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Goat Milk Soap Recipes

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Goat's Milk Soap RecipesGoat Milk Soap Recipes

Goat’s milk soap is one of Natures Garden most popular soap bases. Like many of our other soap bases, the goat milk soap base is SLS free, without any added detergents, and gluten free.  Below, you will find our favorite goat milk soap recipes.  These are recipe loves by both soaping veterans and those just starting out!

Goat Milk Soap Recipes Solid Sugar Scrub RecipeGoat Milk Soap Recipes Solid Sugar Scrub Recipe

First, Natures Garden has a fabulous recipe the provides exfoliation for your skin. Also, it makes thirty solid sugar scrubs. Made with only four ingredients including Goat’s Milk Melt and Pour Soap, olive oil, and FUN soap colorants. Finally, Natures Garden scented this homemade recipe with Victorian Rose Fragrance Oil, which is a wonderful blend of fresh cut roses with base notes of white musk and amber. A perfect aroma for your homemade recipe!


Goat Milk Soap Recipes Valentine's Day Bouquet RecipeGoat Milk Soap Recipes Valentine’s Day Bouquet Recipe

A super clever recipe from Natures Garden for Valentine’s Day. An assortment of soaps and aroma bead ornaments on sticks. Natures Garden scented this assortment with Angel Love Fragrance Oil, Dare to be Sexy Fragrance Oil, and Fresh Cut Roses Fragrance Oil. A perfect mixture of fragrance oils. However, you can always add your own twist to the recipe by varying the colors and scents.


Goat Milk Soap Recipes Coconut Lime Verbana Soap Bowl RecipeGoat Milk Soap Recipes Coconut Lime Verbana Soap Recipe

Next, we have a recipe you have probably never seen anywhere else. Coconut Lime Verbena Soap Recipe will make about two coconut lime verbana scented soap bowls. These coconut scented soap dishes are colored with Natures Garden FUN soap colorants. They are perfect for guest bathrooms as the soap squares are perfect for single uses.



Goat Milk Soap Recipes Coffee Melt and Pour Soap RecipeGoat Milk Soap Recipes Coffee Melt and Pour Soap Recipe

Now, for all you coffee lovers, Natures Garden has an awesome Coffee Melt and Pour Soap Recipe! Scented with Natures Garden Fresh Brewed Coffee World’s Best Fragrance Oil, you will have a coffee scented homemade soap. Not only will your skin smell like coffee, but it uses real coffee ground to exfoliate and refresh your skin.



Goat Milk Soap Recipes Heart Soaps with Love Message RecipeGoat Milk Soap Recipes Heart Soaps with Love Message Recipe

Another great recipe from Natures Garden is for Valentines Day. The best part of this homemade soap recipe is we found a way to creatively put a laminated love message. Scented with Passionate Kisses Fragrance Oil, this heart shaped soap will leave your skin with a wonderful aroma of blackberry, raspberry, and fresh strawberries. Followed by mid notes of coconut milk and freshly picked roses. Ending in bottom notes of amber musk and Egyptian vanilla. A perfect fragrance oil for homemade soap!

Goat Milk Soap Recipes Floating Noah's Ark Soap RecipeGoat Milk Soap Recipes Floating Noah’s Ark Soap Recipe

If you are looking for an inspiring soap recipe, Natures Garden has just what you are looking for. This homemade recipe makes about two Noah’ Ark soaps. Also, this is a super colorful soap recipe that uses Natures Garden FUN soap colors. Not only does this soap float in the bath tub, it scented with God’s Love Fragrance Oil. This kid approved floating goat milk soap recipe is sure to have your kids begging to take a bath!


Goat Milk Soap Recipes Watermelon Soap Recipe Goat Milk Soap Recipes Watermelon Soap Recipe

Next, the perfect homemade summer soap recipe. These watermelon soaps look good enough to eat! Watermelon Soap Recipe uses our round loaf mold to create true to life watermelon slice soap. Scented with Pink Watermelon Fragrance Oil, will leave behind an aroma of fresh and crisp watermelon. This goat milk soap recipe by Natures Garden is smell and look amazing!


Goat Milk Soap Recipes Chocolate Orchid Melt and Pour RecipeGoat Milk Soap Recipes Chocolate Orchid Melt and Pour Soap Recipe

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Here is a great chocolate scented homemade soap recipe. Scented with Chocolate Orchid Fragrance Oil from Natures Garden. Also colored with FUN soap colorants ultramarine violet and brown oxide. This soap loaf contains chocolate swirl embeds for a fun detail in this chocolate goat milk soap recipe!



Goat Milk Soap Recipes Soap Frosting RecipeGoat Milk Soap Recipes Soap Frosting Recipe

Next, is another super cute and easy homemade goat milk soap recipe from Natures Garden. This simple whipped soap recipe will show you how to make melt and pour soap frosting. This wonderful soap cupcake is scented in the wonderful buttery and vanilla aroma of Buttercream Fragrance Oil.  Now, let your imagination soar when choosing your FUN soap colorants to add to your homemade soap.  Lastly, don’t forget to add your sprinkles on top!


Goat Milk Soap Recipes Cinnanut Coffee Soap RecipeGoat Milk Soap Recipes Cinnanut Coffee Soap Recipe

Now, a three layered homemade soap recipe that will fill your bathroom with the wonderful aroma of coffee. Scented with Natures Garden Cinnanut Columbian Cafe Fragrance Oil, this soap is perfect for the coffee lovers in your life. In addition, it is made with Goat’s Milk and Diamond Clear Melt and Pour Soap, whipped soap base, and vegetable glycerin. Also, this homemade recipe is colored with Natures Garden FUN soap brown oxide and black oxide colorants.

Goat Milk Soap Recipes Lemon Meringue Pie Soap RecipeGoat Milk Soap Recipes Lemon Meringue Pie Soap Recipe

Next, a lemon pie soap using the lemon lime mold from flexiblemolds.com. This fun handcrafted soap uses the Imagine Base to create the fluffy meringue portion of this soap. In addition, it is scented with none other than Natures Garden Lemon Meringue Pie Fragrance Oil. Another goat milk soap recipe that is as easy as pie!



Goat Milk Soap Recipes Snowball Soap RecipeGoat Milk Soap Recipes Snowball Soap Recipe

Now, just in time for the winter months, Natures Garden Snowball Soap Recipe is wonderful! This homemade soap is made with an amazing essential oil blend of Lavandin essential oil and Peppermint essential oil. Also, this recipe makes is topped with our whipped soap base for a snow effect. Then, it’s glittered and topped with snowflakes for a beautiful glistening snowflake look. This wonderful soap will keep your skin feeling soft and keep it moisturized during those cold winter days.

Goat Milk Soap Recipes Raspberry Zinger Bath Fizzies RecipeGoat Milk Soap Recipes Raspberry Zinger Bath Fizzies Recipe

Everyone loves bath fizzies! This wonderful aroma of Raspberry Zinger Fragrance Oil from Natures Garden will fill your bath water with notes of; sweet raspberry and toasted coconut. And middle notes of buttercream frosting. Followed by bottom notes of freshly baked yellow sponge cake. In addition, this bath bomb recipe will show you how to make a rolled bath bomb.  Then, slice the Raspberry Zinger Bath Fizzies to make nine bath bomb. Plenty enough to share, if you choose to!

Goat Milk Soap Recipes Dracula's Dentures RecipeGoat Milk Soap Recipes Dracula’s Dentures Recipe

Then, we have a fun homemade soap recipe for all ages that is perfect for Halloween. Our Dracula’s Dentures recipe makes about four denture cups and uses Natures Garden’s Vampire Teeth Mold. While using this homemade soap recipe, you will get an aroma of fruits of nectar and exotic florals, blended with sweet vanilla and honey. Lunar Eclipse Fragrance Oil is the best fragrance oil for all types of soap. This unique recipe is perfect for Halloween or any time of year as a fun craft to do with the kids!

Goat Milk Soap Recipes Cold Fashioned Lemonade Soap RecipeGoat Milk Soap Recipes Cold Fashioned Lemonade Soap Recipe

Next, we have a fragrance fun recipe from Natures Garden’s own, Bailey. Bailey created this lemonade cold process soap with goat’s milk melt and pour soap ice cube embeds. This summer fun homemade soap recipe is scented with our Lemon Sugar Fragrance Oil. This lemon scent has been a long time favorite among cp soap makers.



Goat Milk Soap Recipes Psychedelic Suds Soap RecipeGoat Milk Soap Recipes Psychedelic Suds Soap Recipe

Now, look how colorful this awesome homemade melt and pour soap is! Of course colored with many of Natures Garden FUN Soap Colorants including neon pink, neon green, neon yellow, neon blue, and neon orange colorant. In addition, we used diamond clear melt and pour soap for the base to give it the see through appearance. Finally, we with goat milk melt and pour soap topped it with layers of neon colors for a psychedelic look. Natures Garden scented this homemade soap recipe with Aloha Fragrance Oil to give off the aroma of tropical delight that combines sweet coconut and juicy island fruits with exotic, and delightfully fragrant native flora of tiare and plumeria flowers. Perfect fragrance oil for your homemade soap.

Goat Milk Soap Recipes Peppermint Fluff Soap RecipeGoat Milk Soap Recipes Peppermint Fluff Soap Recipe

Our next goats milk soap recipe from Natures Garden uses a fun swirled embed scented with a strong and sweet vanilla peppermint aroma. This recipe will make about one full heaped loaf. Made with goat milk melt and pour soap as the base and whipped soap base on top. Scented with Peppermint Fluff Fragrance Oil, it will leave your skin with a cool and refreshing aroma!

Goat Milk Soap Recipes Floating Ducky Melt and Pour Soap RecipeGoat Milk Soap Recipes Floating Ducky Melt and Pour Soap Recipe

Now, look how cute! A super fun and easy homemade soap recipe that actually floats in the bath tub! This rubber ducky soap is perfect for a baby shower favor or even just for your little one’s bath time. We have scented this melt and pour soap recipe with Baby Clean Fragrance Oil. With the addition of whipped soap base to help this soap float, this recipe is just what you have been looking for! You can even get creative and make multiple different scented ducky soaps. Maybe use our Baby Powder fragrance oil, new born baby Fragrance Oil, or Bed Time Baby Fragrance Oil.

Goat Milk Soap Recipes 4 Leaf Clover Layered Soap RecipeGoat Milk Soap Recipes 4 Leaf Clover Layered Soap Recipe

Next, a great homemade soap recipe for St. Patty’s Day. This mp soap recipe will show you how to make 4 leaf clover layered soap. Natures Garden went green with this one using all of our green FUN Soap Colorants including neon green, lime green, kelly green, and teal soap colorant to make the layers for this homemade soap recipe. In addition, we scented the clover soap with 4 Leaf Clover Fragrance Oil. This is a wonderful aroma with a floral ozony blend of clover, green grass, with hints of fresh cut wisteria. This is a quick and festive Saint Patrick’s Day soap projects that even the kids can help with.

Goat Milk Soap Recipes Carrot Cupcake Soap RecipeGoat Milk Soap Recipes Carrot Cupcake Soap Recipe

If you are intrigued by the aroma of our Carrot Cupcake Fragrance Oil that contains juicy bursts of citrus spiced with clove, nutmeg, carrot, cinnamon and bay leaf and comforting vanilla extract, Natures Garden has a great homemade soap recipe for you. This soap cupcake recipe can be made as either large cupcakes or even in a mini cupcake version. These carrot scented creations are a real treat and they are easy to make! Using pumpkin pie spice blend powder to top off the handmade soap frosting, it’s sure to be a sweet and spicy treat for your body without the added calories!

Cinnabun Melt and Pour Soap RecipeGoat Milk Soap Recipes Cinnabun Melt and Pour Soap Recipe

Next, we have our Cinnabun Melt and Pour Soap Recipe.  It uses embeds throughout the soap and is topped with rolled soap to look just like cinnamon buns.  This goat’s milk mp soap uses our Cinnabun Type Fragrance Oil, which if you haven’t tried this scent, you’re missing out.  It has all of the amazing spice of cinnamon along with the warm vanilla icing topping, then, it’s baked to perfection with a warm buttery dough.


Goat Milk Soap Recipes Fresh Fallen Leaves Soap RecipeGoat Milk Soap Recipes Fresh Fallen Leaves Soap Recipe

Finally, Natures Garden has a wonderful homemade fall soap recipe created by our very own, Melissa! The mp soap recipe will show you how to make Fresh Fallen Leaves scented soap. Also, the little leaves on top of the soap are made with a dime size leaf mold from flexible molds. This tree inspired soap loaf made with both diamond clear and goat’s milk melt and pour soap. This must have for your autumn bath and body product line.

Don’t be shy! Show us your finished handcrafted soap you made with Natures Garden products! We would love to see them and see what tweaks you made to make it your own. Show us your creations on our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram @ngscents. We hope you have fun making these homemade soaps your very own!


20 Lavender Recipes

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14 Lavender Recipes20 Lavender Recipes

Since lavender is so widely loved, we at Natures Garden decided to share 20 lavender recipes! Not only is the scent of lavender flowers loved, but the properties this herb has for the skin is appreciated, as well. Lavender flowers have been said to reduce acne, treat eczema, detox your skin, heal burns, soothe aching muscles and much more! So, it is no wonder why the natural dried flowers and oil are so beloved.

14 Lavender Recipes Lavender Cold Process Soap Recipe20 Lavender Recipes Lavender Cold Process Soap Recipe

This lavender soap bar is an all around great recipe! First, this cp soap recipe has quality oils and butters to create a perfect bar for your skin. Also, this soap includes the elegant and unique Lavender Martini Fragrance Oil.  Further, this soap is gorgeous! Not only does this lavender bar have a lovely purple on purple swirl, but the white topping is perfect. This bar is topped with both fluffy, white, whipped soap and real whole lavender flowers!

14 Lavender Recipes Lavender Sage Bath Bomb Recipe20 Lavender Recipes Lavender Sage Bath Bomb Recipe

Next, we have a bath bomb recipe that is fully loaded with this relaxing herb. Not only is this bath product full of whole lavender flowers, but this wonderful recipe contains lavender powder, too. Plus, this bath bomb uses our unique and herbal Lavender Sage Fragrance Oil. Furthermore, this recipe uses some oils that are great for your skin. So, this bath creation is fizzy, fun, and will help you create the perfect bath!

20 Lavender Recipes  Clamshell Bath Melts Recipe20 Lavender Recipes Clamshell Bath Melts Recipe

Now, check out a relaxing bath product that expertly includes both lavender flowers and the refreshing Kismet Fragrance Oil. These bath melts are absolutely perfect for enhancing your bath experience as this scent is a calming aroma that will embrace your heart and soul. Not only will this calming scent relax you, but there are skin loving ingredients that will perfectly pamper you. So, these herbal bath melts are absolutely perfect!


20 Lavender Recipes Fizzy Milk Bath Recipe20 Lavender Recipes Fizzy Milk Bath Recipe

Another amazing lavender diy bath recipe is our Fizzy Milk Bath Recipe. This fun fizzing product is another perfect option for the bath as it has a few beneficial properties. First, this product will soothe tired muscles and leave you feeling refreshed. Also, this lovely bath fizzy has the sweet and fruity aroma of our NG Baby Bee Buttermilk Type Fragrance Oil. So, this recipe is the perfect way for you to unwind your body and mind after a long day.

20 Lavender Recipes Lemon Lavender Bath Melts Recipe20 Lavender Recipes Lemon Lavender Bath Melts Recipe

Also, you can check out a different lavender bath melt that is good for your skin. The Lemon Lavender Bath Melts Recipe is another wonderful bath product that will both relax you and nourish your body. The butters and oils combined with the lemon peel powder will perfectly care for your skin. Plus, the bright, complex aroma of Lemon Lavender Type Fragrance Oil is perfect for calming your mind. So, this is a great product for setting your bath time mood!

20 Lavender Recipes Lavender Apple Sugar Scrub Recipe20 Lavender Recipes Lavender Apple Sugar Scrub Recipe

Next, we have a lovely scrub that includes whole lavender flowers! Plus, our Lavender Apple Sugar Scrub Recipe includes a plethora of luxurious butters and oils that will moisturize and indulge your skin. You won’t have to worry about any more dry skin because this skin care product is flawless. Plus, this sugar scrub uses the fresh aroma of the Lavender Apple Fragrance Oil, which blends perfectly with the real aroma of fresh lavender flowers. Overall, this blend creates a perfect body scrub that will rejuvenate your skin and leave smelling wonderful.

20 Lavender Recipes Stinky Feet Foot Powder Recipe20 Lavender Recipes Stinky Feet Foot Powder Recipe

Next, check out our amazing Stinky Feet Foot Powder Recipe. This recipe uses essential oils and herbs to create a product that is perfect for eliminating foot odor! Not only does this foot powder cover the undesirable scent of feet, but it helps eliminate fungus and other issues that could be causing particularly bad aromas. For example, the lavender flowers powder has some antibacterial power. Also, the Tea Tree Essential Oil has anti-fungal properties. So, these and a few other powerful ingredients are the perfect match for stinky feet!

20 Lavender Recipes White Chocolate Lavender Lip Balm Recipe20 Lavender Recipes White Chocolate Lavender Lip Balm Recipe

Further, you can experience the benefits of lavender in lip balm! Our White Chocolate Lavender Lip Balm Recipe uses real, natural ingredients that are all great for your skin. Plus, this lip balm smells amazing! This all natural lip balm uses white chocolate and lavender oil to both add flavor and nourish the lips. Further, this product uses luscious butters and oils to deepen the moisturizing ability. So, you end up with a lip product that tastes fantastic and rejuvenates chapped lips.


20 Lavender Recipes Sunburn Relief Bath Tea Recipe20 Lavender Recipes Sunburn Relief Bath Tea Recipe

After a long day of being outdoors, you may end up with a sunburn. Luckily, we have the perfect, all natural recipe for you! Our Sunburn Relief Bath Tea Recipe uses a variety of herbs and other natural ingredients that are perfect for reducing pain and promoting healing. First, we included the Lavender Essential Oil, as it has been said to reduce the burning sensation of sunburns. Also, we included a variety of lovely herbs, such as calendula flowers powder and aloe vera leaf powder, that each provide different qualities that will either reduce sunburn pain or promote healing. Plus, we included Vitamin E to promote healing in the skin. So, using this herbal recipe to soak is a great way to get rid of sunburn fast!

20 Lavender Recipes Lavender Luxury Cold Process Soap Recipe20 Lavender Recipes Lavender Luxury Cold Process Soap Recipe

Our Lavender Luxury Cold Process Soap Recipe is a cold process soap recipe that lives up to its name! This handmade soap loaf is luxurious in every way from its appearance to the butters and oils. First, these gorgeous soap bars use a pretty purple and white in-the-pot swirl! Plus, this soap utilizes the cool, herbal scent of our Lavender Luxury Fragrance Oil! This adds a unique and lovely aroma to this bar that heightens its beauty. Also, the soaps are topped with real rose petals and whole lavender flowers! Together this creates beautiful bars of soap. Not only are these soaps lovely, but they work wonderfully, too. This bar includes a variety of conditioning butters and oils that nourish the skin. So, your skin will be softened and refreshed as you are cleaning away any grime.

20 Lavender Recipes Relaxing Eye Pillows Recipe20 Lavender Recipes Relaxing Eye Pillows Recipe

Eye masks are a great tool for relaxation, as they help to block out the outside world. This allows you to focus on yourself and gives you a chance to remove some of the day to day stresses. But, our Relaxing Eye Pillows Recipe adds some aromatherapy to this rejuvenating experience. Not only does this eye mask includes the relaxing aroma of the Aromatherapy Relaxation Fragrance Oil, but this product uses whole lavender flowers and chamomile flowers. This combination of natural ingredients, which are known for their relaxing properties, is perfect for creating an atmosphere with worries or stress.

20 Lavender Recipes Lavender Fizzy Bath Recipe20 Lavender Recipes Lavender Fizzy Bath Recipe

Are you looking for what to put in the bath to relax? If so, then our Lavender Fizzy Bath Recipe may be perfect for you! This fun, fizzy bath product uses a luxurious spa aroma and lovely herbs to create a wonderful bath recipe. First, we have to mention that the Kulu Bay Fragrance Oil! This is an exotic and upscale scent with fresh cranberries followed by the herbal, sun-ripened figs and base notes of basil and palm leaves. It is pure bliss! Plus, the scoopable bath fizzy uses herbs that are known to have some properties that could promote healing or relaxation. So, you will absolutely want to try out this recipe!

20 Lavender Recipes Berry Bewitching Bath Brew Recipe20 Lavender Recipes Berry Bewitching Bath Brew Recipe

Also, you can create the lovely Berry Bewitching Bath Brew Recipe! This bath brew is both a bath melt and a bath tea. Plus, this is the perfect Halloween recipe. This bath product was designed to look just like a spooky tomb stone. Plus, we added the added effect of the melt and pour soap bat. Not only does this recipe look cool, but it has a unique, Halloween aroma! We thought that our Berry Bewitching Brew Fragrance Oil would be the perfect addition with its spooky aroma.

20 Lavender Recipes Sensual Massage Oil Recipe20 Lavender Recipes Sensual Massage Oil Recipe

Another great way to use lavender is the Sensual Massage Oil Recipe! This natural rubbing oil is perfect for home massages. First of all, this product contains all kinds of lovely ingredients, including lavender flowers whole, lavender essential oil, and patchouli essential oil. The real lavender provides benefits to the skin, as well as relieving stress. Not only is patchouli oil considered to be good for dry skin, it is said to be an aphrodisiac for both men and women. So, this sensual massage oil is perfect for getting in the mood and feeling good!

20 Lavender Recipes Soothing Baby Non Petroleum Jelly Recipe20 Lavender Recipes Soothing Baby Non Petroleum Jelly Recipe

Also, you can use real lavender to perfectly create a non petroleum jelly recipe. This natural vaseline alternative uses nourishing butters and oils along with a touch of pure lavender essential oil. So, you can create our Soothing Baby Non Petroleum Jelly Recipe as a more nourishing alternative to this typical product. This body product is designed to help you lock in moisture. Plus, it is entirely natural down to each individual ingredient. So, it’s safe for sensitive skin and perfect for protecting skin!

20 Lavender Recipes Natural Lavender Vanilla Body Powder Recipe20 Lavender Recipes Natural Lavender Vanilla Body Powder Recipe

Now, take a look at our wonderful Natural Lavender Vanilla Body Powder Recipe! While this recipe is fairly simple, it is extra powerful! This sweet body powder recipe uses three simple ingredients, which are arrowroot powder, vanilla powder, and lavender essential Oil. This blend of natural herbs and essential oil creates a gorgeous scent that is very strong. If you have never smelled vanilla powder, it is extremely strong and perfectly true. This is all mixed together and added to a powder shaker bottle. This bottle is perfect for applying the body powder. Ultimately, you end up with a perfect, natural, strong body powder that is long lasting and delicious!

20 Lavender Recipes Patchouli Infused Hair Conditioner Recipe20 Lavender Recipes Patchouli Infused Hair Conditioner Recipe

Not only are lavender essential oils great for bath and body, but the related Lavandin Grosso Essential Oil from Natures Garden has some wonderful properties, too. Since our Patchouli Infused Hair Conditioner Recipe uses this variant of lavender and patchouli, you know that this conditioner is going to be good! lavender essential oil has been known to be exceptional at controlling dandruff, balancing your natural oils, and promoting hair growth. Further, patchouli essential oil has been said to have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that help eliminate the root cause of many dandruff issues and many hair loss problems. Thus, this conditioner is perfect for hair care!


20 Lavender Recipes Lucky Leprechaun Face Mask Recipe20 Lavender Recipes Lucky Leprechaun Face Mask Recipe

Also, lavender essential oil is perfect for skin care! It’s wonderful, natural properties are amazing in our Lucky Leprechaun Face Mask Recipe.  This natural oil has been known to be great for reducing acne, wrinkles, and anti-inflammatory conditions. Not only does this this facial benefit from the lovely properties of lavender, but this recipe has includes many other natural ingredients with great properties. These blended herbs and essential oils work together to clean your skin, clear your complexion, and leave you feeling refreshed.


20 Lavender Recipes Snowball Soap Recipe20 Lavender Recipes Snowball Soap Recipe

While essential oils are often used for their amazing properties, they are great for naturally scenting products, too. The combination of peppermint essential oil and lavandin essential oil smells just like our Jack Frost Fragrance Oil! This crisp, clean aroma is perfect in soap! Plus, our Snowball Soap Recipe is super cute with the embed snowballs using the snowball embed mold from www.flexiblemolds.com and the mica dusted snowflakes on top. Overall, this melt and pour soap recipe is one that you would not want to pass up!

20 Lavender Recipes Natural Baby Powder Recipe20 Lavender Recipes Natural Baby Powder Recipe

Finally, we have our very own Natural Baby Powder Recipe! This recipe uses arrowroot powder along with a couple skin loving herbs! These herbs are the lovely chamomile flowers powder and the soothing lavender flower powder. Plus, this recipe is scented with our delicate and clean Baby Powder Fragrance Oil. So, this powder will smell fresh and true! Furthermore, baby powder isn’t just great for babies! Check out this awesome DIY and Craft blog that discusses “20 Brilliant Uses for Baby Powder You’ve Never Considered“. These ideas apply to quite a few different situations and are pure brilliance!


Natures Garden sells our lavender flowers herbs and lavender essential oils for external applications only.  In the above written blog post, we briefly discussed some of the fabulous benefits of lavender and the some of its uses across various industries.  Nothing in this article is to be construed as medical advice.  Please consult your doctor before using any of this information for treatment purposes.  We provide this data for educational purposes only.


NG Baby Powder Fabuloso Type Fragrance Oil

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NG Baby Powder Fabuloso Type Fragrance Oil NG Baby Powder Fabuloso Type Fragrance Oil – Fragrance Oil Spotlight

NG Baby Powder Fabuloso Type Fragrance Oil is a fresh powder scent by Natures Garden. This aroma is a delicate blend of florals, powder, and a few other notes that creates a perfectly innocent scent.

What Does NG Baby Powder Fabuloso Type Fragrance Oil Smell Like?

In this fragrance oil by Natures Garden, fresh citrus notes unfold to reveal an innocent floral bouquet in this soft floral scent. Blooming lilac, sweet jasmine, wild rose, and fresh lily balance with hints of spice for the fragrance signature. Fresh green accents boost the floralcy while a background of soft sandalwood adds a luxurious touch. Powdery sweet base notes carry the bouquet to a soft finish.

How Do Our Customers Use NG Baby Powder Fabuloso Type Fragrance Oil in Room Scenting Recipes?

Our customers can use this soft floral and powder fragrance oil to make all sorts of homemade creations, including scenting products. Potpourri and incense can both use a maximum of 50% for the formulation of these products. Other home scenting products that can use this fragrance oil are household cleaning products, which can use up to 5% of this scent. Also, aroma beads will retain a nice and strong scent for this fragrance oil.

Further, this fragrance oil can be used in the creation of wax products, such as candles or wax tarts. If these products use either vegetable waxes or paraffin wax, then they can use a maximum of 10% for this fragrance oil. Both Joy Wax and WOW Wax will use this scent perfectly in their products. Additionally, soy wax products that use this fragrance oil will have a nice and strong scent retained overall. If you are wanting to add colorant to your wax creations, then we would recommend using either one drop of blue liquid candle dye per four pounds of wax or shredded blue color blocks to obtain your desired shade of blue. While crayons may make appear to effectively color candles, they will clog candle wicks and be very ineffective.

How Do Our Customers Use NG Baby Powder Fabuloso Type Fragrance Oil in Bath and Body Recipes?

Homemade bath and body products can be created with this sweet and innocent fragrance oil. Bath gels, bath oils, lotions, perfumes, melt and pour soaps, cold process soaps, and many other related bath and body products can include up to 5% of this fragrance oil in their recipes.

Additionally, cold process soap will include this scent very well according to our Cold Process Soap Testing Results. Not only will this scent have a variety of great qualities, but it has a perfect pour for this scent too! A batch that uses this fragrance oil will have no ricing, no acceleration, and no separation. The final products for soap made with this baby fresh scent will retain the fabulous and strong scent and will not have any discoloration after cure. If you wish to add color to you soap or other bath and body creations, then we suggest using blue soap colorant in your preferred amounts to reach the best shade for this scent. Also, make sure to never add candle dyes to these products due to their being unsafe for the body.