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Joy Wax- 1 SLAB


Joy Wax

Each slab is 10-12 pounds each.  A wonderful combination of soy wax, other vegetable waxes, food grade paraffin, and proprietary ingredients.  Available only at Natures Garden! 

We're so HAPPY about Joy Wax tm...we're doing a Joy Dance!! Joy Wax tm is only sold at Natures Garden. We have helped create a wonderful container candle wax that provides excellent cold and hot scent throw without any curing time necessary. Joy Wax holds more fragrance than most waxes on the market; without seepage. Joy Wax clings nicely to the sides of jars, and has a nice creamy, glossy appearance. Joy Wax requires that you pour only once in most jars, allows you to create candles rich in color, and has a wonderful melt pool. You do not have to add any additives to joy wax for it to perform wonderfully.

Note:  We personally test each batch of joy wax that is manufactured for us to ensure quality.  We test each batch using 100% joy wax, color, fragrance oil, and CD wicking.    However, since wax can differ from batch to batch, joy wax may vary on its level of creaminess.  In the event that joy wax is less creamy than a previous batch, we suggest that you add 1 ounce of crisco shortening per pound of joy wax.  Crisco is a low melt point soy product.  This will allow the wax to cling better to your jars, and will reduce the incidence of frosting and cracking of the wax. 

Directions for use: Melt joy wax (using a double-boiler method) to 200F. Add coloring to your specifications. Drop the temperature to 175-170F. Add 1 ounce of fragrance oil per pound of joy wax. Pour into containers at 165-160F. Wick your containers, and allow to cool at room temperature. We have found that CD wicks work the best in this wax, however, HTP, Zinc, Hemp and Performa wicks may also be used with great success. As with any wax, trim your wicks before lighting candles. We invite you to try our Joy Wax, put it to the test against your regular wax, and SMELL and SELL the difference! You too will want to do a JOY DANCE! 

Joy wax may differ from batch to batch.  All wax sales are final; we do not accept returns, and we do not offer replacements for any waxes we sell.  Please be aware of this when ordering.  There will be no exceptions.

NOTE:  When ordering large quantities of wax, our shopping cart may not reflect the correct shipping estimates.  You are charged exactly what UPS charges us for shipping.  This may require us to adjust your billing before we charge your credit card.  When ordering 40 or more cases of wax, your order will be shipped via LTL Freight, and you will be charged according to their shipping costs

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Nice and creamy--just no scent throw

Reviewer: A viewer from Raymond, CA US 08/31/10

I really love how easy this wax is to work with--it literally cuts with a butter knife. It makes gorgeous candles with very soft, creamy tops, and I don't get any frosting or wet spots. The only trouble I have is I'm not getting a very good scent throw--hot or cold. (In fact, it's practically nonexistant) I was very careful to follow the instructions, melting to 200 F, adding dye, then adding the fragrance at 175 F and pouring at 160 F. I even had my nephew come over and sniff the candles I made with the Joy wax and he said he could "barely" smell the scent at all, despite the fact that I used a full TBSP per pound. I've tried several different scents in case one wasn't as strong, and I have the same problem regardless of what fragrance I use. I'm going to try to up the fragrance load to 1 1/2 TBSP's and see if that helps. If not, I guess I'll have to go back to pure soy or try a different blend. Has anyone else has had this problem and found the solution?

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First disappoint EVER with NG...

Reviewer: A viewer from Maryville, TN US 08/13/10

I have bought thousands of dollars worth of products from NG and this is the first time I have ever been disappointed! I am not so disappointed with the product as I am with the way it was shipped. What was usable of the wax made very nice candles but A LOT of the wax was wasted due to how it was packaged. The slabs of wax were put into a garbage bag and than put in the box. I don't know if it had anything to do with the extra hot days we have had lately but my wax came melted to the sides of the garbage bag and a lot of it went to waste! So I hope that NG can find a better way to package this product because I loved the wax but at the price I paid for it I won't buy it again unless I am able to make use of ALL of the wax.

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Reviewer: A viewer from Nashville, IL US 01/27/06

I did not like this wax it did not burn as even as the mp123 wax that I started with first.Really the only difference I found compared to the mp123 was brighter colors (Joy wax was brighter).

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Reviewer: A viewer from Philadelphia, Pa 02/25/13

I absolutely LOVE this wax. I agree that when i first received it, I was a little skeptical beacuse of the way it was packaged (in a kitchen trash bag). However, as far as appearance, my candles look so professional. As far as scent throw, one ounce of fragrance per pound is not enough to make the candles strong. So for every ounce of wax i use an ounce of fragrance, and they come out great. People have to keep in mind that some scents are stronger than other ones, and its primarily made from sox. So unlike it being 100% paraffin wax, soy needs more fragrance. However, there are some people who prefer benefits (all natural products) over features (stronger scents). Know who your marketing to so you can know how to scent your candles.

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too soft for wax melts

Reviewer: A viewer from Valley View, TX US 12/12/11

not NG's fault. should have called customer service and asked questions. Have to dig this wax out of clam molds, too soft to pop out. Going to try and melt it and pour into containers and use as wickless candles on a warmer.

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Love Joy Wax

Reviewer: A viewer from Donna, TX US 06/16/13

Candle making is new to me and this is the first wax I have tried. I LOVE it! It's easy to cut, melts so nicely, sets up in the jars wonderfully and it takes colors and fragrances most delightfully. I have a hard time seeing myself using a different wax. There is a reason it's called "Joy Wax"!
My mom bought me a Joy Wax kit for my birthday and it is perfect for new people who are just beginning candle making.

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Easy to work with

Reviewer: A viewer from NJ 07/04/15

The slabs originally intimidated me, since my only experience thus far has been with soy flakes, but this stuff is easy to handle! Cuts like butter and cleans up with very little effort. Candles are very creamy and the wax has held scent in the ones I've made so far.
The only problem I have is that residue is left on the jar walls when it's burned, but I'm sure there's a way around that.

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Great Wax

Reviewer: A viewer from Spindale, NC US 04/30/13

I've been making candles and selling them at craft shows etc for about 6 months now. The wax I started out using was pretty awesome, but the shipping costs were breaking the bank. I then switched to a store bought wax and it was extremely hard and didn't hold much fragrance. I then found Natures Garden and tried some of their wax. Not only was it affordable, even after shipping, but the container candles came out with a very creamy look to them. Everyone who has purchased one is loving them.

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No Throw

Reviewer: A viewer from Arlington, MA US 11/30/12

I was so excited to try this wax, but the throw was very weak using max fragrance load and CD10 (as recommended by NG). The CD10 did not clean the sides of my 3" jars, definately need to go up a wick size or two. It would be nice if NG offered smaller quantities of wicks for purchase, now stuck with 100 CD10 wicks that do not perform in the Joy wax!

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love it !!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewer: A viewer from Meyersdale, PA US 03/22/12


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