Cool Spring Scent

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Cool Spring ScentCool Spring Scent

Cool Spring Scent- Fragrance Oil Spotlight

Are you looking for a fresh, clean and masculine scent for your homemade soap and candles?  Well, Natures Garden has just the scent for you!  Our Cool Spring scent won’t disappoint.  What do our customers think about this this masculine fragrance?  For many of our customers this is their go to masculine scent. Whether it’s in soap making, candle making, or cosmetic making, our customers find this one hard to resist in a variety of applications.  As one customer says, “We just added a men’s product line and ordered a number of scents to try.  This one actually made me weak in the knees.  It is absolutely sensual and manly.  I highly recommend this one!”  This strong and fresh aroma is sure to be a hit in your homemade craft recipes.

What does Cool Spring Scent Smell Like?

This fragrance oil by Natures Garden is a classic “Fougere” for men with bergamot, geranium, lavender, cedarwood and oak.

Top Notes:  lemon, orange, bergamot
Mid Notes:  geranium, jasmine, lavender
Base Notes:  green leaves, sandalwood, oakmoss, cedar, oak

How Do Our Customers Use Cool Spring Fragrance Oil?

For those of you that are candle crafters, our cool spring scent is used in soy, soy blends, Pillar of Bliss, Joy, and tart waxes.  This clean scent is extremely strong and has excellent cold throw and hot throw.  Our coloring recommendation is to use three drops of blue liquid candle dye and one drop of green liquid candle dye for every four pounds of wax.  If you prefer to use color blocks, we suggest shredding a small amount of green and a small amount of blue color block into your melted wax.  Never use crayons to color your candles, they will clog your wick.  We recommend no more than 10% fragrance oil in your candle recipes.

For customers that like to create other types of homemade room scents, Natures Garden’s Cool Spring fragrance oil also works well in homemade air fresheners, whether it is aroma beads, room sprays, smelly jellies, or oil burners.  This crisp and clean aroma is amazing in room scenting applications.  In potpourri and incense, the maximum usage percentage is 50%.

In bath and body products, our Cool Spring scent has a recommended usage rate of 5%.  There is no vanillin in this fragrance oil, so it is unlikely that it will discolor your finished bath and body products.  This clean fragrance is used to make a variety of personal care items like bath bombs, melt and pour soaps, perfume oils, body butters, and lotions.  And, for those of you that are cold process soap makers, our customers love this strong scent.  When testing this fragrance oil in CP soap we found that it had a perfect pour, no ricing, no acceleration, no separation, and no discoloration.  Cool Spring fragrance oil is a great scent that is clean and wonderful with a good scent retention!  Our coloring recommendations are to use soap colorants in blue and green in the amount that satisfies you.  Never use candle dye in body products, it will stain your skin.