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Bubbling Reindeer Poo Bath Salts Recipe

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Bubbling Reindeer Poo Bath SaltsBubbling Reindeer Poo Bath Salts Recipe

The best time of the year is almost here! Spending time with family and exchanging gifts is always a huge part of the holidays. We at Natures Garden wanted to bring some joy to the holiday season this year and show you some fun recipes that you can create with your family! Our Bubbling Reindeer Poo Bath Salts recipe is the perfect Christmas craft to make for yourself, a family member, or a friend. These bath salts smell minty and refreshing while leaving your skin feeling super soft and silky. What could be better than that? Let’s get started on making these Bubbling Reindeer Poo Bath Salts!

Dead Sea SaltDead Sea Salt

In this recipe, you will be using Natures Garden’s Dead Sea Salt High Minerals Fine Ground salt. Dead Sea Salt is a dry, white crystal. This type of salt is named after the Dead Sea, which is found in Israel. The Dead Sea is made up of 29% salt, compared to a 4% salt content in oceans. It is known both for the health and medicinal benefits it brings, as well as the therapeutic effects and benefits it has. Each of these come from the minerals Dead Sea Salt consists of.

Benefits of Dead Sea Salt

Many properties and minerals that are beneficial to the human body can be found in Dead Sea Salt. These are magnesium, zinc, calcium, bromide, and potassium. Magnesium can help combat aging and stress and can calm the nervous system. Zinc is an anti-inflammatory, which soothes skin and helps reduce itching and any inflammation. Calcium can prevent water retention and increase circulation in the body. Bromide helps to reduce built up muscle retention. Lastly, potassium can provide energy to the body.

These minerals make it possible for Dead Sea Salt to be used in many different cosmetic products: soap bars, salt scrubs, bath bombs, air fresheners, and bath salts, which is what we will be discussing today. It is great for skin care treatment as well, including eczema, acne, psoriasis, and wrinkles. Natures Garden sells many other salts to make products from, including Epsom salt, Himalayan pink salt, and Hawaiian black salt. Now that you have a better understanding of the type of salt that will be used in this recipe, we can get into more details of the other ingredients involved.

Diamond Clear Melt Diamond Clear Melt and Pour SoapPour Soap

Another ingredient that we will be working with is the one of our mp soap bases. Natures Garden Diamond Clear Melt and Pour Soap is made up of 99.5% glycerin and coconut oil that has been purely deodorized and doubly distilled. These ingredients ensure that it is highly moisturizing with superior lathering qualities. All of our soap is gluten free, are not tested on animals, and do not contain any sort of animal fats. This soap is extremely easy to work with because all you have to do is melt it, add fragrance, add color, pour into molds, and take them out once they have cooled.


Reindeer Poo Fragrance OilReindeer Poo Fragrance Oil

Our Reindeer Poo Fragrance Oil is a scent that is original to Natures Garden.  This is one of our best selling fragrances! Since Christmas time is coming up, this is a great scent to add to your creations to bring in the true feeling of the season. It is a complex note fragrance, which means that there are multiple layers to the scents that it emits. The opposite of complex note fragrances are single note fragrances, such as strawberry. A single note fragrance has only one scent throughout it, with no variation between layers, which is very unlike this one. The top notes of Reindeer Poo are apples and pears. The middle notes you will experience are eucalyptus, pine, and geranium. The base notes of this fragrance include vanilla, cedar wood, and patchouli. Eucalyptus and pine really give off the smell of a Christmas tree and are the most prominent in this oil. When they are all combined, it creates a holiday-filled scentsation.

Ingredients Found At Natures Garden:


Other Ingredients & Equipment You’ll Need:
Mixing Bowls (3)
Mixing Spoon
Cake Pan
Wax Paper

Total Recipe Weights:

120 grams Diamond Clear Melt and Pour Soap
186 grams Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate- SCI
744 grams Dead Sea Salt
52 grams Reindeer Poo Fragrance Oil
10 drops Brown Oxide FUN Soap Colorants
6 drops Black Oxide FUN Soap Colorant
4 grams Ultramarine Blue FUN Soap Colorant

Before you start on making this recipe, it is important to make sure you have a clean and sanitized work area. Also wash your hands and sanitize all of your packaging materials. We also suggest that you wear gloves, protective clothing, and a hair net while preparing this recipe.

Preparing the Melt and Pour SoapPreparing the Melt and Pour Soap

Preparing our melt and pour soap is the first thing we are going to do for this recipe. We want to color it brown in order for it to be used as the poo portion of our final product. Use a scale to weigh out 120 grams of the diamond clear melt and pour soap. Then, you are going to melt the soap base in the microwave in 30 second intervals, until it is in a liquid state.  Once it has had enough time to fully melt, add ten drops of the black oxide colorant and six drops of the brown oxide FUN Soap Colorant. Our soap colorants do not take too much of an application to create the pigment you are looking for. In fact, 1/2 ounce of our liquid soap colorants will cover ten pounds of soap! After it has been added, stir your new mixture to incorporate the colorants fully.

Incorporating Natures Garden Reindeer Poo Fragrance OilIncorporating Natures Garden Reindeer Poo Fragrance Oil

Next, you are going to add six grams of the Reindeer Poo Fragrance Oil. Then, once again, mix everything together to blend the fragrance oil. Let’s get into the specific properties of this fragrance!

Pour the Soap Into Your MoldPour the Soap Into Your Mold

Now, we are going to pour the melted soap base, in a thin layer, either onto a pan that is lined with wax paper or into a silicone mold.  We decided to use the four cavities of the silicone 4 loaf soap mold.  Allow the soap enough time to get mostly setup.  You will need to give it time to set up without waiting too long, or it will no longer be warm.

A Variety of Molds

There are so many different molds to choose from at Natures Garden! If you wanted to make this recipe even more fun, you could use something besides the silicone 4 loaf soap mold to let your soap form in, such as embeds. We sell some different molds that can make this recipe even better for the holidays! Some of the options that we have are our Christmas Tree and Bulbs Embed Mold, Small Cross Embed Mold, Ornament Embed Mold, and our Gingerbread Man Mold Market Molds. Using any one of these molds could take these bath salts or other candle and body product recipes you are creating to the next level! We have many other non-holiday molds to choose from as well, you can find all of our soap molds here.

Shaping the MP SoapShaping the Soap

Now, use your hands to rip the molded soap into strips that are approximately ½” x 3”. We would not suggest using a knife to slice the soap because you do not want it to look too perfect or pristine. By ripping it, it looks more natural. After you have ripped your soap into these strips, roll them up and place them between the palms of your hands. Then, roll them between the palms of your hands rapidly to give them the look of natural poo. Keep repeating this process until all of your soap has been used.

Creating the Powdered Snow PortionCreating the Powdered Snow Portion

Finally, we will create the powdered portion of this recipe! First, you will need two bowls.  One will remain white in color, while the other will be colored blue.  To make the powdered portions, start by adding 372 grams of Dead Sea Salt to each bowl. Then, add 23 grams of Natures Garden Reindeer Poo Fragrance Oil. Finally, you will need to add 93 grams of Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate to each bowl. This is a sodium salt ester or a fatty acid that derives from coconut oil. It creates a wetness, it solubilizes oils, and reduces surface tension. It can also be used to help with the property of foaming, which makes this product helpful.

Add the Blue Colorant to the Bath SaltsAdd the Blue Colorant to the Bath Salts

Next, you are going to add four grams of the Ultramarine Blue FUN Soap Colorant.  Use your hands to combine the contents of each bowl separately. Start with the bowl that will remain white in color. Mix each of the bowls until all of the contents are fully mixed and ensure that each of them are free of any clumps.

Incorporating the Reindeer Poo Melt and Pour SoapIncorporating the Reindeer Poo Melt and Pour Soap

Now, we will add to our mixture the reindeer poo that we rolled out and formed.  Make sure that you save a few of these pieces for the top of the jars when the bath salts recipe is completed. You will want these for the final look to turn out perfectly!


Finishing the Bubbling Reindeer Poo Bath Salts!Finishing the Bubbling Reindeer Poo Bath Salts!

Finally, we will begin adding our mixture to our jars. This recipe creates enough product to fill four 8 ounce jars. This is a perfect amount of bath salts because you can give three as gifts and keep one for yourself! Begin by scooping a layer of white powder mixture into your first jar. Then, add a layer of blue.  Continue layering until you have filled your jar.  Lastly, place a few of the pieces of poo on top.  Then, move on, filling your remaining jars.

Your homemade bubbling reindeer poo bath salts are now ready for you, friends, and family to use!  When you are ready to use them, simply place a few scoops from the jar under your warm running bath water, it will break apart and create a bubble bath!

Reindeer Poo CandleMore Fun With Reindeer Poo Fragrance Oil

If you enjoy making this bath salts recipe, we have a couple more things that you can make using Natures Garden Reindeer Poo fragrance oil! The first is our Reindeer Poo Candle Recipe, which has two layers to it. The first layer is a blue dyed palm wax, while the second is Joy Wax that resembles the white snow. To top it off, we added reindeer poo along with cute little reindeer embeds! This craft can be fun to make either for yourself or it can be given as a gift.

Reindeer Poo Scented Play DoughThe second recipe that you can try out different from the bath salts is our Scented Play Dough Recipe. This could be a great activity to do with families and children around the holidays. It will create five colored and scented play dough balls to play and make crafts with. The colors we used are red, blue, cream, green, and yellow. The scents that we used with fragrance oils are Cotton Headed Ninny Muggin, Jack Frost, Snowman Balls, Mrs. Claus Cookies, and Reindeer Poo. We hope that these give you a better idea of the different and fun ways that this fragrance oil can be used for the holiday season!

More Christmas Fun

We have several more recipes to show you for Christmas time! Some of these include our Christmas Bath Cookies Recipe, Scented Twig Centerpiece Recipe, and Wine Sugar Scrub Recipe. These use three more of Natures Garden Christmas fragrance oils: Christmas Cookies, Christmas Tree, and Christmas Cabernet. We have plenty more fragrance oils that create Christmas fun and memories! Some of them are Christmas Splendor, Christmas Cravings, Christmas Wreath, and Christmas Cabin! The best time of the year can become even better when using these ingredients to create homemade products that make perfect gifts that are versatile for children, women, and men alike. For even more Christmas craft ideas check out these ideas from Happiness is Homemade.


10 Ways to use Vanilla Powder in Cosmetics

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10 Ways to Use Vanilla Powder in Cosmetics10 Ways to Use Vanilla Powder in Cosmetics

If you love the sweet scent of true vanilla powder, then Natures Garden’s vanilla powder is the perfect cosmetic ingredient for your cosmetic recipes! This wholesale vanilla powder available from Natures Garden Soap and Candle Supply has a strong vanilla aroma that is perfect for creating all kinds of wonderful bath and body recipes. Whether you use this cosmetic ingredient to create fantastic natural cosmetic recipes or use the scent of vanilla powder to enhance your handmade soap and cosmetic recipe, this cosmetic additive is perfect for your bath and body recipes! So, you may want to look into the 10 ways to use vanilla powder in cosmetics. Below, you will find handcrafted cosmetic recipes that we have formulated using our sweet vanilla powder.

10 Ways to use Vanilla Powder in Cosmetics: Moonlight Tuberose Swirled Soap Recipe10 Ways to Use Vanilla Powder in Cosmetics: Moonlight Tuberose Swirled Soap Recipe

First of all, you can use vanilla powder from Natures Garden to create a fantastic homemade soap recipe. So, you can perfectly include this sweet powdered vanilla in the Moonlight Tuberose Swirled Soap Recipe. This lovely soap making recipe uses melt and pour soap along with cosmetic clay and herbs. These lovely ingredients will nourish the skin, draw out toxins, and provide a lovely aroma. So, the sweet vanilla scent blends perfectly with the base notes of our Moonlight Tuberose Fragrance Oil. This exquisite feminine scented oil begins with top notes of white pear and green apple. These notes are followed by middle notes of tuberose, jasmine, lily of the valley, and ginger. Further, these notes are sitting on base notes of violet, ylang ylang, peach, vanilla, and fresh woods.

10 Ways to use Vanilla Powder in Cosmetics: Neapolitan Ice Cream Bubble Bar Recipe10 Ways to Use Vanilla Powder in Cosmetics: Neapolitan Ice Cream Bubble Bar Recipe

Also, we used this sweet cosmetic powder to improve the scent of the vanilla part of the Neapolitan Ice Cream Bubble Bar Recipe. In fact, we scented each of the three different colors in this bath recipe. First, the vanilla portion contains this aromatic powder and the French Vanilla Fragrance Oil. Then, the chocolate portion used out Hot Chocolate Fragrance Oil and some organic cocoa powder. Finally, the strawberry portion of this ice cream bath fizzy is scented with our Strawberry Patch Type Fragrance Oil. These scents blend wonderfully to create the perfect Neapolitan aroma for this scrumptious bath and body recipe.

10 Ways to Use Vanilla Powder in Cosmetics: Vanilla Cinnamon Sugar Scrub Recipe10 Ways to Use Vanilla Powder in Cosmetics: Vanilla Cinnamon Sugar Scrub Recipe

Another fantastic bath and body recipe that you can include this cosmetic powder in is the Vanilla Cinnamon Sugar Scrub Recipe. Not only does this recipe include the sweet vanilla powder, but this sugar scrub uses apple pie spice blend, too. Apple pie spice is a blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, and other spices used in apple pies. Further, the warm vanilla spice scent of these handcrafted sugar scrubs pair perfectly with the fragrances.

Of course, this lovely cosmetic recipe blends the fantastic scents of our vanilla and cinnamon fragrances to create a scrumptiously scented bath and body. So, the fragrant aroma of the vanilla powder is perfect for enhancing the scent of our sweet Vanilla Silk Fragrance Oil. Further, the scent of our Cinnabun Type Fragrance Oil is enhanced by the warm spice aroma of our apple pie spice blend powder. Together these fragrances blend perfectly to create an aroma that is simply scrumptious. So, you can create a perfect homemade body scrub recipe that will leave your skin exfoliated and smelling delicious!

10 Ways to Use Vanilla Powder in Cosmetics: Vanilla Brown Sugar Scrub Recipe10 Ways to Use Vanilla Powder in Cosmetics: Vanilla Brown Sugar Scrub Recipe

Additionally, you can create the Vanilla Brown Sugar Scrub Recipe with our scrumptious cosmetic ingredients. First, we have the lovely aroma of our vanilla powder. Further, this cosmetic ingredient is a fantastic ingredient to enhance the scent of the Vanilla Extract Fragrance Oil. So, the strong, true scent of the vanilla powder will perfectly blend with the fragrance that smells like real vanilla extract. Plus, your skin will be nourished by the luxurious oils and butters, like the skin loving jojoba oil, coconut oil, and even more cosmetic oils and butters. So, this exfoliating and moisturizing scrub recipe is perfect for nourishing the skin as well as smell delicious. In addition, since it uses brown sugar, it is gentler than a scrub that uses granulated sugar.  This scrub is perfect for more sensitive areas of the body, or even those with sensitive skin.

10 Ways to Use Vanilla Powder in Cosmetics: Vanilla Sugar Scrub Cubes Recipe10 Ways to Use Vanilla Powder in Cosmetics: Vanilla Sugar Scrub Cubes Recipe

Also, you can add this sweet vanilla powder to our lovely Vanilla Sugar Scrub Cubes Recipe. Not only does this cosmetic recipe include our vanilla powder, but this recipe has skin nourishing cosmetic ingredients, too. So, these sweet bath melts can be added to warm bath water to love and nourish your skin. As you soak in these wonderful ingredients, the sweet scent of our NG Warm Vanilla & Sugar Type Fragrance Oil with the irresistible scent of warm vanilla with a musky base that is just perfect for creating bath and body products. When combined, these cosmetic ingredients will provide you with a wonderful bath experience that will reduce your stress and moisturize your skin.

10 Ways to Use Vanilla Powder in Cosmetics: Orange Dreamsickle Bath Bomb Recipe10 Ways to Use Vanilla Powder in Cosmetics: Orange Dreamsickle Bath Bomb Recipe

Another sweet and fun recipe that you can create with our vanilla powder is the Orange Dreamsickle Bath Bomb Recipe. Of course, this sweet orange cream sickle bath recipe uses both the vanilla powder and orange peel powder herb. Half of this bath bomb recipe will be scented with the lovely aroma of the sweet vanilla. Then, the other half of this cosmetic recipe uses the skin loving properties of orange peel powder, which contains vitamin C and various minerals. Finally, the whole bath bomb recipe will contain the wonderful scent of Dreamsickle Fragrance Oil. So, this fantastic bath and body recipe has the scent of a refreshing iced orange Popsicle with a creamy vanilla filling and will nourish your skin! This handmade bath fizzy is a true treat for your skin!

10 Ways to Use Vanilla Powder in Cosmetics: Fairy Dust Fizzy Bath Recipe10 Ways to Use Vanilla Powder in Cosmetics: Fairy Dust Fizzy Bath Recipe

Our Fairy Dust Fizzy Bath Recipe is another fantastic bath and body recipe that you can use to create a fantastic bath experience. This wonderful bath recipe uses lovely cosmetic herbs, like the beautiful jasmine flowers and sweet vanilla powder. Further, this bath fizzy recipe provides you with the lovely scent of NG Fairy Dust Type Fragrance Oil. This fantastic scent is a bright, sunny accord that begins with rich notes of fruits and floral scents. Then, this lovely scent has gorgeous musk base notes of vanilla and rare woods. This blend of lovely aromas and fantastic herbs create a cosmetic recipe that is perfect for unwinding and recharging. Simply run a nice, warm bath and scoop some of this bath fizzy into your tub. Then, you will be all set for a wonderfully relaxing, tranquil experience!

10 Ways to Use Vanilla Powder in Cosmetics: Natural Lavender Vanilla Body Powder Recipe10 Ways to Use Vanilla Powder in Cosmetics: Natural Lavender Vanilla Body Powder Recipe

If you are interested in trying out a naturally scented powder, then the Natural Lavender Vanilla Body Powder Recipe might be just what you are looking to use! This all natural blend of aromatic cosmetic herbs will provide you with a wonderful scent that you can use for everyday life! These wonderfully scented cosmetic ingredients include the vanilla powder and a pure lavender 40/42 essential oil. This blend of scents is strong, refreshing, and true. So, you can use this lovely blend instead of perfume to provide a sweet, elegant aroma that you can wear out and about. This handcrafted body powder is sure to get you noticed.

10 Ways to Use Vanilla Powder in Cosmetics: Natural Vanilla Body Powder Recipe10 Ways to Use Vanilla Powder in Cosmetics: Natural Vanilla Body Powder Recipe

Another option that you can use for your scented cosmetic powder is the Natural Vanilla Body Powder Recipe. Of course, this scented powder is all natural and it is simple to create, as well. This bath and body recipe only requires two cosmetic ingredients that are simple and lovely. These two ingredients are the sweet vanilla powdered and the arrowroot powder. This blend of cosmetic powders will provide you with a scented cosmetic recipe that will have you smelling irresistibly sweet. This cosmetic recipe is strong enough to be a wonderful alternative to typical perfumes. So, anyone that is looking for a lovely scented cosmetic recipe that will have you smelling delicious should try out this scented recipe.

10 Ways to Use Vanilla Powder in Cosmetics: Candy Cane Facial Mask Recipe10 Ways to Use Vanilla Powder in Cosmetics: Candy Cane Facial Mask Recipe

Lastly, we have the lovely natural Candy Cane Facial Mask Recipe. This skin loving facial mask is a fantastic cosmetic recipe for your skin. First, the blend of rose clay powder and kaolin clay powder are perfect for drawing out toxins, exfoliating, and reducing inflammation. Further, these cosmetic ingredients are sensitive enough for the most sensitive skin types. Plus, this cosmetic recipe contains wonderful herbs, like the beet root powder and the hibiscus flower powder, that will care for the skin. This blend of cosmetic ingredients is perfect for creating a facial recipe that will rejuvenate and cleanse the skin. Also, this wonderful bath and body scrub recipe has a fantastic aroma due to the sweet vanilla powder and refreshing scent of the peppermint essential oil. All of these lovely cosmetic ingredients combine to create a fantastic cosmetic recipe for your skin care.

10 Ways to Use Vanilla Powder in Cosmetics: Cooking with Vanilla Powder

Did you know vanilla powder is often used when cooking or baking? Both vanilla extract and vanilla powder are great ingredients that you can use for cooking all kinds of scrumptious desserts and bakery items. Although the use of vanilla extract is more much more common, the powdered vanilla powder is just as useful in the kitchen. In fact, vanilla powder is many times preferred for its more intense and true flavor. In fact, it happens to be my personal preference. This more true flavor is due to the fact that the powder is purer. You see, vanilla powder contains only ground vanilla beans. On the other hand, the vanilla extract is diluted some with alcohol. If you want to learn more about the types of vanilla powder that you can cook with yourself, then check out What Is Vanilla Powder And How Do You Use It? from Food Republic.

10 Ways to Use Vanilla Powder in Cosmetics: Ask Us Any Questions10 Ways to Use Vanilla Powder in Cosmetics: Ask Us Any Questions

If you have any more questions about these bath and body recipes or any others, then reach out to us! We are always happy to answer questions and provide guidance to other crafters. You can reach out to us in a variety of ways.  You can call on out HUG line, visit us in person at the Natures Garden store, and find us online. Of course, you can always reach us online through social media. You can find us on our Facebook page. Also, you can use the handle @ngscents to find us on both Twitter and Instagram. Not only can you use these social media sites to reach out to us, but you can share your own opinions and cosmetic recipes, too. So, we hope to hear from you all soon! Also, we wish you the best of luck with making your very own bath and body recipes!

10 Ways to Use Vanilla Powder in Cosmetics: Note About Cosmetic Ingredients

Natures Garden Candle and Soap Making Supplies sells our cosmetic ingredients for external use only. We do not sell our any of our products as food items. The information we provide is for educational purposes only. Also, we do not intend for this information to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease. The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated the information we provide on our vanilla powder. You need to keep all cosmetic ingredients out of reach of children and pets. You should take special care if you are a pregnant and/or lactating woman when handling any herbs and other cosmetic ingredients. Natures Garden accepts no responsibility, either written or implied, for any products you make with our vanilla powder. All testing of your bath and body recipes is the responsibility of the customer.