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Eggnog Candle Recipe

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Eggnog Candle RecipeEggnog Candle Recipe

It is that time of year again, eggnog season.  Today, I will share with you a candle recipe we created using our Eggnog Fragrance Oil.  This eggnog candle recipe looks good enough to drink!  While we obviously do not suggest drinking it, it sure does smell and look just like the real thing.  Finally, we you finish creating the candle be sure to check out my absolute favorite real eggnog drink recipe.  It is thick and delicious and something I make every year during the holidays.

Eggnog Candle Recipe: Ingredients You Will Need Found at Natures Garden

Eggnog Candle Recipe: Other Ingredients and Equipment That You Will Need

Mixing Spoons
Pot (for double boiler)
Glass Mug
Cheese Grater
Paper Bowl
Hot Glue Gun
Glue Sticks

Eggnog Candle Recipe: Total Recipe Weights for the Main Candle

455 grams Joy Wax
45 grams Eggnog Fragrance Oil
Toothpick Spectrum Yellow Liquid Candle Dye
Toothpick Spectrum Brown Liquid Candle Dye

Eggnog Candle Recipe: Total Recipe Weights for Whipped Portion of Candle

85 grams Joy Wax
8 grams Eggnog Fragrance Oil

Eggnog Candle Recipe: Prepare the Jar for the Candle

First, prepare your mug.  We use a glass mug that we picked up at our local grocery store.  Our mug was slightly under 3.5 inches in diameter.  So, we used a CD-12 wick in our mug.  The size of the wick that you use will depend upon the diameter of the mug you are using for your candle.  While I can’t tell you the exact size you will need, I can tell you that I highly recommend the CD candle wicks when using Natures Garden’s Joy Wax.  Our size recommendations, based on diameter, can be found in the description of our CD candle wicks at the link in the ingredients list above.
Once you have determined your wick size, use a hot glue gun to adhere the candle wick to the bottom of your jar.  You will want to make sure the wick is centered in the mug.  Once your wick is in place unplug your hot glue gun and move on to the next step.

Eggnog Candle Recipe: Prepare the Candle Wax For the Base of the CandleEggnog Candle Recipe: Prepare the Candle Wax For the Base of the Candle

Now, let’s prepare our Joy Wax.  In order to melt the Joy Wax, we will use a double boiler.  This will slowly melt the wax and prevent it form scorching.  You will need to first prepare a pot of water. The pot only needs to be filled with a few inches of water. Heat the water.  Once you have your wax weighed out, you will need to place your pouring pot inside the hot water to melt the wax.
So, in your pouring pot, weigh out 455 grams of Joy Wax.  Then, place the pouring pot inside the pot containing the water.  Allow the wax to melt.  Once the temperature reaches 200 degrees Fahrenheit, remove the pot from the heat.

Eggnog Candle Recipe: Coloring Your Melted Candle WaxEggnog Candle Recipe: Coloring Your Melted Candle Wax

Next, we will be adding our colorant.  When using Natures Garden’s Joy Wax the colorant should be added at 200 degrees Fahrenheit.  So, for this candle recipe we will need both Spectrum yellow candle dye and Spectrum brown liquid candle dye.  Now, we only need a little bit of each.  While it can be hard to get just a small amount of liquid candle dye out with a dropper, it is not impossible.  In order to get just a small amount you will simply need a couple of toothpicks.  First, we will add the yellow candle colorant.  Go ahead and dip your first toothpick into the yellow colorant.  Then, dip the yellow colorant into the candle wax.  Throw this toothpick in the trash.  Next, dip your second toothpick into the brown candle dye.  Then, dip this same toothpick into the candle wax.  Throw your second toothpick into the garbage.  Finally, mix to fully disperse the candle colorants.

Eggnog Candle Recipe: Adding Your Eggnog Fragrance OilEggnog Candle Recipe: Adding Your Eggnog Fragrance Oil

When working with Joy Wax, we suggest adding your fragrance oil between 170 degrees Fahrenheit and 175 degrees Fahrenheit for the best results.  So, today, we will be using Eggnog Fragrance Oil.  We couldn’t create an eggnog candle without an eggnog scent, right?  So, we will be using 10% fragrance oil for this recipe.  So, when your wax is at the correct temperature, add 45 grams of your Natures Garden Eggnog Fragrance Oil.  Then, make sure you mix the candle wax for about 30 seconds.  This will ensure that your eggnog scent is completely blended with the candle wax.

Eggnog Candle Recipe: Pouring Your Eggnog Candle WaxEggnog Candle Recipe: Pouring Your Eggnog Candle Wax

Now, we will be pouring our candle wax.  When using Joy Wax, we recommend pouring your candle wax in warmed jars.  By warming your candle jars before pouring into them, it will help your wax to cling very nicely to your jars.  This is because your wax cools very slowly, allowing time for air bubble to release from the wax and thus the wax adhere to the walls of the jars better.  You want to put your jars into the oven at the very lowest setting.  So, turn your oven on the lowest temperature possible.  Then, place the jars on a pan and in the oven for just a few minutes. Do not allow them to get hot, they only need to be warm.

When pouring the wax, the temperature should be between 160 degrees Fahrenheit and 165 degrees Fahrenheit.  Once your candle wax reaches this temperature, pour the wax into your jar.  Make sure your wick is centered and secured in the center.  I use a fine tooth comb to keep my wicks in place.  Place the comb across the jar’s opening and put the wick centered in between the teeth of the comb.  Lastly, allow the candle wax to setup before moving to the next step.

Eggnog Candle Recipe: Melting the Wax for the Whipped Topping

Joy wax can easily be used as a whipped topping on your candles.  For this particular recipe, we will be using 85 grams of Joy Wax.  However, we will be leaving this portion of the candle uncolored.  Once again, we will be using a double boiler to melt the candle wax.  So, go ahead and melt the wax using this method. However, this time bring the wax to a temperature between 170 degrees Fahrenheit and 175 degrees Fahrenheit.  The Joy Wax does not need to get any hotter since we are not adding any candle colorants to it.

Eggnog Candle Recipe: Adding Fragrance Oil to the Whipped Topping Portion of the Candle Wax

Now, we will be adding fragrance oil to the whipped topping portion of the candle wax.  Once your candle wax temperature is between 170 degrees Fahrenheit and 175 degrees Fahrenheit, add 8 grams of the Eggnog scent.  Then, mix the fragrance oil into the wax with a clean mixing spoon.  Stir for about 30 second to be sure that the Eggnog Fragrance Oil is completely mixed with the Joy Wax.

Eggnog Candle Recipe: Whipping the Joy Candle WaxEggnog Candle Recipe: Whipping the Joy Candle Wax

Next, we will begin whipping the Joy Wax.  This portion of the wax will be placed on the top of our main candle.  This will give your candle the look of a creamy top that you see on a glass of eggnog.  While it may look more complicated, all the topping requires is cooled and whipped Joy Wax.  All you will need is the candle wax and a mixing spoon.



Eggnog Candle Recipe: Whipping the Joy Candle Wax

So, you want to allow your Joy Wax to cool.  As it cools stir it periodically.  Once it is at a thicker consistency, begin mixing until it takes on a whipped topping type consistency. Once the Joy Wax has reached this consistency, use a spoon to scoop it on top of your setup candle.  While you are topping the candle, make sure you keep your candle wick centered.


Eggnog Candle Recipe: Placing the Finishing TouchesEggnog Candle Recipe: Placing the Finishing Touches

There are a couple of things we will be adding to the candle to finish it off.  First, we will be adding a small cinnamon stick.  I should note that this will need to be removed prior to burning, but it does give your candle an adorable finishing touch.  We will also be grinding and adding cinnamon to the top of the candle.

First, we will add a cinnamon stick.  Place the cinnamon stick vertically, but slightly angled right inside your candle.  It should stick out slightly though.  You want it to look like it is floating in your jar.

In addition, we will need to grind just a little bit of a cinnamon stick.  We will grind the cinnamon using a cheese grater.  While yes, we could use pre-made ground cinnamon, it won’t be as coarse or look as nice.  So, go ahead and grind just a small amount of the cinnamon.  To do this, place your cinnamon stick horizontally across your grater and move it across the grater quickly.  Finally, sprinkle the ground cinnamon on top of the candle.  Then, give your wick and little curl and your candle is finished.  Just remember to let the candle cure for a few day before using it or selling it.  This will ensure that your candle’s scent is a strong as possible.

Are you now craving the real thing?  I have tried many eggnog recipes myself.  Personally, my favorite eggnog recipe is this eggnog recipe from Tastes Batter From Scratch.  It is thick, creamy, and delicious.  It is sure to be an instant hit!