fabulously refreshing scent.

Ways To Use Avocado Oil: Homemade Bubble BarsWays To Use Avocado Oil: Homemade Bubble Bars

For those that don’t know, a bubble bar is crumbled under your warm running bath water.  Do to the addition of ingredients like SCI or SLS it produces bubbles perfect for your bubble bath.  These are wonderful and super fun to make. If you haven’t attempted a bubble bar recipe, you have got to try creating them for yourself.

Ways to Use Avocado Oil Mandarin Mango Bubble Bar Recipe

Next, you can use avocado oil in bubble bars.  We even used avocado oil in our Mandarin Mango Bubble Bar Recipe.  This bubble bath recipe is perfect for those of us that enjoy a nice relaxing bath.  However, we also added avocado oil to really pamper and moisturize you skin. Further, we added Mango and Mandarin Fragrance Oil to give the bubble bars a nice fruity scent.

Ways To Use Avocado Oil: Lip BalmsWays To Use Avocado Oil: Lip Balms

Next, let’s have a chat about handmade lip balm. Natures Garden has used avocado oil in a couple of lip balm recipes.  For some of us the cold, wind, and snow is right around the corner.  Your lips really can get especially dry this time of year.  So, why not take advantage of these ways to use avocado oil in lip balm.

Ways to Use Avocado Oil Avocado Lip Balm RecipeWays to Use Avocado Oil Avocado Lip Balm Recipe

First, we have one of our avocado oil lip balm recipe. This lip balm recipe is packed with oils and butters your lips will love!  It contains, of course, avocado oil, but also mango butter, coconut oil, and Vitamin E Oil.  Finally, we added French Vanilla Flavor Oil to give it a creamy vanilla taste.

Ways to Use Avocado Oil Chocolate Avocado Lip Balm RecipeWays to Use Avocado Oil Chocolate Avocado Lip Balm Recipe

Next, we have our chocolate avocado lip balm recipe.  Now, while this may seem just like the other avocado lip balm recipe, this one is slightly different.  It too contains coconut oil, mango butter, and vitamin E.  However, we also included real dark chocolate wafers to flavor the lip balm.

Ways To Use Avocado Oil: Lotion MakingWays To Use Avocado Oil: Lotion Making

Now, we will look at how avocado oil can be incorporated into your lotion making recipes.  While there are many ways to use avocado oil in lotion, below, we will talk about one of those ways.  When avocado oil is used in lotion recipes, it is incredible nourishing, it has incredible moisturizing power.  So, if your skin is dry and could use some extra help, I highly recommend avocado oil.

Ways to Use Avocado Oil Natural Facial Night Cream RecipeWays to Use Avocado Oil Natural Facial Night Cream Recipe

Not only do we incorporate avocado oil into this facial night cream recipe, we also infused calendula into the lotion.  This face cream is perfect for nightly use.  In addition to the benefit of the avocado oil, this night cream recipe is completely natural.

Ways To Use Avocado Oil: Body ScrubsWays To Use Avocado Oil: Body Scrubs

Next, you can discover ways to use avocado oil in your body scrub recipes.  Adding avocado oil to your scrub recipe is perfect!  Allow the exfoliants in the scrub to buff away the dead and dry skin.  Then, let the avocado oil step in to pump your skin with moisture.

Ways to Use Avocado Oil Margarita Salt Scrub RecipeWays to Use Avocado Oil Margarita Salt Scrub Recipe

First, we have the Margarita Salt Scrub Recipe.  This particular salt scrub not only use the moisturizing power of avocado oil, it also has the added benefit of Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate also known as SCI.  SCI is a foaming agent that is one of my favorite NG products.  SCI is often used in place of SLS.  This gentle surfactant is used to produce bubbles in products like our Margarita Salt Scrub.  However, that is not the only thing we love about it!  It also leaves your skin feeling silky and smooth.  Finally, this foaming body scrub is scented with our Margarita Fragrance Oil.

Ways to Use Avocado Oil Wine Sugar Scrub RecipeWays to Use Avocado Oil Wine Sugar Scrub Recipe

Our second scrub recipe using avocado oil is our Wine Sugar Scrub Recipe.  So, I am sure you are wondering what the big deal is with a wine scented scrub, right? Well, this wine scrub isn’t just scented with our Christmas Cabernet Wine Fragrance Oil, it also contains real red wine. This red wine body scrub is the perfect Christmas gift for all of the wine lovers in your life!

Ways to Use Avocado Oil  Vanilla Cinnamon Sugar Scrub RecipeWays to Use Avocado Oil Vanilla Cinnamon Sugar Scrub Recipe

Third, we have our vanilla cinnamon sugar scrub that uses avocado oil.  What else is unique about this sugar scrub?  To be honest there are a few things.  One, since this scrub is emulsified, we could layer it.  What is an emulsified scrub some may ask.  To put it simply, do you ever notice how some scrubs will have the oil separated from the sugar or salt?  Those scrub were not emulsified. This doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with them, we have made plenty like this as well.  However, one great thing with an emulsified scrub is that you can layer it.  The second unique thing about this scrub, in addition to vanilla powder and apple pie spice powder, it contains two different types of sugar.  The brown layer contains brown sugar and the white contains white sugar.  Lastly, this sugar scrub recipe uses two different fragrance oils.  We scented it with Cinnabun Type Fragrance Oil and Vanilla Bean Fragrance Oil.

Ways to Use Avocado Oil Sour Watermelon Sugar Scrub Cubes RecipeWays to Use Avocado Oil Sour Watermelon Sugar Scrub Cubes Recipe

Finally, in our way to use avocado oil in a body scrub.  Why not try a solid scrub recipe.  This scrub recipe is perfectly portioned for single use.  You can pop a cube out of the clamshell and use it.  Not only is this scrub portioned perfectly, it also uses clamshell packaging.  Clamshells are wonderful because you don’t have to worry about additional packaging. Simple place your scrub into the clamshell, close the lid, and place your label.  It’s that simple!  This particular recipe is scented with our Sour Watermelon Candy Fragrance Oil.

Ways To Use Avocado Oil: Soap MakingWays To Use Avocado Oil: Soap Making

Finally, we will talk about soap making recipes using avocado oil.  Avocado oil is a nutrient-filled soaping oil that will give your cold process soap with creamy lather It provides conditioning to the skin. Due to its high levels of unsaponifiables, many soap makers use avocado oil to increase the moisturizing qualities of their cp soap. Avocado oil is a great oil to add to soap for people with sensitive skin. In handmade soap your usage rate can be 5-30% of your recipe.

Ways to Use Avocado Oil: Gentle Avocado Cold Process Soap RecipeWays to Use Avocado Oil: Gentle Avocado Cold Process Soap Recipe

First, in our soap making recipes, our Gentle Avocado Cold Process Soap Recipe. This soap making recipe uses avocado oil to truly pamper your skin.  In addition, we scented this handmade cp soap with Natures Garden’s Rice Petals and Shea Butter Fragrance Oil.


Ways to Use Avocado Oil: Cold Fashioned Lemonade Soap RecipeWays to Use Avocado Oil: Cold Fashioned Lemonade Soap Recipe

Next, we have our Cold Fashioned Lemonade Soap Recipe.  This recipe was created as an employee spotlight project by Bailey.  She chose to scent her cold process soap with one of her favorite fragrance oils.  What fragrance oil did she use?  Bailey used Lemon Sugar Fragrance Oil, of course.

Ways to Use Avocado Oil: MP Embed CP Soap Recipe

Now, we have a cold process soap recipe that uses Bubble Luscious Fragrance Oil along with avocado oil.  This cp soap recipe will show you how to place melt and pour soap embeds inside you cold process soap.

Ways to Use Avocado Oil: Argan Soap RecipeWays to Use Avocado Oil: Argan Soap Recipe

Another option is to use avocado oil along with Kulu Bay Fragrance Oil to compliment the argan oil in our Argan Soap Recipe.  This is a cp soap recipe the uses an in the pot swirl to create an awesome three color swirl.

Ways to Use Avocado Oil: Hot Process Soap RecipeWays to Use Avocado Oil: Hot Process Soap Recipe

You can also use avocado oil in hot process soap recipes.  This hp soap recipe uses Natures Garden’s NG Baby Powder Fabuloso Fragrance Oil. Hot Process Soap, for those that haven’t made it before, can be created is a soaping crock pot.

Ways to Use Avocado Oil: Refreshing Cold Process Soap RecipeWays to Use Avocado Oil: Refreshing Cold Process Soap Recipe

Alternatively, you can use avocado oil in this refreshing cold process soap recipe.  This cp soap recipe uses China Rain Fragrance Oil.  This soap recipe is another recipe that uses a in the pot swirl.


Ways to Use Avocado Oil: Hot Fudge Brownies Cold Process Soap RecipeWays to Use Avocado Oil: Hot Fudge Brownies Cold Process Soap Recipe

Next, this cold process soap recipe with avocado oil uses Hot Fudge Brownies Fragrance Oil.  I must say this soap looks good enough to eat, and smells equally delicious.  If you now need some brownies, try this recipe, it’s amazing!

Ways to Use Avocado Oil: Total Hot Man CP Soap RecipeWays to Use Avocado Oil: Total Hot Man CP Soap Recipe

Now, this next recipe holds a very special place in my heart.  This was my very first attempt at cold process soap making.  I was taught how to make soap with this recipe using avocado oil.  It was only the start of my soap making journey that has turned into a passion. It uses activated charcoal, Hawaiian Black Salt, and is scented with the powerful scent of Total Hot Man Fragrance Oil.

Ways to Use Avocado Oil: Apricotie Hottie Soap RecipeWays to Use Avocado Oil: Apricotie Hottie Soap Recipe

Finally, a hot process soap making recipe that uses Apricot Fragrance Oil as well as both avocado oil and apricot oil. Learn how to make a basic hot process soap using a crock pot.