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Crafts for Easter

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Crafts for EasterCrafts for Easter

There are so many wonderful reasons for you to love Easter. This holiday is all about rebirth and glory. So, this bright holiday is sure to be full of merriment and fun traditions. While everyone enjoys some of the long lived traditions, like hiding colored eggs, there is always room for more fun and activities. So, you could try adding in some fun Easter themed crafts into your holiday fun. We at Natures Garden would like to share with your some fun Crafts for Easter that you can create for this fun holiday. Coloring eggs, bunnies, and rainbows are all wonderful parts of the Easter holiday that we can draw inspiration for our bath and body recipes. So, check out all of the fun recipes that we have created to discover all kinds of holiday fun!

Crafts for Easter: Peeps Bunny Bath Bombs RecipeCrafts for Easter: Peeps Bunny Bath Bombs Recipe

Everybody loves yummy marshmallow Peeps around Easter time! This time of year the shelves are stocked with cute bunny shaped Peeps. Since these bright treats are so beloved, we thought that it would be perfect for soap making inspiration. So, we decided to use the Silicone Soap Mold – 12 Peeps Bunny Mold to make bath bombs that look just like this sugary treat would for Easter!

Plus, these bath bombs were created using some bring soap colorants to create colors that are common for real Peeps. After we allowed the bath bombs to set up we added one final touch to these super cute bath bombs, which was rolling them in sugar. Plus, these Peeps include the rich, sweet aroma of Honey Almond Fragrance Oil. This really makes these bath products really look the part of a lovely Easter treat!

Crafts for Easter: Easter Bunny Soaps RecipeCrafts for Easter: Easter Bunny Soaps Recipe

Our Easter Bunny Soaps Recipe is a perfect creation for making Easter bath and body. This adorable soap cupcake recipe is both adorable and perfect for your body. First, this melt and pour recipe is perfect for creating soap recipes that are perfect for Easter. This soap recipe uses whipped soap base to create a white, fluffy bunny with ears, a face, whiskers, and a cute little nose. You are sure to love this super cute bunny cupcake soap.

Plus, these cute soaps use the vibrant aroma of Easter Bunny Burps Fragrance Oil. This scent has a vibrant blend of shimmering garden greens is highlighted with a hint of mint for a fresh sensation. A blend of spring flowers is tucked away among the green tones for added texture, while sandalwood creates glowing warmth for the blend. Further, this soap is luscious, moisturizing, and is sure to care for your skin. Both the melt and pour soap base and whipped soap base contain ingredients that both clean and nourish your skin. So, you are easily able to create an adorable Easter themed soap that works great.

Crafts for Easter: Rainbow Bath Salts RecipeCrafts for Easter: Rainbow Bath Salts Recipe

Another wonderful product that you may want to make for Easter is the Rainbow Bath Salts Recipe. Since rainbows are often thought of as a heavenly symbol, it makes sense that we would incorporate the beauty of rainbows in our crafts for this holiday.

Not only is this bath soap recipe perfect for Easter time, but this bath salt recipe is a wonderful bath and body product. This recipe uses Dead Sea Salt, Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, and the lovely Celestial fragrance oil along with a variety of bright colors to create a perfect bath recipe. This bath and body product will leave you with a delightful scent of warm sandalwood, vetiver, cedar and musk, with enlightening spicy notes of sage and thyme to combine with bright citrus notes that inspire both mind and soul. Plus, this recipe will leave your skin feeling silky and soft. So, this is sure to be a great recipe for creating Easter crafts!

Crafts for Easter: Easter Basket Candle RecipeCrafts for Easter: Easter Basket Candle Recipe

The Easter Basket Candle Recipe is a great idea to add to your list of crafts to create Easter. This unique candle uses a beautiful array colors that are perfect for this glorious season. The base of this inspiring candle was meant to look like a colorful Easter basket. So, the bottom part of the candle uses layers of lovely blue, purple, yellow, and pink layers along with white stripes between the pretty colors to create the appearance of a basket. Then, the top of the candle is decorated with vibrant Easter grass. Also, this grass has colored eggs peeking out. So, your finished candle will look just like a bright, full Easter basket. Plus, you can enjoy the scrumptious aroma of the Carrot Cake Fragrance Oil in this gorgeous candle recipe!

Crafts for Easter: Peeps Cold Process Soap RecipeCrafts for Easter: Peeps Cold Process Soap Recipe

Our Peeps Cold Process Soap Recipe is another great recipe for anyone looking for Easter craft ideas. First, the cold process soap has been swirled. So, the soap is full of bright, vibrant colors that make this soap recipe fun!Not only will this recipe make some pretty soaps, but each slice from the loaf will be topped with Peeps. The perfect pretty colors of the Peeps make the color of the swirls really pop! Furthermore, these Peeps are shaped like bunnies!  Also, these soaps use the delightful aroma of our Yummy Gummy Fragrance Oil. So, these soap bars will be perfect for this fun filled holiday. You are sure to love the combination of the fun swirl design with these adorable bunny Peeps!

Crafts for Easter: Easter Confetti Soap RecipeCrafts for Easter: Easter Confetti Soap Recipe

Another fun recipe you may want to check out for your next batch is our Easter Confetti Soap recipe. This fun recipe uses bright pieces of colored soap to create a fun bar of soap. These colorful soap bits are like an abstract version of colored Easter eggs! They are bright, fun and scattered all over. Then, white soap is poured into the mold to hold everything together. Together these cut up soap chunks and white soap make quite a wonderful batch of soap! Further, this lovely soap uses the fresh, floral aroma of our Sweet Pea Fragrance Oil. This aroma has notes of hyacinth, lily of the valley, violets and wild jasmine with a background of light herbal and musk base notes. You are sure to enjoy these bright bars of soap in your spring line or for use this Easter.

Crafts for Easter: Easter Egg Bath Fizzes Recipe

Another fun craft that would be perfect for making this Easter is our Easter Egg bath Fizzes Recipe. While coloring eggs is fun, hiding plastic eggs full of goodies can be just as fun! Plus, there are even more fun ways to use these fun, plastic eggs. Our cute bath bombs use plastic eggs to create perfectly shaped bath bombs. Some of our colorful bath bombs are one solid color, but other you can combine two different colored halves to create an even more fun bath recipe. These super cute little bath bombs are perfect for Easter, as they could make a perfect addition to any Easter basket.

Plus, you can use these bath bombs to hide instead of real eggs. Sometimes hiding real eggs can lead to one lost egg that can leave an awful smell behind. But, you would never have to worry about bath bomb eggs! Plus, these little bath fizzies will be super fun to use once you find them. Especially with the lovely aroma of the Jelly Bean Fragrance Oil, which is a burst of luscious fruity tones that tease the senses with this gourmand confection. Wild cherry balances with ripe peach and tangy strawberry for the candy sensation at the fragrance heart. Hints of cinnamon boost the cherry, as a smooth combination of vanilla and musk creates sugary undertones.

Crafts for Easter: Peeps Bunny Cupcake Soap RecipeCrafts for Easter: Peeps Bunny Cupcake Soap Recipe

Also, we have another fun way to create amazing Easter soaps with our Silicone Soap Mold that we can use to make a Peeps Bunny. These little sugary goodies are perfect for creating Easter themed soaps that you are sure to love. We used these cute little Easter bunny peep soaps to top our cupcake soaps. Between the fluffy white frosting, scrumptious Lemon Fragrance Oil, bright colored sprinkles, and perfectly crafted Peeps bunny soaps you are sure to enjoy these lovely individual cupcake soaps.

First, these adorable cupcake soaps would be perfect for decorating for Easter time. Between the colors and bunny Peep, you are sure to love these soaps for the holiday. Plus, this product uses both the oatmeal melt and pour soap base and the whipped soap base to create a really effective batch of soap that is both cleansing and moisturizing. So, you are sure to love these fun cupcake soaps!

Crafts for Easter: Hydrangea Candle RecipeCrafts for Easter: Hydrangea Candle Recipe

Plus, you can use this lovely candle recipe as another wonderful product that you can add to your Easter crafts. The Hydrangea Candle Recipe is absolutely gorgeous and perfect for this Easter. This candle making recipe is the perfect recipe to create for spring. With all the beautiful butterflies, lovely colors, and the marvelous scent you are sure to enjoy this candle. The scent of this candle, Hydrangea Heaven Fragrance Oil,  is of fresh, yet sweet, hydrangea that is aromatic and uplifting. So, both the appearance and aroma of this candle is just what you are looking for this spring!

Crafts for Easter: Easter Egg Soap RecipeCrafts for Easter: Easter Egg Soap Recipe

Another great recipe that you can use for creating some free Easter crafts for adults is our Easter Egg Soap Recipe! This melt and pour soap recipe uses bright and cheerful colors that are perfect for this wonderful holiday. Plus, this mp soap recipe uses a lovely fragrance oil that you are sure to enjoy. The Best Friends Fragrance Oil is a wonderful aromatic blend of boysenberries, elderberries, strawberries, guava and pomegranate with a down of soft vanilla that is perfect for your Easter creations. Further, this soap recipe uses the Dome Top Oval Mold to create a soap that is egg shaped. So, these melt and pour soaps are absolutely for making bath products that are bright and perfect for Easter.

Crafts for Easter: Biggest Easter Traditions

There are some Easter traditions that everyone knows and loves. Of course, there is coloring unique Easter eggs and finding them after the Easter bunny hid them all over. There are some people that have made the largest decorated Easter egg that was 48 ft tall and the biggest organized Easter-egg hunt with 9,753 children taking part. Plus, you can’t forget the baskets full of candy like chocolate bunnies and Peeps. Some professional chocolate makers took their love of chocolate bunnies to new heights by creating the largest chocolate rabbit! This rabbit weighed 9,359 pounds and towered over its creators. If you find these world records interesting and would like to find out about even more Easter themed records, then check out Ten World Records to Get You Egg-cited for Easter by Guinness World Records Kids!

natures gardenCrafts for Easter: Share With Us

We hope that you have enjoyed some of our homemade Easter craft ideas. These various bath and body recipes are inspired by and perfect for Easter. So, you will absolutely want to check out some of these recipes for decorating or sharing this holiday. Whether you decide to use these crafts to decorate your home or you decide to add them to some Easter baskets, you are sure to enjoy these recipes.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, then feel free to contact us! One easy way to contact us at Natures Garden is to find us on one of our social media pages. First, you can find us on our Facebook page. Also, you can find us on either Instagram or Twitter by using @ngscents. Even if you don’t have questions or comments, we would love to hear from you! One of our favorite things is hearing about your experiences and seeing your unique creations! So, please share with us your homemade crafts. Hope to hear from you soon!


Melt and Pour Soap Kit

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Melt and Pour Soap Kit

Melt and Pour Soap KitThe Melt and Pour Soap Kit provides you with everything that you need to create two pounds worth of melt and pour soaps. Not only will you be able to create about sixteen individual bars of melt and pour soap, but this kit provides you with everything from the ingredients to the soap molds. So, making these soaps could not get any easier! Simply melt the soap base, add a few ingredients, and pour the soap into the molds. Plus, this Natures Garden kit comes with your choice of one of two soap bases. You also receive four different scents and two different soap dyes to use. So, you can make a couple of batches of soap that are the color and scent you’d prefer. Overall, this kit is a great choice for a beginner soap maker or someone looking for a simple and fun craft to make.

Melt and Pour Soap Kit Ingredients Included

Complete Step by Step Soap Making Instructions

2 pounds of Melt and Pour Soap Base (you can choose one of two types)
Goat’s Milk Melt and Pour Soap Base
Diamond Clear Soap Melt and Pour Soap Base

Four 1 oz Samples of Fragrance Oils (currently the fragrances listed below)
Sweet Pea Fragrance Oil
Best Friends Fragrance Oil
Oatmeal Milk and Honey Fragrance Oil
Lavender Flowers Fragrance Oil

Two Liquid Soap Dyes (Currently the two listed below)
Da Bomb Soap Dye Blue
Da Bomb Soap Dye Red

Two Soap Molds (Currently the two listed below)
Oval Decorative Soap Mold
Heart with Angels Soap Mold

Melt and Pour Soap Kit Other Ingredients and Equipment Needed

Pyrex Glass Measuring Cup
Refrigerator (optional)
Pam Cooking Spray (optional)
Stainless Steel Mixing Spoon
Rubbing Alcohol

Melt and Pour Soap Kit Clean and Sanitize

Before you start your project make sure that you are truly prepared. First fill a bullet bottle with rubbing alcohol and place a fine mist sprayer on top. Then, not only should you sanitize your work space, but you should retrieve and clean your equipment. The creation of this kit will require a clean counter space and an available microwave. Also, collecting the equipment needed to complete the project will help the process go smoother. Since everything will be within an arm’s reach, you won’t need to spend time and energy to locate certain tools to finish. Plus, pausing part way through may cause your soap to cool before it is time to pour into the molds. So, preparing ahead of time can save you time and prevent you from messing up your creation.

Melt and Pour Soap Kit Preparing and Melting Your Soap Base

Melt and Pour Soap Kit Preparing and Melting Your Soap BaseFirst, you are going to want to prepare your provided soap base. Since melt and pour soap has already undergone the saponification process, all you’re are going to need to do is melt the soap. Also, our kit contains the Goats Milk Soap Base. However, you can choose the clear soap base if you’d like, the process is going to be the same either way. So, cut your slab of soap in half, which will be about a single pound of soap. Then, cut your soap into smaller chunks to fit the soap into your glass measuring cup. After, you will place your filled measuring cup in the microwave for a minute. If the soap is not entirely melted after a minute, then heat the soap again in 30 second intervals until the soap base is entirely melted. You need to melt in intervals to avoid overheating the soap, as it could potentially boil.

Melt and Pour Soap Kit Scenting Your Melted Soap

Melt and Pour Soap Kit Scenting Your Melted SoapNext, remove your soap from the microwave. Then, you will want to choose one of your four fragrance oils to add to your melted soap. While we chose to use the Lavender Fragrance Oil, any of the scents will work perfectly. Now, measure out a single tablespoon of your preferred fragrance and mix it into the melted soap.

Melt and Pour Soap Kit Coloring Your Melted Soap

Melt and Pour Soap Kit Coloring Your Melted SoapAfter you add the fragrance oil, it’s time for color.  You will need your Da Bomb Soap Dyes.  Then, you will want to add some of the liquid soap dye to the scented soap. While you can add either color you’d like, we chose to use two red and two blue to create a light pastel purple shade for our soap.  Add your soap colorant and mix.

Melt and Pour Soap Kit Pouring Your Melted Soap

Melt and Pour Soap Kit Pouring Your Melted SoapNow, you are going to pour your soap into the provided molds. While your melted soap is still hot, pour the soap into the molds. You should have enough melted to fill all the cavities in both molds. After your soaps set up you can create a second batch of soaps with the other half of your melt and pour soap slab. Additionally, you can spray a paper towel with Pam Cooking Spray then wipe inside each cavity of your mold before pouring your melted soap. This will make removing the hardened soap from the molds easier, but will not harm the soaps. Once you pour the melted soap into the molds spray any air bubbles you see with rubbing alcohol to release them.

Melt and Pour Soap Kit Finishing Your Soaps

Melt and Pour Soap Kit Finishing Your SoapsFinally, you are going to finish your melt and pour soaps. First, you will need to wait a half hour before moving your soap molds. Since the soap will be in a cooling process, moving the soaps could cause them to wrinkle or spill before they set up entirely. After this time passes, you can move the soap molds into the refrigerator for about an hour, or you can wait for them to setup naturally. Either way, allow the mp soap to finish the cooling process before removing your soap from the molds. Next, once the soap is setup, turn your mold upside down on a counter and press on the back of the soap cavity until your soap is released. Repeat the steps above with the remaining soap base. After, your soaps are complete and removed from the molds they are ready for immediate use!

Melt and Pour Soap Kit Other Ideas

If you are looking to kick your handmade soap up a notch, you can always use additives. You have many options when it comes to additives. My favorite is mica which can be dusted on your soap once they setup. This will give the soap a shimmering bling. Also, dried flowers like lavender or calendula can be added to the melted soap. Perhaps you want to add coffee grounds for exfoliation. These are just a few ways to make your soap stand out but the options really are endless. We hope that you enjoy the melt and pour soap kit. For other mp soap ideas, be sure to check out all of our free melt and pour soap recipes.