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How to Use Aroma Beads

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How to Use Aroma BeadsHow to Use Aroma Beads

We at Natures Garden know all about how to use aroma beads. So, this craft blog would be a great place for you to learn about aroma beads, which are sometimes referred to as sachet beads. We will begin going over all kinds of information for aroma beads, which is perfect if you are wondering what these are or are looking for some recipe ideas. These beads are a simple way to create wonderful room scents and there are a few fun ways to use this product, too. So, try out some fun aroma bead crafts!

How to Use Aroma Beads: What Are Aroma Beads?

Aroma Beads are clear beads made of plastic and are very absorbent. Since these beads are absorbent, they can be used to create some fantastic air fresheners. In fact, aroma beads can absorb up to 30% of the fragrance oil. Since they absorb fragrance, they make wonderful room scents. So, they can either be used on their own to scent your home or they can be added to potpourri to create a lovely room scent blend. 

How to Use Aroma Beads: How Do You Use Aroma Beads?How to Use Aroma Beads: How Do You Use Aroma Beads?

Ultimately, our aroma beads are all used to create all kinds of different aroma bead air fresheners. All you need to make basic diy aroma beads is the aroma beads and the fragrance oils. However, there are so many fun things that you can add to make fantastic air fresheners. So, you can use unique containers, cosmetic colorants, cookie cutters in fun shapes, or many other wonderful ingredients to create your recipes. Many people have used this product as air fresheners in sachets, in smelly jelly jars, in closets, in automobiles, in lockers, in shoes, in vacuum cleaners, in drawers, in air cleaner vents, and so much more.

How to Use Aroma Beads: How Do You Make Aroma Beads?

Aroma bead recipes are fairly simple to create. As long as you know what you are doing, these recipes are low stress and very fun. While there are a few different kinds of recipes that you can choose to create with these beads, there are a few steps that remain the same. First, you will always need to allow your aroma beads to soak in fragrance until everything has been absorbed. Depending on the fragrance you choose and the amount you add, the waiting time can vary. Some may only need to soak over night while others could take up to five days. But, it shouldn’t take more than a week. If you still see leftover oil seven days, then it may be a sign that your beads cannot absorb anymore oil. So, you will want to add a few more beads to absorb the rest of the fragrance oil.

How to Use Aroma Beads: Can I Make an Aroma Bead Candle?How to Use Aroma Beads: Can I Make an Aroma Bead Candle?

Since aroma beads are used to scent the room, they are often thought of being similar to candles. Although they both can use candle making fragrance oils and colorants, a key difference is that aroma beads can’t be used for a hot throw. While it may seem like a good idea to create an aroma bead candle, this will not work as it will melt and burn the plastic. So, you can only have a cold scent throw with this product. So, the product will be best for scenting small areas, like a closet, luggage bag, purse, desk drawer of car air freshener.

How to Use Aroma Beads: How Long Do Aroma Beads Last?

Of course, the most important part of an air freshener is the scent. So, you will want a product that will last as long as possible. Since aroma beads are able to absorb quite a bit of fragrance, they are typically able to outlast other types of air fresheners. However, this can vary depending on the fragrance oil you use. Some fragrances are just naturally stronger than others. So, pick a good candle scent and use the suggested amount and you will have a fantastic room scenting product! You can find some of our strongest candle scents on the Top Candle Scents section of the Natures Garden site.

How to Use Aroma Beads: Can Increase the Scent Throw?

While you can’t create a hot scent throw, there are some things your can do to increase the scent throw of your aroma beads with the same fragrance oil. First, you can increase the air flow circulation of the room. This will help the cold scent throw carry throughout your entire house! Another option that you have to increase the scent is to set your aroma bead ornament in the sun. While you don’t want your aroma bead ornaments to get warm enough to melt, allowing them to get a little warmer will help increase your scent throw a bit. Also, the Organza Air Freshening Beads Recipe in the little pouches are perfect for leaving in the car to get warm and provide a better scent throw.

How to Use Aroma Beads: Simple Aroma Bead Ideas

Now that you know a little bit more about aroma beads, you are ready to get creative and make some fun stuff! While using aroma beads is simple to do, there are lots of different ways that you can use them. So, they’re both simple to make and fun to use. If you are interested in ideas for aroma beads, then we would like to share some of our free craft recipes with you.

How to Use Aroma Beads: Organza Air Freshening Beads RecipeHow to Use Aroma Beads: Organza Air Freshening Beads Recipe

Another easy way to create great air fresheners is the Organza Air Freshening Beads Recipe. All you need to do is let your beads set in one of your favorite fragrance oils until the aroma beads absorb the scent. Then, transfer your beads into a little bag you are ready to use! Personally, I love these as car air fresheners as you can put them in front of an air vent and throw scent throughout your whole car. But, there are so many places that you can decide to use these, too.

How to Use Aroma Beads: Vacuum Air Freshening Beads RecipeHow to Use Aroma Beads: Vacuum Air Freshening Beads Recipe

Another fun idea that you can use with aroma beads is the Vacuum Air Freshening Beads Recipe. Instead of leaving your aroma beads in a bag, you can vacuum them up to circulate the scent in your home. All you have to do is sprinkle some aroma beads on the carpet before you begin to vacuum. Once you sweep up the floor, you will begin smelling throughout your home.

How to Use Aroma Beads: Making Aroma Bead Ornaments

One fun way to create a room scenting product with aroma beads is to creating hanging air fresheners of aroma bead ornaments. You can choose any kind of shape you’d like and even use a nail to create a hole for hanging. Since these room scenting recipes will hang, they are great for both scenting and decorating. If you would like the steps for creating your own hanging air freshener, then check out the How to Make Aroma Bead Ornaments class on our website.

How to Use Aroma Beads: Gingerbread Aroma Beads Air Fresheners RecipeHow to Use Aroma Beads: Gingerbread Aroma Beads Air Fresheners Recipe

One recipe that you can create using aroma beads is the Gingerbread Aroma Beads Air Fresheners Recipe. This recipe is cheerful, festive, and absolutely perfect for the holidays. This recipe uses gingerbread man cookie cutters and puffy paint to create some cute little gingerbread men that would be perfect for decorating around Christmas time. Plus, these gingerbread men smell amazing due to the Gingerbread Fragrance Oil. So, your home will smell delightful and look super cute!

How to Use Aroma Beads: Valentine's Day Bouquet RecipeHow to Use Aroma Beads: Valentine’s Day Bouquet Recipe

Also, you can create a beautiful bouquet of scented crafts that is unique and special. This craft uses soap, aroma buds, and aroma bead ornaments to create the Valentine’s Day Bouquet Recipe. Not only will this recipe smell lovely, but the soaps can actually be used! So, this gorgeous recipe would be perfect for a gift on Valentines Day.

How to Use Aroma Beads: Mulberry Love Air Freshener RecipeHow to Use Aroma Beads: Mulberry Love Air Freshener Recipe

If you want to create that Valentines Day recipe or just want to create cute aroma bead ornaments, then the Mulberry Love Air Freshener Recipe would be a great idea. This creating aroma bead ornaments is similar to other aroma bead recipes. The only difference is that these beads are melted in the oven. This allows the beads to stick together and melt a bit to create a heart shape.

How to Use Aroma Beads: Tips for Aroma Bead Ornaments

While we have recipes and written directions on our class, we know that some people prefer video instructions. If you are interested, we have a YouTube recipe video that could be helpful for creating your aroma bead ornaments. So, you can check out a video on How to Make Aroma Beads Ornaments.

How to Use Aroma Beads: Additional Information

Something important to mention for using aroma bead ornaments in the car is that they may melt. Depending on where you live, your closed car has the potential to get very hot in the summer months. These extreme temperatures could cause your ornaments to begin to melt and fall apart. This would cause a mess and waste your perfectly good fragrance! So, we recommend not using this method for car air fresheners.

How to Use Aroma Beads: How Can I Decorate Aroma BeadsHow to Use Aroma Beads: How Can I Decorate Aroma Beads

Of course, it is fun to have a room scenting recipe that looks cute. Luckily, there are many ways that you can create recipes that are super cute! First, you can use Liquid Candle Colorants to add a pop of color to your recipes. This color would be absorbed just like the fragrance oil. Another option your have for decorating is mica shimmer. You can add some sparkles while the aroma beads are absorbing fragrance to get the mica to stick to the wet beads. Also, you could dust some mica on a finished aroma bead ornament. Speaking of aroma bead ornaments, you can use puffy paint to draw fun designs on any of your finished aroma bead ornaments!

How to Use Aroma Beads: Important to Know

While these recipes can be fun, you should be aware of how fragrance oils need to be handled. First, fragrance oils can eat through finished surfaces, painted surfaces, or plastic surfaces. So, be aware of where you set your aroma beads to soak! If the fragrance seeps out onto an unprotected surface it could lead to damage. We like to leave our aroma beads on the back of the toilet in the bathroom as it can’t damage porcelain. Also, fragrance oils should be kept away from children and pets, as they may try to eat the fragrance. If your child does ingest a fragrance, contact poison control immediately.

How to Use Aroma Beads: Can I Use Soap Colorants?

No, you can’t use soap colorants in your diy aroma beads. Also, you can’t use food coloring in these recipes. Both of these colorants are water soluble and the aroma beads will not absorb them as well as they would for a candle colorant. So, using either food coloring or soap colorants would lead to your finished product leaking color until all the color is gone. This will look bad, make a huge mess, and ultimately be a waste of supplies.

How to Use Aroma Beads: Reach Out to UsHow to Use Aroma Beads: Reach Out to Us

We hope that you learned something new about aroma beads! Once you know how they work, there are all kinds of things that you can create! If you have any more questions about using aroma beads, then you can reach out to us at Natures Garden. Your can find us at the store, call us, or find us on social media. We are on Facebook, Twitter (@ngscents), and Instagram (@ngscents). We will love to hear from you and hope that you have fun creating your home made air fresheners.


Pine Forest Fragrance Oil

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Pine Forest Fragrance OilPine Forest Fragrance Oil – Fragrance Oil Spotlight

Pine Forest Fragrance Oil is an evergreen tree scent by Natures Garden. This aroma smells as though you’re on a walk in a forest of gorgeous fir, pine, and balsam trees. This pine scent would be a perfect aroma for Christmas products, adding a woodsy feel to your home through the use of candles, or any other room scenting product that is sure to bring a cozy aroma to your home. We hope that you enjoy this delightful scent in all sorts of room scenting products!

What Does Pine Forest Fragrance Oil Smell Like?

This fragrance oil by Natures Garden is a pleasant blend of fir and balsam.

How Do Our Customers Use Pine Forest Fragrance Oil in Air Freshening Recipes?

Natures Garden customers can use this pine tree blend fragrance oil in a variety of room scenting recipes. Bring the outdoors in by creating homemade potpourri. Alternatively, you and your customers may enjoy incense sticks or cones. Both potpourri and incense recipes can use a maximum of 50% Pine Forest Fragrance Oil. Also, aroma beads can use this fragrance oil and will even retain a nice and strong scent.  Another option would be making an air freshening spray.  I would suggest trying it with our Odor Eliminator Base.  This unscented base has become very popular among our customers for homemade room sprays.  Lastly, create smelly jelly jars for your customer. I personally love these little air freshener jars in my bathrooms.  At Christmas time I happen to use and adore this aroma in them.

How Do Our Customers Use Pine Forest Fragrance Oil in Candle Recipes?

Furthermore, candles, wax tarts, and other wax creations can be made with this pine fragrance oil. Joy Wax and WOW Wax will both perform perfectly for this aroma. Also, 100% soy wax candles have retained a nice and strong aroma. The same can be said about both our Golden Brands 444 and 464. Additionally, both palm container wax and palm pillar wax have shown a strong scent throw. If you want to color wax products that use this pine scent and want to know how we would do it, then you should use either six drops of green liquid candle dye along with two drops of black candle dye. Alternatively, use a small amount of shredded black and green color blocks. However, avoid using crayons as a substitute as they will clog your candle’s wick.

How Do Our Customers Use Pine Forest Fragrance Oil in Bath and Body Recipes?

Pine Forest Fragrance Oil in cannot be used in your bath and body products. It is not body safe.  This means that bath gels, bath oils, bath bombs, scrubs, perfumes, lotions, melt and pour soap, cold process soap, and any other related bath and body product can not be made with any amount of this fragrance oil. Further, homemade cleaning products can not be scented with our pine forest fragrance. While these products aren’t made for the skin, they do have a lot of skin contact.

We hope that you enjoy this pine tree fragrance oil in all of your room scenting products! This aroma will bring the fresh outdoors scent straight to your home scenting products.


NG Mountain Fresh Fragrance Oil

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NG Mountain Fresh Fragrance OilNG Mountain Fresh Fragrance Oil – Fragrance Oil Spotlight

NG Mountain Fresh Fragrance Oil from Nature’s Garden is a simply brilliant blend of refreshing herbal, fruity, and earthy notes.  The scent is reminiscent of a popular fabric softener, making it a wonderful choice for recognizable products of all kinds!  This fragrance starts with herbal and citrus notes which are blended with soft, distinct florals.  This combination comes to rest on earthy base notes that are softened by musk and vanilla.  Customers have rated this fragrance 5 stars and several have shared their favorite ways to use this scent.  A valued customer from Saint Cloud, FL writes “I love making scented Epsom salts to put in the laundry as a fabric softener and this is the scent I like to use. It reminds me of scented laundry beads!”  The revitalizing possibilities of this fragrance oil are endless!  Give NG Mountain Fresh Fragrance Oil a try today!

What Does NG Mountain Fresh Fragrance Oil Smell Like?

NG Mountain Fresh Fragrance Oil from Nature’s Garden is reminiscent of a popular fabric softener.  The fragrance begins with top notes of herbaceous green ivy, Brazilian orange, and Italian lemon.  These notes mingle with middle notes of Damascenia rose, ylang ylang, and violet. Base notes of patchouli, cedarwood, musk, and vanilla give this blend a soft, earthy finish!

How Do Our Customers Use NG Mountain Fresh Fragrance Oil?

Give a breath of fresh air to any environment with NG Mountain Fresh Fragrance Oil!  Room scenters can incorporate this fragrance oil up to 50% in scenting recipes such as Smelly Jelly air fresheners and room sprays.  This clean laundry scent also performs exceptionally in aroma beads.  Candle makers rejoice; candles and tarts can be made using vegetable wax or paraffin wax and will perform wonderfully when this fragrance oil is used.  The recommended maximum usage is up to 10%.  NG Mountain Fresh performs perfectly in Joy Wax, Pillar of Bliss Wax, and Wow Wax.  It will also perform well in soy wax.  If you want to add a little color to your candles, we recommend 2 drops of teal Spectrum Liquid Candle Dye per four pounds of wax, or your could shred a small amount of a teal Color Block into your melted wax.  Remember, never use crayons to color your wax as they will clog your wick.

NG Mountain Fresh Fragrance Oil can also be used to create invigorating bath and body products!  Bath gels, bath bombs, and bath oils were found to do very well with up to 5% of this fragrance oil added.  Homemade soap makers can use up to 5% in cold process soaps or melt and pour soap recipes.  Our Cold Process Soap Testing Results have shown that soaps that incorporate this fragrance exhibited no acceleration, no separation, no ricing, and no discoloration.  Cured soap had a very strong scent!  If you wish to color your soap, we recommend using teal liquid soap dye according to your specification.

Customers can incorporate NG Mountain Fresh Fragrance Oil into a wide variety of products.  Homemade perfumes can body sprays can be created using up to 5% clean fragrance oil.  Customers also make their own lotions with a maximum of 5% fragrance oil,  and household cleaning supplies with a maximum of 5% fragrance oil.


Cappuccino Fragrance

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Cappuccino FragranceCappuccino Fragrance Oil – Fragrance Spotlight

Natures Garden’s Cappuccino Fragrance Oil has been described by one of our customers as a very warm and comforting scent with a strong coffee smell which is expected from cappuccino.  You may be thinking, why is that expected of cappuccino?  Cappuccino is an Italian coffee drink.  Traditionally, cappuccino is made with espresso, hot milk and steamed milk foam.


What Does Cappuccino Fragrance Oil Smell Like?

Cappuccino Fragrance Oil by Natures Garden is a rich strong fresh brewed coffee with heavy cream and sugar.

How Do Our Customers Use Cappuccino Fragrance Oil?

I checked out our customer reviews to get a better insight to this question.  One customer states “all my customers that are morning coffee drinkers love this one in an air freshener.  I use it alone for classic scent or I mix it with a bit of Pumpkin Pie Spice Fragrance Oil around September and October.  I cant make it fast enough!”

Calling all candle crafters, Cappuccino Fragrance Oil would make a delightful compliment to any barista scented line of candles.  For candle making purposes, the maximum usage is 10% and performs perfectly in wow wax, joy wax, and the scent is nice and strong in soy wax. It is also fabulous when making homemade candle wax tarts using pillar of bliss wax.  For color ideas, it is suggested to use 5 drops of brown liquid candle dye per 4 pounds of wax. Another option is to shred an ample amount of a brown color block into your melted wax.  It is never recommended to use crayons for candle coloring as it will clog your wick.

Homemade soap makers, the maximum usage is 5% for your bath and body products needs. Cappuccino Fragrance Oil performs perfectly in perfumes.  It also performs just as well as in products such as lotions, bath gels, and bath oils .  Natures Garden’s cold process soap testing results shows no ricing, no acceleration, and no separation with with a good scent retention.  It does discolor to a light brown.  The vanillin content of Cappuccino Fragrance Oil is 6%.  Fragrances containing vanilla ingredients may discolor soap. Vanilla White Color stabilizer may help prevent discoloration due to vanilla.  However, there are more than 40 ingredients used in fragrance manufacturing that may contribute to discoloration of products.  Never use candle dye in any body products.  A color suggestion for your bath and body products is to use brown oxide soap colorant in an amount that satisfies you.

For your home scenting needs such as room scenting purposes the maximum usage is 50% and for homemade cleaning products purposes the maximum usage rate for this Cappuccino Fragrance Oil is 5%.  In reed diffusers, incense, potpourri and aroma beads, the aroma is nice and strong.

Are you looking for a new idea for a candle that will leave people talking?  Please click on this link to this recipe from Natures Garden.

To place your order for this warm and comforting Cappuccino Fragrance Oil, just go to Natures Garden’s web site and type “cappuccino fragrance” into the search bar and place your order today!



Blood Orange Fragrance

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Blood Orange FragranceBlood Orange Fragrance Oil – Fragrance Oil Spotlight

Natures Garden’s Blood Orange Fragrance Oil is inspired by an actual fruit.  The blood orange is a natural mutation of the orange.  While they originated in Sicily, southern Italy and Spain, some are grown in California.  Blood oranges do not sound appetizing, but they are juicy and sweet with a dark red anterior.  They are “bloody” due to the pigment anthocyanin, which is also found in cherries and red cabbage.  Reportedly, anthocyanin has many health benefits due to it being a powerful antioxidant that can slow or prevent the growth of cancer cells–and even kill them.  By the same token, blood oranges are noted for high amounts of Vitamin C, potassium, Vitamin A, iron, calcium, and even fiber.  They are sweeter than oranges and less acidic.  The blood orange juice should be consumed the same day it is juiced as it ferments quickly.  They are in season from December to May.  When purchasing blood oranges, you want to look for ones that heavier for their size and firm to the touch.

What Does Blood Orange Fragrance Oil Smell Like?

Blood Orange Fragrance Oil by Natures Garden can be described as a tangy, juicy orange scent with just a touch of floral thyme.

How Do Our Customers Use Blood Orange Fragrance Oil?

Let’s face it, life would be boring without color.  I’d like to write about the coloring suggestions for Blood Orange Fragrance Oil!  Candle makers intrigued by this blood orange fragrance oil, 4 drops orange liquid candle dye plus 2 drops red liquid candle dye per 4 pounds of wax is suggested.  If you would rather use color blocks, a small amount of shredded red and orange color block per 4 pounds of wax. Never use crayons to color your candles as they will clog your wick.  For homemade bath and body products, red liquid soap colorant and orange liquid soap colorant in the amount you desire.  Never use candle dye in any body products.

How do you prefer to change the aroma of your home?  Is it through potpourri and/or incense or through different cleaning products.  Potpourri and/or incense have a maximum usage of 50% while cleaning products have a maximum usage of 5%.  For a quick air freshener, add a few drops of this oil to a spray bottle of water and spray the rooms that need a pick me up.

I think my next project will be homemade candles!  For homemade candles, the maximum usage is 10%.  Blood Orange Fragrance Oil performs perfectly in joy wax, wow wax, and is nice and strong in soy wax.

For all the goddesses who prefer homemade soaps and bath and body products, the maximum usage is 5%.  Cold process soap testing was performed by our staff.  The results showed, a perfect pour and no ricing, no acceleration, no separation,  and no discoloration.  Blood Orange Fragrance Oil has great scent retention.  The use of stick blenders can help to incorporate fragrance back into the soap in the event that it rices during the mixing process.  Also, soaping at room temperature can help to reduce the likelihood of accelerated trace.  Blood Orange Fragrance Oil performed well in bath oils, bath gels, and lotions and performed perfectly in perfumes.

To place your order for this juicy delight, go to the search bar on Natures Garden’s site and type in “blood orange fragrance oil” and it will take you right to the page to place your order so that you can get started today!


Weird Scents and Unique Fragrances

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natures garden, weird scentsWeird Scents and Unique Fragrances: Katie Smells

We’ve got weird scents to smell and fun fragrances to sniff as far as the eye can see (as far as the nose can.. breathe..?). As you may remember from a previous post, I have smelled them all. I already told you about my top ten favorite scents (more or less) and now I bring to you some of the Weird Scents and Unique Fragrances of Nature’s Garden.

weird scents, dill pickleDill Pickle – An NG Original!

Smells just like a pickle. I’m particular to the sweet variety of pickles myself- sweet on sweet pickles- but I cannot deny that this smells just like a dill pickle. Fun fact, I did not learn until embarrassingly late in life that pickles are just pickled cucumbers. We’ve got all kinds of cucumber fragrances if you’re interested in the lil green things BEFORE they’re pickled. I’m really not sure what else to say about this fragrance. Buy it for the dill pickle enthusiast in your life!

weird scents, garden dirtGarden Dirt – An NG Original!

Why you would want to smell like garden dirt is beyond me, but this fragrance oil smells exactly like that. Maybe you’re a gardener and you want to come in from gardening and wash your hands of the dirt, but retain the smell..? Maybe you want to make a candle that smells like garden dirt so your whole house can smell like your garage or a home improvement store? Or trick outdoor plants into growing inside your house? Cover yourself in the smell of garden dirt to more easily make friends with wild plants? Eh????

weird scents, hayrideHayride

Does not smell like horse poop! When I initially saw the bottle for hayride, I was nervous because I generally associate horses with a stinky smell. But here’s the thing- on a hayride- the horses just keep walking- so you don’t have to smell any droppings they may leave behind! Just stay away from the horse. Compare this fragrance to a horse-drawn hayride through the crisp fall air and you won’t even be able to tell the difference. You can smell the fresh hay.

weird scents, leather jacketLeather Jacket

It really does smell like a brand new leather jacket. I’ve never owned a brand new leather jacket- I got my mom’s hand-me-down from when she was Sandy in Grease in her high school production- but I’ve walked into stores where they are selling new leather and stuck my face in to smell that smell. Smells good. Makes me wanna join a greaser gang and sing “Summer Lovin’.” (Those dudes were crazy to wear leather jackets in the summer; get the smell without the unnecessary extra body heat!)

weird scents, moneyMoney – An NG Original!

Money can’t buy happiness, but you can use your money to buy our Money Fragrance Oil. Insert lyrics to your favorite song about money here. My personal favorite is Say Anything’s Punk Goes Crunk cover of ODB’s “Baby, I Got Your Money.” Most of the lyrics are explicit but I can say “Baby, I got your money; don’t you worry.” And we do! We’ve got the fragrance oil you need to make your house/hands/body smell like you’re made of money. Spend a little money now and you’ll be able to trick people into thinking you have all the money in the world! (Or that you’re a banker! Or that you work at a mint!)

weird scents, new carNew Car Scent

Don’t you wish you could bottle that new car smell? Here it is- another one of those fragrances where you spend a lil money on a bottle of oil to feel rich beyond your wildest dreams! (That may be an overreaction but I’m 23 and I’ve never had a new car in my life. This is my first ‘real job,’ and I am smelling the heck out of it.) And guess what? We’ve got a recipe for a room spray that you can use to freshen your car and make it smell like new! Trick the dealership into thinking you’re still under warranty!

weird scents, peanut butter cookiePeanut Butter Cookie

What’s weird about a peanut butter cookieI don’t know, dear reader, but something about this scent just really pulled me in. We’ve got plenty of other bakery fragrances, but this is our only fragrance with peanut butter. And it really smells just like a peanut butter cookie. Boring, I know, I say that for every entry, but that’s why they’re on this list. You walk up to our fragrance bar, see the name of a scent, go “whaa?” pick it up, and it smells just like the real thing. It’s weird. Peanut butter cookie!

weird scents, colaweird scents, buttered popcornButtered Popcorn and Cola

These are actually two separate fragrance oils: Buttered Popcorn and Cola. I put them together because they emulate the experience of going to the movies. You can’t really have popcorn without a drink–your mouth would get all dry and salty. Yuck. How can you enjoy the movie when you’re thirsty? Plus, you get the sweet taste of the cola and the salty, buttery taste of the popcorn. What a great combination! (I personally prefer rootbeer, but cola seems to have more appeal to a mass audience.) Don’t eat fragrance oil; make your home smell like a concession stand!

weird scents, whole wheat breadWhole Wheat Bread

Trying to smell like you’re eating healthier? Then our Whole Wheat Bread Fragrance Oil is for you!  Or maybe you wanna combine fragrances to create a sandwich scent. Here you go; here’s the bread. We’ve got five other breadrelated fragrances (including Gingerbread if you count that as a bread), but this one takes the cake.. er.. loaf. The others are sweet, fruity* breads and this is just straight up whole wheat. (*Zucchini is a fruit- I looked it up.)

weird scents, baconBacon

That’s right, I’m putting it in another list; bacon. Sweet, savory bacon. Did you really think I could make it through talking about interesting, unique, smells-like-the-real-thing fragrances without mentioning my beloved bacon? We’ve got a tomato leaf corriander fragrance, if you want to use it with bacon and whole wheat bread fragrances to make a BLT fragrance. Oh, bacon. You understand me. And ya smell so good! We’ve got an awesome recipe for bacon candles. BACON!

Thanks for reading!

You really didn’t have to, but I appreciate it immensely. Weird scents is subjective- maybe your idea of weird is different. Come smell with us if you feel so inclined; we’ve got over 800 fragrances!

weird scents, unique fragrances



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Hey friends of NG!

Hope you’re having a great week. As I mentioned before, we’ve been hard at work to bring you some new recipe ideas, including candles, soaps, air fresheners, bath & body, and more. In fact, we’ve only just begun!

Here’s what’s new this week:

Vacuum Air Freshening Beads in the making!



Freshen the air with these easy-to-make beads!

[Download the recipe]





Glittered perfumes



Solid perfume with an added shimmer. Beautiful!

[Download the recipe]




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– Deborah