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Purples Hooters Fragrance Oil

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Purples Hooters Fragrance OilPurples Hooters Fragrance Oil – Fragrance Oil Spotlight

Purples Hooters Fragrance Oil is fruity and alcoholic scent by Natures Garden. This grape fragrance oil is similar to the Purple Hooters drink.  If you haven’t tried the drink here is a Purple Hooters recipe.  Give it and try and tell us what you think!  This aroma is a delicious and bubbly scent that includes a plethora of sweet fruit notes that create an amazing aroma that is absolutely amazing! All of the reviews we have received on this fragrance oil have been raving about this delectable fragrance oil. So, why not try it out and see what everyone likes so much?

What Does Purples Hooters Fragrance Oil Smell Like?

This fragrance oil by Natures Garden is a wonderful blend of sparkling strawberries, raspberries, citrus greenery, and soft florals.

Top Notes: lemon, grapefruit, lime
Mid Notes:  strawberry, raspberry, chambord liquor
Base Notes:  greenery, paperwhites

How Do Customers Use Purples Hooters Fragrance Oil in Room Scenting Recipes?

Homemade room scenting products can be created by our customers with this delicious fruit fragrance oil. Both potpourri and incense products can use this scent at a fragrance concentration rate of no more than 50%. Also, aroma beads can be created with this fragrance oil and will retain a strong scent overall. Additionally, all sorts of cleaning supplies can be scented with a maximum of 5% for this fragrance oil.

Other kinds of room scenting products that are wax based have the potential to be made with this fragrance oil. Candles and wax tart recipes can both be made with a maximum of 10% of this scent as long as they are made of either vegetable waxes or paraffin wax. Joy wax and wow wax will both be able to include this fragrance oil perfectly. Products made of soy wax use this fragrance and retain a nice, strong scent. If you want to color your candles or wax melts when using this fragrance, then we suggest that you either use three drops of purple liquid candle dye per four pounds of wax or adding a small amount of a shredded purple color block in the wax that you have a melted. If you choose to use another method of coloring just don’t use any crayons in the candle products or you will likely have your wick clogged.

How Do Customers Use Purples Hooters Fragrance Oil in Bath and Body Recipes?

Bath and body product makers can use this alcohol fragrance oil in their products. Bath gels, bath oils, perfumes, lotions, soaps, scrubs, and other bath and body creations can include up to 5% of this fruity fragrance oil. If you wish to color any of your bath and body products that use this fragrance, then we suggest using purple liquid soap dye in the amounts that satisfy you. Just remember that you shouldn’t use any candle dyes in any body products.

Not only will mp and hp soaps be able to include this fragrance oil, but it will work perfectly for cold process soap making. Our Cold Process Soap Testing Results have shown that this amazing fragrance oil is one of the best choices for making this kind of soap. A batch containing this fragrance oil will have no separation, no acceleration, and no ricing. There will not be any discoloration in the soap bars and the final products will have a very strong scent retained after the curing process. 


Forbidden Fruit Fragrance Oil

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Forbidden Fruit Fragrance OilForbidden Fruit Fragrance Oil – Fragrance Oil Spotlight

Give in to temptation with this enticing fruity fragrance.  Forbidden Fruit Fragrance Oil from Nature’s Garden is exactly the type of fragrance your perfumist warned you about: intoxicating and addicting.  But worry not, you may not be able to let this delicious-smelling fragrance go, but it will certainly have it’s benefits along the way!  Customers can’t put it down, no matter what the application.  It’s a blend of apples and other fruits like no other.  Give in to this tempting scent today and you will not be disappointed!

What Does Forbidden Fruit Fragrance Oil Smell Like?

No one is exactly sure what the forbidden fruit tastes like (it’s forbidden, after all), but Forbidden Fruit Fragrance Oil is a tempting mixture of fruit and floral fragrances that fully embodies the aroma of the Forbidden Fruit! A Nature’s Garden Original Fragrance!

Top Notes:  green apple, red delicious apple, pineapple
Mid Notes:  peach blossoms, orchid, raspberry, banana
Base Notes:  jasmine, orange blossoms, green leaves, musk

How Do Our Customers use Forbidden Fruit Fragrance Oil?

Forbidden Fruit Fragrance Oil can be used to create enchantingly juicy room scenting products!  Products such as incense, potpourri, and Smelly Jellies can use this fragrance oil as 50% of the total recipe. This fragrance oil also performs exceptionally well in aroma beads.  Wax-based products, such as candles and tarts, will perform exceptionally well when up to 10% fragrance oil is incorporated in your recipe.  This scent performs wonderfully in Joy and Wow Wax, and will also perform well in soy wax.  Be prepared to get creative, this fragrance oil is Gel Wax compatible!  If you wish to color your candle wax, we recommend using six drops of red and one drop of black liquid candle dye per four pounds of wax, or your could shred a small amount of red and black color block into your melted wax.  Remember, do not use crayons to color your wax as they will clog your wick, preventing the candle from properly burning.

Forbidden Fruit Fragrance Oil is a wonderful choice for creating seductive bath and body products!  Bath gels, bath bombs, and oils perform perfectly when 5% of this apple fragrance oil is used.  Homemade soap makers can use up to 5% in cold process soaps or melt and pour soap recipes.  Our Cold Process Soap Testing Results show that this fragrance performed well, giving a good scent retention to finished soap.  There was acceleration, so do your soaping at room temperature!  The soap experienced slight ricing, but no separation or discoloration.  If you wish to color your soap, we recommend using red soap dye according to your specification.  Remember, never use candle dye to color your bath and body products as they are not body safe.

Forbidden Fruit may be off limits to the taste buds, but there is no shortage of ways you can use this fruity fragrance oil!  Using a maximum recommended amount of 5% fragrance oil, our customers create luscious homemade perfumes, body sprays, and lotions.  Customers also make their own household cleaning supplies with a maximum of 5% fragrance oil.