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Madam President Fragrance Oil

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Madam President

Madam President Fragrance

Natures Garden’s Exclusive Madam President Fragrance Oil:
Amazing opportunities grow from a seed of positive thinking. The creative minds of Natures Garden have captivated the essence of a great, female leader in our exclusive Madam President Fragrance Oil. Illuminating with determination, innovation, and confidence, this enthusiastic fragrance combines fresh, zesty citrus notes of charisma and charm, balanced out by feminine florals of jasmine, white rose, and freesia. The nuances of brilliant musks and ozonic notes are backed by a respected and humble hint of sweet vanilla; ending with a kind hearted, warm amber base. Madam President’s integrity never smelled so inspiring.

Did you know?  The US has been a country since 1776.  During this time, we have had a total of 44 presidents; all of whom have been male.  Although women make up more than 50% of the US population, we have never had a female president.  Natures Garden’s Madam President fragrance in no way is meant to show disrespect for our current US president or any other past president.  Natures Garden designs fragrances based on creative ideas; it is our form of artwork.  Some people will appreciate our art, and some will not.  Please don’t send us hate mail because we believe in equality for women.

We hope that you love this new fragrance as much as we do!
Deborah Ward
CEO Natures Garden Candle Making Supplies