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Caramel Fragrance

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Caramel FragranceCaramel Fragrance Oil – Fragrance Spotlight

Caramel is often regarded as a staple for nearly every single delectable dessert. Whether it is drizzled over a cheesecake or gushing out of an oven fresh brownie, caramel never seems to disappoint a crowd. Heck, it has even been known to transform healthy foods into tasty treats that are worthy of the biggest sweet tooth. Not only can you sweeten the deal on a big green apple, but caramel has a scent just as delicious as its taste. The Caramel Fragrance Oil by Natures Garden is so true to this decadent aroma, that you might just think you opened a fresh bottle of homemade caramel syrup.

What Does Caramel Fragrance Oil Smell Like?

Natures Garden’s Caramel Fragrance Oil is a buttery, toffee caramel aroma.  Great to use by itself or to mix for creative fragrance blends.

How Do Our Customers Use Caramel Fragrance Oil?

Whether you’re a seasoned soap maker or one of the new soapers on the block, our Caramel Fragrance Oil is a great fragrance to use for your soap making recipe. This candy scent can be added to bath oils, soaps, and bath gels at a maximum recommendation of 5%. The Natures Garden cold process soap testing results have shown that our caramel fragrance oil works well in homemade soaps. Not only did this fragrance produce a perfect pour, but there wasn’t any ricing, acceleration, or separation. A bar using this scent has the potential to discolor to a beige and will maintain a light scent retention. However, a lighter bar is possible for those who desire one. Since the vanillin content is 2.6%, vanilla white stabilizer can be used to achieve a lighter bar. Further, we recommend using brown soap colorant and orange soap colorant in the amount that satisfies you for this fragrance. Never use candle dye in any body products.

Homemade scenters may find our Caramel Fragrance Oil to be a perfect addition to any candle, perfume, or cleaner. First, candle makers may add this fragrance to either vegetable waxes or paraffin wax at a maximum usage of 10%.  This sugary scent performs perfectly in joy wax, wow wax, and soy wax. Also, it is nice and strong in both aroma beads and soy wax. We suggest using 2 drops brown liquid candle dye and 1 drop orange liquid candle dye per four pounds of wax or to shred a small amount of a brown color block and an orange color block into your melted wax. Remember, crayons aren’t sufficient substitutes for colorants and will clog your wick. Second, those making lotions, perfumes or cleaning products can use up to 5% of this fragrance oil.  Also, this fragrance will perform perfectly in perfumes. Lastly, do-it-yourself room scenters can use this scent at a 50% usage rate for potpourri, reed diffusers, or incense.

So what are you waiting for? Natures Garden’s Caramel Fragrance Oil is a delectable scent that not only works well in soaps, candles, and a multitude of other delightful homemade products, but it smells great too!


Cake Bake Fragrance

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Cake Bake FragranceCake Bake Fragrance Oil – Fragrance Spotlight

Cake Bake Fragrance Oil by Natures Garden will give you the impression that there is a warm, buttery cake baking in the oven.  In fact, the almond aroma is so true to the real thing, you may just want to make sure that you have an almond cake ready to serve!

What Does Cake Bake Fragrance Oil Smell Like?

Cake Bake Fragrance Oil, which is available at Natures Garden, is the aroma of almond cake with a base note of melted butter.

How Do Our Customers Use Cake Bake Fragrance Oil?

For those of you that have taken up the art of candle making, Cake Bake Fragrance Oil is delightful even if you are just starting to make homemade candles.  Customers, here at Natures Garden use this great, yummy cake fragrance in their joy wax and wow wax as it performs perfectly and is nice and strong in soy wax.  Our customers love this scent for its amazing hot and cold throw.  Spectacular homemade candle wax tarts have also been created using this bakery fragrance.  This can easily be achieved by using Nature’s Garden pillar of bliss wax.  The maximum usage is 10%.  Using small amounts of our Spectrum liquid candle colorants in  yellow and brown.  Customers that prefer our solid color blocks can shred a small amount of brown color block and yellow color block into your melted wax to create beautiful homemade candles.  Never use crayons to color your candles as they will clog your wick.

For all you that make homemade soaps, bath gels, and bath oils the maximum usage is 3.5%.  When using this almond cake scent in your homemade lotions and perfumes, then the maximum usage is 2.7%. Natures Garden’s cold process soap testing results showed that it poured perfectly with no ricing, no acceleration, and no separation.  Cake Bake Fragrance Oil discolors to a creamy milk chocolate.  The vanillin content is 10% for this almond fragrance oil.  Vanilla White Color stabilizer may help prevent discoloration due to vanilla.  Although, there are 40 or more ingredients used to manufacture fragrances that may cause bath and body products to discolor.  Suggested coloring options is to use small amount of yellow soap colorant and brown soap colorant in the amounts that satisfy you.  Never use candle dye in any homemade bath and body products.  For other homemade bath and products such as bath gels, bath oils, and lotions, our Cake Bake fragrance oil performed beautifully and performed perfectly in perfumes.

For those looking for the perfect room scent, the maximum usage rate is 50% for your homemade potpourri, incense, reed diffusers, where the scent is nice and strong.  This bakery fragrance is also very strong in aroma beads.  For homemade cleaning products, the maximum usage is 3.5%.  Are you tired of making the same old things?  Today, I found a Natures Garden recipe for homemade scoopable potpourri, click here to check it out.

Cake Bake Fragrance Oil has a variety of fun uses to make your family think you have an almond cake baking in the oven.  To order this smelicious scent, just go to the search bar on Natures Garden site and type in “cake bake fragrance oil” and It will take you directly to the page to order today!