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Sueys Scents - Money Candle

Money Candle

   Suey's Scents-  Money Candle

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I am pleased to introduce you to Sueys Scents

Our love for candles and the environment inspired us to make our Fragrant soy candles. Our goal was to find a purer, healthier candle that did not leave soot and a film that paraffin candles leave on everything.

After some research we found soy candles and immediately fell in love with how long it lasted, how clean it burned and the fragrance was amazing . There will always be toxins in the environment that we have no control over, but  we can choose the type of candles we burn. I did not want to have toxins in our home that petroleum candles give off. Making Soy candles has many rewards and we are proud to say that we produce an eco friendly product. Sueys Scents candles are created to illuminate any room. All our soy candles are hand poured and made especially for you with the most pure and natural products available.
We also ship using Eco friendly packaging!
The Candle featured in the picture is Natures Garden Money Scent which is our Fragrance of the Month

I came across Natures Garden when I was searching for Chanel No5 fragrance. Since that initial purchase, I  was hooked on Natures Garden vast selections and I especially like the Novelty and wierd scents. Now when someone has a special request I go to Natures Garden first and I am almost certain to find it.

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