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20 Floral Scents for Spring

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20 Floral Scents for Spring20 Floral Scents for Spring

There is nothing more refreshing than the first days of spring. When the air is still cool, but is just warming up from the after effects of a cold winter. Also, all of the many scents that you can get from the fresh flowers can entice your senses. Our fragrance oil line has many great fragrances that capture the true essence of these fresh scents. As seen below, we talk about 20 floral scents for Spring.



20 Floral Scents for Spring - Amazingly Grace Type Fragrance Oil20 Floral Scents for Spring – Amazingly Grace Type Fragrance Oil

Here is a feminine fragrance oil that will make you feel pretty all day. Try our Amazingly Grace Type Fragrance Oil in your own perfume and body spray recipe. This fruity and floral fragrance is very strong in perfumes and aroma beads and performs “Amazingly”.



Top Notes:  lemon sparkle, delicate lily, Italian bergamot
Mid Notes:  rose, jasmine, violet, citron, neroli
Base Notes:  musk, cedarwood

Let us know what fun recipes you can come up with using this strong fragrance oil.


20 Floral Scents for Spring - Antique Lace Fragrance Oil20 Floral Scents for Spring – Antique Lace Fragrance Oil

This fragrance oil is an amazing bouquet of floral scents that will entice your senses. Antique Lace Fragrance Oil captures the delicateness of an antique lace. An antique lace is an intricate laced design that is knitted together using many fine threads. Antique Lace Fragrance Oil uses notes of jasmine, fresh vanilla beans, and a bottom note of musk. This fragrance oil is great to use in bath and body products as well as candles.


20 Floral Scents for Spring - Aromatherapy Passion Fragrance Oil20 Floral Scents for Spring – Aromatherapy Passion Fragrance Oil

Aromatherapy is the use of aromatic scents to increase your psychological and physical well-being. Aromatherapy Passion Fragrance Oil is a fragrance that you can use to do just that. This fragrance is something you can easily become passionate about using as it uses a romantic combination of floral fragrance oils and essential oils.

Top Notes:  jasmine, rose, lily, lilac
Mid Notes:  heliotrope, violet, English ivy, gardenia, carnation, hyacinth, lavender
Base Notes: soft woods, vanilla


20 Floral Scents for Spring - Beach Daisies Fragrance Oil20 Floral Scents for Spring – Beach Daisies Fragrance Oil

Beach Daisies Fragrance Oil is a fragrance oil that helps you to capture the alluring smells of fresh green grass and blooming flowers while walking on the warm sands of the beach. When used in cold processes soap and candles, this fragrance performs the best in lighter yellow accents. You can make your own beach candles by using a little bit of yellow and brown liquid candle dye, and adding this fragrance oil. This fragrance oil is composed of the following notes…

Top Notes: Asian lemongrass, dune grass, daisy petals
Mid Notes:  gardenia bloom, ylang ylang, clove leaf
Base Notes:  blond woods, amber sands, sheer musk


20 Floral Scents for Spring - Bergamot & Tarragon Leaves Fragrance Oil20 Floral Scents for Spring – Bergamot & Tarragon Leaves Fragrance Oil

The dried peel of bergamot is what is used to give Earl Grey tea it’s flavor. You will get a fresh herbal sensation when using this fragrance oil. Bergamot & Tarragon Leaves Fragrance Oil is a true spa like fragrance that will help you to relax while getting slight hints of fruit. A fun recipe that you can use this fragrance oil in is our Skin Softening Bath Bomb Recipe which will leave your skin feeling wonderful. The notes contained in this fragrance oil include…

Top Notes:  grapefruit, lime, bergamot
Mid Notes:  basil, tarragon, green leaves, jasmine
Base Notes:  hyacinth, geranium, oakmoss, bamboo


20 Floral Scents for Spring - Birds of Paradise Fragrance Oil20 Floral Scents for Spring – Birds of Paradise Fragrance Oil

The Birds of Paradise Fragrance Oil is inspired by a tropical herb found in South Africa called the Birds of Paradise that resembles a bird in flight. This tropical herb contains beautiful blue and orange flowers that resemble the birds.  This fragrance oil is made up of a mixture of floral and amazing fruity scents. The notes that make up this fragrance oil consist of…


Top Notes:  lemon, orange, tuberose
Mid Notes:  birds of paradise, gardenia, rose, honeysuckle
Base Notes:  magnolia leaves, jasmine


20 Floral Scents for Spring - Burgundy Rose Fragrance Oil20 Floral Scents for Spring – Burgundy Rose Fragrance Oil

Burgundy Rose Fragrance Oil is the combination of the scent a fresh red rose and deep, rich Burgundy red wine. For your significant other, you can make a Rose Bath Bomb Recipe as a romantic Valentine’s or date night gift using this fragrance. Also, try this fragrance in some of our candle recipes and see how rich this smell is. The notes of this fragrance oil consist of burgundy rose, fresh white floral, burgundy wine, warmed by precious musk and apple wood, all finished with a rose fragrance.


20 Floral Scents for Spring - Cannabis Rose Type Fragrance Oil20 Floral Scents for Spring – Cannabis Rose Type Fragrance Oil

Our Cannabis Rose Type Fragrance Oil is one of our more unique blended fragrances that we carry. The cannabis rose has gained its popularity through Greek myth by being blessed by several Greek gods. This flower has a unique, sweet scent to it that many people have come to enjoy. There are many floral scents that make up the smell of this fragrance oil. The notes in this fragrance oil include: Bulgarian rose, pomegranate flower, bergamot, cannabis accord, sheer jasmine, and many other wonderful scents.


20 Floral Scents for Spring - Carnation Fragrance Oil20 Floral Scents for Spring – Carnation Fragrance Oil

That fresh scent that you get when you freshly pick a clean, crisp flower is the aroma that this fragrance oil creates. Carnation Fragrance Oil captures the scents of the freshly picked carnation petals with bottom notes of fresh greenery. There are many potential uses for this amazing fragrance including making your own candle. For use in candle wax, it is recommended that you use no more than 10% of the amount of this fragrance oil to the amount of wax.


20 Floral Scents for Spring - Chamomile Fragrance Oil20 Floral Scents for Spring – Chamomile Fragrance Oil

Chamomile is an herbal like flowering plant that is commonly used for natural herbal medicines and calming the senses. This flower is also commonly found being used in teas for aiding in the process of falling asleep. Chamomile Fragrance Oil captures the essence of freshly picked chamomile flowers mixed with a hint of fresh green herbs. This fragrance oil can be used in bath oils, lotions, perfumes, and soap recipes. A fun recipe of ours that you can create using this fragrance oil is our Chamomile Light Lotion Recipe.


20 Floral Scents for Spring - Daisy Type Fragrance Oil20 Floral Scents for Spring – Daisy Type Fragrance Oil

Our Daisy Type Fragrance Oil is a rendition of the popular Daisy fragrance created by Marc Jacobs. This fragrance will remind you of a fresh patch of daisies in the middle of the cool of Spring. You can use this fragrance oil in our Whipped Cupcake Soap Recipe, which is an easy and decorative recipe to make.

Top Notes: lemon, jasmine
Mid Notes: muguet lily, rose petals, African violet, day lily
Base Notes: cedar wood, patchouli, musk


20 Floral Scents for Spring - Easter Bunny Burps Fragrance Oil20 Floral Scents for Spring – Easter Bunny Burps Fragrance Oil

With Easter right around the corner, this fragrance oil will put you in the right mood for the holiday. Our Easter Bunny Burps Fragrance Oil went through 20 revisions before we finally found one that would work. The final result is a perfect mixture of garden greens with a slight hint of fresh mint. Then, combined with a middle note blend of spring flowers and green tones. All of these notes are finished off with a base of sandalwood for a warming glow. The fragrance oil is meant to capture the scents accompanying the life of the Easter Bunny.


20 Floral Scents for Spring - Floral Bouquet Fragrance Oil20 Floral Scents for Spring – Floral Bouquet Fragrance Oil

There is nothing more refreshing in Spring that the array of different floral aromas that you can come across. This Floral Bouquet Fragrance Oil contains the scent of all the flowers that you can come across in a flower shoppe.

Top Notes: peach, eucalyptus, apple blossoms
Mid Notes:  hydrangea, rose, carnation, tulip
Base Notes:  jasmine, gardenia, cut grass, flower stems

This fragrance oil is amazing for give your home a refreshing scent when mixing with our potpourri and incense.

20 Floral Scents for Spring - Fresh Cut Roses Fragrance Oil20 Floral Scents for Spring – Fresh Cut Roses Fragrance Oil

Roses are truly the flower of romance. Not only do these flowers contain a deep, attractive color to them; but they give off an aroma that is enticing to any nose. Our Fresh Cut Roses Fragrance Oil smells just like a freshly cut rose. This fragrance oil is one of our more popular sellers, and anyone can vouch on how fresh it smells. Did you also know that each colored rose has a different meaning behind it’s color? For example, pink-elegance colored roses usually resemble sincerity, loyalty, and purity.


20 Floral Scents for Spring - Icy Shine Fragrance Oil20 Floral Scents for Spring – Icy Shine Fragrance Oil

Icy Shine Fragrance Oil is a cooling type of fragrance that will give you a fresh feeling. This fragrance oil encompasses a wide variety of floral all mixed with fresh fruits. If you like your hair smelling fresh, then there is a Silky Hair Gel Recipe that we have made that you can make for yourself.

Top:  Raspberries, Melon, Orange
Mid:  Muguet, Peony, Rose, Jasmine, Magnolia
Base:  Vanilla, Musk


20 Floral Scents for Spring - Lavender Fragrance Oil20 Floral Scents for Spring – Lavender Fragrance Oil

If you need help falling asleep, then lavender is just for you to help with this. Our Lavender Fragrance Oil is the perfect aroma of true lavender flowers. You can make a candle with this fragrance oil, and it is recommended that you use a shredded purple color block to 4 pounds of candle wax. We also have a Natural Deodorant Recipe that you can make using this fragrance oil for feeling clean.



20 Floral Scents for Spring - Magnolia in Bloom Fragrance Oil20 Floral Scents for Spring – Magnolia in Bloom Fragrance Oil

Magnolia in Bloom Fragrance Oil is a sensual, enticing scent that is complex with many different floral aromas. This fragrance oil is made up of notes of top notes of mandarin, ylang ylang, grapefruit, freesia, and hyacinth. Sitting on middle notes of tuberose, magnolia, plum, and lily. All sitting on base notes of white musk and vanilla bean. The colors that this fragrance work best in are purple and read if you want to make a candle or any bath & body products.


20 Floral Scents for Spring - NG Blue Hydrangea Type Fragrance Oil20 Floral Scents for Spring – NG Blue Hydrangea Type Fragrance Oil

A Hydrangea is a bluish flower that grows in small clusters, and the name is supposed to mean “water vessels”. Our NG Blue Hydrangea Type Fragrance Oil is an amazing replication of Yankee’s scent. To compliment the color of this flower, it’s recommended to use a blue candle dye coloring to color any candle that you make using this fragrance oil. You can also make lotions, perfumes, soap, and many other unique recipes.


20 Floral Scents for Spring - NG Rose & Violet Type Fragrance Oil20 Floral Scents for Spring – NG Rose & Violet Type Fragrance Oil

Some fresh flowers that smells wonderful in the fresh bloom of spring are roses and violets. These two flowers give off a wonderful aroma, and are very strong and unique in their own nature. Our NG Rose & Violet Type Fragrance Oil smells very closely to that of a fabric softener. This fragrance oil also adds its own splash of uniqueness by adding in notes of coconut, orange, and musk.


20 Floral Scents for Spring - Peony Fragrance Oil20 Floral Scents for Spring – Peony Fragrance Oil

The peony flower is a flower that is native to only Asia, Europe, and Western North America. These flowers have about 30 plus known species world wide, each with their own special color. Our Peony Fragrance Oil is one of the best floral fragrances that we have ever smelled, and is a best seller! Make sure when you are making any recipe with this fragrance oil containing a vanilla base, make sure to use Vanilla White Color Stabilizer to keep the true color in the recipe.


When talking about Spring fragrance oils, you can’t help but think about the many amazing flowers that make up these fragrances. Here is an article called “These Are the Flowers You Should Plant on the First Day of Spring“, that talks about different flowers that you can consider planting on the first day of spring. One of the prettiest flowers in this bunch that you can plant are tulips, not only do they have their own amazing sweet scent to them, but look great when growing in bunches. Another pretty flower are Camellias, as these flowers grow in many different layers. These flowers require acidic soil to grow in, and can be trained to grow against a shady wall.


25 DIY Bath Bomb Recipes

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25 DIY Bath Bomb Recipes25 DIY Bath Bomb Recipes

Have you always wanted to make your own bath bombs, but didn’t know what main ingredients go into them? There aren’t as many ingredients that create a fizzy, delightful bath bomb than you many think. The primary ingredients that mix together that create the fizzy effect that you see are Baking Soda and Citric Acid. After you add these two ingredients, you can add any body safe fragrance oil of your choice from Nature’s Gardens’ vast collection. If you want color to your bath bomb, you can also proceed to add drops of FUN Soap Colorant to your mixture as well. Listed below are 25 DIY bath bomb recipes that are different versions of this main concept.


Black Cherry Bath Bomb RecipeBlack Cherry Bath Bomb Recipe

The Black Cherry Bath Bomb Recipe is interesting in which it uses 100% natural beet root powder to get the red color that you see. The beet root powder even leaves traces of red specs on the bath bomb that can resemble that of bits of cherry. This bath bomb smells amazing when it’s fizzing in your bathtub. The strong Black Cherry Bomb Fragrance Oil that this bath bomb uses creates a full aroma in your bathroom when used. This bath bomb is also easy to assemble when you are putting it together as well.


Bubbling Bath Bomb RecipeBubbling Bath Bomb Recipe

If you are a fan of a bunch of bubbles in your bathtub, then the Bubbling Bath Bomb Recipe is just for you. This bath bomb is made into two distinct layers of bright orange and neon red. This bath bomb uses Papaya Guava Mango Fragrance Oil to create its scent. This fruity aroma smells great for also giving your bathroom a fresh smell when you get out of the tub. This recipe also uses 100% natural papaya leaf powder to give your bath bomb that soothing natural feel.


Camouflage Bath Bomb RecipeCamouflage Bath Bomb Recipe

Kids are always attracted to playing with little toy soldiers. The Camouflage  Bath Bomb Recipe brings that same excitement to the bathtub. This bath bomb uses your standard 4 shades of army green to create the same visual appeal in the bathtub. On top of the army colors, you also can hide a cute little army soldier in the bath bomb for your kids to be surprised with!


Chocolate Dipped Bath Fizzies RecipeChocolate Dipped Bath Fizzies Recipe

Here’s a fun Valentine’s gift idea for you to get your significant other. These Chocolate Dipped Bath Fizzies are supposed to resemble chocolate covered truffles sprinkled in heart sprinkles. These amazing bath fizzies use Chocolate Lovers Type Fragrance Oil which will provide that chocolaty aroma that your significant other will fall in love with. On top of that, these bath fizzies are perfect for Valentine’s Day. Try this simple bath fizzies recipe out for yourself and give your significant other a gift you know they’ll love.


Cotton Candy Bath Bomb RecipeCotton Candy Bath Bomb Recipe

When you go to the fair, nothing excites you more than the smell of sweets hovering in the air. One of my favorite sweets is cotton candy, and it tastes just as good as it smells. The Cotton Candy Bath Bomb Recipe not only smells just like cotton candy but gives off the same visual aesthetics as it too! This colorful candy affect is created by crumbling in blue and pink bath bomb dough into a mixture of white. Then, you mix these two colors together until you begin to see it evenly dispersed throughout the mixture. Doesn’t it just look fun?


Cow Pie Bath Bomb RecipeCow Pie Bath Bomb Recipe

When you think of a barn, you think of cows. That’s what this fun, down to earth Cow Pie Bath Bomb Recipe attempts to bring to your bathroom. This bath bomb is a fun way to incorporate the color of cows into your bathtub while you get clean. The brown spots on this bath bomb resemble that of spots on a cow. This bath bomb uses Hayride Fragrance Oil that uses sweet balsam combined with smooth vetiver and cedarwood to create a fresh experience. Your kid will also get a kick out of the colors too!


Fish Toy Bath Bomb RecipeFish Toy Bath Bomb Recipe

Where do fish belong? They belong in the water, as well as this crafty Fish Toy Bath Bomb Recipe that we created here at Nature’s Garden. This bath fizzy incorporates the deep blue color of water, with fun tropical color varieties to resemble little fish swimming in it. On top of the little fish, this bath bomb also contains a fun, small plastic fish that your kids can play with in the water as well. This bath bomb will also turn your water into an amazing, deep blue color. Give this product a try with your kids and see how much fun they will have.


Rose Petal Bath Bomb RecipeRose Petal Bath Bomb Recipe

There is nothing more romantic than the sight of red rose petals floating on top of your bath water. This romantic Rose Petal Bath Bomb Recipe also makes for a great Valentine’s Day gift idea as well. There is even a warm glow created in the bath bomb from adding 24k Gold Mica Dust and Diamond Dust Mica Dust. On top of the mica dust, there is also 100% natural rose hip powder added into this recipe too, so you can get all the relaxing benefits of using natural ingredients.


Coffee Bath Bomb RecipeFreshly Ground Coffee Bath Bomb Recipe

There’s something about the smell of coffee in the morning that makes anyone’s day start off good. This Freshly Ground Coffee Bath Bomb Recipe uses both a Fresh Brewed Coffee Fragrance Oil by Natures Garden and fresh coffee grounds to create a full embodied coffee aroma for your bathtub. Compared to the 25 DIY bath bomb recipes, there are also benefits to soaking in coffee grounds. One of these benefits include smoothing and softening of the skin.


Golden Clover Bath Bomb RecipeGolden Clover Bath Bomb Recipe

Here’s a recipe that will stand out in any crowd with its shiny golden gleam. The Golden Clover Bath Bomb Recipe is perfect for those who like to add a little shininess into their lifestyles. This bath bomb creates its shininess by using Yellow Oxide FUN Soap Colorant and mixes that yellow coloring with 24k Golden Mica Dust. These bath bombs will also leave a cool shimmering shine on your skin, and leaving it feeling silky smooth. Try this cool jewel out for yourself.


Green Apple Candy Bath Bomb RecipeGreen Apple Candy Bath Bomb Recipe

These Green Apple Candy Bath Bombs have both Neon Green and Kelly Green FUN Soap Colorants that give them amazing color. On top of their great green color, these bath bombs also use a nice tart, fruity Green Apple Candy Fragrance Oil. Try this bath bomb in your bathtub and allow the green colored bath salts to dissolve into your water. These bath salts do more than look cool, they will also help to relax any soreness in your muscles as well.


Green Tea Bath Bomb RecipeGreen Tea Bath Bomb Recipe

Green Tea is the perfect herbal drink to use for relieving soreness in your throat, so why not also use it in a bath bomb too. The Green Tea Bath Bomb Recipe uses both Green Tea Powder and naturally cut and sifted green tea leaves. To even take it up a notch further and add more green to this bath bomb, we also use French Green Clay in the recipe as well. This bath bomb will have your bathtub looking and smelling like it’s filled with green tea.


Dinosaur Egg Bath Bomb RecipeDinosaur Egg Bath Bomb Recipe

If you want a colorful bath bomb that your kids will enjoy, then this Dinosaur Egg Bath Bomb Recipe is just for you. This bath bomb is constructed into different layers like an egg, with a fun colorful touch to each layer. In the center of this bath bomb egg is a baby plastic dinosaur that your kid will enjoy playing with. To add to these fun colors, this bath bomb also uses Nature’s Gardens’ Bermuda Triangle’s Fragrance Oil.


Hawaiian Splash Bath Bomb RecipeHawaiian Splash Bath Bomb Recipe

Nothing more relaxing than sitting and tanning on the beaches of Hawaii. The Hawaiian Splash Bath Bomb Recipe incorporates all the scents that you associate with this tropical paradise. There are two distinct layers to this bath bomb, and it uses both lemon and orange powder in the recipe. These natural powders add a touch of tropical fruit to the bath bomb.



Lavender Sage Bath Bomb RecipeLavender Sage Bath Bomb Recipe

Sage and lavender are the two different herbs that are used in this bath bomb. Lavender is usually used as a sleep enhancer, and sage is used for reducing stress and anxiety. This Lavender Sage Bath Bomb Recipe is great to use in the bathtub to help alleviate all these symptoms. So, after a long day in the office, try coming home and soaking in one of these bath bombs to feel rejuvenated again.



Lumps of Coal Bath Bomb RecipeLumps of Coal Bath Bomb Recipe

Coal has a good skin softening quality to it that is wonderful to use on the skin. This Lumps of Coal Bath Bomb Recipe uses Activated Charcoal Powder to give the user the natural feel to their skin. On top of the benefits from the charcoal powder, you also get additional benefits from using black Himalayan salt in the bath bomb too. So, see how easy it is to make this bath bomb, and reap in the benefits.



Mojito Bath Bomb RecipeMojito Bath Bomb Recipe

A mojito is a Cuban cocktail that consists of 5 different ingredients: white rum, sugar, lime juice, soda water, and mint. This Mojito Bath Bomb Recipe tries to recreate a mojito by first off using cut spearmint leaf to capture the minty accent. Then, afterwards the notes of the mojito come from using Mojito Fragrance Oil. This bath bomb is sure to add a festive splash to your bath.



Orange Dreamsickle Bath Bomb RecipeOrange Dreamsickle Bath Bomb Recipe

This bath bomb is a match made in heaven. There is no better combination than orange and vanilla cream. This sweet Orange Dreamsickle Bath Bomb Recipe uses both vanilla powder and orange peel powder to create this amazing combination. On top of that, Nature’s Garden has a Dreamsickle Fragrance Oil that tops this bath bomb off with enhanced scents.



Peeps Bunny Bath Bombs RecipePeeps Bunny Bath Bombs Recipe

With Easter coming up, this Peeps Bunny Bath Bomb Recipe makes for the perfect gift to put in anyone’s Easter basket. There are many different colored peeps that you make with this recipe from your vibrant, bright yellow to your darker blue. This recipe is fun for children to make around Easter time too!



Pink Salt Bath Bomb RecipePink Salt Bath Bomb Recipe

Pink Himalayan sea salt is the perfect mineral to use for calming your mind. When infused with bath water, the salt from the Pink Salt Bath Bomb will also work well to soothe your muscles. You can also make this bath bomb as a gift too!





Rose Bath Bomb RecipeRose Bath Bomb Recipe

Here’s another really cool rose infused bath bomb that’s great for a romantic experience. The Rose Bath Bomb Recipe packs a bunch of rose petals and buds into the top of the bath bomb, and just lets them float out onto the bath water. Try this bath bomb as a Valentine’s Day gift for your significant other.




Rose Petal Bath Fizzy RecipeRose Petal Bath Fizzy Recipe

Here’s another Rose Petal Bath Bomb Recipe that uses real rose petals. The only difference is, is that this one has two distinctly colored layers. One is a pink layer, and another one is a white layer that houses the rose petals.




Sandalwood Bath Bomb RecipeSandalwood Bath Bomb Recipe

Sandalwood is an aromatic type of wood that retains its scents for up to years. This Sandalwood Bath Bomb Recipe incorporates the scent of sandalwood and brings it out in your bathing experience. Like a few of the 25 DIY bath bomb recipes, this complex bath bomb contains a lot of natural minerals that are excellent for your skin.




Sangria Shimmer Bath Bomb RecipeSangria Shimmer Bath Bomb Recipe

Here’s another great bath bomb recipe that incorporates many different fruity notes into bath bomb that is sure to entice all of your senses. The Sangria Shimmer Bath Bomb even uses sparkly mica to make it shimmer better in the water and allows it to stand out. Enjoy using and making this bath bomb, as it can bring a sense of festiveness to your bathtub.



Sinus Relief Bath Bomb RecipeSinus Relief Bath Bomb Recipe

There is nothing more annoying than clogged sinuses. This Sinus Relief Bath Bomb Recipe contains many natural herbs and powders that are known to help drain out sinus pressure. This bath bomb is wonderful to have around during the bad parts of Winter and Spring.




After talking about these 25 DIY bath bomb recipes, let’s narrow down and talk about different uses of citric acid which is a key ingredient in bath bombs.  “15 things to make with citric acid that you can eat, drink and have fun with!” is a fun article that I found that give’s more uses for citric acid that you can try for yourself. One of the crafts that is mentioned in this article is Tangy Lemon Frozen Yogurt. This recipe sounded like it was to die for, as the citric acid adds more flavor to this recipe. And if you enjoyed Pop Rocks as a kid, this article also gives a fun recipe for homemade pop rock candy. Give this article a read and find some fun things to do with your left over citric acid.