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Alfalfa Uses

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alfalfa-usesAlfalfa Uses

Hello all you wonderful crafty people out there! I hope you’re all having a fantastic day! Do you have a favorite herb? One that you love to use over and over again in all of your products? Have you ever tried anything with alfalfa? If you haven’t, why not?! I bet you’re only thinking of alfalfa as cattle feed, but it does so much more! It has so many amazing medicinal benefits, skin care benefits, and even hair care benefits! Alfalfa can even be used in many different bath and body products! This is one product that you definitely don’t want to miss out on!

There are many great bath and body products that can include alfalfa. Some common ones are face tonics, lotions, ointments, creams, shampoos and conditioners, bath bombs, bath teas, foot treatments, scrubs, facial masks, massage oils, body wash, soaps, and bath salts. When used in all of these products, alfalfa has many amazing skin care benefits. It is rich in vitamin A and enzymes which both work to keep the skin healthy and glowing. It also helps to detoxify the body and skin and works to draw out any impurities. Alfalfa even helps dry skin, improves the texture and complexion, and reduces stretch marks. There are many benefits for your hair as well. Alfalfa helps to treat and prevent hair loss and baldness, as well and encouraging new hair growth. It also helps to improve blood circulation to your scalp and increases the amount of oxygen intake into your hair. When used in soaps, it brings all these wonderful benefits to your skin, as well as giving the soap a natural green color.

There are many wonderful medicinal benefits to alfalfa uses as well. Did you know that alfalfa can actually help increase milk production for women who are nursing? It also helps to reduce high cholesterol levels, and treats many conditions like diabetes, arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, prostate conditions, and many kidney conditions. It can also treat and protect from urinary tract infections and it works to help to prevent cancer! Herbal physicians in the 19th century even ground alfalfa and used it to treat and soothe insect bites. Alfalfa also works to help the thyroid to work properly, as well as relaxing muscles, and preventing blood poisoning, bleeding, fatigue, anemia, loss of memory and energy, varicose ulcers, and edema. This amazing plant even helps to calm your nervous system and can work as a mild laxative!

Are you wondering how to get your hands on this awesome product as soon as possible? Well, all you have to do is type “alfalfa” into the search bar on our website and it will take you directly to our Alfalfa Leaf Powder page! This is one wonderful product that you do not want to pass up! While you’re there, make sure to check out all of our amazing free classes and recipes as well! You’re sure to love each and every one of them! Please don’t hesitate to contact us here at Nature’s Garden with any thoughts, questions, or concerns you may have! Enjoy this great product and watch out for more Enlightened by Layla!

Nature’s Garden sells alfalfa leaf powder for external use only. We do not sell it as a food item. The information above talks about how great alfalfa is for many industries, however we only sell it for external use. We provide this data for educational purposes only. Nothing in this article is to be construed as medical advice. Please consult your doctor before using this product or any of this information for treatment purposes.

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