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fragrance oilsWhat’s your name & Your Company Name: My name is Lance Smith. Owner of LantzWicks

Born and raised in Sharon Pennsylvania, I’ve always been drawn to the arts. From learning how to play guitar from my grandfather, learning crochet from my great grandmother, and learning needlepoint from my mother, I really just wanted to be creative with my life. But living in such a cultural deprived area, I had to work jobs in factories, but I always had a creative approach to doing them, but all ended with being dead ends.

I started making soy candles in single poured glass jars, and metal containers as a hobby for myself, a few friends, and some relatives. After a couple years, I started learning more processes with different waxes, and found that I was honing a craft I enjoyed doing! This was making shopping for gifts alot easier for the people I love in my life. Having some moral support from some friends, they encouraged me that I should start making and selling them for a living since I was really enjoying the work, including a friend that I work for doing pottery, assisting with selling at art shows.

My friend who runs a printing business, where during the winter of 2011 allowed me to use her garage for making, but was too drafty for proper cooling. In January of 2012, I completely emptied a walk-in closet in my old bedroom for my workspace back home at my mother’s house, and still use it today! My friend helped me with making business cards that are also still used today as well.

I started only with just one Faberware electric pot with only one pouring pitcher, and one electrical outlet. Since March of this year, I’ve had two more outlets installed, and acquired another electric pot and pouring pitcher to increase my production!

Since this time, my pouring is now very easy, my scent throw has increased, and feedback has been very positive! I’ve even learned more from reading the manuals in Nature’s Garden site in the Free Support section.  My goal is to produce a great product, for a great price.

GW 444 Soy Wax, Jelly Bean Fragrance Oil. The jelly beans are made of some old paraffin I bought at garage sale.

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