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Blue Cotton Candy Fragrance

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blue cotton candy scentBlue Cotton Candy Fragrance Oil– Fragrance Oil Spotlight

Our Blue Cotton Candy fragrance oil is the wonderful aroma of a delicious special occasion treat. One that you can only get when you get to go to the fair or a carnival. This yummy treat is certainly delicious and one that you never want to stop eating! When you have it, you just can’t resist the urge to keep eating! Our Blue Cotton Candy fragrance perfectly captures the wonderful aroma of this yummy summer treat, an aroma that is sure to make your mouth water for just a taste of this lighter than air confection!

What Does Blue Cotton Candy Smell Like?

Blue Cotton Candy scent by Nature’s Garden is a sweet airy cotton candy fragrance with awesome fruity notes of raspberry and strawberry. These fruity notes are laced with hints of nutty almonds and caramel swirls that are sweetened with creamy vanilla.

How Do Our Customers Use Blue Cotton Candy Fragrance Oil?

This fragrance is sure to transport you right back to your childhood memories. Spending the day with your family at the fair or the carnival with this luscious treat gracing your taste buds! Can’t you just hear the animals roaring at the carnival, or feel the wind whipping through your hair while riding the amazing rides at the county fair? For all of the candle makers out there, our Blue Cotton Candy scent is everything you’ve ever wanted! It performs perfectly in wow wax and joy wax, as well as working nice and strong in soy wax. For all of the potpourri and incense makers out there, this fragrance is exactly what you’ve always been looking for! It has a maximum usage rate of 50%! You can easily fill your home with this yummy smelling aroma by using this fragrance to create some nice and strong homemade aroma beads!

For bath and body products, our Blue Cotton Candy fragrance has a maximum usage rate of 5%. Some common bath and body products that can include this great fragrance are soaps, bath oils, lotions, bath gels, and perfumes. This fragrance does happen to have a vanillin content of 2%, meaning that it may tend to discolor your soaps and other homemade bath and body products. Make sure to test this fragrance thoroughly before using it in any of your finished and final products, and use a Vanilla White Color Stabilizer to avoid any discoloration problems. For all of the cold process soap makers out there, this fragrance is absolutely perfect for you! Our cold process results are: there is no acceleration or ricing and this fragrance has a perfect pour! However, it does discolor to a milk chocolate color.

Go ahead! Go get your hands on this amazing scent as soon as you can! But make sure to check out all of our great free classes and recipes while you’re there as well! Please don’t hesitate to contact us here at Nature’s Garden if you have any thoughts, questions, or concerns, and keep watching for more Enlightened by Layla!