Cotton Headed Ninny Muggin

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cotton headed ninny muggin fragranceCotton Headed Ninny Muggin Fragrance Oil– Fragrance Oil Spotlight

Just the name alone is sure to make you laugh out loud with delight. Inspired by one of our favorite movies, Elf, this is an amusing scent sure to leave you and you loved ones wanting more! You’ll be sure to have thoughts of Will Ferrell and his antics constantly running through your mind. This joyful scent will definitely bring all kinds of childhood memories to mind, Christmases past, piles of unopened gifts with the wonders of what surprises lay inside, Santa Claus, and even just the joy of spending time with your loved ones.


What Does Cotton Headed Ninny Muggin Smell Like?

While I’m sure that a scent that was inspired by Will Ferrell’s antics has already intrigued you, Cotton Headed Ninny Muggin is a charming scent with a powerful base of vanilla. There are spicy hints in the middle with notes of powerful heliotrope. The whole thing begins with scents of vanilla frosting and buttery, sweet creamy coconut.


How Do Our Customers Use Cotton Headed Ninny Muggin Fragrance Oil?

Anyone who loves Elf is sure to want this experience this enchanting scent for themselves! If you’re a candle maker, Cotton Headed Ninny Muggin fragrance is nice and strong in soy wax, but it performs perfectly in wow wax and joy wax.

For bath and body products, there is a maximum usage rate of 5%. Cotton Headed Ninny Muggin scent can be used in various personal care products as well. It is used for perfumes, lotions, bath gels, bath oils, and soaps. There is also a maximum usage rate of 50% for potpourri and incense. If you’re a cold process soaper, this scent is absolutely perfect for you! Our CP findings are: no ricin or acceleration. It pours perfectly and has a very strong scent. It will discolor to a dark brown since it has a vanillin content of 4%. We highly suggest using a vanilla white color stabilizer to help stabilize the discoloration.


With a name like this and the inspiration of a true comedian, we have brought an awesome free recipe using the Cotton Headed Ninny Muggin scent for you! If your kids love Play Dough, they are guaranteed to love our Scented Play Dough Recipe! How much more awesome could it get for kids who love this classic toy? Play Dough is a classic and using this recipe, your kids can brag to everybody they know about how awesome their scented Play Dough is!

Scented Play Dough

Want to know the easiest way to find these wonderful products on our site? On our website, just type “cotton headed,” or you can type the whole thing, “cotton headed ninny muggin” into our search bar. That will take you directly to our Cotton Headed Ninny Muggin Fragrance Oil page. On the top of the picture of the fragrance, you will see a little green “Recipe” link. If you click on that, it will show you a link and picture to our Scented Play Dough. Click that and it will take you right to our awesome free recipe! Please contact us if you have any problems or questions and watch out for more Enlightened by Layla!

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