Almond Fragrance

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Almond FragranceAlmond Fragrance Oil – Spotlight

Almonds are not nuts, but the seeds of drupes. What’s a drupe? It’s a¬†fruit with a fleshy outer part that encapsulates a shell that has a seed inside. There’s a diagram on the Wikipedia link I put right there. I don’t know about you, but I’m a visual learner, so go ahead and take a look if you want to know more. Common examples of drupes include peaches, apricots, and cherries. The cherry part will be important later. So.. an almond is a fruit. Isn’t that nuts? No, almonds are not nuts. See that weird porous potato-looking thing in the picture? That is apparently an unshelled almond. I did not know this until today. (This should not be surprising if you read my previous post where I admitted to not knowing pickles were pickled cucumbers until embarrassingly late in life.) And those flowers are almond blossoms! Google it. I dare ya. Bet you never knew almonds were such pretty fruits.

What Does Almond Fragrance Oil Smell Like?

Our Almond Fragrance Oil is designed to smell like a duplication of Jergen’s lotion. (Nature’s Garden is in no way affiliated with Jergen’s – we just wanted to make a scent that smelled similar to their lotion). A duplication is called a “dupe” for short. So this is a drupe dupe. Almond Fragrance Oil starts with top notes of apple, almond, and cherry, followed by middle notes of orange, cyclamen, and jasmine, all sitting on a base of geranium and rose. So it’s fruit and flowery and there’s a little bit of almond in there, too (but we just learned that almond is a fruit so it fits right in).

How Do Our Customers Use Almond Fragrance Oil?

Handmade scented candles: Almond Fragrance Oil performs perfectly in joy wax and wow wax, and is nice and strong in soy wax. The recommended maximum usage percentage in vegetable and paraffin waxes is 10%. And fortunately, this fragrance is gel wax compatible. Our candle coloring recommendations are 1 drop of brown liquid candle dye per 4 pounds of wax or shred a small amount of brown color block into your melted wax. Remember to never use a crayon to color a candle or you will clog the wick!

Handmade scented soaps: The recommended maximum usage percentage is 5% (same goes for bath oils, bath gels, and cleaning products). Our cold process soap testing results show that Almond-scented soap has perfect pour, no ricing, no acceleration, and no discoloration. The scent sticks- whatever that means. Our coloring recommendations are none. Do whatever you want!

Handmade perfumes and lotions: Almond Fragrance Oil performed perfectly in perfumes, but it is important to note that the maximum usage percentage for lotions and perfumes is only 1%. I’m guessing a lot of people make lotions with this since it’s supposed to smell like a famous lotion. Do it up! Just remember- only 1% fragrance oil!

Handmade room scents: maximum usage percentage in incense and potpourri is 50%. Almond Fragrance Oil comes across nice and strong in aroma beads.