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Rhassoul Jasmine Bath Bomb Recipe

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Rhassoul Jasmine Bath BombRhassoul Jasmine Bath Bomb Recipe

Another fantastic herbal bath and body recipe is the lovely Rhassoul Jasmine Bath Bomb. This floral bath bomb recipe from Natures Garden is perfect for helping to set a calm mood for the bath tub. Further, the recipe uses herbs and two kinds of cosmetic clay to provide some great skin loving properties. So, the delightful aromatherapy from the fragrance along with the skin benefits is perfect for creating a lovely bath bomb recipe. If you want to obtain some of these lovely calming and nourishing benefits, then definitely try out this fantastic bath bomb recipe!

Rhassoul Jasmine Bath Bomb Recipe: Ingredients Available from Natures Garden

Citric Acid
Sodium Bicarbonate
Rice Bran Oil
Bentonite Clay Powder
Rhassoul Clay Powder
Jasmine Flowers Whole
Diamond Dust Mica Pigment
Bath Bomb Molds
8 oz. Clear PET Bullet Bottles
Safety Glasses
White Fine Mist Sprayers 24/410
Safety Gloves 
Nature’s Garden Apron
Safety Mask

Rhassoul Jasmine Bath Bomb Recipe: Other Needed Ingredients

Witch Hazel (in spray bottle)
Mixing Bowls
Mixing Spoon
Rubber Gloves

Rhassoul Jasmine Bath Bomb Recipe: Total Weights and Amounts

300 grams of the Citric Acid
600 grams of the Baking Soda
18 grams of the Rice Bran Oil
5 grams of the Bentonite Clay Powder
3 grams of the Jasmine Flowers Whole
5 grams of the Rhassoul Clay Powder
18 grams of the Champaka Fragrance Oil
4 grams of the Diamond Dust Mica Pigment

Rhassoul Jasmine Bath Bomb: Champaka Fragrance OilRhassoul Jasmine Bath Bomb Recipe: Champaka Fragrance Oil

Not only does our homemade bath bomb recipe use skin loving herbs, but the cosmetic recipe has a gorgeous aroma, too. You will love the scent of our Champaka Fragrance Oil in your bath bomb recipe. This scented oil is a one of a kind blend of floral and earthy aromas that you will adore. The scent has top notes of jasmine, lavender, lilac, and fresh greenery. Further, the true herbal scent of our jasmine flowers enhance the floral notes of this scent. Then, these scents blend with notes of earthy patchouli and sandalwood. This fragrance oil blend is very feminine and perfect for a relaxing bath bomb recipe.

Rhassoul Jasmine Bath Bomb Recipe: Prepare and Sanitize

Before you begin creating this bath bomb recipe, you will want to prepare and sanitize your work space and bath bomb supplies. First, you will want to collect your bath bomb supplies wholesale. Also, you will want to make sure that your bottle of witch hazel is ready to use. Further, you will want to clean off an area to use as a work space and sanitize your cosmetic supplies.

Rhassoul Jasmine Bath Bomb: Mixing the Dry IngredientsRhassoul Jasmine Bath Bomb Recipe: Mixing the Dry Ingredients

First, you will want to weigh and combine some of the dry ingredients. So, take the scale and one of the mixing bowls. Then, combine 300 grams of the citric acid and 600 grams of the baking soda in the bowl. You will want to mix these ingredients and break up any clumps in the mixture. We suggest that you use a gloved hand to mix the ingredients together well. Once the clumps have all been broken up, you can move on to the next step.

Rhassoul Jasmine Bath Bomb Recipe: Preparing the Wet Ingredients

Second, you are going to prepare and weigh the wet ingredients into a different mixing bowl. So, take the other medium bowl and the scale to prepare this part of the cosmetic recipe. You will want to add 18 grams of the rice bran oil and 18 grams of the Champaka Fragrance Oil to this second bowl. Once these cosmetic ingredients have been measured, you can move on to the next step.

Rhassoul Jasmine Bath Bomb: Combine the ingredients Rhassoul Jasmine Bath Bomb Recipe: Combine the ingredients

After you have these two portions divided, you are going to combine both the wet and dry ingredients in a single bowl. Now, you will want to mix these cosmetic ingredients together. Again, you will want to use gloved hands to break up any clumps and completely incorporate these ingredients. Once all of these cosmetic ingredients are thoroughly mixed together, you can move on to the next step in this recipe.

Rhassoul Jasmine Bath Bomb Recipe: Separate the Mixture in Half

Now that you have a bath bomb dough mixture you will be dividing this dough in half. One half of the portion will be in the first bowl, which will have the rhassoul clay added to it. The second half of the dough will be in the next bowl and will have the whole jasmine flowers added. So, divide the dough into the two bowls and set one of the portions aside for the moment.

Rhassoul Jasmine Bath Bomb: Preparing the First HalfRhassoul Jasmine Bath Bomb Recipe: Preparing the First Half

First, you will need to take one of the two mixing bowls. This bowl will have 5 grams of the Bentonite Clay Powder. Also, you will need to add 2 grams of the Jasmine Flowers Whole of the 3 grams needed for this bath and body recipe. Lastly, you will add 4 grams of Natures Garden’s Diamond Dust Mica Pigment to this portion of the dough. After these ingredients have been added, you will need to mix everything together very well. Again, we suggest that you use a gloved hand to incorporate these ingredients until everything is mixed together evenly. Now, you are ready to finish mixing the second portion of the bath bomb.

Rhassoul Jasmine Bath Bomb: Preparing the Second HalfRhassoul Jasmine Bath Bomb Recipe: Preparing the Second Half

Second, you will need to grab the second bowl of your bath bomb mixture. This portion of the bath bomb will have a different herb added. This mixing bowl will have 5 grams of the Rhassoul Clay Powder added to it. After this powdered herb is weighed in the bowl, you will need to fully incorporate this cosmetic herb into the dough. Again, we suggest that you use your gloved hand to mix the dough until this herb is fully incorporated. After this cosmetic clay has been mixed in thoroughly, you can move on to the next step.

Rhassoul Jasmine Bath Bomb Recipe: Spraying the First Portion

Now you are ready to spray the first portion of your dough with the witch hazel. So, retrieve the bath bomb mixture with the jasmine flowers. You can begin spraying the mixture with the bottle of witch hazel. Make sure that you are mixing the bath bomb dough with a gloved hand as you spray the mixture. Once your dough reaches the consistency of crumbly dough, you need to stop spraying. Make sure that you don’t spray too much or you can potentially activate your ingredients too much and your finished bath bomb won’t have as much fizz.

Rhassoul Jasmine Bath Bomb: Preparing the Bath Bomb MoldRhassoul Jasmine Bath Bomb Recipe: Preparing the Bath Bomb Mold

Next, you are ready to prepare and fill half of the bath bomb mold. First, you will need to add a pinch of the Jasmine flower cosmetic herb to the mold. After this small pile has been added to the bottom of the mold, you can start packing in the mixture with the mica powder and whole flowers incorporated. After this wholesale bath bomb mold half is full, you can set it aside for now. Before you move on to the next step you will need to repeat these steps with the other six halves of the mold. After these bath bomb molds are filled, you will be ready to work on the other halves.

Rhassoul Jasmine Bath Bomb Recipe: Spraying the Second Portion

Then, you are going to work with the second portion of the cosmetic herb. So, you will need the portion of the mixture with the Rhassoul Clay Powder added. Just like before you will be spraying the mixture until it reaches the right consistency. Also, you will still want to use a gloved hand as you spray to mix everything well. Make sure to be careful not to spray too much more after reaching a crumbly dough consistency.

Rhassoul Jasmine Bath Bomb: Filling the Bath Bomb MoldRhassoul Jasmine Bath Bomb Recipe: Filling the Bath Bomb Mold

Now, you will be ready to fill up the second half of the bath bomb mold. Just take your freshly sprayed dough and begin to tightly pack the mixture into your cosmetic mold. Once you have one of these bath bomb halves filled, you can set it aside for now. Before you move on to the next step you will want to fill the other five halves of the bath bomb molds. At this point, you should have all of the mixture used up to fill the molds.

Rhassoul Jasmine Bath Bomb: Combining the Bath Bomb Mold HalvesRhassoul Jasmine Bath Bomb Recipe: Combining the Bath Bomb Mold Halves

Lastly, you will be combining the two halves to finish creating your bath bomb recipe. So, take one of each differently colored bath bomb halves. Now, spray each of the halves lightly with the witch hazel. Once each has been sprayed, you can push the two halves together. After the molds are all sprayed and snapped shut, you can set them in a safe place while they set up.

Rhassoul Jasmine Bath Bomb: Finished Bath BombsRhassoul Jasmine Bath Bomb Recipe: Finished Bath Bombs

Finally, your lovely Jasmine bath bombs are finished! The only thing left is to wait for these adorable bath bombs to completely set up. So, you will know that these bath fizzies are ready to use once they’ve completely hardened. Once they have all set up, you are ready to sell, or even use your lovely floral bath bombs!

If you happen to be looking for some easy and cute bath bomb packaging ideas, then you could leave the finished bath bombs in the plastic bath bomb mold. This will ensure that the bath bombs will be protected in the mold until they are ready to use. Also, you won’t have to worry about coming up with a safe packaging idea on your own! But, you can remove the finished bath bombs and use your own methods of cosmetic packaging. Of course, you can use your fun fizzy bath bombs, too!

Rhassoul Jasmine Bath Bomb: Jasmine Flowers WholesaleRhassoul Jasmine Bath Bomb Recipe: Jasmine Flowers Wholesale

Some have found that herbal jasmine can be used to soothe the skin. In fact, it is thought that this herb has moisturizing and healing properties, as well. So, this her would be beneficial for those with dry or sensitive skin. Plus, the anti-inflammation properties can be useful for issues, like rashes or eczema. Another positive effect of this herb is that it is thought to help improve your mood. The aromatherapy properties of this cosmetic herb are thought to be uplifting and energizing, as it increases alertness and well-being. So, you may find that you will enjoy the various properties of the Jasmine Flowers Whole.

Rhassoul Jasmine Bath Bomb Recipe: Jasmine Flower Tea

Although our wholesale herbs are only for cosmetic use, there are fantastic benefits for drinking jasmine tea. Many find that this herbal tea can help promote health due to the antioxidants. Also, people have found that this herb is useful for weight loss and control diabetes. Further, this cosmetic herb has been found to help with gastrointestinal disorders, reduce pain, and boost the immune system. If you are interested in learning about some of these benefits, then check out 10 Wonderful Benefits of Jasmine Tea by Organic Facts. This article is full of all of the amazing benefits of adding this herbal tea to your diet.

Rhassoul Jasmine Bath Bomb: Ask Us Your QuestionsRhassoul Jasmine Bath Bomb Recipe: Ask Us Your Questions

We hope that you enjoyed this lovely cosmetic recipe. This herbal bath bomb recipe includes all kinds of ingredients that are perfect for skin care. If you have any questions about this cosmetic herb or wholesale bath bomb recipe, then reach out to us! You can find us at the store, on the phone, and online. Anyone that wants to find us online, can try our social media page. You can find us on Facebook. Also, you can use our @ngscents handle to find us on Twitter and Instagram. Not only is this the perfect place to ask questions, but this is a great way to stay up to date on our upcoming bath bomb recipes!

Please Note: Natures Garden Candle and Soap Making Supplies sells our herbs and clay for external use only. We do not sell them as food items. (The information we provide about both our jasmine and clay above is for educational purposes only. The information provided is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease. This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration). Keep all herbs and clay out of reach of children and pets. Special care should be taken by pregnant and/or lactating women when handling herbs. Natures Garden accepts no responsibility (written or implied) for any products you make with our clay or herbs. All testing is the responsibility of the customer.


Argan Oil Benefits

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Argan Oil BenefitsArgan Oil Benefits

There are all kinds of Argan Oil Benefits that you can utilize in your bath and body recipes. This wholesale carrier oil is full of nutrients that provide it with some wonderful properties. These various properties are great for both hair care and skin care. You can use this oil to create some Natures Garden cosmetic and soap recipes. Also, you can include this oil in your own recipes that are perfectly formulated for a certain issue, like frizzy hair. So, check out this blog to learn about the different recipes we have for this oil as well as what argan oil can do in your recipes.

Argan Oil Benefits for Your Products

In places like Europe, argan oil is actually referred to as “liquid gold” due to its amazingly beneficial properties. These properties come from the abundance of nutrients that the oil provides to your skin and body. A great cosmetic ingredient for creating rejuvenating recipes for your hair and skin. So, you know that this cosmetic oil is going to be an amazing one for your various bath and body recipes.

Argan Oil Benefits for Making Soap from ScratchArgan Oil Benefits for Making Soap from Scratch

One great way to use this wonderful oil is to create homemade soaps. Adding this oil will provide your soap with all kinds of skin-loving properties. This will create a conditioning bar of soap that is kind to the skin. Plus, it gives your bars a rich, stable lather that you are sure to love. We included this lovely oil in our own cold process soap recipe. The Argan Soap Recipe blends luscious oils and butters that create a cp soap recipe that will really care for the skin. Plus, this recipe uses the luxurious spa fragrance of our Kulu Bay Fragrance Oil. You will love everything about this wonderful soap recipe!

Argan Oil Benefits for Homemade LotionArgan Oil Benefits for Homemade Lotion

Also, argan oil would be a perfect choice to include in your lotion making supplies. This cosmetic oil is light and allows your skin to breath. However, it is able to sink down and to provide deep conditioning moisture. Further, this oil could be perfectly formulated in a facial cream, as it is light and is often included in acne-fighting formulas. We used this lovely oil in our Sugar Cookie Whipped Body Butter Recipe to add to the deeply conditioning properties. This thick cream benefits from a light lotion because it is able to skin in quickly as the thicker oils and butters remain on the skin longer. Plus, this recipe uses the warm cookie butter aroma of our Sugar Cookies Fragrance Oil to add to this fantastic scent.

Argan Oil Benefits for Home Made Scrubs Argan Oil Benefits for Home Made Scrubs

Another great product we created using argan oil is the Sour Watermelon Sugar Scrub Cubes Recipe. This cosmetic oil was perfect for helping nourish the skin as the scrub worked to remove dead skin. Not only will this product rejuvenate your skin, but it has a fantastic scent! We used our Sour Watermelon Candy Fragrance Oil in this recipe, which smells like delicious sour watermelon candy!

Argan Oil Benefits for DIY Bath BombsArgan Oil Benefits for DIY Bath Bombs

Additionally, we have used this cosmetic oil perfectly in our bath bomb recipes. Adding this oil to recipes like our Mothers Day Bath Bomb Recipe allows the body to soak in these magnificent oils while enjoying a nice, relaxing bath. Plus, this bath bomb recipe uses the delightful Happy and Free Fragrance Oil, which is a refreshing blend of floral scents that are as light and lovely as the oils nurturing your skin.

Argan Oil Benefits for Your Body

Since the best products are the ones that are able to take care of the body, you need ingredients that are going to nourish and rejuvenate your skin and hair. But, different needs and times may influence what kind of oil will care for your body best. So, we are going to talk about all the benefits that this cosmetic oil has for the body. This will allow you to see what makes it different from other oils and whether this is the best oil to perform in the products you want to create.

Argan Oil Benefits for Dry and Damaged SkinArgan Oil Benefits for Dry and Damaged Skin

Dry skin can be irritating and rough or cracked and painful, but either way dried out skin is a nuisance. Luckily, argan oil is a perfect solution! This oil is light and is easily absorbed by the skin. This allows for quick relief and your skin can begin to feel renewed almost immediately. In fact, we would recommend using this carrier oil wholesale in foot balm recipes. Dry and cracking heels are difficult to deal with. So, adding an oil that will sink in quickly to a thicker cream of salve may be beneficial to getting your feet smooth and moisturized.

Argan Oil Benefits for Moisturizing Your FaceArgan Oil Benefits for Moisturizing Your Face

One fantastic benefit of argan oil is that it can be used for facial creams without clogging pores. Obviously, this oil is great for nourishing and moisturizing dry skin. It will sink into your skin to condition your skin, but won’t be too think for your skin to handle. However, adding this oil to facials for oily skin is highly beneficial. Argan oil has the ability to help balance the production of your natural oils. So, this oil provides nutrients, like vitamin E, as it cares for your skin, which will reduce the need for your skin to produce oils. This leads to less oily skin that is healthy and radiant!

Argan Oil Benefits for Reducing AcneArgan Oil Benefits for Reducing Acne

Not only is this cosmetic oil great for reducing oily skin, but it is useful for acne sufferers, too Actually, this is part of the reason why it’s so effective at preventing break outs. The oily skin results from an over production of sebum. While some of your natural oils are important to keep your skin healthy, too much of these oils can lead to clogged pores and break outs! So, utilizing this oil as a great way to reduce break outs by balancing your natural oil production. Furthermore, the nutrients in this cosmetic oil have been known to help reduce the appearance of acne scars and discoloration.

Argan Oil Benefits for Fading ScarsArgan Oil Benefits for Fading Scars

Whether you have acne scars, had surgery, or had been in an accident, you probably aren’t too fond of the memories your scars bring to mind. So, it makes sense that you’d want to reduce their appearance. The vitamins and nutrients in this carrier oil are amazing for boosting your skin’s natural healing ability and many have found that it has dramatically reduced the appearance of their scars. Also, some people have found that argan oil is useful for helping your skin repair and fade stretch marks.

Argan Oil Benefits for Chicken Pox and Other Skin DiseasesArgan Oil Benefits for Chicken Pox and Other Skin Diseases

Another benefit of argan oil is that it has anti-inflammatory properties. These amazing properties are perfect for providing your skin with the vitamins and minerals that it needs to heal. So, this oil is useful to include in a regimen for reducing conditions like eczema, psoriasis, or chicken pox.  For reducing chicken pox, it has been found that the active triterpenoids substances in argan oil are effective for chicken pox home remedies. These substances will help to reduce symptoms and lead to healing in your skin. Also, the oil is able to sink into condition and effectively eliminate dry, itchy eczema. Plus, this carrier oil is able to ward off bacteria and infection while rejuvenating the skin. So, it can be useful for those dealing with psoriasis.

Argan Oil Benefits for Dry LipsArgan Oil Benefits for Dry Lips

Another great way to use this carrier oil is to incorporate it with your typical lip balm supplies. Including this oil in your lip balm recipes is a great way to increase the conditioning power of your recipe. This oil is able to sink into your lip to relieve dry cracked lips by conditioning and nourishing. This will leave your lips feeling soft and rejuvenated. Also, you can combine this oil with thicker ones for a dry winter or when your lips are excessively dry. This way the argan oil can sink down for immediate relief and the thicker oils can remain on top longer to increase the amount of time your lips are protected,

Argan Oil Benefits for Treating Razor BurnArgan Oil Benefits for Treating Razor Burn and Ingrown Hairs

Also, this wholesale carrier oil is wonderful for soothing razor burns. This nurturing oil has high levels of powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that are beneficial for the skin. So, this light, nutrient rich oil is absorbed by the skin and use to soothe and promote healing for your skin. This will reduce any irritation caused by razor burn and help to protect your skin. Further, this oil is perfect for helping your skin reduce the irritation of ingrown hairs.

Argan Oil Benefits for Taming Your HairArgan Oil Benefits for Taming Your Hair

Plus, Argan Oil is perfect for creating conditioning hair care products! This carrier oil is light and won’t leave you feeling greasy, as it won’t just stay on the outside of the hair. Instead, this oil will be used pulled in to strengthen and nourish the hair. So, it is perfect for adding to conditioner recipes or even a leave in conditioner recipe. This oil would be perfect for helping your tame frizzy hair while protecting and nourishing your luscious locks at the same time!

Argan Oil Benefits for Conditioning Oily HairArgan Oil Benefits for Conditioning Oily Hair

While this oil can this oil be used as a leave in conditioner in all hair types, those with oily hair are really going to love this cosmetic oil! Argan oil is a light, non-greasy oil that is perfect for providing the moisture you need without leaving you feeling like a grease ball. Plus, this oil can be useful for reducing the amount of oil your scalp produces. Since the carrier oil is able to balance your oils, using argan oil will actually help you to get your scalp to produce less oils naturally. So, you can bring your production levels down to where you need them.

Argan Oil Benefits for Nail and Cuticle HealthArgan Oil Benefits for Nail and Cuticle Health

Also, you can use this nourishing cosmetic oil to improve the health of your nails and the cuticle bed. After removing nail polish, cleaning, and drying your nails, you can apply this lovely oil directly on each of your nails. For each nail, add a drop of oil and rub it into the top, nail bead, and cuticle. The conditioning properties will help to prevent hangnails and lead to healthier future nail growth.

Argan Oil Benefits: What is Argan Oil Made of?

The skin loving argan oil is made by pressing argan nuts, which are inside of a fruit. These trees grow on trees in Morocco. Further, these trees take a long time to start producing fruit and they only grow in this area of the world. Further, the nuts can be hard and difficult to crack. Interestingly, the Tamri goats, which eat these Moroccan fruits, would be used to help Argan Oil producers break down the hard shell of the argan nut. Now, factories can break down the nut without the help of goats, but there are some people still producing Argan Oil in this traditional way. If you want to learn more, then check out this article we found. The Argan Oil Beauty Benefits for Skin, Hair, and Body talks about where argan oil comes from as well as some more benefits of using this cosmetic oil.

Argan Oil Benefits: Reach Out to UsArgan Oil Benefits: Reach Out to Us

We hope that you enjoyed all the benefits that argan oil has to offer. You can ask us any questions about this cosmetic oil or our free recipes, as the Natures Garden team is here to help. You can chat with us in the store, on the phone, or online. We have a Facebook page. Also, we are on both Twitter and Instagram (@ngscents). Can’t wait to hear from you and we wish you the best with your homemade bath and body products.