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Easter Craft Recipes

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Crafts for EasterEaster Craft Recipes

If you are looking for some fun crafts to do this Easter, then you should definitely try out some fun crafts for Easter. We at Natures Garden have unique candle recipes, soap recipes, and so many more fun craft ideas that you can try out at home. Plus, you can scent these homemade craft recipes with lovely fragrance oils for this holiday. These diy candle and cosmetic recipes are perfect ideas to use for Easter crafts to sell, diy home decor crafts, and even Easter gift ideas. So, check out some fun Easter craft recipes to make your holiday even more fun!

Crafts for Easter: Easter Basket Candle RecipeEaster Craft Recipes: Easter Basket Candle Recipe

One fun craft recipe that you can make for this spring holiday is the Easter Basket Candle Recipe. We were inspired to create this beautiful, layered candle recipe by a colorful, pastel Easter basket. Of course, this lovely scented candle recipe is topped with scented wax that was made to look like dyed Easter eggs that are nestled in Easter grass at the top of a pretty basket. Plus, this scented candle uses the sweet dessert aroma of our Carrot Cake Fragrance Oil. This fragrance has a buttery spice blend with hints of peach, coconut, carrots, cinnamon and warm vanilla. So, this diy Easter basket candle is perfect for creating homemade decorations that are both unique and beautiful!

Crafts for Easter: Easter Egg Soap RecipeEaster Craft Recipes: Easter Egg Soap Recipe

Another fantastic bath and body recipe that you can create for Easter is this layered soap recipe. Our Easter Egg Soap Recipe uses four differently colored layers of melt and pour soap base. Plus, this recipe uses the bright blend of berries and sweet vanilla from our Best Friends Fragrance Oil. Also, the melt and pour soap includes nourishing cosmetic ingredients. Further, this soap recipe uses the dome top oval soap mold to create an egg shaped soap bar. So, this homemade soap recipe is perfect for making fun Easter cosmetic recipes!

Crafts for Easter: Spring Smelly Jelly RecipeEaster Craft Recipes: Spring Smelly Jelly Recipe

One easy to make scented craft recipe is the Spring Smelly Jelly Recipe. This room scenting recipe includes smelly jelly crystals that are simple, fun, and can be made into bright, Easter colors. Also, this room scent recipe includes the sweet, bright aroma of the Easter Bunny Burps Fragrance Oil. This scented oil contains a shimmering blend of green scents highlighted with a hint of refreshing mint. Then, an aroma of spring flowers is tucked away among the green tones while sandalwood creates glowing warmth for the blend and hints of musk. So, these smelly jelly recipes would be perfect to use as Easter table centerpieces and cute diy Easter decorations.

Crafts for Easter: Rainbow Bubble Bars RecipeEaster Craft Recipes: Rainbow Bubble Bars Recipe

Bright, beautiful rainbows are most common in the springtime, so the Rainbow Bubble Bars Recipe would be the perfect choice for your homemade Easter crafts. This beautiful bubble bar recipe uses all the vivid colors of the rainbow. Plus, this cosmetic recipe includes bubbly SCI and luscious cosmetic oils. Further, this bath and body recipe is scented with our Rain Fragrance Oil. This scented oil has refreshing notes of lily of the valley, fresh hyacinth, with a lovely top note of wisteria flowers. So, this scented bath and body recipe is a fun Easter craft that you can enjoy creating and relaxing in the tub.

Crafts for Easter: Easter Bunny Soaps RecipeEaster Craft Recipes: Easter Bunny Soaps Recipe

If you are looking for a fun melt and pour soap recipe that is perfect for Easter, then you will want to check out our adorable bunny shaped soap recipe. This cute and festive cosmetic recipe has a soap cupcake base is topped with fluffy white soap, a cute face, and bunny ears. Plus, this scented soap recipe includes the delightfully cheerful aroma of our Easter Bunny Burps Fragrance Oil. This scent is a shimmering garden of green scents that is highlighted with a hint of mint for a fresh sensation. Then, an aroma of spring flowers is tucked away among the green tones while sandalwood creates glowing warmth for the blend and hints of musk. So, you can use our lovely Easter Bunny Soaps Recipe to include with your other fantastic Easter craft recipes. 

Crafts for Easter: Peeps Bunny Cupcake Soap RecipeEaster Craft Recipes: Peeps Bunny Cupcake Soap Recipe

Another fun cupcake soap recipe is a fantastic craft recipe for Easter. The Peeps Bunny Cupcake Soap Recipe is an adorable mp soap recipe that has a vibrant cupcake soap base. Then, you will want to top the soap with fluffy white frosting and a sugary peeps bunny soap. Plus, this lovely cupcake soap recipe is scented with the aroma of Lemon Fragrance Oil. This scent is a bright, essential oil that is as true as a freshly squeezed juicy lemon. So, this homemade Easter soap recipe is fun to create, perfect for diy decoration, and is perfect for the bath!

Crafts for Easter: Easter Egg Bath Fizzes RecipeEaster Craft Recipes: Easter Egg Bath Fizzes Recipe

Another fun craft that you can enjoy creating and using is the Easter Egg Bath Fizzes Recipe. Of course, these Easter egg bath bomb recipes are fun to make and you can use soap dye to make bright and fun bath bombs! Not only will the nourishing ingredients in this cosmetic recipe care for the skin, but this bath bomb includes the sweet scent is Jelly Bean Fragrance Oil. This scent has a mouth watering burst of luscious fruity tones with teasing notes of vanilla, musk, and sugary notes. Since this bath bomb recipe is both nourishing and fun, it would be perfect to add to your Easter basket ideas for adults and kids.

Crafts for Easter: Gumdrop Melt and Pour Soap RecipeEaster Craft Recipes: Gumdrop Melt and Pour Soap Recipe

Since Easter is a holiday that is often filled with baskets full of candy, this candy shaped soap would be a fun recipe to try out. Our Gumdrop Melt and Pour Soap Recipe uses mp soap base and a gumdrop soap mold to create these cute soaps. Then, these cute soaps are rolled in sweet sugar. Not only are these cute soaps rolled in sweetness, but they’re scented with the truly scrumptious aroma of the Goodie Goodie Gumdrops Fragrance Oil.  This aroma of holiday spiced gumdrops has notes of cinnamon, clove, eucalyptus, and rose. Further, the scent is well rounded with base notes of cassis, nutmeg, and woods. So, this Easter craft would be perfect for creating a fun soap recipe that has both the appearance and aroma of tasty gumdrop candies.

Crafts for Easter: Plumeria Candle RecipeEaster Craft Recipes: Plumeria Candle Recipe

Another lovely springtime craft that you can create is the beautiful Plumeria Candle Recipe. This homemade floral scented candle recipe captures the perfect scent of freshly bloomed flowers. Plus, this homemade candle recipe uses the sweet, tropical aroma of the Plumeria Fragrance Oil. This scent has notes of tropical plumeria flowers, fresh fruity top notes, and a lovely green bottom. Not only will this candle have the perfect floral scent, but this diy candle wax recipe is decorated with pretty purple hues. This candle recipe uses a purple layer, candle wax sprinkles, and sunflower wax to create an embed flower design.

Crafts for Easter: Peeps Bunny Bath Bombs RecipeEaster Craft Recipes: Peeps Bunny Bath Bombs Recipe

One popular candy around this time of year is peeps!  Of course, Easter is the time of year when these tasty treats are made to look like cute bunnies. Not only can these candies by made to fit the Easter theme, but the Peeps Bunny Bath Bombs Recipe can look like these bunnies, too! These fun peeps bunny bath bombs are cute, contain nourishing ingredients, and a sweet aroma of our Honey Almond Fragrance Oil. This scent blends notes of bergamot, sweet orange, and crisp apple. These scents are followed by rich, golden honey nectar, toffee bits, and soft white musk. So, you will be sure to enjoy these cute bath bombs as a fun Easter craft!

Crafts for Easter: Easter Confetti Soap RecipeEaster Craft Recipes: Easter Confetti Soap Recipe

Another great bath and body recipe that you can create is the Easter Confetti Soap Recipe. This scented soap uses mango butter melt and pour soap base and wholesale soap dye to create a vivid cosmetic recipe. Various colors of small soap chunks are added to this soap recipe and white mp soap. Plus, this scented soap recipe uses the delicate floral aroma of our Sweet Pea Fragrance Oil. This scented oil is a garden of hyacinth, lily of the valley, violets and wild jasmine with a background of light herbal and musky notes. So, the fun colorants and lovely scent will provide you with a fantastic Easter craft recipe that you will absolutely enjoy.

Crafts for Easter: Hydrangea Candle RecipeEaster Craft Recipe: Hydrangea Candle Recipe

Since this time of year is full of beautiful and freshly bloomed flowers, the Hydrangea Candle Recipe would be a perfect candle recipe for Easter! This scented candle uses gorgeous shades of blue and purple granulated candle wax to create a gorgeous candle design. Further, this scented oil uses the sweet, uplifting, and very true aroma of our Hydrangea Heaven Fragrance Oil. Since this scented oil has a gorgeous, floral aroma that would be simply irresistible to a butterfly, we’ve added the scented wax butterflies to top this beautiful Easter candle recipe.

Crafts for Easter: Peeps Cold Process Soap RecipeEaster Craft Recipes: Peeps Cold Process Soap Recipe

Another gorgeous soap making recipe that you can create for Easter is the Peeps Cold Process Soap Recipe. The base of this soap recipe uses a luscious cold process soap recipe. Not only does this swirled cp soap include vibrant colors, but it includes lovely cosmetic oils. Plus, this bath and body recipe includes a sugary melt and pour soap peeps bunny. Further, this scented soap uses the sweet scent of Yummy Gummy Fragrance Oil. This scrumptious aroma of gummy candy with bursting peach, tangy lemon, juicy orange, grape, plum, pear, coconut, and raspberry. Plus, the aroma has a base of sweet and sugary vanilla. This soap recipe will nourish your skin and provide a lovely aroma for your bath and body recipe.

Crafts for Easter: Play Dough Embed Soap RecipeEaster Craft Recipes: Play Dough Embed Soap Recipe

If you are looking to find Easter craft recipes for kids, then you can try out the Play Dough Embed Soap Recipe. You can create the soap dough and let your kids make fun Easter themed creations. Then, you can use these creations as an embed in your mp soap. Plus, this fun soap recipe is scented with the fresh scent of Butterfly Hugs Fragrance Oil, which has notes of apple blossom, lily of the valley and rose petals on a base of cashmere woods and musk. So, this lovely mp soap recipe is perfect for the bath and a fun Easter craft!

Easter Craft Recipes: Other Fun Easter Crafts Ideas

These wholesale cosmetic craft recipes are a fun way to enjoy the holiday and create cute Easter decorations. Not only can you try out our fun candle and cosmetic recipes, but you can try out other fun craft recipes. In fact, you can use the lovely article 55 Easy DIY Easter Crafts to Make With Your Family This April from Country Living. Whether you are looking for ideas for decorating Easter eggs, making diy decorations, or other great ideas, you will likely fun some fantastic ideas in this article. So, you can try out some of these fun craft recipes this year!

Crafts for Easter: Reach Out to UsEaster Craft Recipes: Reach Out to Us

We hope that you enjoy these lovely craft recipes! If you have any questions about how to make these scented crafts, then you can feel free to reach out to us. Of course, we are available at the Natures Garden store, on our HUG Line, and even online. You can easily find us online through our social media pages. You can find us on our Facebook page. Also, you can use our handle @ngscents to find us both on Instagram and on Twitter. Not only can you use these platforms to reach out to us online, but you can share your own fun Easter creations as well! So, we hope to hear from you soon and maybe even see your own homemade Easter creations!