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Smelly Jelly Crystals- 1 pound


Especially formulated polymer crystals which are capable of holding 400 times their weight in water.  One pound of crystals makes approximately 90- 8 oz. jars!   Take 1 level teaspoon smelly jelly crystals and add 7 oz. warm distilled water. Add a few drops of liquid soap dye to the mixture along with approximately 1 tablespoon fragrance oil. Allow the mixture to swell for about 15 minutes and place into jar. This recipe fills (1) 8 oz. smelly jelly jar.

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Great Product

Reviewer: A viewer from Phoenix, AZ US 05/01/14

This is a great quick and easy to use product. My customers love them.

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Reviewer: A viewer from St Marys, OH US 04/13/14

I have bought these for years, I have customers who still talk about how amazing these are.
I used parmesan shakers from Dollar Tree and sold 48 in one day. Now need to order more containers and beads because the orders keep coming in ;)

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Love this!!!!!

Reviewer: A viewer from Florida, US 06/21/13

I really love Smelly Jelly Crystals!! These are so easy to make, I only wish I bought this product sooner!

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To good to be true!!!!

Reviewer: A viewer from Anderson, IN US 04/26/13

These smelly Jelly Crystals are just to good to be true. They only work in very very few frgrances. You have to have a scent that is extremely over powering in order for them to work. It is a great concept to be able to make these because they are so easy. I have used them in a car, closet, small bathroom, office desk. Just not great. These use up to much oil that could be used for other products and work ten times better. Remember there will be people for everything. One out of ten customers like these.

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Great product to sell

Reviewer: A viewer from South Bend, IN US 03/28/13

This product is wonderful it is ecconmical and easy to make

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Reviewer: A viewer from Galion, OH US 03/06/13

I think this product is awesome. I use these with NG's fragrances and jars. The product I produce using these crystals has lead me to many orders. I started with a lb and will be purchasing another super soon.

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Do not buy

Reviewer: A viewer from Corbin, KY US 01/14/13

I ordered these smelly jelly crystals thinking they would be a great addition to my product line. I made a test batch and all the crystals evaporated in less than a week!! I made another batch thinking I followed the directions wrong and it did the same thing! Whats worse is NG will not email me back about how they intend to fix this!! DO NOT BUY

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swing and a miss

Reviewer: A viewer from Hagerstown, MD US 10/21/12

I used up to 2x the recommended fragrance with these and they didnt work. Unless you hold the jar up to your face, they do not even scent a small bathroom. I've tried multiple fragrances in varying amounts and nothing. Very disappointing product. Made some of these for a craft fair and couldn't even take them to sell. Hope NG can improve this product as it is a great concept.

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GrEaT Item!!!!

Reviewer: A viewer from Bethune, CO US 07/24/12

smelly jellys are great item! i not only use the NG jars i got some small jelly jars... they worked out great. I use soap scents, but i also use extract oils... YUMMY!

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Reviewer: A viewer from Louisville, KY US 07/03/12

I LOVE Smelly Jelly and even more, I love the money that Smelly Jelly brings in!! I sold about 10-12 jars of it last weekend and I couldn't be happier. I want to put every scent I have in Smelly Jelly. <3

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