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10 Cocoa Butter Melt and Pour Soap Recipes

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10 Cocoa Butter Melt and Pour Soap Recipes10 Cocoa Butter Melt and Pour Soap Recipes

Have you been looking into a fun, new craft that doesn’t take a lot of time or equipment? How about creating your own soap?  When thinking of making soap, your mind goes to lye and long cure times. Also, most people shy away from the idea of making soap from scratch since it does involve using lye, which can be intimidating to some. However, with melt and pour soap, the lye process has been done for you! What you have with melt and pour soap base is a safe and fun project that anybody can do. This type of craft can even be done with little ones! They can help participate in picking out colors and fragrances, molds and designs. So, if you are looking for some inspiration to help you get started in the soaping world, Natures Garden has 10 cocoa butter melt and pour soap recipes to lead you on!

With Christmas time around the corner, we are sure you are looking for some fun, sweet smelling gifts to give!  With simple instructions, some yummy smells and some very creative touches, these recipes can help you can make gifts for friends and family just in time for the holiday! What better way to say “I love you” than with a homemade present?

10 Cocoa Butter Melt and Pour Soap Recipes: Is Melt and Pour Really Soap?10 Cocoa Butter Melt and Pour Soap Recipes: Is Melt and Pour Really Soap?

If you are new to any type of soap making, you may have stumbled upon melt and pour soap bases. However, you may be wondering is melt and pour soap really soap? Of course, it is! Most melt and pour soap bases are unscented and have the capability of being melted and remelted without losing any of its quality!  Another thing, melt and pour soap is actually extremely soothing to the skin, with no harsh chemicals as many store brands contain.

What do I like about melt and pour soap? I can pronounce all the ingredients and I also know what each ingredient’s purpose is. Another factor I like about melt and pour soap? I can create any kind of yummy smelling soap I want! You are only limited by your imagination with what you can do with melt and pour soap!

Today we are going to be showing you 10 of our Cocoa Butter Melt and Pour creations! Each recipe is simple to follow with outstanding results! Your friends and family will be so impressed by your newest, crafty abilities. You are sure to get some attention with some of these fun bath treats.  Also, before you get started on creating any of our recipes, check out our Melt and Pour Soap Information! You can learn about the different types of soap base Nature’s Garden has to offer, the ingredients in melt and pour soap base and a quick lesson in how to work with melt and pour soap!

10 Cocoa Butter Melt and Pour Soap Recipes: Chocolate Cherry Soap Recipe10 Cocoa Butter Melt and Pour Soap Recipes: Chocolate Cherry Soap Recipe

Our first melt and pour soap recipe are these yummy looking Chocolate Cherry Soaps! These soaps look and smell good enough to eat! You may have to put out a warning that they aren’t edible! Made with our Cocoa Butter melt and pour soap base, this recipe makes 12 guest soaps that will look adorable sitting on the bathroom counter! This recipe also incorporates some Diamond Clear melt and pour soap that is used for the cherries and the red drizzle. We chose to use real cocoa powder in this recipe, both for some added colorant and natural scent! Plus, our Cherry fragrance oil mixed with the cocoa powder gives a definite scent of chocolate covered cherries!

10 Cocoa Butter Melt and Pour Soap Recipes: Pistachio Melt and Pour Soap Recipe10 Cocoa Butter Melt and Pour Soap Recipes: Pistachio Melt and Pour Soap Recipe

Next up we have our Pistachio Melt and Pour soap Recipe. This innovative soap looks just like the pistachio layered dessert that is so popular at potlucks or get-togethers.  This inspiration behind this bath dessert is our Pistachio Pudding Cake fragrance oil that smells of yummy pistachio nuts, almonds and vanilla with a slight floral background! This melt and pour soap is an easy bath treat to make. We created this yummy soap by using cocoa butter melt and pour for the fluffy topping, the graham cracker crust and the white cool whip middle!  We also used Diamond Clear Melt and Pour for the pistachio pudding and to top it off, we sprinkled dried Orange Peel on top to give it a realistic look of crushed pistachios on top! Using our Basic Square-Mold Market Mold, you will get 3 bars of soap with this recipe!

10 Cocoa Butter Melt and Pour Soap Recipes: Chocolate Raspberry Drizzle Rolled Soap Recipe10 Cocoa Butter Melt and Pour Soap Recipes: Chocolate Raspberry Drizzle Rolled Soap Recipe

This next yummy dessert soap will inspire your inner baker for sure! Our Chocolate Raspberry Drizzle Rolled soap recipe will give you a whole new perspective on what you can create with melt and pour soap! The secret to getting the soap to roll; vegetable glycerin! Just a bit gives melt and pour soap a flexibility that you won’t believe. Not only will this soap be impressive to look at, but you may want to create the real thing when you are done! What inspired this soapy dessert was our Chocolate Raspberry Drizzle fragrance oil. This fragrance smells of chocolate, sweet raspberries and vanilla! Once the whole soap is set up, you can simply slice the soap into individual slices and wrap to give as gifts!

10 Cocoa Butter Melt and Pour Soap Recipes: Christmas Bath Cookies Recipe10 Cocoa Butter Melt and Pour Soap Recipes: Christmas Bath Cookies Recipe

This Christmas Bath Cookies recipe is a unique twist on the bath bomb. The cookie part was created using your usual bath bomb ingredients such as baking soda and citric acid. However, we also included mango butter and cocoa butter to help give your skin some extra softness! Now, most bath bombs don’t have icing on top but ALL Christmas cookies should have icing! This frosting is made using cocoa butter melt and pour soap and whipped soap base! Double luxury! You can top your bath cookie off with some Christmas colored sprinkles to complete the look! Of course, the fragrance oil we chose is our delicious Christmas Cookies fragrance oil. Butter, vanilla and frosting is what your bathroom will smell like! You will get 18 bath cookies with this recipe!

10 Cocoa Butter Melt and Pour Soap Recipes: Swirled Melt and Pour Soap Recipe10 Cocoa Butter Melt and Pour Soap Recipes: Swirled Melt and Pour Soap Recipe

Our next recipe may not look like a dessert, however, it smells like a dessert! This Swirled Melt and Pour soap is very easy to create using a simple loaf mold and white, pink and chocolate swirls that give it a marbled look. We chose to color this soap naturally!  Kaolin clay for the white portion and Rose clay for the pink. For the chocolate swirls, we used organic Cocoa powder. This powder is not only a natural colorant, but it will enhance the scent of the Chocolate Covered Strawberries fragrance oil that we used. This recipe creates two pound of soap. You can slice it up and give as individual gifts.

10 Cocoa Butter Melt and Pour Soap Recipes: Chocolate Dipped Bath Fizzies Recipe10 Cocoa Butter Melt and Pour Soap Recipes: Chocolate Dipped Bath Fizzies Recipe

This next recipe would be a perfect Valentine’s Day treat to make for somebody you love! They look and smell scrumptious enough to eat, however, I wouldn’t suggest it! These Chocolate Dipped Bath Fizzies will leave your skin feeling soft and hydrated. These fizzies are made with your basic bath bomb ingredients such as baking soda and citric acid, but we also created a “chocolate coating” made of cocoa butter melt and pour soap! Sprinkle some sweet little decorating sprinkles on the top for a final touch and you will have some super cute bath treats to help Valentine’s Day end on a sweet note for whoever you love or even for yourself! You have to love yourself too!  The fragrance oil we chose is our uniquely decadent Chocolate Lovers Type that smells amazingly chocolaty with a background of citrus and vanilla! We also used our Brownie Pops Silicone Soap Mold which makes removing your bath fizzies easy! This recipe will give you 10 fizzies!

10 Cocoa Butter Melt and Pour Soap Recipes: Vanilla Sugar Scrub Cubes Recipe10 Cocoa Butter Melt and Pour Soap Recipes: Vanilla Sugar Scrub Cubes Recipe

These little Vanilla sugar scrub cubes look sweet enough to dissolve on your tongue, but they work better in the bathtub! Simple and quick to create, this recipe makes 24 sugar scrub squares that will leave your skin soft and supple. We made these skin treats with Grapeseed, Apricot Kernel, Sesame Seed Oil, cocoa butter melt and pour soap, plus some Vanilla Powder!  These little sugar cubes are perfect for scrubbing away dry skin and they will you smelling yummy! Our fragrance oil is the popular NG Warm Vanilla & Sugar! This is a warm vanilla fragrance with deep musky undertones. Once they are ready to use, store them in a glass jar! You will get 24 little scrubs using Brownie Bites silicone soap mold!

10 Cocoa Butter Melt and Pour Soap Recipes: Beetroot Facial Soap Recipe10 Cocoa Butter Melt and Pour Soap Recipes: Beetroot Facial Soap Recipe

Beet root is amazing for the skin! This pretty pink powder is known for its high levels of nutrients such as beta carotene, vitamin B5, vitamin B1, vitamin C. It is a perfect addition to any face soap! As a side note,  the pink color that beet root gives to our cocoa butter melt and pour soap base will eventually oxidize and turn a brownish color. That is why we have incorporated some citric acid and some Tomato Red FUN soap colorant to help keep this Beetroot Facial Soap looking pretty in pink for quite a while! This recipe makes 2 6 oz. facial bars. This soap would be a wonderful addition to a spa gift basket using some of our other recipes that have been created using beet root powder! We have an Emulsified Beet Sugar Scrub, a Black Cherry Bomb bath bomb and even some Rose Violet Bath Melts that would make perfect gift basket goodies!


10 Cocoa Butter Melt and Pour Soap Recipes: Macaroon Melt and Pour Soap Recipe10 Cocoa Butter Melt and Pour Soap Recipes: Macaroon Melt and Pour Soap Recipe

These Macaroon melt and pour soaps look adorable in their bright, neon colors! Kids will love these little soaps at bath time and it’s a perfect way to get them into the bath tub! The “outside” of the cookies are made with our cocoa butter melt and pour soap. The “creamy filling” is actually our whipped soap base! This recipe makes 6 soaps that smell of our Almond Macaroon fragrance oil. The scent of orange, coconut, almond and vanilla will have the little ones smelling sweet and clean for bedtime!


10 Cocoa Butter Melt and Pour Soap Recipes: Soap Frosting Recipe10 Cocoa Butter Melt and Pour Soap Recipes: Soap Frosting Recipe

Anytime you need a quick topping to any of your soap desserts, whether they are melt and pour soaps or cold process soaps, our Soap Frosting Recipe is a perfect go-to topping! It’s quick and easy to make! Simply whip together our whipped soap base with melted cocoa butter melt and pour soap and there you go! It will come out light and fluffy, just like the real thing!  While our recipe uses our Buttercream fragrance oil, you can scent yours to match your bath dessert. You can also add any colorant that you desire to make your soap pop with color! One more thing!  If your fragrance oil is known to turn soap brown in color, you can add some Vanilla White color stabilizer to help keep the color true. This recipe will make enough frosting to top 8 large soap cupcakes!

10 Cocoa Butter Melt and Pour Soap Recipes: More Cocoa Butter Ideas

We hope you enjoyed these 10 cocoa butter melt and pour soap recipes! Whether you are a newbie looking to create some fun gifts for friends and family, or a seasoned soaper who is just looking for some inspiration, Nature’s Garden has you covered! Natures Garden also carries a golden natural cocoa butter and a deodorized cocoa butter.  You can incorporate cocoa butter into recipes like lip balm and cold process soap.  It really is a versatile cosmetic ingredient. Nature’s Garden also offers soap classes to help you familiarize yourself with all the ingredients that we use in our recipes.  While Natures Garden sells cocoa butter for cosmetic use only, food grade cocoa butter can even be used in baking. Here is an example, a vegan chocolate recipe.

Have you made some cool new projects using any Nature’s Garden products lately? We would love to see them! In fact, we love to see and hear from any or all of our customers! You can find us on our Facebook page, Twitter (@ngscents) or on Instagram (@ngscents). Show us (and all of our followers) what you have been creating! We will also share it for others to see too!


Chocolate Lovers Type Fragrance

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Chocolate Lovers Type FragranceChocolate Lovers Type Fragrance – Fragrance Oil Spotlight

Ah love is in the air! With Valentines Day right around the corner how could it not be? It’s officially the time of year for romance, intimacy, and best of all chocolate! Natures Garden’s Chocolate Lovers Type Fragrance Oil is the perfect scent for this holiday that is as sugary sweet as your sweetheart.

What Does Chocolate Lovers Type Fragrance Oil Smell Like?

This fragrance oil by Natures Garden is a fusion of lemon, orange, bergamot and mandarin, lily of the valley and coriander emerged with unmistakable notes of sweet chocolate, along with warm vanilla and musk.

Top Notes: bergamot, orange, lemon, mandarin
Mid Notes:  lily of the valley, honeysuckle, coriander
Base Notes:  chocolate, vanilla, musk, cashmere woods

How Do Our Customers Use Chocolate Lovers Type Fragrance Oil?

Various homemade products can be made using this scrumptious scent, including perfumes, lotions, and cleaners. Perfumes will perform perfectly when using this chocolate fragrance. Both perfumes and lotions can use a maximum of 5%. Cleaning products made with this chocolate scent can use no more than 4.3% of fragrance.

Homemade candles and room scents can be created using this romantic fragrance. Incense, potpourri, and reed diffusers are all room scents that can use up to 50% of this fragrance oil. Also, aroma beads will have a nice, strong performance with this scent. Lovely hand crafted candles containing vegetable waxes or paraffin wax can be made using up to 10% of this fragrance. Soy waxjoy wax, and wow wax have all been found to perform perfectly with this scent. Further, it is nice and strong in soy wax. We recommend that you use five drops of brown liquid candle dye per four pounds of wax. Alternatively, you could shred a small amount of brown color block into the melted candle wax. Please note that crayons are not a viable substitute for a candle colorant as they will clog your wick.

Fabulous bath and body products can be created with Chocolate Lovers Type Fragrance Oil. Bath gels and bath oils will perform well with a fragrance concentration of 5% or less. Homemade soap crafters can use this scent in a variety of products, such as melt and pour soap or cold process soap. Regardless, the fragrance concentration we recommend for any soap recipe should be no more than 5%. Our cold process soap testing results show that Natures Garden’s Chocolate Lovers Type scent worked very well! Adding the fragrance to our soap recipe resulted in no ricing, no acceleration, and no separation. The bar will have a good scent retention and discolor to a milk chocolate hue. This discoloration is partially due to a vanillin content of 8.75% and will likely be counteracted by adding our Vanilla White Color Stabilizer. However, there are more than forty ingredients used in fragrance manufacturing that may contribute to discoloration of products as well. So, the bar may not become entirely white after adding the stabilizer, but it should still produce a lighter color in the bar. For coloring we recommend using brown soap colorant in the amount that satisfies you.  Never use candle dye in any body products.


Are you looking for a fun way to incorporate this chocolate scent into your homemade crafts? Why not try our Chocolate Dipped Bath Fizzies Recipe!  This is a recipe any chocolate lover is sure to appreciate.


Valentines Day Recipes

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Valentines-Day-RecipesValentines Day Recipes

Hello everybody! Do you have any plans for the most romantic day of the year? Yes, I’m talking about Valentine’s Day! Do you have an amazing night planned out with your significant other? Maybe you’ll spend just watching romantic love story movies together or perhaps you’ll spend it all dressed up at a cozy restaurant having a wonderful dinner. Whatever your plans are, make sure you have the perfect gift for your significant other to show them just how much you care! Here at Nature’s Garden we offer many wonderful free recipes, and here are free Valentines Day recipes that are perfect for the most romantic day of the year!


`Mulberry Love

Mulberry Love Air Freshener– A great room scenting idea for the holiday.



Rose Lotion


Rose Lotion– Scented in everyone’s favorite Valentine flower.




Pink Camo Candle


Pink Camouflage Candle– This granulated candle is the perfect gift for any girl.



Lip Scrub


Natural Sugar Lip Scrub-  This one is sure to leave their lips soft and kissable.



Valentines Bouquet


Valentine’s Day Bouquet-  The perfect long lasting bouquet.



Raspberry Zinger Bath Fizzies


Raspberry Zinger Bath Fizzies- A uniquely shaped bath fizzy, perfect for a nice relaxing soak in the tub.



Scented Shoes


Scented Shoes-  What woman doesn’t love shoes?!?!  You couldn’t possible go wrong with this one.



Edible Massage Bar


Sexy Edible Massage Bars- Flavored massage bars that will leave your skin feeling moisturized.


Vanilla Rose Scrub


Vanilla Rose Sugar Scrub-  This one is scented with the perfect combination of rose and vanilla.


Valentines Candles


Valentine’s Day Candle-  Even the kids can help with this fun granulated candle recipe.


Glamour Girl Lotion


Glamour Girl Lotion-  Any glam gal will adore this lotion recipe that leaves your skin feeling silky smooth,


Rose Violet Bath Melt


Rose Violet Bath Melts-  Rose and violet is a fabulous combination in these Valentines Day Bath Melts.


Pink Salt Bath Bomb


Pink Salt Bath Bomb-  A pretty in pink bath bomb, using our Himalayan pnk salt.


Hearts a Flutter Soap


Hearts a Flutter Soap-  This soap recipe will make anyone’s heart skip a beat.



Silky Shimmering Powder


Silky Shimmering Body Powder-  Silky and shimmery that just says it all.  It’s absolutely amazing.


Wine Soap


Wine Soap-  A cold process soap recipe using wine.


Heart Soaps


Heart Soaps with Love- A perfect heart shaped soap gift.


Rose Milk Bath


Rose Milk Bath-  Rejuvenate your skin with a milk bath.


Chunky Lip Balm


Chunky Lip Balm-  A unique chunky lip balm recipe.


Passion Massage Oil


Passion Massage Oil- This recipe shows you how to incorporate herbs into your body products.


Solid Glitter Perfume


Solid Glittered Perfume- We are obsessed with this perfume recipe.


Gourmet Chocolate Melts


Gourmet Chocolate Bath Melts- Let the aroma of chocolate leave your skin soft and silky.


Valentines Rocks


Valentine’s Day Scented Rocks-  An awesome room scenting idea for Valentine’s Day.


Embedded Heart Lip Balm


Embedded Heart Lip Balm-  A gift any girl young or old is sure to appreciate.


Solid Sugar Scrub


Solid Sugar Scrub-  An adorable heart shaped solid sugar scrub recipe.


Wine Gel Candle


Wine Gel Wax Candle- A White Zinfandel Wine scented gel wax candle.


Flavored Massage Oil


Flavored Massage Oil- A massage oil recipe flavored with our guava flavoring.


Valentines Cupcake Candle


Valentines Day Cupcake Candle-  A frosted cinnamon scented cupcake candle.



I’m sure that whatever your plans are for you and your significant other, it will be perfect no matter what. Just being together for this romantic day of the year is what counts most. All of these wonderful valentines day recipes are sure to be a wonderful gift to show your loved one just how much you care on Valentine’s Day! Hopefully this year will top all of your past ones! But you can always make sure to check out all the rest of our other amazing free recipes and classes as well! Please don’t hesitate to contact us here at Nature’s Garden with any thoughts, concerns or questions and keep watching for more Enlightened by Layla!

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Epsom Salt

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epsom saltEpsom Salt

Hey everyone! Are you adventurous? Do you love to experiment with different ingredients for your products? Or are you an experienced crafter? Have you used Epsom salts? Do you like to? Epsom salt has many many benefits for many different products and industries! It is great for bath and body products, hair care, skin care, gardening, and cleaning products. It also has many medicinal purposes! This awesome product is something you just have to try! Fun fact! Did you know that besides all of those wonderful purposes, it can also even be used in processing beer? It promotes a desired flavor profile by adjusting the ion content of the brewing water and enhancing the enzyme action!

Epsom salt, or also known as magnesium sulfate or epsomite, is a naturally occurring mineral made of magnesium, sulfur, and oxygen. While it is naturally occurring, it can also be made by neutralizing sulfuric acid with oxide or magnesium carbonate. Epsom salt can be used for many cleaning purposes. It can be mixed with liquid dish detergent and used to clean bathroom tiles. When sprinkled near entry ways, it helps to prevent slugs and burned food can be removed from pots and pans when they are scrubbed with Epsom salt. It also helps to break up detergent build up in washing machines when mixed with water.

There are many bath and body products that can use Epsom salts as well. As a bath salt, it helps to soothe muscles and relieve stress. Do you suffer from dry lips? Epsom salt can help by removing the dead and dry skin and making the lips look healthier and fuller. It has many anti-inflammatory problems as well. Athletes use it in ice baths to help with inflammation. Epsom salt has many skin benefits as well. It is a great exfoliator, helps to smooth rough patches, and it prevents wrinkles. It is also a great treatment for sun burns, acne, and blackheads. It also can give the hair more volume!

Ready for many of the fantastic medicinal benefits? Epsom salt is very rich in magnesium which regulates enzymes, boosts moods, controls energy production, and it eliminates toxins from the body. It is also rich in sulfates which help to form joint proteins, brain tissue, and proteins that line the walls of the digestive tract. Epsom salt can help to protect the heart by lowering blood pressure, preventing arteries from hardening, reducing blood clots, improving circulation, and reducing irregular heartbeats. Splinters can even be removed from the body using Epsom salt! For pregnant women, it helps to treat preterm labor, edema, and pre-eclampsia. Celebrity trainers even recommend it for celebrities to lose weight faster! But please don’t take this blog as medical advice, we only sell epsom salt for external purposes! Always check with a doctor before using anything in place of medical treatment!

These are just a few of the many ways to use Epsom salt! Check out our free Epsom salt class to learn about many more! The easiest way to find this awesome product on our site is by typing “Epsom salt” into the search bar. That will take you directly to a page that offers our Epsom salt, bulk Epsom salt, and the free class! We also offer some great free recipes made with Epsom salt like our Refreshing Foot Soak, our Monster Bath Cookies, or even our Snake in the Grass bath fizzie! Please contact us with any concerns or questions you have, and watch out for more Enlightened by Layla!

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