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Cucumber Splash Fragrance Oil

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Cucumber Splash Fragrance OilCucumber Splash Fragrance Oil

Cucumber Splash Fragrance Oil is a very strong cucumber aroma with slight floral notes.  This Natures Garden scent is one of our original fragrances!  Our customers give this refreshing aroma five stars across the board.  This spa fragrance is absolutely adored by all reviewers.  One customer states, “I used this fragrance oil in body lotion and hand cream and fell in love with it at first sniff! I think it is not a classic cucumber scent, it is rather a fruity floral fragrance with a hint of cucumber. Very fresh, crisp and clean, I absolutely love it! This was my very first order from NG so I ordered a sample bottle for personal use, but everyone who smells my hand cream orders a bottle without asking the price! What will be left for me if this continues?”

What does Cucumber Splash Fragrance Oil Smell Like?

This complex, refreshing fragrance oil by Natures Garden is an aroma beginning with top notes of cucumber, bergamot, aloe, and grapefruit; followed by middle notes of freesia, melons, paperwhites, and jasmine; well-rounded with base notes of teakwood, sandalwood, fern and oakmoss. An NG Original Fragrance!

Top Notes: cucumber, bergamot, aloe, grapefruit
Mid Notes: freesia, melons, paperwhites, jasmine
Base Notes: teakwood, sandalwood, fern, oakmoss

How Do Our Customers Use Cucumber Splash Fragrance Oil?

You will love the aroma of your handmade bath and body products when using our Cucumber Splash fragrance oil. Bath bomb recipes, bath gels, and bath oils have been found to smell fabulous with a maximum recommended usage rate of 5%. Soap makers, we recommend a maximum of 5% Cucumber Splash Fragrance Oil. Our cp soap results have shown no acceleration, no ricing, no separation, no discoloration.  Scent is very strong after cure.

Make any room in your home smell amazing with this cucumber aroma. Room scenting products can utilize up to 50% of this fresh fragrance in reed diffusers, potpourri, or incense recipes. Cucumber Splash Fragrance Oil is true and strong homemade aroma beads. We recommend a maximum of 10% fragrance oil for those who make candles. This Cucumber Splash scent has been found to perform wonderfully in joy wax, wow wax, and is wonderful in soy wax. Our coloring suggestion for candle making is to use 1 drops of green Spectrum Liquid Candle Dye for every 4 pounds of candle wax. If you prefer, shred a small amount of a green color block into your melted wax. We never suggest using crayons to color your candles, they will clog your wick.

The possibilities for this cucumber scent are endless. Our customers love creating their very own homemade perfumes.  Cucumber Splash scent performs fabulously in homemade perfumes.  We recommend 5% fragrance oil when using Cucumber Splash Fragrance Oil. You can also use this cucumber aroma in your own homemade cleaning product recipes using a maximum of 5% fragrance oil.


Cucumber Cream RecipeMany of our customers use this refreshing scent in homemade lotions and creams.  If you’re looking for an amazing cream recipe to try for yourself, why not click here to try our Cucumber Cream Recipe.