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Premature Aging Facial Mask Recipe

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Premature Aging Facial Mask RecipePremature Aging Facial Mask Recipe

We recently have created some new homemade facial mask recipes. We made each of these with a different purpose in mind for the skin. This one in particular that we will be talking about today is for skin that is aging prematurely. Aging happens to all types of skin, in any stage of life, and it could be experienced by both men and women. We at Natures Garden carry a plethora of herbs and powders such as rose hips powder and carrot powder. These herbs have been used in many of the recipes found on the Natures Garden website. Our herbs and powders are highly versatile in cosmetic products, and we wanted to show how they can be utilized in products like face masks, starting with this premature aging facial mask recipe!

Ingredients Found at Natures Garden:

Dead Sea Clay Powder
Rose Hips POWDER
Camu Camu Fruit POWDER
Noni Fruit POWDER
Carrot Powder
VITAMIN E OIL (Tocopherol T-50) Natural
Disposable Pipettes
1 oz. Crystal Clear PET Bullet Bottles
White Ribbed Lids 20/410
4 oz. Clear PET JAR
White Straight Lid Smooth 58/400

Other Ingredients and Equipment You Will Need:

Mixing Bowls
Mixing Spoons

Total Recipe Amounts:

24 grams Rose Hips Powder
24 grams Camu Camu Fruit Powder
224 grams Dead Sea Clay Powder
24 grams Noni Fruit Powder
24 grams Carrot Powder
32 drops Amyris Essential Oil
24 drops Vitamin E Oil
48 grams Vegetable Glycerin

First, you should clean and sanitize your work area and all of your packaging materials. We also suggest that you wear gloves, protective clothing, and a hair net while preparing this recipe.

Why Facial Masks Are GreatWhy Facial Masks Are Great

Exfoliating, moisturizing, and taking care of your skin, in general, is very important and it should be a daily routine. In everyday life and through nearly any activity, your skin will attract all sorts of bacteria. This can, unfortunately, lead to clogged pores, impurities, acne, and toxins entering the skin. One thing that can help with these skin issues is using a facial mask. There are so many different kinds of face masks out there that cater to all types of skin. If you have skin that is on the dryer side, you might enjoy our Pumpkin Face Mask. If you want to remove blackheads, try using our homemade Activated Charcoal Facial Mask. Establishing a daily skincare routine can really improve the health of your skin. If you are washing your face every day and moisturizing the surfaces of your body, it will really help to heal your skin!

Background on the Recipe PowdersBackground on the Recipe Powders

Before we begin, you might like to know a little bit of background information on the five powders we will be using. We carry plenty of herbs and powders at Natures Garden which have many beneficial properties to them. Understanding the certain elements each can bring will help you decide which ones to use in your items. There are also some additional recipes on our website that use these powders.

Dead sea clay powder:Dead sea clay powder:

This comes in grey and green shades. This is a powder that is mined from ancient sea floors, including the Dead Sea. Additionally, this powder is also rich in many nutrients, including calcium, potassium, iron, and aluminum, which nourish the skin. Dead sea clay also exfoliates and removes dead skin cells and any toxins. This was also used in our recipe for mechanics soap.

Rose hips powder:Rose hips powder: 

These come from wild roses. They also contribute to anti aging, brightening and moisturizing the skin, and may help with acne issues. Rose hips have high levels of vitamins A, E, D, and C. Each of these qualities make it an ideal herbal powder to add to cosmetics. Check it out in our foaming rose petal bath bombs recipe!

Camu camu powder:Camu Camu powder:

Camu camu is another powder that contains many vitamins, such as vitamin B1, B2, B3, and C. It also has many essential amino acids and antioxidants. This is a great powder to use in cosmetics for premature aging, dark patches, and scarring. In addition, you can try our blueberry bath bomb or acai berry smoothie sugar scrub!

Noni fruit powder:Noni fruit powder:

This type of powder is great to use in soap and other body products. Noni fruit originates from Tahiti and has actually been named the queen of all health plants. This is because it contains approximately twenty amino acids, along with minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. It is fantastic for health benefits and the health and elasticity of the skin. Some of these properties are shown through our lavender fizzy bath recipe.

Carrot powder:Carrot powder:

This herbal powder is very beneficial to the skin. It helps repair, tone, reduce scars, and it contains many vitamins as well. In addition, it has calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, and phosphorus. A great thing about this powder is that it can naturally color your cosmetic recipes orange. Another recipe we have with carrot powder is a facial mask that you will see from Natures Garden, which helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Weigh Out the Dead Sea ClayWeigh Out the Dead Sea Clay

For the first step, we need to get out a large mixing bowl and our scale for weighing. Each of the powder ingredients need to be measured out to ensure accuracy. First, add 224 grams of the dead sea clay powder to your mixing bowl.

Incorporate the Other PowdersIncorporate the Other Powders

Next, once again, using your scale, weigh out the rest of the powders individually. To the same medium sized bowl, add in the rose hips powder, camu camu powder, noni fruit powder, and the carrot powder. Whichever order you want to add these is up to you, the order really does not matter in this step. Once everything is in the mixing bowl, mix all of it together. You can either use a mixing spoon or your hands for this step. We prefer using our hands so that we are able to break up any clumps in the mixture and to make sure that everything gets evenly dispersed.

Add in the Vitamin E OilAdd in the Vitamin E Oil

Now, you will need to get out a couple of disposable pipettes. First, you can get out the Vitamin E Oil. The version of this oil that Natures Garden carries is called Tocopherol T-50, which is the purest form. Many cosmetic recipes call for at least a small amount of vitamin e oil, this is because vitamin E will help slow oxidation. So, dip one of the disposable pipettes into the bottle and add 24 drops of it to the powder mixture.

Integrate the Amyris Essential OilIntegrate the Amyris Essential Oil

In this next step, you will need to grab another disposable pipette. You will dip it into the bottle of the amyris essential oil and add 32 drops of it into the mixture you have so far. Amyris essential oil originates from Haiti. This is often added to perfumes as a fixative in order to extend the fragrant life of a blend. It provides soothing qualities as well. After this is added, all of the ingredients for the recipe have been added! Give your mixture a final stir and mix the ingredients together with either a spoon or a spatula.

Scoop the Mixture into the JarsScoop the Mixture into the Jars

Once you have given the powder a final mix, the powdered portion of the recipe is completed. Next, grab the four jars along with their lids. You should have four 4 oz. clear jars. Take a spoon, spatula, measuring cup, or whatever you want to use and begin scooping the powder into each of the jars. Finally, once they are full, place a lid on each one.

Make the Vegetable Glycerin BottlesMake the Vegetable Glycerin Bottles

Since your powdered portion is now finished, you can get your 1 oz. clear bullet bottles ready to go. Fill each of these up with 12 grams of the vegetable glycerin. Once you have them all filled up, place a white ribbed lid on each bullet bottle.

Using Your Anti-Aging Facial Mask

When you are ready to go and use your brand new facial mask, you are going to need a small bowl or container. To the bowl, add in one tablespoon of the powder mixture, two tablespoons of regular water, and about 1/2 teaspoon of the vegetable glycerin from the separate bottle. This is the formula for making each face mask from your jars. Use a spoon and mix it all together well until it is smooth. However, depending on if you prefer a thin or a thick facial mask, you would incorporate more or less water to the bowl.

Preservatives in Face Masks

We wanted to mention something that is important to know in cosmetic products. When it comes to making things such as facial masks, they will require a preservative. This is because the product will not last longer than a couple of days without one. It can mold, it will develop bacteria, and other things may develop on it. Preservatives prevent that from happening and allow for a longer shelf life. We want to say that we purposely chose to package the powder portion and the vegetable glycerin separately from one another. For that reason, this facial mask no longer requires a preservative to make it last.

Instead, when you are ready to use them, you will need to create the individual masks by adding in the water and vegetable glycerin. This method allows you to prepare a quicker product to sell to your customers, increases the shelf life, and avoids bacteria from growing. Each of the four ounce jars will give you approximately 8 facial masks. We hope that you enjoyed following along and making our brand new premature aging facial mask recipe!

Powders for Facial Products

Finally, we found a website that we think our customers will find helpful and useful. This website for Fecund Herbals posted a blog about 3 Great Reasons to Use Powdered Facial Products, written by the owner of the company, Katya Herb. We thought this could be a great link to check out for all of you who are interested in make up! She proposes that buying or making powdered make up products as opposed to liquid ones is much better. The great reasons she provides are longevity, the economy, and the flexibility of them. Katya talks about making products without water so that they last longer, getting twice the value by purchasing powders, and being able to mix them with a variety of ingredients depending on your skin, such as honey.

Important Disclaimers

The herbs sold by Natures Garden are for external use only. We do not sell them as food items. (The information we provide is for educational purposes only. None of this is intended to treat, cure, diagnose, or prevent any disease. This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration). Keep all herbs out of reach of children and pets. Additionally, pregnant women or women who are lactating should take special care when handling herbs. Natures Garden does not accept any responsibility (written or implied) for the products you make with our herbs. Testing is the responsibility of the customer.

Natures Garden is not responsible for the performance of any of these recipes that are on our website. Testing is always the responsibility of our customers. If you plan to resell any of the recipes that we provide, it is your responsibility to follow all FDA regulations. We cannot offer advice on where to purchase products and ingredients listed in our recipes that are not sold by Natures Garden. When you use our recipes and/or raw ingredients, you are agreeing to indemnify Natures Garden against any liability of performance, any lack of performance, or any problems that you may encounter with the finished products.


New Essential Oils

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New Essential Oils

New Essential Oils

Natures Garden has added 12 new essential oils to our line.  These new essential oils are 100% pure.  These undiluted essential oils are wonderful for soap makers and candle makers.  You have asked and we have listened.  We have added many essential oils that have been highly requested by our customers.  So, whether you currently use essential oils or are considering adding essential oils to your line, then look no further.  These natural oils are a fabulous way to scent your handcrafted bath and body products.


Amyris Essential OilNew Essential Oils: Amyris Essential Oil

First, we have amyris essential oil.  The botanical name is Amyris balsamifera L and it originates from Haiti.  This essential oil has a woodsy sandalwood type aroma.  The amyris essential oil is steam distilled. Amyris essential oil has antiseptic properties.  It is also said to calm and relax both the body and the mind.  So, how are people using this essential oil?  Well, many find it works well as an insect repellent.  Others find that it has calming properties.


Eucalyptus Lemon Essential OilNew Essential Oils: Eucalyptus Lemon Essential Oil

Next, we have added a eucalyptus lemon essential oil.  This essential oil is the perfect balance of both lemon and eucalyptus.  This is a highly requested blend.  The botanical name for the eucalyptus lemon essential oil is Ocimum basilicum L. This pure essential oil is steam distilled. Lemon eucalyptus essential oil is extracted from the leaves and twigs of the lemon-scented gum eucalyptus plant.  Many use this essential oil to treat muscle spasms and joint pain.


Geranium Essential OilNew Essential Oils: Geranium Essential Oil

Geranium essential oil is another highly requested oil.  Well, now you can get this pure essential oil from Natures Garden.  The botanical name is Pelargonium graveolens. This essential oil has an aroma similar to rose.  The geranium plant is native to Egypt and is steam distilled.  A geranium is a perennial shrub with beautiful pink flowers.  In addition, the geranium has a strong floral aroma.  In fact, many will use geranium as an alternative to the much more expensive rose essential oil.

Coriander Seed Essential OilNew Essential Oils: Coriander Seed Essential Oil

Another new essential oil from Natures Garden is the coriander seed essential oil.  This natural oil is steam distilled and has a botanical name of Coriandrum sativum L. Of course, it has the aroma of coriander.  The coriander seed essential oil is both strong as well as sweet and fresh.  The wonderful aroma of the coriander seed essential oil is what makes coriander so popular in handmade soap recipes.

Black Pepper Essential OilNew Essential Oils: Black Pepper Essential Oil

Additionally, black pepper was probably our most requested essential oil.  What does black pepper essential oil smell like?  It smells exactly like black pepper.  This pure essential oil is also the perfect aroma to blend with other oils.  Black pepper is a wonderful essential oil to mix with other aromas and is fabulous on its own as well.  The botanical name is Piper nigrum L.   Black pepper (super) is steam distilled.  Many have found black pepper essential oil

Ginger Essential OilNew Essential Oils: Ginger Essential Oil

Also, we have added the invigorating and spicy ginger essential oil.  This ginger essential oil smells just like spicy ginger.  This is also another steam distilled essential oil.  It has a botanical name of Zingiber officinale. This is an extremely popular essential oil.  In addition, when used in body products, some find it brings a natural glow back to a dull complexion.

Key Lime Essential OilNew Essential Oils: Key Lime Essential Oil

Key lime essential oil is probably my personal favorite.  It is a strong lime scent.  This one will be perfect on its own or mixed with other essential oils.  In fact, some will mix this essential oil with geranium essential oil.  Our key lime essential oil is cold pressed with a botanical name of Citrus aurantifolia.  This sweet and tart essential oil is often used to help with skin conditions and irritations.

Basil Essential OilNew Essential Oils: Basil Essential Oil

In addition, we have added pure basil essential oil.  The botanical name for basil essential oil is Ocimum basilicum L.
This is a favorite for many of our customers for both soap making and candle making. In fact, this oil would pair perfectly with our ground basil in handmade soap.

Corn Mint Essential OilNew Essential Oils: Cornmint Essential Oil

Next, we have added cornmint essential oil.  Cornmint has a minty aroma.  The botanical name is Mentha arvenis (Lamiaceae). This essential oil is steam distilled.  This pure oil is wonderful in handmade soap and cosmetic recipes.  So, what does cornmint smell like?  Well, it has a sweet mint aroma.  Many use this oil in bath and body recipes to help with sore or tired muscles.


Clementine Essential OilNew Essential Oils: Clementine Essential Oil

Next, clementine essential oil is another pure oil that we have added to our essential oil line.  This pure and natural oil comes from a clementine orange.  This citrus oil is a sweet orange scent that is fresh and inviting.  This cold process essential oil has a botanical name of Citrus reticulata. Citrus essential oils are extremely popular in bath and body products.  Why is it so popular in bath and body recipes?  Well, clementine oil has an aroma that is both uplifting and energizing.


Cilantro Essential OilNew Essential Oils: Cilantro Essential Oil

Now, we have cilantro essential oil which has an aroma that is loved by so many.  The botanical name for this essential oil is Coriandrum sativum L.  It has a coriander aroma and comes from Russia.  One of my favorite scents is a lime cilantro aroma.  In fact, I believe that mixture that would smell amazing in handmade soap or even homemade cleaners.  Yes, the cilantro essential oil comes from the same coriander plant as the coriander seed.  So, what is the difference? Well, the cilantro essential oil actually comes from the leaf portion of the plant.

Lemon Essential OilNew Essential Oils: Lemon Essential Oil

Finally, we have lemon essential oil.  This citrus oil should be a staple in your essential oil line.  In addition, this pure oil would work wonderfully in a handmade soap made with an infusion of lemon peel cut and sifted or lemon peel powder.  The botanical name for this essential oil is Citrus limon (L.) Burm.f.  You can create crisp handmade soap with natural lemon essential oil.


You can find these new essential oils as well as our full line of essential oils here.  Tell us how you have used our essential oils in your handmade products.  Post your product pictures on our social media pages.  You can find use @ngscents on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.  In addition, you can find Natures Garden on Facebook.  We would love to see your handcrafted creations!  So, show us pictures of your handmade soaps, candles, and cosmetics.  Whether you are using essential oils or fragrance oils, we would love to see what you have been up to!


Note: Natures Garden sells our essential oil for external use only. We do not sell them as food items. (The information we provide is for educational purposes only. This information is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease. This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration). Keep all essential oils out of reach of children and pets. Special care should be taken by pregnant and/or lactating women when handling essential oils. Natures Garden accepts no responsibility (written or implied) for any products you make with our essential oils. All testing is the responsibility of the customer.