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New Candle Colorants

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New Candle ColorantsNew Candle Colorants

Recently, Natures Garden Candle Making Supplies has added new candle colorants.  These candle colorants will allow you to color your candles with new and exciting colors!  So, what exactly are these colorants?  Well, we now carry color blocks in 25 shades!  So, for those that use liquid candle dyes, you might be wondering, “What is a color block?”.  Well, a color block is a solid candle colorant use in candle making.  What are the advantages of color blocks?  Solid candle dyes are less messy than liquids.  To use them, simply place a small amount of the candle colorant into your melted candle wax.  Now, I should add, these should only be used in candles or wax melts, not body products.  However, one color block dye will color about 15 pounds of candle wax in a medium shade.  Below, you will see pictures each color block used in handcrafted wax tarts.

Avocado Color Blocks DyeNew Candle Colorants: Avocado Color Blocks Dye

First, we have avocado!  This is the perfect shade for handmade candles.  It is a unique color that will truly sent your handmade candles apart from all the others!


Bayberry Color Blocks DyeNew Candle Colorants: Bayberry Color Blocks Dye

Next, we have Bayberry Color Blocks.  This dye is the perfect color for pine scented candles, but can also be used to achieve a lighter shade of green that would be perfect for cucumber scented candles.


Black Color Blocks DyeNew Candle Colorants: Black Color Blocks Dye

Our next new color block is a black color block.  This is a color that many of our clients have requested.  Well, the wait is over!  Natures Garden now carries a black color block for all of your handcrafted candles and wax melts.  As, you can see this color block can also be used to create grey candles in a variety of shades.

Burgundy Color Blocks DyeNew Candle Colorants: Burgundy Color Blocks Dye

Now, we have the burgundy color block.  This one is not one of new color blocks.  However, it does create a gorgeous color in candles.  This burgundy color block is staple in my candle colorants collection.  It has long been my personal favorite candle color.


Burnt Orange Color Blocks DyeNew Candle Colorants: Burnt Orange Color Blocks Dye

Okay, now, how cool is this burnt orange color?!?!  The burnt orange color block is perfect for your pumpkin scented candles.  However, it is versatile enough that it could be used for melon or even mango scented candles when just a small amount is used.


Caramel Color Blocks DyeNew Candle Colorants:  Caramel Color Blocks Dye

Next, we have a new caramel color block!  This is an absolute must have for those making dessert candles!  I personally have used it with my Cafe Caramel scented candles.  Not only did the candle smell delicious but it also looked delicious with the perfect caramel drizzle!

Chocolate Color Blocks DyeNew Candle Colorants: Chocolate Color Blocks Dye

The chocolate color block is another must have for those dessert candle makers.  This solid color block will give you the truest chocolate shade.  Again, this one will help you create delectable looking handmade candles and wax melts.


Cream Color Blocks DyeNew Candle Colorants: Cream Color Blocks Dye

The next solid color block on our list is the cream candle dye.  As you can see in the picture, you can you create cream colored candles. In fact, you can even achieve darker shades of beige.


 Dark Brown Color Blocks DyeNew Candle Colorants: Dark Brown Color Blocks Dye

The dark brown color block is a true brown candle colorant.  This solid color block is can color your candles in a light tan shade, a dark brown, and many shades in between.  I think this one is the perfect colorant for scents like Fresh Brewed Coffee Fragrance Oil.

 Grass Green Color Blocks DyeNew Candle Colorants: Grass Green Color Blocks Dye

With Spring right around the corner, many of you are adding Fresh Cut Grass Fragrance Oil to your candle line.  Well, the grass green color block happens to be the perfect color to create fresh cut grass scented candles.  In addition, it is a great colorant for many summer scents like cucumber and honeydew melon.

 Ivory Color Blocks DyeNew Candle Colorants: Ivory Color Blocks Dye

Next, we have the ivory color block.  As soon as I saw this one I just knew that I had to make a White Peach and Silk Blossoms scented candle.  Now, there isn’t as much of a range with this color block.  However, this ivory solid dye is unique and perfect in scented candles.

 Jade Color Blocks DyeNew Candle Colorants:  Jade Color Blocks Dye

So, the new jade color block is one of my absolute favorite new candle dyes.  It is absolutely stunning in handmade candles.  I also used this one in wax melts scented with our Jade Fragrance Oil, of course.  It doesn’t matter how you use it, it look absolutely stunning in candle wax.

 Mauve Color Blocks DyeNew Candle Colorants:  Mauve Color Blocks Dye

In addition to the jade color block, the mauve color block is on my list of must have colors.  It allows you to create a variety of mauve shades and is a favorite among many on the Natures Garden staff!  Mauve is such a pretty pink shade that you really candle go wrong.  It is feminine and gorgeous.

 Olive Color Blocks DyeNew Candle Colorant: Olive Color Blocks Dye

Next, we have the olive color block.  This particular green candle dye will have you needing the OMG Olive Fragrance Oil or Gin Martini Fragrance Oil from Natures Garden.  In fact, these are the first two fragrance oils that came to mind when I saw this solid color block.


 Orange Color Blocks DyeNew Candle Colorants: Orange Color Blocks Dye

Now, we have the orange color blocks.  These new candle color blocks are a true orange color.  It is perfect for scents like fresh squeezed orange and even at Halloween time.


 Peach Color Blocks DyeNew Candle Colorants: Peach Color Blocks Dye

What would be better this Spring and Summer than a Peach Perfection scented handmade candle.  It is the perfect peach scent for this brand new Natures Garden color block.  I also happen to think this scent is pretty perfect too if you are looking for a fabulous peach aroma to add to your line of candles.

 Pink Color Blocks DyeNew Candle Colorants: Pink Color Blocks Dye

Of course, we had to add a pink color block to our collection!  Who doesn’t love pink?  It happens to be my favorite color in general.  Also, it beautiful in handmade candles.  It is the perfect color for scents like Petals of Spring or Pink Sugar.


 Red Color Blocks DyeNew Candle Colorants: Red Color Blocks Dye

Now, let’s talk about the red color block.  While this is not a new color block, it is still a must have color block for candle making.  As one of your primary colors, it will create a perfect red color or can be used to mix other colors.


 Royal Blue Color Blocks DyeNew Candle Colorants: Royal Blue Color Blocks Dye

Next on our list of new candle colorants is the royal blue solid dye.  A true blue candle color that is vibrant and fun.  It is perfect for fresh scents.  As you can see you can get a wide range blue shades for your handcrafted wax tarts as well as candles.


 Scarlet Color Blocks DyeNew Candle Colorants: Scarlet Color Blocks Dye

Of course, our color blocks line would not be complete without scarlet.  Since we are from Ohio, we LOVE our Ohio State Buckeye!  The good old scarlet and gray!  This is a beautiful shade of red.  However, you can also get shades of pink.


 Spruce Color Blocks DyeNew Candle Colorants: Spruce Color Blocks Dye

Additionally, you can use the spruce color block to dye your candles.  This particular color reminded us a blue spruce.  This is the perfect color for not only those candles, but also many other scents.  I think this colorant would be perfect for scents like Ocean Mist, for example.

 Turquoise Color Blocks DyeNew Candle Colorants: Turquoise Color Blocks Dye

Another fabulous blue colorant is the turquoise color block.  This dye will even allow you to create darker shades of blue.  Why not use this candle colorant for fragrance oils like Natures Garden’s Denim scent?


 Violet Color Blocks DyeNew Candle Colorants: Violet Color Blocks Dye

Next, we have the violet color block.  This purple candle dye is wonderful in lavender candles and many other floral scents.  This feminine candle colorant is GORGEOUS is both candles and wax tarts!


White Color Blocks DyeNew Candle Colorants: White Color Blocks Dye

Now, we have the white color block.  This is another candle dye that has been highly requested.  Many times, fragrance oils can give your candles an off white color.  Well, this color block will allow you to create handmade white candles.  This is another candle colorant that many of our customers feel is a must have dye.

 Yellow Color Blocks DyeNew Candle Colorants: Yellow Color Blocks Dye

Finally, we have the yellow candle colorant.  This is another primary color that is a staple in every candle maker’s line.  This isn’t a new color block, but is still perfect for many candles.  Whether you use it with banana scents or even lemon scents, your handmade yellow candles will look amazing!

Are you ready to make some candles?  Are you trying to decide which fragrance oil to use with your favorite color block listed above?  Check out our fragrance oils by color.  This section of our website breaks down each color and gives fragrance oil suggestions for each color.  In addition, you can check the description of each scent.  In the description, we give coloring suggestions for every scent.