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What Are Poppy Seeds Benefits?

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What Are Poppy Seeds Benefits?What Are Poppy Seeds Benefits?

If you are curious about all of the benefits and uses of the poppy seed whole herb, then this is the blog that you will want to read up on! There are an abundance of benefits that the poppy seed can provide for you. So, adding poppy seeds to food is perfect for creating scrumptious food that has some benefits for the body. Further, this cosmetic herb is perfect for creating bath and body recipes that care for the skin. But, what are poppy seeds benefits that you can gain for you and your products?  In this cosmetic blog, you will learn all about the different ways that you can use this herb for all kinds of fantastic recipes.

What Are Poppy Seeds Benefits? : Growing Conditions

Growing your own poppy flowers will have two main benefits for you. First, you can use these beautiful flower to decorate your flower bed or garden. Second, you can use the poppy seeds for all kinds of homemade recipes. So, you will be sure to love growing these gorgeous poppies right at home!

Before you decide to grow your own poppies, you should learn a bit about  the conditions that these flowers prefer. Poppies like to have full sun as well as a warmer climate. Also, make sure that the soil you plant your poppies in will  drain well. Another thing to remember is that the timing for planting is important. So, you will want to plant your poppy seeds in either the fall or winter. When you plant these seeds is important because most poppy flowers require a period of cold before they can germinate. So, you may not want to start your seedling inside the home. Another reason to avoid starting your plants inside is that poppy flowers won’t transplant well. You will want to  spread the seeds on the surface  of the soil or lightly cover the seeds. If you want to fertilize your plants, then you may want to try a liquid fertilizer that is specialized for these flowers.

What Are Poppy Seeds Benefits?: Industrial Uses

There are a variety of ways that you can use this wonderful flower herb to create a wide variety of recipes. First of all, you can add this cosmetic herb to any of your bath and body recipes to create some fantastic, skin loving recipes that look fantastic. Also, you can add poppy seeds to delicious bakery foods. Also, there are some medicinal properties that this cosmetic herb can provide. So, let’s get into some of the best ways to use wholesale poppy seeds and their various benefits.

What Are Poppy Seeds Benefits?: Bath and Body UsesWhat Are Poppy Seeds Benefits?: Bath and Body Uses

Adding some cosmetic herbs to your homemade bath and body recipes is a perfect way to increase the beneficial properties for your body. This herb has some fantastic properties for both the skin and hair. Plus, cosmetic herbs are perfect for adding some visual interest for your homemade cosmetic products. So, you can create products that are gorgeous and are even more beneficial for the entire body. If you are interested in learning about some of the potential benefits that the poppy seed herb can provide for you  and your products, then check out the benefits of this herb below. Also, we have some ideas for cosmetic recipes that perfectly incorporate poppy seeds to create a fantastic design!

What Are Poppy Seeds Benefits?: Bath and Body Benefits

Plus, you can use this botanical herb to create all kinds of beneficial beauty care products. First, this wonderful cosmetic herb is perfect for benefiting the skin.  The poppy seeds can be added into your various skin care products to help moisturize and nourish your skin. Additionally, the linolenic acid in this cosmetic herb are extremely useful for dealing with certain skin issues, like eczema, for example. Also, this wholesale product can be useful for creating nourishing lotions and creams that are perfect for dealing with itching or burning sensations. In addition, you can incorporate these wholesale poppy seeds in a body scrub recipe or an exfoliating facial to help scrub away dead skin and grime.

Also, you can use this cosmetic herb to provide benefits for your hair. This wonderful cosmetic herb can be useful for dealing with issues like dandruff or alopecia. Further, this cosmetic herb can be useful for aiding with other hair problems that are due to being malnourished or having an illness. Also, you can create an herbal poppy seed infusion to create hair care products that will care for split ends. So, the properties of these poppy seeds will work with luscious oils and butters to rejuvenate your hair and get back your hair back to a beautiful sheen!

What Are Poppy Seeds Benefits? : Natures Garden RecipesWhat Are Poppy Seeds Benefits? : Natures Garden Recipes

There are many different Natures Garden recipes that you can create using the Natures Garden cosmetic poppy seeds. One great way to use this cosmetic herb is as a natural exfoliate. We used this lovely herb in exfoliating recipes, like our Pampered Foot Scrub Recipe and Acai Berry Smoothie Sugar Scrub Recipe. These recipes allow you to exfoliate your dead skin and nourish your body with the luxurious butters and oils. Also, you can use this cosmetic herb for homemade soap making recipes like the Peppered Poppy Seed Cold Process Soap Recipe and Activated Charcoal Soap Recipe. Plus, there are poppy seed soap benefits for your skin that you will be sure to enjoy in your homemade soaps!

What Are Poppy Seeds Benefits? : Lemon Poppyseed Fragrance Oil

Our delicious Lemon Poppyseed Fragrance Oil is a perfect aroma that you can pair with this cosmetic herb. This scented oil has an  aroma of freshly-baked lemon poppy seed muffins that is just too good to pass up. This aroma begins with  top notes of candied lime savors, lemon syrup, and bergamot extract. Then, the scent continues with notes of poppy seed muffin, brown sugar, and clove bud.  Finally, this delicious bakery scent finishes with base notes of marshmallow fluff, vanilla cake batter, and white musk. So, you can use the scrumptious scent of this fragrance with the whole poppy seeds to create bath and body products that look just like real poppy seed pastries!

What Are Poppy Seeds Benefits?: Medicinal UsesWhat Are Poppy Seeds Benefits?: Medicinal Uses

There are quite a few medicinal uses for the poppy seed that you can enjoy. In fact, this botanical herb can be used to create opiods, like codeine and morphine.  Although this herb has the potential to be used to create some prescription medicines, there isn’t enough of the opiates in the cosmetic herb to impair your mental state. The make up of the raw poppy seeds won’t have the same effect as the synthesized drugs. So, poppy seed  muffins or cosmetic bath and body supplies won’t impact your mental state. However, there are some minor benefits that you can have from the raw, whole poppy seeds. You can incorporate this herb into your diet by seasoning foods or topping pastries.

What Are Poppy Seeds Benefits?: Medicinal Benefits

Poppy seeds can be used to help with restless nights. Some people will use a small amount of this herb to soothe the nerves and tissues in turn helping important organs work properly. So, adding a bit of this herb to your diet can be useful for helping dealing with sleep disorders. Also, you can use this cosmetic herb to help with digestion. Some people say that this herb has enough dietary fiber to reduce constipation and stimulate your digestive track. So, adding some of this herb to your diet may be useful for improving your digestion. Plus, some people have found that you can use this herb to help reduce hypertension and lower pressure. Further, this herb has been found to be useful for lowering bad cholesterol.

Also, poppy seeds contain nutrients that can help promote healthy function in the body. First, the zinc in this herb can help to promote better bone density and bone health. Plus, this poppy seeds contain a good amount of dietary fiber, which can help to reduce issues with constipation. Also, the iron and other nutrients in poppy seed have been found to promote cognitive function. Further, these nourishing properties can decrease your risk of Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. This nutrient along with copper are beneficial for promoting healthy blood cells, which can help reduce issues with fatigue, anemia, and increase muscle strength.

What Are Poppy Seeds Benefits?: Food and BeveragesWhat Are Poppy Seeds Benefits?: Food and Beverages

Often, poppy seeds are used to flavor various foods. You can find poppy seeds on common foods you eat like muffins, pastries, bread, bagels, and even more!  Also, some will add some whole poppy seeds to the top of salads and other scrumptious dishes. Poppy seeds can either be pressed into an oil for cooking purposes or added to the top of your scrumptious foods. When poppy seeds are added to the top of foods, it is sometimes used as a decorative touch. Many people have said that these poppies have a taste of a nutty flavor. Plus, adding the whole poppy seeds to the top of your pastries can provide a bit of toast or crunch for the food.

What Are Poppy Seeds Benefits?: Other UsesWhat Are Poppy Seeds Benefits?: Other Uses

Not only can you create yummy pastries and top all kinds of delicious foods, but you can create other scrumptious recipes too. One fun recipes that you can try out is a dessert recipe for Poppy Seed Ice Cream from the Washington Post. This ice cream recipe is perfect for anyone looking for a fun, unique dessert recipe. This ice cream has a scrumptious poppy seed taste that is said to pair perfectly with chocolate sauce or an apple dessert. So, use this fantastic recipe and try out this delicious, homemade ice cream idea!

What Are Poppy Seeds Benefits?: Red Poppy Festival

If you love to admire beautiful poppy flowers, then you may be interested in checking out the Red Poppy Festival in Georgetown, Texas. This festival has music, a parade, crafts, and even more fun stuff! Plus, you can even tour the town where beautiful poppies grow wild all throughout the area and decorate this historic town. So, check out the next Red Poppy Festival to experience all kinds of fun in the name of these beautiful flowers!

What Are Poppy Seeds Benefits?: Reach Out to Us
What Are Poppy Seeds Benefits?: Reach Out and Talk to Us

We hope that you enjoy all the different ways that you can use this cosmetic herb. If you have any more questions about this herb or any other of our herbs and spices, then feel free to reach out to us! We  at Natures Garden can be found in the store, on the phone, and even online. An easy way for you to reach out to us online is through our social media accounts. One way to find us on social media is on the Natures Garden Facebook page. Also, you can use the handle @ngscents to find us on both Instagram and Twitter. Not only can you use these platforms to reach out to us, but this is a great place to share your homemade cosmetic creations and ideas. Now, have all kinds of fun creating your homemade crafts and we hope that you reach out to us soon!

What Are Poppy Seeds Benefits?: A Note About Our Herbs

Note: Natures Garden sells our cosmetic herbs, like the poppy seeds, for external use only. We do not sell poppy seeds as food items. The information that we provide is for educational purposes only. This information is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease. The information we provide has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Also, you should keep all of our herbs out of reach of children and pets. Also, special care should be taken by any pregnant and/or lactating women when handling cosmetic herbs. Natures Garden accepts no responsibility (written or implied) for any products you make with our cosmetic herbs and all testing is the responsibility of the customer


Cocoa Powder in Bath and Body Recipes

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Cocoa Powder in Bath and Body RecipesCocoa Powder in Bath and Body Recipes

There are many wonderful ways that you can use herbs to create your homemade cosmetics. So, you are sure to find many perfect ways to use cocoa powder in bath and body recipes. We, at Natures Garden have many unique skin loving recipes that you can perfectly use cocoa powder to create. Cacao beans are rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C, and E.  They also have an abundance of minerals like iron, magnesium, potassium, calcium, zinc, copper, manganese.  Cocao beans also contain caffeine.  Caffeine is actually beneficial to the skin.  If you are interested in creating any of our homemade recipes that use cocoa powder, then read on for some wonderful ideas!

Cocoa Powder in Bath and Body Recipes: Chocolate Bath Butter Scrub Recipe

First, we have the scrumptious Chocolate Bath Butter Scrub Recipe from Natures Garden. This bath recipe uses perfect ingredients for a cleansing and moisturizing bath butter. Not only does this recipe use Epsom salt to exfoliate and soak the body, but this recipe includes cleansing and skin loving soap base. Further, this recipe includes organic cocoa powder, which adds to the look and effectiveness of this recipe. Plus, this recipe uses the scrumptious chocolate scent of our Better Than Sex Cake Fragrance Oil. In addition to adding to the gorgeous aesthetic and scent, this cosmetic ingredient is perfect for adding to skin care. Many find the properties of cocoa powder to support healthy, glowing skin. So, it is perfect for a nice, relaxing bath!

Cocoa Powder in Bath and Body Recipes: Chocolate Raspberry Drizzle Rolled Soap RecipeCocoa Powder in Bath and Body Recipes: Chocolate Raspberry Drizzle Rolled Soap Recipe

Another great recipe that includes the lovely cocoa powder is the  Chocolate Raspberry Drizzle Rolled Soap Recipe. This bath and body recipe uses both melt and pour soap along with the Natures Garden soap base to create an effective and delicious product that you are sure to love. Further, this recipe includes the delicious Chocolate Raspberry Drizzle Fragrance Oil, which is a rich dark chocolate accord surrounded by luscious ripe raspberry notes. This will provide your with a product with a decadent scent and a gorgeous appearance.

Cocoa Powder in Bath and Body Recipes: Swirled Melt and Pour Soap RecipeCocoa Powder in Bath and Body Recipes: Swirled Melt and Pour Soap Recipe

While swirled soap is fun, it can be difficult to do with melt and pour soap.  However, this recipe makes it easy to create swirled melt and pour soap! So, you can use our organic cocoa powder along with rose clay powder and kaolin white clay powder to create an easy, Swirled Melt and Pour Soap Recipe. Further, this lovely soap recipe uses the Chocolate Covered Strawberries Fragrance Oil, which is an aroma of ripe red strawberries that are surrounded by creamy milk chocolate notes along with sweet vanilla notes to create a decadent treat. So, this is a perfect recipe for melt and pour soap with a scrumptious aroma.

Cocoa Powder in Bath and Body Recipes: Neapolitan Ice Cream Bubble Bar RecipeCocoa Powder in Bath and Body Recipes: Neapolitan Ice Cream Bubble Bar Recipe

Additionally, you can incorporate ingredients, like our cocoa powder, to create fun bubble bar recipes! One such bath and body recipe that you can make is the lovely Neapolitan Ice Cream Bubble Bar Recipe. This adorable recipe uses an ice cream scoop to create bath products that look just like scoops of ice cream!

Furthermore, this batch has been made with three different colors to look like real Neapolitan ice cream. The cocoa powder was used in the chocolate portion to add to the color and enhance the scent of our Hot Cocoa Fragrance Oil. Also, each of the three portions were differently scented. So, the pink colored section used our delicious Strawberry Patch Fragrance Oil and the white portion used French Vanilla Fragrance Oil along with our vanilla powder. So, this recipe is the perfect blend of scents and aesthetic to create a fantastic bath and body recipe.

Cocoa Powder in Bath and Body Recipes: Chocolate Facial Mask Recipe Cocoa Powder in Bath and Body Recipes: Chocolate Facial Mask Recipe

Also, our Chocolate Facial Mask Recipe uses skin loving ingredients, like our organic cocoa powder, to create a perfect facial recipe. Some sources find that cocoa powder can be used to create some great skin care. Also, it is thought that this cocoa powder will be able to leave your skin with a beautiful glow. Plus, it has other known benefits for the skin, like reducing wrinkles and blemishes. Further, this diy facial includes some lovely ingredients like vitamin E and bentonite clay powder. These lovely skin care ingredients are sure to nourish your skin and makes this homemade body product absolutely perfect!

Cocoa Powder in Bath and Body Recipes: Roses and Chocolate Body Wrap Recipe Cocoa Powder in Bath and Body Recipes: Roses and Chocolate Body Wrap Recipe

Next, we have a recipe that is both simple and wonderful for the skin! Our Roses and Chocolate Body Wrap Recipe uses clay along with exfoliating dead sea salt. This recipe includes rose clay powder, rosehips powder, and cocoa powder, which are sure to nourish the skin. So, the combination of exfoliation form the salt and the blend of chocolate and rose will help to rejuvenate the skin and leave your skin soft and glowing. All you need to do is sit back and relax as the recipe cares for your body.

Cocoa Powder in Bath and Body Recipes: Chocolate Foaming Body Frosting RecipeCocoa Powder in Bath and Body Recipes: Chocolate Foaming Body Frosting Recipe

Plus, you can use cocoa powder to create a wonderful recipe, like Chocolate Foaming Body Frosting Recipe. This bath and body recipe is simple and perfect for cleansing as you moisturize! The recipe includes our whipped soap base along with this lovely organic cocoa powder. This blend will allow your skin to be moisturized and cleansed. Plus, the cocoa powder and the scent of the product, which is from our Creamy Chocolate Cupcake Fragrance Oil, provides a scrumptious chocolatey aroma.

https://www.naturesgardencandles.com/candlemaking-soap-supplies/item/00chsusc/-chocolate-sugar-scrub-recipe.htmlCocoa Powder in Bath and Body Recipes: Chocolate Sugar Scrub Recipe

Another recipe that perfectly incorporates cocoa powder is our Chocolate Sugar Scrub Recipe. Since chocolate is known to be rich in antioxidants that help reduce skin damage, this recipe is perfect for skin care recipes! Plus, this bath and body recipe uses luxurious ingredients that are wonderful for the skin. Further, this scrub recipe is wonderful for exfoliating dead skin. This combination will leave your skin cared for and nourished. Further, this recipe uses the scent of Chocolate Fudge Fragrance Oil, which smells like rich, dark chocolate with notes of buttery caramel and vanilla creme, sprinkled with toasted almond slivers and creamy hazelnut. So, this homemade bath recipe is perfect for skin care!

Cocoa Powder in Bath and Body Recipes: Gourmet Chocolate Bath Melts RecipeCocoa Powder in Bath and Body Recipes: Gourmet Chocolate Bath Melts Recipe

Additionally, you can use our Organic Cocoa Powder to create some scrumptious bath melts! Our Gourmet Chocolate Bath Melts Recipe creates a bath product that looks l just like the real deal. Plus, these yummy chocolates use ingredients that will really care for the body. The luscious oils and butters work together to nourish and care for the skin. Also, these diy bath melts use the scent of a rich, slightly bitter aroma of gourmet dark chocolate, which is due to the Gourmet Dark Chocolate Fragrance Oil. Plus, the cocoa powder adds to both the scent of this recipe and the skin care properties of this recipe.

Cocoa Powder in Bath and Body Recipes: Neapolitan Ice Cream Emulsified Sugar Scrub RecipeCocoa Powder in Bath and Body Recipes: Neapolitan Ice Cream Emulsified Sugar Scrub Recipe

Another fun bath recipe that is inspired by Neapolitan ice cream is our Neapolitan Ice Cream Emulsified Sugar Scrub Recipe. This fun bath recipe uses Fresh Strawberry Fragrance Oil, Vanilla Bean Fragrance Oil, and Chocolate Fudge Fragrance Oil to create three separate layers. So, each fragrance oil is used to scent a different layer to create all three layers of Neapolitan ice cream. Additionally, this homemade scrub recipe uses skin loving butters and oils. So, this recipe is pretty and perfect for nourishing the skin!

Cocoa Powder in Bath and Body Recipes: Mint Chocolate Chip Chip Ice Cream Bath Fizzies RecipeCocoa Powder in Bath and Body Recipes: Mint Chocolate Chip Chip Ice Cream Bath Fizzies Recipe

Also, you can include some cocoa powder in the creation of the Mint Chocolate Chip Chip Ice Cream Bath Fizzies Recipe. This wonderful cosmetic ingredient looks just like crushed chocolate chips in yummy mint chocolate ice cream! Further, we added Natures Garden’s Peppermint Patty Fragrance Oil, which notes of creamy peppermint and vanilla with strong notes of bittersweet chocolate. Plus, this recipe uses luscious butters along with dead sea salt that are perfect to soak in.

Cocoa Powder in Bath and Body Recipes: Hot Fudge Brownies Cold Process Soap RecipeCocoa Powder in Bath and Body Recipes: Hot Fudge Brownies Cold Process Soap Recipe

Plus, the Hot Fudge Brownies Cold Process Soap Recipe can be made with this scrumptious organic cocoa powder. This lovely soap made from scratch uses a variety of luxurious butters and oils. These skin loving oils are perfect for moisturizing and conditioning the skin as your clean with this recipe. Not only is this recipe great for moisturizing, but this chocolatey recipe includes a scrumptious scent. The Hot Fudge Brownie Fragrance Oil is the scent of freshly baked chocolate brownies smothered in hot fudge sauce with a hint of vanilla.

Cocoa Powder in Bath and Body Recipes: Cocoa Dream Cream RecipeCocoa Powder in Bath and Body Recipes: Cocoa Dream Cream Recipe

Another wonderful recipe that you can create with Cocoa Powder is our luscious Cocoa Dream Cream Recipe. Cocoa powder blends with skin loving oils and butters to create a lotion that is perfect for moisturizing and softening the skin. Not only is this homemade lotion recipe perfect for skin care, but this recipe smells wonderful due to the addition of Butter Brickle Fragrance Oil. This scent will add to the lotion with an extremely buttery and creamy smelling aroma with strong base notes of vanilla and hints of almond. So, you will be able to make a diy lotion that is wonderful for the skin and smells lovely!

Cocoa Powder in Bath and Body Recipes: Chocolate Cream Cheese Cupcake Soap RecipeCocoa Powder in Bath and Body Recipes: Chocolate Cream Cheese Cupcake Soap Recipe

Plus, you can include cocoa powder in the delicious Chocolate Cream Cheese Cupcake Soap Recipe.  This homemade soap recipe looks absolutely scrumptious just like a real cupcake. Plus, this diy soap smells delicious due to Chocolate Cream Cheese Cupcake Fragrance Oil, which has a creamy top note of coconut; followed by a warm middle note of buttercream; and well rounded with a base note of dark cocoa. So, this recipe is perfect for creating fun, delicious soap that is wonderful for the skin.

Cocoa Powder in Bath and Body Recipes: Neapolitan Cupcake Soap RecipeCocoa Powder in Bath and Body Recipes: Neapolitan Cupcake Soap Recipe

Another soap cupcake recipe that you can create with cocoa powder is the Neapolitan Cupcake Soap Recipe. This recipe uses both melt and pour soap and imagine base to create this simple layered soap recipe with a whipped topping. Also, this cupcake has three layers that are differently scented. The bottom layer includes the Cocoa Powder and Chocolate Fudge Fragrance Oil. The next layer is scented with Buttercream Cupcake Fragrance Oil. Finally, the last layer uses Strawberry Preserves Fragrance Oil. These layers perfectly blend to create a scrumptious Neapolitan cupcake soap!

Cocoa Powder in Bath and Body Recipes: Cocao or Cocoa?

While our cocoa powder is only intended for cosmetic use, this is an ingredient often found in chocolate flavored foods. In fact, cacao, which is pure chocolate, is used to create cocoa. While they are both derived from the same sources, there are some slight differences in the two ingredients. If you are interested in learning about the difference between, then check out “Cacao vs. Cocoa: What You Need to Know” by One Green Planet. This article talks about facts about each all with how they are made and used. Also, this article talks about the nutritional benefits, which are surprising in a wonderful way! So, check out this article to learn about these two delicious and nutritious forms of chocolate.

Cocoa Powder in Bath and Body Recipes: Contact UsCocoa Powder in Bath and Body Recipes: Contact Us

Please share with us your favorite way to use Natures Garden’s organic cocoa powder! Or, feel free to ask any questions that you may have about these recipes. Also, you can ask us about suggestions on how to use any of our products in your recipes. You can find us on social media. You can talk to us on the Natures Garden Facebook page. Also, you can use @ngscents to find us on either Twitter or Instagram. We hope to hear from you soon!


Arrowroot Uses

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arrowroot usesArrowroot Uses

Hello all you wonderful people out there! I hope you’re all having a wonderful day! Have any new projects you’re working on? Anything new you want to try in the near future? Maybe you’re looking for just the right thing to add? Have you ever tried anything with arrowroot? This herb is the perfect addition for all of your bath and body and cosmetic products! This white silky powder works as a wonderful thickener for many cosmetics, natural deodorants, and even body powder recipes. Did you know that arrowroot actually used to be used for papermaking? All the way back in the early days of carbonless copy paper, arrowroot was actually used because of its fine size! This is one herb you definitely need to try out!

Arrowroot can actually be used in many different products and industries. Besides papermaking, this herb can be used for culinary purposes, medicinal purposes, soap making, and skin care. Common products that can include arrowroot are natural deodorants, body powders, lotions, sugar scrubs, bath bombs, bath brews, bath fizzies, body butters, and many natural cosmetics. Your skin will experience many benefits from this wonderful herb such as making the skin feel soft and silky, absorbing and keeping moisture in the skin, and it also makes the skin smoother. Arrowroot also helps to nourish and treat sunburns, and it dries up many rashes and blemishes.

There are also many wonderful medicinal benefits that come from arrowroot as well. It helps to maintain proper alkali and acid levels within the body, and it can help people who suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome by soothing the bowels. It also works to effectively treat diarrhea and relieve any nausea. For women, arrowroot can actually be beneficial during a pregnancy. It works to prevent many defects and malformations. This herb also helps to regulate blood pressure and your heart rate, and can also be used to aid in weight loss! Arrowroot is also great for infants, working as a wonderful alternative to breast milk. It is very easily digestible and can be made into jelly to feed infants. It also works as a great treatment for skin infections such as gangrene and small pox and can be used to control moisture when dealing with treatment of athlete’s foot. Arrowroot can even be used to help heal many wounds, ulcers, and other sores.

Did you know that arrowroot can even be used as an antidote for poisons? How can you not try out this amazing product? But hold on, because we offer many wonderful free recipes and classes here at Nature’s Garden, and many of them actually happen to be made with our Arrowroot Powder! Make sure to try out our Shaving Soap for Sensitive Skin, our Natural Baby Powder, our Rose Lotion, or even our Cotton Candy Emulsified Sugar Scrub! When you type “arrowroot” into the search bar on our website, it will take you directly to our Arrowroot Powder page. On top of the picture, you will see a green link labeled “Recipe.” That will show you the names and pictures of all of our great recipes made with arrowroot, and are all direct links right to the recipes. Enjoy these amazing products and keep watching for more Enlightened by Layla!

Nature’s Garden sells arrowroot powder for external use only. We do not sell it as a food item. The information above talks about arrowroot for many industries, however we only sell it for external use. We provide this data for educational purposes only. Nothing in this article is to be construed as medical advice. Please consult your doctor before using this product or any of this information for treatment purposes.

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Uses for Anise

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Uses for AniseUses for Anise

Hello everyone! For all you crafty, artsy, creative people out there, are you always looking for new projects to try? Something new to let your imagination run wild? Well, have you ever tried anything with herbs? To be more specific, have you ever tried anything with anise? Anise is actually an amazing flower that can be used for so many different products and industries! While it is most commonly known for its culinary and medicinal purposes, did you know that it can also be used for skin and hair care? And it can be included in many bath and body products!

There is such a variety of uses for anise. When used in bath and body products, anise has so many wonderful hair and skin care benefits. Common products it can be used in are bath teas, bath bombs, bath salts, face tonics, massage oil, lotions, ointments, creams, foot scrubs, body wash, shampoo and conditioner, facial masks and soaps. When used for soap making, anise helps to exfoliate the skin. Anise also helps to keep your skin very soft and smooth and it brings it a beautiful youthful glow. It also helps to treat acne, psoriasis, oily skin, and any damaged or spotted skin. For your hair, there are so many benefits from anise! It helps to stimulate new hair growth, repair damaged hair, and it also brings moisture to dry hair! It can even treat scabies, lice, and other scalp conditions while bringing relief from flakes and dandruff.

There are many medicinal benefits to using anise as well. It will help to control blood pressure and heart beat while working as a natural analgesic and reducing any pressure on the heart. Specifically for women, anise helps to ease the pain of childbirth, stimulate menstruation, relieve the pain caused by menstrual cramps, increase milk flow during nursing, and it also helps to increase a woman’s sex drive. Anise even helps to relieve the symptoms of male menopause. Anise is also used to treat coughs, upset stomachs, runny nose, insomnia, asthma, seizures, nicotine dependence, constipation, and intestinal gas. It can even increase appetite and urine flow. Anise has many important properties such as being antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, antiseptic, carminative, and it is also a natural sedative. There are dental benefits as well. Anise helps to freshen breath and relieve tooth aches. Also, when used in a compress, it can help to relieve eye pain.

Did you know that anise is poisonous to pigeons? Or that aniseed oil can be used as a flavoring agent to alcohol? How about that anise leaves can be used as a salad ingredient? The easiest way to get your hands on this amazing product as soon as possible is just by typing “anise” into the search bar on our website. That will take you directly to a page that offers our Ground Anise Seed, our Anise Essential Oil, and even our Whole Star Anise Seeds. This is definitely a product that you should try as soon as possible! And while you’re at it, check out all of our awesome free classes and recipes as well! Please contact us with any thoughts or questions and watch out for more Enlightened by Layla!


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Uses for Cloves

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Uses-for-ClovesUses for Cloves

Hello everyone! For all you crafters out there, are you looking for a new project to try? Maybe something exciting and unique that your customers will love? Or maybe you’re just looking for something different that would be the perfect gift for your loved ones? Have you ever tried anything with herbs before? More specifically, have you ever tried anything with cloves? You would be surprised as to how many different products and industries actually use cloves! They are in so many common products! Common uses for cloves include soaps, candles, lotions, creams, ointments, bath teas, massage oils, bath bombs, scrubs, potpourri, hair conditioner and many other bath and body products! Cloves can even be used for culinary and medicinal purposes! This is one product that you just can’t pass up, it is too perfect to use for all of your upcoming projects!

There are so many wonderful uses for cloves. For all of the many bath and body products it can be used in, it has many amazing benefits. Cloves have many skin benefits such as being able to treat and help heal rashes, cuts, and wounds. Cloves also contain many nutrients that are extremely important to the body such as vitamins A and C, sodium, phosphorous, potassium, and iron. These nutrients help to keep the skin healthy, treat and remove acne, and help to cure any scarring or blemishes. There are also many hair care benefits to using cloves. They help to refresh worn out color, prevent hair loss and thicken the hair. Also, when using cloves in soap making, they work as a gentle exfoliant and provide the soap with an awesome smell!

Cloves also have many fantastic medicinal benefits! They happen to contain many minerals that are essential to the body like manganese, magnesium, potassium, iron, and selenium. Cloves also have many anesthetic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, rubefacient, and carminative properties. They are used to treat inflammation, constipation, arthritis, sinusitis, coughs, diarrhea, flatulence, athlete’s foot, colds, and indigestion. Cloves also help to control heart rate and blood pressure, relieve nausea, vomiting, and morning sickness, and work as an exhaustion, fatigue and stress reliever. Cloves can even help to protect the body from lung and mouth cancers. Even you teeth can benefit from using cloves! They help to relieve tooth aches and cure bad breath! In Tibetan medicine, cloves and clove oils are used as treatments for multiple sclerosis and hypotonic muscles.

Did you know that cloves can actually be used as a natural insect repellant? Or that in Indonesia, cloves are actually used as spice in a type of cigarette called kretek? Cloves also just happen to be one of the most famous spices in the world, and are used as a flavoring agent in many different cuisines! In Middle Eastern, Asian, and African cuisines, they are used to bring flavor to curries, meats, and marinades. The easiest way to get your hands on this amazing product is just by typing “cloves” into the search bar on our site. That will take you directly our Whole Cloves page! But don’t forget to check out our Clove Bud Essential Oil as well! And be sure to check out all of our free classes and recipes! Enjoy these wonderful products and watch out for more Enlightened by Layla!


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calendula Calendula

Hello everybody! Are you getting ready for Halloween? Have your own little ghosts and goblins chosen their costumes yet? I can’t believe Halloween is only weeks away! Well, for all you crafters out there, are you looking for a good natural herb to include in your soaps or bath melts? Have you tried calendula? Calendula is a great herb that is more commonly known as the marigold flower. It can be used in many different industries such as cosmetics and soaping. So get ready, calendula is pretty awesome and would be a great addition to future projects!

Calendula is a very well known therapeutic herb. The word is a modern Latin diminutive of calendae which means “little calendar” or “little clock.” The flower goes along with its name because it usually blooms every month or every full moon. Another name for it is “Mary’s Gold,” referring to the Virgin Mary. Some Catholic ceremonies use the flower as a way to honor her. The flower is typically bright yellow, orange or gold. In existence, there are over 100 varieties of calendula. Egyptians considered it to have rejuvenating powers. It possesses anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties and is a big help with keeping skin smooth and healthy. Calendula is used in many industries such as bath and body products. It is great for people who suffer from varicose veins. After applying calendula to the affected areas for a few weeks, the veins have been known to shrink down. It also helps with dermatitis and acne problems. It also helps to heal minor cuts and bruising as well as some bug bites and stings and even burns. Here’s a cool use, if you use calendula as a hair product, it helps to improve your hair’s shine and makes it softer. It also will bring out blonde or brunette highlights!

This herb is a great ingredient for cold process soap. In fact, we have a recipe here at Nature’s Garden for Calendula Sunshine Cold Process Soap. Not only can it be used in soaps, calendula can also be used a decorative element for soaps. We also have a great recipe for Calendula Bath Melts. We also sell Calendula Flowers Powder and even whole Calendula Flowers. On our homepage, if you just type Calendula into our search bar it will take you right to a page titled “Search Results for Calendula.” All of our recipes and products with calendula are right there available for purchase. Did you know that in the 18th and 19th centuries calendula was used to color cheese? Neither did I! Neat though, right? However, here at Nature’s Garden we only sell calendula for external purposes only, not for food. And please do not take my blog as medical advice! Always make sure to ask your doctor before using anything as a substitute for medical treatment!

calendula products

Have I convinced you that calendula is just pure awesome! There are so many different uses for it, even in food! Did you know that marigold leaves are completely edible? Some people use them on a salad as garnish to spruce up the color! It was even once used as a dye for fabrics! Now come on, this product is purely awesome, make sure to add it to your future projects and watch out for more Enlightened by Layla!

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Top 24 Natural Food Blogs

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natural foods

There is a lot of talk over here about making your own soaps, lotions, fragrances, body scrubs, lip balms, etc. using natural ingredients to avoid some of the chemicals we are exposed to with commercial products many people use every day. I wanted to take the time to acknowledge that using natural ingredients to make candles and skincare products absolutely goes hand-in-hand with a diet that is based in natural ingredients as well.

Therefore, I have compiled a list of some of the best Natural Foods blogs and websites out there to help you on your quest for using natural ingredients in every aspect of your life. These blogs are some of the most reputable and informative Natural Foods blogs I could find and I wanted to take the time to endorse them to help my followers achieve the natural living lifestyle they deserve.

1. Jules Clancy – Jules Clancy, author of The Stone Soup blog, shares quick and simple recipes that are also based on real, whole food without processed ingredients, intimidating instructions, or fancy equipment. She prefers recipes with 5 ingredients are less to make healthy eating more accessible, but with a degree in food science, you know the recipes are also delicious.

2. Andrea Beaman – After being diagnosed with an “incurable” disease, Andrea knew she had to make some changes in her life in order to avoid invasive procedures and take control. She found that poor quality food creates a poor quality lifestyle, and once she began infusing her life with whole foods and ingredients, she found her cronic illness begin to fade. Now she is a Holistic Health Coach helping other people achive health naturally.

3. Ashely – Ashley believes in REAL food, meaning food that is whole, unprocessed, and healthy. However, she has a passion for baking and doesn’t believe that leading a healthy life means giving up delicious baked goods. Instead, she creates and refine recipes to make (primarily) baked goods from whole and unprocessed ingredients.

4. Angela – Angela’s blog is a mixture of her life adventures as a mother of two and a lover of travel, infused with her passion about living a life that gives back through recycling, composting, and making meals from natural, seasonal ingredients.

5. Erin – Erin lives her life on a primarily plant-based diet and limiting her intake of processed food. After her father had a heart attack at the age of 45, she and her family realized how important whole and healthy eating truly is to live a long and happy life.

6. Betty Bake – What you put into your body is what you get out, and that’s the motto that Betty Bake bakes by. She focuses on fresh, natural, and organic ingredients that are gluten-free, corn-free, and preservative free. But she also understands the importance of not denying yourself treats every now and then, which is why she enjoys chocolate and coffee in moderation.

7. Andrew Olson – The One Ingredient Chef lives by two simple rules, 1: Eat foods that start out as “one whole ingredient” that you can hold in your hand, and 2: Eat plants and avoid animal products. However, living by the one ingredient rule doesn’t mean that you can only munch on carrot sticks. The One Ingredient Chef shares delicious and wholesome meals you can make that follow this simple rule.

8. Kim Wilson – Kim is interested in a gluten-free lifestyle after realizing that her skin problems were actually a result of a gluten allergy. Through researching a diet that excludes gluten, she also learned the benefits of eating a diet consisting of primarily whole and natural foods.

9. Lisa Leake – 100 Days of Real Food is about a family who is looking to escape a world of processed foods by taking a pledge of living 100 days without any processed food to prove how possible it is for anyone who wishes to make a healthy lifestyle change. Now they provide meal plans and information for anyone who wishes to take a pledge for eating real food from 10 days to 100 days to for life!

10. Winnie Abramson – Winnie is a recipe developer with a degree in naturopathic medicine and a passion for holistic nutrition and green living. She shares her favorite recipes as well as her adventures in organic gardening, keeping backyard chickens, and even beekeeping.

11. Kristen Michaelis – Kristen is a self-proclaimed food rebel. She chooses not to believe what food labels tell her and instead focuses on common sense: that fresh, traditional, and wholesome foods are what is best for maintaining a healthy life. She wants to empower others to rebel against the dominant and unhealthy food culture we find ourselves in today and instead choose a way of eating and cooking that leaves the mystery out of foods and allows a diet that is simply nutritious.

12. Kelly Mulcair – After dealing with chronic migrains and IBS, Kelly realized that she could not continue living her life in the high-stress and unhealthy way she was. So, she ditched her stressful job as a lawyer and instead pursued a life as a health educator and holistic nutritionist. Now, she educates others on how to live a healthy and wholesome life with simple recipes that are minimally processed and refined.

13. Emily Davidson – Emily is a specialist in natural and holistic nutrition and uses her blog as a place for anyone interested in eating well whether that be through a diet of organic foods, vegetarian recipes, low-sugar, low-carb, gluten-free, or simply focusing on weight loss. She hopes to communicate a message of living healthily and positively to achieve your nutrition goals.

14. Elizabeth Yarnell – Elizabeth uses her blog to share wholesome recipes, healthy eating tips, and naturalistic remedies to common ailments. She believes simply that healthy food and medicine are one and the same and has used a dramatic improvement in her diet to help combat her struggle with Multiple Sclerosis.

15. Eve Fox – The Garden of Eden is a blog about all aspects of wholesome food: growing it, producing it, procuring it, cooking it, and finally eating it. She shares recipes based on simple and wholesome ingredients.

16. Kath – Kath started her blog with a mission: to lose 30 pounds. Along the way, she discovered the world of healthy, wholesome, and natural eating, and has since become a registered dietician who blogs about healthy eating, delicious recipes, and sprinkles bits of her personal life in from time to time.

17. Debbie – Debbie’s blog focuses on foods made at home and based with wholesome and natural plant and animal ingredients. She only uses traditional fats and natural sweeteners and works to share recipes that encompass all of these qualities, but are still quick and easy to make and incorporate into a busy lifestyle.

18. Christy Pooschke – After realizing that their diets were ruining their health, Christy and Chad began to pay more attention to what they were putting in their bodys. After only a few months of eliminating additives such as MSG and Aspartame, they noticed that some of their chronic health problems had completely disappeared. Over the years they have researched countless other additives that contribute to chronic health conditions and have collected natural recipes that avoid these dangerous chemicals.

19. April Mims – April is a certified Health and Wellness Consultant and Life Coach. She lives a life choosing foods that are as close to nature as possible and strives to create recipes that are quick and nutritious for her family. She wishes to help other families become healthy as well.

20. Amy, Natalie, and Jackie – Super Healthy Kids is a blog run by three mothers who strive to help other families feed their kids nutritious meals by making it easier to prepare, more delicious, and fun. This blog helps parents teach kids the values of healthy eating to develop habits that will carry on throughout their entire lives.

21. Wendy Schnitzer – Wendy hopes to help introduce people to the delicious possiblity of real and healthy food to boost overall energy and improve overall health. She wants to banish common misconceptions that low-fat, artificial food is healthy, and instead focus on educating others to create a lifestyle with a healthy balance of natural and whole foods and regular exercise.

22. Jill Dumas – After trouble with IBS, Jill went to the doctor only to be told that she would need to undergo invasive tests and be put on anti-depressants. She began to research alternatives and realized that some of the toxic foods she was consuming were the culprits. She began creating a healthy lifestyle build around whole foods and natural health remedies without completely cutting out certain foods from her diet, but instead living a life of healthy moderation.

23. Tatiana Barrera – Eat Alkaline Foods has made it a mission to become a resource for making healthy eating easier and more accessible to the everyday person. They focus on creating a lifestyle of respect for ourselves, our health, for others, and our planet.

24. Robyn Openshaw – Robyn used to weight over 200 pounds with numerous chronic health problems. After realizing that the drugs weren’t working, she took matters into her own hands and worked to build a healthy lifestyle through wholesome and natural eating (and plenty of green smoothies). Now she lives a life free of health problems without relying on drugs and living a life as a competitve athlete.