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 Beard Soap Recipe download-recipe

Beard Soap Recipe

This recipe will create (4) 1 pound soaps bars.

Ingredients Found At Natures Garden:


Beard Soap Recipe

Other Ingredients & Equipment You'll Need:

Silicone Mixing Spoon
2 Large mixing bowls
Stick Blender
Distilled Water


Total Recipe Weights:

182 grams Lye
517 grams Water

340 grams Coconut Oil 76
68 grams Jojoba Oil
163 grams Sweet Almond Oil
68 grams Olive Oil Pomace
68 grams Castor Oil
41 grams Lanolin Oil
68 grams Sesame Oil
272 grams Cocoa Butter Golden Natural
272 grams Shea Butter
100 grams Gurjan Balsam Essential Oil


Note:  Although we have this recipe listed under hot process soap recipes, this recipe could be used to make cold process soap instead if you desire.  See our cold process soap 101 class for that procedure.  Same recipe, different process. 

Note:  If this is the first time you are ever attempting the process of making soap, please review these classes to familiarize yourself with the processes.

Step 1:  Clean and sanitize your work area and all of your packaging materials. We recommend that you wear gloves, protective clothing, a face mask, safety glasses, and a hair net while preparing this recipe. 

Step 2:  First, in one bowl, weigh out the correct amounts of the shea butter, cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, olive oil, lanolin oil, sesame oil, coconut oil 76, castor oil, and jojoba oil.  

Step 3:  Now, turn your crockpot on a low heat setting.  Place all of your oils and butters into the crockpot.  Heat these ingredients until they are all in a liquid state.  

Step 4:  While you are waiting for your ingredients to melt, weigh out your lye and water.  

Step 5:  Then, slowly begin adding small amounts of the lye to the water, stirring in between the addition of the lye to the water.  Never add the water to the lye.

Step 6:  Next, slowly add the lye mixture to the crockpot and stir. 

Step 7:  Stick blend the mixture in the crockpot until your batter reaches trace.

Step 8:  Place the lid on your crockpot at this time and keep the crockpot on a low setting.

Step 9:  Stir your mixture occasionally to ensure the soap cooks evenly.  You will want to stir it about every 15 minutes or so.

Step 10:  Once your mixture takes on a mashed potatoes appearance, it is time to add the essential oil.  Cooking time will vary, but it usually takes about an hour.  Add the essential oil and stir to fully incorporate the oil.

Step 11:  Add the soap to each cavity of the mold.  Then, lift your mold slightly and tap it on the table to release any air bubbles.  Allow the soap to cool and harden.

Step 12:  Once the soap has hardened, remove it from the molds.  Then, slice the soap with your mitre box and cutter.


Natures Garden is not responsible for the performance of any of the recipes provided on our website. Testing is your responsibility. If you plan to resell any recipes we provide, it is your responsibility to adhere to all FDA regulations. If there are ingredients listed in a recipe that Natures Garden does not sell, we cannot offer any advice on where to purchase those ingredients.

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