Balsam Fragrance

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Balsam FragranceBalsam Fragrance Oil Spotlight

Balsam fir trees, native to northern North America, are evergreen trees that thrive in cooler environments. You may know them better as… CHRISTMAS TREES. That’s right, balsam fir trees are your seasonal superhero’s secret identity. It takes about a decade for these trees to reach ideal Christmas tree height- 6 or 7 feet- but they can live to be up to 200 years old and grow up to 60 feet in height. Can you imagine how many presents would fit under that tree?!

What Does Balsam Fragrance Oil Smell Like?

This fresh pine balsam aroma is great for Christmas time, or all year round. Use by itself, or for mixing creative new scents for your line.

How Do Our Customers Use Balsam Fragrance Oil?

They design delightful decorative candles! Balsam Fragrance Oil performs perfectly in joy wax and wow wax and is nice and strong in soy wax. It is not gel wax compatible. The maximum recommended usage percentage in vegetable and paraffin waxes is 10%. Our coloring suggestion for candles made with this wonderful pine scent are to use 4 drops green plus a little black liquid candle dye per 4 pounds of wax, or shred a small amount of green color block into your melted wax. Black candle colorant only comes in liquid candle dye. Please remember that our liquid candle dyes are VERY CONCENTRATED and as someone who likes to mix colors for painting and various craft applications, let me tell you that you only need a tiny amount of black color to make something darker. Itty bitty tiny little bit of black. You can always add more, but I recommend using the tip of a toothpick, dipping it in your dye, and then dipping it in your wax. Also- never use crayons to color your candles; it’ll clog the wick.

They scent rooms without using wax! The maximum recommended usage percentage for this fresh fir fragrance in incense and potpourri is 50%. It came across nice and strong in aroma beads. You could also modify our Glamour Aroma Bead Air Freshener Recipe, use Balsam Fragrance Oil instead of I’m Too Sexy Fragrance Oil and use Christmas-tree-shaped (or any Christmas shape your heart desires) cookie cutters to make cute little Christmas ornaments! Remember, though, that once you use baking tools to make a recipe with fragrance oils, do not use them again in cooking applications. Even minute residue from your recipe could make you sick if you eat it. Set your fragrance fun equipment aside from you cooking equipment; better safe than sorry!

They also invent amazing bath and body products! The maximum recommended usage percentage for this simply spectacular scent in soaps, bath oils, and bath gels is 3.5%. Our cold process soap testing found that this amazing aroma performed perfectly in CP soap: no acceleration, no ricing, no separation, no discoloration, and very, very strong scent retention. The vanillin content of this fragrance is 0% so it is unlikely to discolor your bath and body products. Our coloring suggestions are to use green and black soap colorant in the amount that satisfies you. (Don’t forget what I said above about using black in a color mix!) We’ve also got some natural soap colorants that you’re welcome to try! We’ve got a handful of natural green soap colorants, and for black: activated charcoal. Be sure to read the pages on the powders- some soapmaking processes may affect the intended color of your soap. (You can also read-up on the nutrients and other benefits of these natural colorants!)

Check out our Christmas tree soap molds for festive holiday soapmaking!

They create body products for outside of the bath! This fresh pine aroma performs perfectly in perfumes, and the maximum recommended usage percentage in lotions and body-sprays is 3.5%.

They even come up with cool cleaning products. The maximum recommended usage percentage for this fragrance in cleaning products is 3.5%.