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How to Scent Your Home This Summer

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How to Scent Your Home This SummerHow to Scent Your Home This Summer

With summer right around the corner, are you looking for a fun craft to do with the kids?  Or maybe you are looking for a fun way to scent your home this summer.  Either way, you are sure to find your next summer craft project!

How to Scent Your Home This Summer: Green Camo Candle Recipe

Green Camo Candle RecipeFirst, we have the green camo candle recipe.  This candle recipe is perfect because it will get the kids involved.  In fact, this is a great way to get the kids off of their electronics and spend quality time together.  This candle recipe uses granulated wax so they can help color the wax and layer it in the jar.  It is also scented with Fresh Outdoors Fragrance Oil from Natures Garden.  So, you will bring the outdoors in!

How to Scent Your Home This Summer:  Pink Camo Candle Recipe

Pink Camo Candle RecipeNext, we have the pink camo candle recipe.  This candle recipe is just like the green camo candle recipe.  The only difference is the colors and scent.  This granulated candle shows you how to create pink camo hues.  It is also scented with NG CanCan Type Fragrance Oil.  So, whether you like green or pink you can create a fun project with the kids this summer.  In fact, you can even mix it up and create other camo colors!

How to Scent Your Home This Summer:  Stacked Flower Tarts Recipe

Stacked Flower Tarts RecipeAnother great way to scent your home this summer is with the Stacked Flower Tarts Recipe.  This wax melts recipe will show you how to create handcrafted wax melts.  It uses the Pillar of Bliss Candle Wax.  Learn how to use this wax to create pastel colored wax melts scented with Deb’s Flower Shop Fragrance Oil!

How to Scent Your Home This Summer:  Smores Candle Recipe

Smores Candle RecipeNo summer is complete without a bonfire and roasting marshmallows.  In fact, it isn’t complete without a gooey chocolaty s’more.  Well, this craft idea brings this sweet aroma right to your home in the form of a candle.  The Smores Candle Recipe uses a combination of fragrance oils to scent your home with a s’mores scent.

How to Scent Your Home This Summer:  Bug Repelling Candle Recipe

Bug Repelling Candle Recipe

Okay, so technically this bug repelling candle recipe isn’t a candle that you would want to use in your home.  However, it is perfect for your patio or porch.  This gel wax candle recipe uses Lime Citronella Fragrance Oil to help keep the bugs away.  So, this truly is the perfect summer candle recipe.

How to Scent Your Home This Summer: Gummy Bear Candle Recipe

Gummy Bear Candle RecipeNext, we have the Gummy Bear Candle Recipe.  Since the kiddos will be home all summer this is a great candle recipe to create.  Your kids will love the aroma it puts off.  It uses Orange Soda Pop Fragrance Oil.  This is the perfect summer scent!  It will have your house poppin’ with effervescent orange aroma!

How to Scent Your Home This Summer:  Citronella Soy Candle Recipe

Citronella Soy Candle RecipeOnce again, we have another citronella candle recipe that is perfect for those warm summer nights outside.  This citronella candle recipe uses soy wax and the citronella fragrance oil.  Simply put, it is a traditional citronella candle to help keep the bugs away during your summer gatherings.

How to Scent Your Home This Summer:  Day at the Beach Candle Recipe

Day at the Beach Candle RecipeNext, we have another great granulated candle recipe.  The Day at the Beach Candle Recipe is scented with Natures Garden’s  NG Copper Hue Suntan Lotion Fragrance Oil.  This is a granulated candle that is layered with Joy Wax.  Then, the outside of the jar is decorated to create a fun beach themed candle.

How to Scent Your Home This Summer:  Organza Air Freshening Beads Recipe

Organza Air Freshening Beads RecipeThe Organza Air Freshening Beads Recipe uses aroma beads to freshen your home.   In fact, they are scented with the perfect summer scent, Iced Pineapple Fragrance Oil.  These air fresheners are perfect for any room or space.  In addition, they are easy to make.  Simply soak the beads in the fragrance oil and place them in an organza bag.  These scented sachets are a wonderful way to scent bathrooms and closets.  These are also a fantastic way to scent your car this summer!

How to Scent Your Home This Summer:  Metallic Scented Stones Recipe

Metallic Scented Stones RecipeNext, we have the Metallic Scented Stones Recipe.  This recipe is scented with Precious Gifts Fragrance Oil from Natures Garden.  This is another crafts idea that the kids can help with.  With the addition of the 24K gold mica and the diamond dust mica, these scented rocks have the most amazing sparkle.

Scented Twig Centerpiece RecipeHow to Scent Your Home This Summer:  Scented Twig Centerpiece Recipe

Another wonderful way to scent your home this summer is the scented twig centerpiece recipe.  This would be a great way to get the kids outside in nature.  Why not go for a walk and collect twig along the way.  Then, you and the kids can use scented glue and glitter to create this fun centerpiece for your dinner table.

How to Scent Your Home This Summer:  Strawberries and Cream Wax Melts Recipe

Strawberries and Cream Wax Melts RecipeNext, make your home smell like strawberries with the strawberries and cream wax melts recipe.  These wax melts can be used in your wax burners.  This aroma will fill your room with this wonderful aroma.

How to Scent Your Home This Summer:  Smelly Jelly Recipe

Crafts for Easter: Spring Smelly Jelly RecipeA wonderful way to scent your home this summer.  In fact, many that prefer not to leave candles burning choose this option.  Smelly jellies are perfect for smaller rooms and bathrooms.  While this smelly jelly recipe uses spring scents, you can easily use a tropical scent instead or stick to the wonderful lilac fragrance oil that is great for spring or summer.

How to Scent Your Home This Summer:  Pink Salt Potpourri Recipe

Pink Salt Potpourri RecipeNext, this pink salt potpourri recipe can be created to scent your home.  This pomegranate scented potpourri can be added right to your potpourri burner.  It is easy to create and uses just a few simple ingredients.  In fact, it takes minutes to create.

How to Scent Your Home This Summer:  Ducks on the Pond Candle Recipe

Ducks on the Pond Candle RecipeAnother candle recipe is the Ducks on the Pond Candle Recipe.  This recipe uses the gel candle wax to create a translucent candle. In addition, there are wax ducks sitting on top.  Finally, this candle is scented with Natures Garden’s Crystal Blue Waters Fragrance Oil.  This will give your home a fresh water scent!

How to Scent Your Home This Summer:  Lemon Squares Soap Recipe

Lemon Squares Soap RecipeNow, we have a great soap recipe to use in your bathroom.  These adorable lemon squares soaps will look great as a display in your bathroom.  In addition, it will fill your bathroom with a wonderful lemon scent.

How to Scent Your Home This Summer:  Vacuum Air Freshening Beads Recipe

Vacuum Air Freshening Beads RecipeSo, another option to scent your home this summer is the Vacuum Air Freshening Beads Recipe.  You can use the White Tea Fragrance Oil to scent your home with aroma beads.

How to Scent Your Home This Summer:  Shimmer Gel Potpourri Recipe

Shimmer Gel Potpourri RecipeNext, you can use the Shimmer Gel Potpourri Recipe in your potpourri burner.  This shimmering scented potpourri uses soy wax.  It is scented with Glitter Fragrance Oil to give your home the perfect summer scent.



Now that you have created a fun indoor project, why not get outside and have some fun!  So, grab the kiddos and try one of these 12 outdoor games for kids from My Kids’ Adventures.  Here, you will find games for kids of all ages!  So, whether you like games like Twister, Memory, or even obstacle courses they have you covered!


20 Crafts for Fathers Day

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Crafts for Fathers Day20 Crafts for Fathers Day

Father’s Day is right around the corner.  However, if you are a business owner, you still have plenty of time to test and add new products to your line for the occasion.  Although, maybe you are looking for a handmade gift for your own father.  Either way, below you will find the perfect gift idea in this list of 20 crafts for Fathers Day.

Crafts for Fathers Day: Green Camo Candle

First, we have the green camo candle recipe.  This candle recipe uses granulated wax.  So, it is the perfect candle recipe for the kids to help with.  In addition, it is Natures Garden’s Fresh Outdoors Fragrance Oil.  This scent is one that your dad is sure to love!  Not only can you smell the fresh air in the fragrance oil, but you can also smell the dirt!

Pine Cone Fire Starters Crafts for Fathers Day: Pine Cone Fire Starters

Next, we have the pine cone fire starters recipe.  This firestarter recipe uses Pleasingly Pumpkin Fragrance Oil.  This scented firestarter is perfect.  Not only does it help with fire starting, but it also smells amazing!

Beer CandleCrafts for Fathers Day: Beer Candle

Now, we have the beer candle recipe.  This gel wax candle both smells and looks just like the real thing!  With the clear gel wax, you are able to create a transparent candle.  Then, we used Natures Garden’s Beer Fragrance Oil.  Finally, it is topped with soy wax to give the candle some authentic looking foam.

Green Beer CandleCrafts for Fathers Day: Green Beer Candle

The next recipe is the green beer candle.  This gel candle recipe is very similar to the beer candle.  It uses both gel wax and soy candle wax.  However, this recipe uses green liquid candle dye.  It is also scented with Green Irish Fragrance Oil.

Homemade Fire StartersCrafts for Fathers Day: Homemade Fire Starters

Now, we have another homemade fire starter recipe.  This particular recipe uses the Cedar Wood Fragrance Oil.  This is the perfect masculine scent for dads. In addition, we incorporated actual sawdust and white willow bark.  Finally, we added sage leaf and star anise.

Total Hot Man CP SoapCrafts for Fathers Day: Total Hot Man CP Soap

Next, we have the total hot man cp soap recipe.  If you haven’t soaped with Total Hot Man Fragrance Oil, you are missing out.  This manly scent performs perfectly.  It also uses both shea butter and coconut oil to make the bar of soap phenomenal.  In addition, it is colored with activated charcoal to give the soap a black color and extra cleaning power.  Finally, the fragrance oil packs a powerful punch that smells amazing.

Foaming Body Scrub for MenCrafts for Fathers Day: Foaming Body Scrub for Men

Next is the foaming body scrub for men recipe.  This scrub recipe uses sodium cocoyl isethionate to give the scrub a gentle foaming quality.  This layered scrub recipe is a sugar scrub so it will also give rough dry skin a clean polish.  It is also scented with Black Tuxedo Fragrance Oil.  So, not only does this scrub have wonderful exfoliation properties, but it also smells fabulous.


Beer Cold Process SoapCrafts for Fathers Day: Beer Cold Process Soap

Now we have the beer cold process soap recipe.  This cp soap uses actual beer.  What dad wouldn’t love this soap?  In addition, it uses both shea butter and olive oil.  Finally, it uses Stud Fragrance Oil.  Stud fragrance oil is a Natures Garden original scent that is both strong and masculine.

Cold Process Shaving SoapCrafts for Fathers Day: Cold Process Shaving Soap

What could be better than a cold process shaving soap for the men in your life?  This cp soap recipe uses Natures Garden’s Black Ops Fragrance Oil.  So, rest assured that your soap will smell amazing with this masculine scent!  In addition, it has added bentonite clay to give this shaving soap recipe glide and to cleanse the skin.  In fact, the bentonite clay is great for oily skin.

Hunters Cold Process SoapCrafts for Fathers Day: Hunters Cold Process Soap

Next, we have a cold process soap recipe for the hunters in your life.  This hunters cold process soap recipe is an unscented soap recipe.  This makes it the perfect soap for hunters.

Manly Man SoapCrafts for Fathers Day: Manly Man Soap

This manly man soap recipe is a hot process soap.  This crock pot soap recipe is created in your soaping crockpot.  Also, it uses both shea butter and grapeseed oil.  In addition, it is scented with Natures Garden’s Game On Fragrance Oil.

Beard SoapCrafts for Fathers Day: Beard Soap

Next, we have another hp soap recipe.  This hot process recipe is a beard soap.  This beard soap was formulated specifically for men with beards.  It contains ingredients like shea butter, castor oil, lanolin, and olive oil.  In addition, it uses balsam essential oil to give the soap a nice woodsy scent.

Beard OilCrafts for Fathers Day: Beard Oil

In addition to a beard soap, you can create a handcrafted beard oil.  This was also formulated for beards.  It uses lanolin sesame and rice bran oil.  We also formulated the recipe with cut and sifted eucalyptus due to its ability to reduce redness and irritation.  Finally, we scented the oil with Extremely Sexy Fragrance Oil from Natures Garden.

Beard BalmCrafts for Fathers Day: Beard Balm

Finally, in our beard recipes, we have the beard balm recipe.  Once again this beard recipe for Fathers Day was formulated just for beards.  Containing jojoba oil, this balm has a wonderful moisturizing quality.  However, since jojoba oil also absorbs easily, it will not leave behind an oily look or feel.  It is also scented with the Cedar Wood Essential Oil to give the beard balm a natural masculine scent.

Game On HP Soap Crafts for Fathers Day: Game On HP Soap

Another hp soap recipe is the Game On HP soap.  This hot process soap recipe is scented with Natures Garden’s  Game On Fragrance Oil.  This masculine scent is a woodsy scent that has a blend rich oak with sensual sandalwood and aromatic herbs.

mechanics soapCrafts for Fathers Day: Mechanics Soap

Now we have a melt and pour soap recipe.  The mechanics soap recipe uses Fresh Squeezed Orange Fragrance Oil to give the soap a fresh citrus aroma.  In addition, this soap recipe will show you how to swirl melt and pour soap.  In fact, it uses a combination of a couple of different clay powders and fruit powders to create the swirls.  This soap recipe is perfect for mechanics.

Stinky Feet Foot Powder RecipeCrafts for Fathers Day: Stinky Feet Foot Powder

Next, we have a different powder recipe.  Do you have a man in your life with stinky feet?  Sprinkle a little bit of this stinky feet foot powder in his shoes.  This foot powder recipe uses baking soda which is great for getting rid of odors.  In addition, it is scented with tea tree oil and lime essential oil to give the powder a fabulous scent.

Tea Tree SoapCrafts for Fathers Day: Tea Tree Soap

Also, if you love tea tree oil as much as I do, you can make this tea tree soap for your dad.  This melt and pour soap recipe is easy to create and you will have it completed in no time.  Of course, it is scented with tea tree oil.  In addition, it is created with Natures Garden’s Hemp Oil MP Soap Base.  So, it can be melted right in your microwave.

Bacon Candle RecipeCrafts for Fathers Day: Bacon Candle

We also have another fun granulated candle recipe that you can make for your dad.  The bacon candle recipe is not only scented with Bacon Fragrance Oil, but it is also layered to look just like bacon.  So, if you know a bacon lover, this candle recipe is a must.

Red Solo Cup SoapCrafts for Fathers Day: Red Solo Cup Soap

Finally on our list of crafts for Fathers Day, the red solo cup soap.  This soap recipe is created right in a red Solo Cup.  In addition, a loofah puff is used to give the soap a rope so it can be hung up in the shower.  Finally, it is scented with, you guessed it, Beer Fragrance Oil.


We hope that you have found your next project.  We would love to see your creations.  Feel free to post your pictures on our Facebook page.  You can also find us on Instagram as well as Twitter @ngscents.  If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.  We would love to hear from you!


Valentines Day Recipes

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Valentines-Day-RecipesValentines Day Recipes

Hello everybody! Do you have any plans for the most romantic day of the year? Yes, I’m talking about Valentine’s Day! Do you have an amazing night planned out with your significant other? Maybe you’ll spend just watching romantic love story movies together or perhaps you’ll spend it all dressed up at a cozy restaurant having a wonderful dinner. Whatever your plans are, make sure you have the perfect gift for your significant other to show them just how much you care! Here at Nature’s Garden we offer many wonderful free recipes, and here are free Valentines Day recipes that are perfect for the most romantic day of the year!


`Mulberry Love

Mulberry Love Air Freshener– A great room scenting idea for the holiday.



Rose Lotion


Rose Lotion– Scented in everyone’s favorite Valentine flower.




Pink Camo Candle


Pink Camouflage Candle– This granulated candle is the perfect gift for any girl.



Lip Scrub


Natural Sugar Lip Scrub-  This one is sure to leave their lips soft and kissable.



Valentines Bouquet


Valentine’s Day Bouquet-  The perfect long lasting bouquet.



Raspberry Zinger Bath Fizzies


Raspberry Zinger Bath Fizzies- A uniquely shaped bath fizzy, perfect for a nice relaxing soak in the tub.



Scented Shoes


Scented Shoes-  What woman doesn’t love shoes?!?!  You couldn’t possible go wrong with this one.



Edible Massage Bar


Sexy Edible Massage Bars- Flavored massage bars that will leave your skin feeling moisturized.


Vanilla Rose Scrub


Vanilla Rose Sugar Scrub-  This one is scented with the perfect combination of rose and vanilla.


Valentines Candles


Valentine’s Day Candle-  Even the kids can help with this fun granulated candle recipe.


Glamour Girl Lotion


Glamour Girl Lotion-  Any glam gal will adore this lotion recipe that leaves your skin feeling silky smooth,


Rose Violet Bath Melt


Rose Violet Bath Melts-  Rose and violet is a fabulous combination in these Valentines Day Bath Melts.


Pink Salt Bath Bomb


Pink Salt Bath Bomb-  A pretty in pink bath bomb, using our Himalayan pnk salt.


Hearts a Flutter Soap


Hearts a Flutter Soap-  This soap recipe will make anyone’s heart skip a beat.



Silky Shimmering Powder


Silky Shimmering Body Powder-  Silky and shimmery that just says it all.  It’s absolutely amazing.


Wine Soap


Wine Soap-  A cold process soap recipe using wine.


Heart Soaps


Heart Soaps with Love- A perfect heart shaped soap gift.


Rose Milk Bath


Rose Milk Bath-  Rejuvenate your skin with a milk bath.


Chunky Lip Balm


Chunky Lip Balm-  A unique chunky lip balm recipe.


Passion Massage Oil


Passion Massage Oil- This recipe shows you how to incorporate herbs into your body products.


Solid Glitter Perfume


Solid Glittered Perfume- We are obsessed with this perfume recipe.


Gourmet Chocolate Melts


Gourmet Chocolate Bath Melts- Let the aroma of chocolate leave your skin soft and silky.


Valentines Rocks


Valentine’s Day Scented Rocks-  An awesome room scenting idea for Valentine’s Day.


Embedded Heart Lip Balm


Embedded Heart Lip Balm-  A gift any girl young or old is sure to appreciate.


Solid Sugar Scrub


Solid Sugar Scrub-  An adorable heart shaped solid sugar scrub recipe.


Wine Gel Candle


Wine Gel Wax Candle- A White Zinfandel Wine scented gel wax candle.


Flavored Massage Oil


Flavored Massage Oil- A massage oil recipe flavored with our guava flavoring.


Valentines Cupcake Candle


Valentines Day Cupcake Candle-  A frosted cinnamon scented cupcake candle.



I’m sure that whatever your plans are for you and your significant other, it will be perfect no matter what. Just being together for this romantic day of the year is what counts most. All of these wonderful valentines day recipes are sure to be a wonderful gift to show your loved one just how much you care on Valentine’s Day! Hopefully this year will top all of your past ones! But you can always make sure to check out all the rest of our other amazing free recipes and classes as well! Please don’t hesitate to contact us here at Nature’s Garden with any thoughts, concerns or questions and keep watching for more Enlightened by Layla!

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