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Aloe Cucumber Hair Conditioner Kit

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Aloe Cucumber Hair Conditioner Kit

The Aloe Cucumber Hair Conditioner Kit is a perfect kit for crafters looking for an effective homemade hair conditioner. This wonderful conditioner is a perfect recipe for a fun night of crafting as it’s not overly complicated and includes short, easy to follow instructions. As long as you are mindful of the temperatures to add and combine ingredients, this recipe will be a success! Plus, the kit comes with all of the ingredients you will need to create two whole bottles of your very own hair conditioner. Also, this recipe contains Optiphen Preservative, which is paraben and formaldehyde free, to safely keep this recipe fresh for longer use. Not only are the ingredients perfect for hair, but it leaves your hair soft and untangled with a long-lasting scent. Seriously, the Aloe Vera and Cucumber Fragrance Oil is a clean and energetic scent that lasts all day long. So, take a chance on this recipe to discover a conditioner recipe that your hair will love!

Aloe Cucumber Hair Conditioner Kit Ingredients Included in the KitAloe Cucumber Hair Conditioner Kit Ingredients Included in the Kit

Hair Conditioner Kit
Vegetable Glycerin
BTMS 25 Emulsifier
Sweet Almond Oil
Aloe Vera and Cucumber Fragrance Oil
Optiphen – Preservative
Vitamin E OIL (Tocopherol T-50) Natural
8 oz. Clear Boston Round Bottles
Disc Top Lids 24/410
Disposable Pipettes

Aloe Cucumber Hair Conditioner Kit Other Equipment and Ingredients

Medium Pots (2)
Small Pot
Mixer or Stick Blender
Large Mixing Bowl

Aloe Cucumber Hair Conditioner Kit Total Recipe Amounts

25 grams of Vegetable Glycerin
25 grams of BTMS 25
20 grams of Sweet Almond Oil
26 grams Aloe Vera and Cucumber Fragrance Oil
5 grams of Optiphen Oil
5 grams of Pure Vitamin E Oil
425 grams Distilled Water

Aloe Cucumber Hair Conditioner Kit Sanitize and Clean

Before you begin this project, clean and sanitize all your supplies and the area you will be working in. This is important to prevent potential contaminants, such as dirt or bacteria, from getting into your product. Further, it will help the project go quicker if all your supplies are ready and your work area is clean. So, retrieve all the equipment that you will require to get it prepared and cleaned. Next, make sure that you have enough space on your counter top and stove top to create this recipe.

Aloe Cucumber Hair Conditioner Kit Double Boiler

Also, you want to melt your ingredients in a double boiler to prevent your oils from burning. So, you will need two pots of different sizes. Take the larger pot and add some water, likely only a couple inches or so. Next, take the smaller pot and set it inside the water filled pot. If the water is close to the rim of the small pot, then remove some of your water. However, you will want the water to touch the bottom of the smaller pot. In a later step you will place the double boiler on the stove and add the oils to your smaller pot.

Aloe Cucumber Hair Conditioner Kit Water Phase

First, we are going to need to prepare the water. So, retrieve one of your pots that is not part of your double boiler. You will need 425 grams of distilled water for this recipe. So, you will want to make sure to boil a little extra as some will evaporate while heating. Heat the water until it reaches at least 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Hold this boil for at least twenty minutes before removing it from the heat. This will ensure that any bacteria is destroyed. While you heat the water, prepare the oil phase.

Aloe Cucumber Hair Conditioner Kit Oil Phase

Next, you will need to prepare the oils and emulsifier. So, tare the weight of one of your bowls on a scale. Next, weigh out 25 grams of Vegetable Glycerin, 25 grams of BTMS 25 Emulsifier, 5 grams of Vitamin E Oil, and 20 grams of Sweet Almond Oil. Then, you will add these ingredients to the smaller pot of the double boiler to melt.  Once you have melted the oils remove them from the heat to cool to about 140 degrees.

Aloe Cucumber Hair Conditioner Kit Emulsification Phase

Before you begin your emulsification stage, I would like to note, your temperature are very important in this step. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, if the temperatures of both your oils and water are not at the same temperatures, you will not get a proper emulsion. This means that you will end up with a conditioner that separates. Secondly, if you add your Optiphen above 140 degrees Fahrenheit, it will be too hot and your preservative will burn off. On the other hand, if you add it below 120 degrees, it will separate out of your conditioner.

Now, let’s begin putting it all together.  You are going to combine the water and oil to create your homemade conditioner. Before combining make sure that both the oils and water have cooled to about 140 degrees Fahrenheit.  Then, weigh out 425 grams of your boiled water into a large bowl and add the melted oils as well. Quickly, use your mixer to blend these ingredients. As they emulsify the mixture will become white and begin to thicken slightly. After this is thoroughly mixed, let it cool to about 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Now, add the Optiphen Preservative and the Aloe Vera Cucumber Fragrance Oil to the mix. As you mix and the conditioner cools it will begin to thicken.

Aloe Cucumber Hair Conditioner Kit Packaging Stage

Finally, your conditioner is complete and ready to package! Let your final mixture cool to room temperature before you package your product. Take your two bottles and fill them with the finished conditioner. While you can use the pipettes to fill the bottles, it may take a while. Another option is adding the conditioner to a Ziploc bag. Once you have your conditioner added, you can cut the corner and use the hole in the bag to fill the bottle.