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Scented Bling Tennis Shoes Recipe

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Scented Bling Tennis Shoes Recipe

Do you happen to have any older pairs of shoes laying around the house? Or, maybe you have a pair of cheap tennis shoes that you haven’t worn in a long time? If so, then get ready to make these glittery beauties your new favorite shoes! This is a wonderful homemade craft idea that uses some gorgeous glitter to spice up your wardrobe. Just take some old shoes that aren’t anything special and turn them into a fashion statement! So let’s not wait any longer, here is the Scented Bling Tennis Shoes Recipe by Natures Garden!  This is one of the best glitter crafts ideas and it is a perfect way to glam up a pair of old tennis shoes. You are absolutely going to love the sparkle of your newly finished tennis shoes! So, let’s get started on your gorgeous glitter shoes.

Scented Bling Tennis Shoes Recipe: Tinsel Fragrance OilScented Bling Tennis Shoes Recipe: Tinsel Fragrance Oil

For this fun glitter craft idea, we are going to be using the delightful Tinsel Fragrance Oil. This lovely Christmas fragrance oil is the perfect scent choice for creating this absolutely gorgeous shoe craft. This scrumptious aroma by Natures Garden is an amazingly refreshing fragrance oil that is perfect for this holiday season. This fragrance has an amazing scent that blends the juicy aromas of pomegranate, strawberries, and raspberries. Plus, this scent adds a subtle hint of fresh peppermint leaves and fresh vanilla. You will love using this scented oil for these pretty, scented tennis shoes for the holiday season and even all year round!


Scented Bling Tennis Shoes Recipe: Ingredients Needed from Natures Garden

Scented Bling Tennis Shoes Recipe: Other Ingredients and Equipment NeededScented Bling Tennis Shoes Recipe: Other Ingredients and Equipment Needed

A Pair of Tennis Shoes
Fine Glitter
Liquid Craft Glue
Foam Brush
Wax paper or Newspaper
Plastic Grocery Bags
Small Glass Bowl
Unscented Hair Spray
Long Ribbon Strands for the Shoe Strings

Scented Bling Tennis Shoes Recipe: Weights and Amounts of Your Ingredients

2 ounces of the Liquid Craft Glue
3-5 mL of the Tinsel Fragrance Oil
2 ounces of the Hair Spray
1 pair of Tennis Shoes
2 long Ribbons

Scented Bling Tennis Shoes Recipe: Preparing the Work Station

Before you begin to create this craft, you may want to prepare your work station. So, lay down either the wax paper or the newspaper on the flat surface of your work area. This will help to protect your surface top from the ingredients you need to make your homemade glitter shoes. Additionally, you should use the plastic grocery bags to protect the inside of the tennis shoes. This will prevent glitter from getting inside your shoes as you are making them.  So, you will need to put these bags into the shoes before you begin working. Also, you should remove the original shoe laces from your tennis shoes. Since we are replacing them with ribbons, you can discard these shoe laces. Now, you are ready to begin to create this homemade craft recipe!

Scented Bling Tennis Shoes Recipe: Choosing Your Glitter

First, you are going to need to decide on the craft glitter that you are going to use to glamorize your tennis shoes. While the color is an important choice for your glitter, the size of the glitter is even more important! We have found that glitter that is finer will stick to your shoes better than chunkier glitter. The chunkier sizes just don’t work quite as well. Since glitter that is on the chunkier side has a tendency to get sticky from the hairspray since there is more surface area for the hairspray to cling to. To be safe, you may need to try out your chosen glitter in a small area and have a back up shimmer that is a bit more fine. Also, we have found that holographic glitter sticks pretty well, too. We used holographic glitter for this project. So, before you start with the glue pick out your type of glitter to create some gorgeous shoes.

Scented Bling Tennis Shoes Recipe: Prepare the Liquid GlueScented Bling Tennis Shoes Recipe: Prepare the Liquid Glue

Next, you are going to need to prepare the liquid glue mixture for this diy glitter craft recipe. Obviously, the first ingredient of this mixture will be liquid craft glue. You can use any kind of craft glue that is liquid and will dry to be clear. While our shoes required about 2 ounces of liquid glue, this amount could possibly differ depending on the size shoes that you needed. If you unsure about the amount, you can start with this amount and create more of the glue mixture as you need it. So, you can add this amount of glue to a small glass bowl and move on to the next step.

Scented Bling Tennis Shoes Recipe: Adding the Fragrance OilScented Bling Tennis Shoes Recipe: Adding the Fragrance Oil

Now, you are going to create the mixture of liquid glue and fragrance oil. So, you will add the fragrance oil to the liquid craft glue in your glass bowl. The lovely aroma that we will use for this beautifully glittered project is the wonderful Tinsel Fragrance Oil. For this delightful craft recipe, you will need about 2- 4 mL of this scrumptious Christmas scented oil for every 2 ounces of liquid craft glue that is used for the glue mixture. Then, you will need to make sure to thoroughly mix the scented oil into the bowl of liquid glue. Next, you are going to need to use this fragrance and glue mixture to hold the glitter on your shoes.

Scented Bling Tennis Shoes Recipe: Beginning to Add the GlitterScented Bling Tennis Shoes Recipe: Beginning to Add the Glitter

After the liquid craft glue and fragrance has been mix up, you are going to be ready to start the process of adding glitter to each of your shoes. Now, you will be adding the glue mixture in small areas on one of the shoes. As you go along in this process, you will need to alternate between adding small sections of glue and sprinkling your glitter. This will make sure that the liquid craft glue doesn’t dry before you have a chance to sprinkle the glitter. Also, you will use the foam brush to spread a thin layer of this glue mixture onto a small section of the shoe. After the liquid glue is spread out on a small section of the tennis shoe, you are ready to move on to sprinkling the glitter!

Scented Bling Tennis Shoes Recipe: Adding the Shimmer and ShineScented Bling Tennis Shoes Recipe: Adding the Shimmer and Shine

Finally, you are ready to start working with the glitter! So, grab your chosen craft glitter and get ready for the fun part. We decided to use a glamorous gold shade of glitter, but you can switch up the color if you have found your favorite bling. So, you will need to sprinkle the glitter onto this small section of glue before it dries. Before you continue, you may want to wait for this section to dry and see whether the glitter sticks well enough. Obviously, not all the glitter that you poured is going to stick to the shoe. But, you are going to want to make sure that most of your sparkles stick. You can fill in little patches that are empty, but this won’t work unless the sparkles are able to cover the shoe after touch ups. After you have added the glitter to this patch, you will need to repeat this process until both shoes are completely covered in glitter!

Scented Bling Tennis Shoes Recipe: Shake and Let Your Shoes Dry

Now that your shoes are covered in sparkles, it is time to let them set up before you can move on to the next step. First, you are going to need to shake your shoes lightly to remove the excess glitter. Since this glitter can be removed with a light shake or tap, its best to get rid of the shimmer that isn’t going to be permanent anyway. Now, you are going to need to let the freshly glittered shoes completely dry before moving on to the next step. So, you are going to want to let your shoes dry overnight. This amount of time will give your tennis shoes time dry and allows the glue to harden so the glitter will settle.

Scented Bling Tennis Shoes Recipe: Prepare the Hairspray Mixture

After the glitter that you’ve sprinkled on your shoes have dried completely, you will need to prepare the hairspray for this recipe. This hairspray mixture will help seal the craft glitter to your shoe. To make this hairspray mixture you are going to need at least 2 ounces of hairspray to coat the pair of tennis shoes about the size of ours. Again, you may need more for larger shoes. So, you can add this amount of hairspray to your 2 ounce bullet bottle. After, you will need to mix in 1 mL of the Tinsel Fragrance Oil. Now, you can attach the 20/410 fine mist sprayer. You need to shake these two ingredients together to make sure that the fragrance is incorporated well. Now, your hairspray mixture will be ready to use.

Scented Bling Tennis Shoes Recipe: Spraying the Shoes

Next, you are going to secure the glitter on the pair of tennis shoes with the newly made hairspray mixture. Since the craft glue mixture alone is not strong enough to hold the glitter on the shoes, you will be using the hairspray mixture to add the glue’s holding ability. So, spraying these glittery shoes with your hairspray mixture will help to hold the sparkly glitter to these gorgeous shoes. So, your diy glitter craft will be even more protected and your bling will last longer. Furthermore, the additional fragrance oil in the hairspray mixture will add to the overall scent to provide you with an even greater aroma!

Scented Bling Tennis Shoes Recipe: Adding the Ribbon Shoe Laces

Finally, you are going to be adding the lovely ribbons to your homemade craft. While you could use your regular, old shoe strings, the ribbon is just so much prettier! These ribbons add to the beauty of the shimmery glitter and create a gorgeous pair of shoes. Now, before you add these ribbons to your tennis shoes you need to make sure that your shoes are dry from spraying the hairspray mixture. Then, you can thread your two ribbons through each of the tennis shoes. After you finish putting in the laces your homemade glitter craft will be complete! Whether you use these shoes as a scented room decoration or wear these blingy beautifies around, we hope that you enjoy your finished shoe recipe.

Scented Bling Tennis Shoes Recipe: More Glittery Fun Ideas

We at Natures Garden think that everything is more fun with a little bit of sparkle and shine. If you are anything like us, then its obvious that basically everything can be made better by adding some craft glitter! So, this makes glitter the perfect craft supply that will make your projects so much more beautiful. Anyone that is looking for more gorgeous glitter crafts ideas will definitely want to check out the 34 Sparkly, Glittery DIY Crafts You’ll Love article by DIY Projects for Teens. This wonderful article has tons of different glitter ideas for crafts to do with glitter. So, let’s grab some glitter and make the world shine!

Scented Bling Tennis Shoes Recipe: Share with UsScented Bling Tennis Shoes Recipe: Share with Us

Now that your homemade glitter shoes are completely finished, we hope that you enjoyed creating this craft. If you did enjoy this recipe, then you may want to take a look at our other various craft recipes. You can find these recipes on Free Classes and Recipes of the Natures Garden website.

Now that your glittered shoes are ready to use, we would love to hear your thoughts about this lovely diy recipe. There are a few different ways to reach us on social media. First, you can find us on the Natures Garden Facebook page. Also, you can find us, @ngscents, on either our Instagram or Twitter. We would love to hear about any of your comments, questions, and suggestions. So, you should absolutely check us out soon! Also, we hope that you love your newly glittered tennis shoes as much as we loved creating them!


Rice Bran Oil Benefits

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Rice Bran Oil BenefitsRice Bran Oil Benefits

This lovely oil from Natures Garden is perfect for making all kinds of homemade cosmetics. Not only can this oil be used in your homemade products, but rice bran oil contains various nourishing vitamins and minerals that are wonderful for the skin. So, there are many rice bran oil benefits that you can utilize in your handcrafted products. This means that your products will be able to utilize this oil’s properties and become more beneficial to the body!  So, let’s check out all of the wonderful properties of rice bran cosmetic oil and see exactly how this ingredient can fit into your products!

Rice Bran Oil Benefits Where Does This Oil Come From?Rice Bran Oil Benefits Where Does This Oil Come From?

This lovely, cosmetic oil is derived from the brown rice chaff. Actually, it is created from the inner husk of the rice. This portion of the rice is cold pressed into the wonderful oil we all know and love. This rice based oil is used in many different kinds of recipes. Everything from cooking to making soap can effectively use rice bran Oil. This widely used ingredient contains all kinds of nutrients that your body can benefit from both on the inside and outside. So, adding this oil to your homemade bath and body products would be a fantastic idea!

Rice Bran Oil Benefits For Your ProductsRice Bran Oil Benefits For Your Products

One way that you can benefit from the qualities of rice bran oil is to incorporate it into your amazing bath and body products.  This cosmetic oil is perfect for adding some nourishment to your body.  While this oil is amazing on its own, rice bran oil is perfect for adding to products. The only thing better than a single oil that contains nutrients for your body is a perfectly crafted product that includes this lovely oil! So, check out some of the benefits that this cosmetic oil can provide to your bath and body products.

Rice Bran Oil Benefits Making Cold Process SoapRice Bran Oil Benefits Making Cold Process Soap

Rice bran oil will be perfect for creating handmade soaps. Just like any other soap ingredients, this soaping oil provides unique properties for your recipes. Specifically, this oil will provide all kinds of amazing qualities for your bars. For one, this cosmetic oil will provide conditioning properties. This property will moisturize and care for your skin perfectly! Also, you will find soaps with this oil to have a creamier lather. Finally, this oil adds a bit of hardness to your bar. Many soap makers have found that this oil is similar to how Olive Oil works in soap. Additionally, rice bran oil is a soaping  oil that is nice for sensitive skin. So, you will have a more nourishing and creamy bar of soap!

Rice Bran Oil Benefits Creating Lotions Rice Bran Oil Benefits Creating Lotions

Also, adding this cosmetic oil to your homemade lotion would be a wonderful idea! Anyone that is making their own body lotion recipe has one goal in common. We are all looking to create a recipe that will effectively moisturize your skin. Luckily, rice bran oil benefits your lotion perfectly as it is a great choice for moisturizing the skin. Rice bran oil will sink deep into the skin and nourish your skin cells. Further, this oil is known to absorb fairly quickly. So, you won’t end up with a greasy film on the top layer of your skin. This means that rice bran oil would make a perfect addition to a lotion recipe that would moisturize and nourishing without leaving an oily residue.

Rice Bran Oil Benefits Making Homemade Hair ConditionerRice Bran Oil Benefits Making Homemade Hair Conditioner

Since rice bran oil is wonderful for the skin, you can imagine that its impact on your scalp and hair would be great, too. Also, you would be so right! This cosmetic oil is perfect for promoting healthy hair. First of all, this oil is wonderful for the scalp. This cosmetic ingredient will level out the natural oils on your scalp, lead to thicker hair, and nourish the roots of your hair. Second, the nutrients in this oil will positively impact your hair, too. This cosmetic oil will reduce split ends and strengthen your strands. So, rice bran oil will strengthen your hair and lead to healthy hair growth!

Rice Bran Oil Benefits For Your BodyRice Bran Oil Benefits For Your Body

Another fantastic reason as to why you should use rice bran oil is all the benefits that it contains for the body. In fact, this should be one of the most important reasons because these products should be all about caring for our body! The benefits in this potential ingredient come from the various vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats that this cosmetic ingredient contains. This means that you can use these various nutrients to perfectly nourish your skin and hair. So, you can check out some of the ways that this cosmetic oil can benefit your skin, hair, and entire body.You will love how rice bran oil benefits your body! 

Rice Bran Oil Benefits Solution for Dry SkinRice Bran Oil Benefits Solution for Dry Skin

First of all, rice bran oil is perfect for moisturizing your skin. Your stubbornly dry skin doesn’t even have a chance! This cosmetic ingredient will provide your skin with a deep conditioning nourishment. In fact, this oil is able to sink down deep into your skin to take care of it all. This will leave you with healthy, smooth skin that you will love! Plus, this cosmetic oil is not as oily or greasy as many other oils. This means that rice bran oil will not leave the oily residue on the surface of your skin. This moisturizing oil will sink in quickly. So, you get all the moisture without leaving your skin oily afterward. Between quickly sinking into the skin and its moisturizing power, this cosmetic oil is perfect for providing your skin with the nourishment that it truly deserves!

Rice Bran Oil Benefits Anti Inflammatory Rice Bran Oil Benefits Anti Inflammatory

Further, it is thought that the addition of this cosmetic oil would make an effective anti inflammatory product for your skin. So, rice bran oil can really come in handy for those dealing with this uncomfortable issue. Many believe that some of the nutrients in the rice bran oil, which includes the Phytosterols, are perfect for soothing the skin. These nourishing properties can help to reduce issues like eczema, poison ivy, rashes, and many other skin ailments that involve inflammation for some. So, take a chance on the lovely rice bran oil benefits to soothe the itching, dryness, pain, and constant desire to scratch!

Rice Bran Oil Benefits Speed Up Hair GrowthRice Bran Oil Benefits Speed Up Hair Growth

Also, this cosmetic oil is perfect for promoting faster, healthy hair growth! The components in this oil perfectly nourish the hair to ensure that your hair is strong enough to grow out long. First of all, this cosmetic oil will strengthen your individual strands. This will allow your hair to grow longer and faster than when it was damaged or lacked nourishment. Further, the nutrients in this oil will lead to more nourished roots and stronger hair. So, the Ferulic Acid, Esters, and Vitamin E Oil are perfect for stimulating your roots and hair growth. You are going to love the benefits that this oil has for your hair!

Rice Bran Oil Benefits Normalize Hair Oil

Do you have to wash your hair every day just to keep up with your oily scalp? Your hair may even start to get greasy before your day is over! You may think that you are just cursed with super oily hair, but some of this issue may be able to be reduced. All you need to nourish your scalp, which you can do with the help of rice bran oil! Now, this may seem crazy, like you are just adding more oil to an oily situation, but it’s what is in this cosmetic oil that counts! You can use this cosmetic oil perfectly on your scalp, as this oil will help your natural oil reach a better balance. This will lead to a more normal production of your own natural hair oils. Thus, breaking the so called curse!

Rice Bran Oil Benefits Anti-Aging Effects on the HairRice Bran Oil Benefits Anti-Aging Effects on the Hair

Not only is rice bran oil great for growing your hair out, but this cosmetic oil will help reduce your hair’s natural signs of aging. Some of the nutrients in this cosmetic oil, like the Vitamin E Oil, are perfect for helping keep grey hairs at bay. This oil allows you to provide the right nutrients to protect against premature grey hair. So, you don’t have to worry about any grey hairs. Although you can’t entirely prevent the process of natural aging, you can put off getting grey hair for some time. So, you can put off getting your grey hair for the time being! 

However, don’t feel as though you have to hide from your grey hair, embrace it! In fact, grey hair can be beautiful! It’s all about what you are comfortable with for yourself. These lovely women, which you can see at 60 Gorgeous Grey Hair Styles, decided to be bold and chose to embrace their grey hair! You can keep your hair looking as it has in the past or you can rock this new life change. Either way, love your gorgeous locks! 

Rice Bran Oil Benefits Wrinkle Reducing in SkinRice Bran Oil Benefits Wrinkle Reducing in Skin

Furthermore, these anti aging effects can be beneficial for your skin! While wrinkles will naturally happen over time, there are a few things that we can do to reduce their effects. The nutrients in the oil will sink deep down into your skin to create healthier skin that is able to fight wrinkles. For example, the Vitamin E in rice bran oil is great for reducing wrinkles and fine lines, This vitamin is able to help reduce these signs of aging because Vitamin E boosts important skin functions, like cellular regeneration. This leads to healthier skin that is able to retain a more smooth complexion

Rice Bran Oil Benefits Far More Than HypoallergenicRice Bran Oil Benefits Far More Than Hypoallergenic

Another wonderful benefit of this cosmetic oil is that it is sensitive enough for all skin types. So, this oil is a more versatile option for your products that is more likely to agree with all skin types. Further, this lovely oil is even said to lower your body’s response to your normal allergies. It is said that eating  rice bran oil can lead your body to be less sensitive to any allergens that you may have hyper-sensitivity to. However, we highly suggest that you only use this oil as a precaution. It would not be wise to actively seek out any allergens after ingesting this oil. While it may be true that this oil reduces your body’s reaction, we can’t guarantee that your body would have no reaction at all.

Rice Bran Oil Benefits Using This Oil in Room Scenting RecipesRice Bran Oil Benefits Using This Oil in Room Scenting Recipes

Finally, this cosmetic oil can even be used in your room scenting recipes.  You can add rice bran oil to melted candle wax.  The oil will thin the wax out enough to create a gel potpourri that can be added to your room scenting burners. Two examples of this are the Shimmer Gel Potpourri Recipe and the Vanilla Liquid Potpourri Recipe from Natures Garden. This gel is so easy to use, just squeeze a bit of the gel into your burner, and turn it on. Click on the links for a step by step tutorial for each of these room scenting ideas.


Natures Garden sells our cosmetic oils, like rice bran oil, for external use only. We do not sell them as food items. The information that we provide is for educational purposes only. This information is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease. This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Keep all cosmetic ingredients out of reach of children and pets. Special care should be taken by pregnant and/or lactating women when handling cosmetic oils. Natures Garden accepts no responsibility (written or implied) for any products you make with our Rice Bran Oil. All testing is the responsibility of the customer.