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Pumpkin Cheesecake Wax Melts Recipe

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Pumpkin Cheesecake Wax Melts RecipePumpkin Cheesecake Wax Melts Recipe

I’m sure by now you have tried pumpkin cheesecake pies.  If you haven’t, you really should they’re delicious.  Often times, here at Natures Garden, our inspiration comes from food.  This time our inspiration for our Pumpkin Cheesecake Wax Melts Recipe was, what else, Pumpkin Cheesecake Bites.  Click here to see both our inspiration and a scrumptious recipe for pumpkin cheesecake bites.  I assure you, you will love them!  I personally am not the biggest fan of regular pumpkin pie, but when you add in a little creamy cheesecake, I am in heaven!  You MUST try them, they are the perfect pumpkin pie alternative for Thanksgiving!

Pumpkin Cheesecake Wax Melts Recipe Ingredients Found At Natures Garden:

Pillar of Bliss Wax- 10 Pounds
Joy Wax- 1 SLAB
Spectrum Liquid Candle Dye- ORANGE 1oz.
Spectrum Liquid Candle Dye- BROWN 1oz.
Spectrum Liquid Candle Dye- BLACK 1oz.
Spectrum Liquid Candle Dye- YELLOW 1oz.
Pumpkin Cheesecake Fragrance Oil
Silicone Soap Mold- 12 Mini Muffins
Pumpkin Pie Spice Blend Powder

Other Things You Will Need:
Stainless Steel Measuring Spoon
Pot (For Double Boiler)

Pumpkin Cheesecake Wax Melts Recipe: The Chocolate Pie Crust Layer

Pumpkin Cheesecake Wax Melts Recipe Pouring the BaseWe will begin by using Natures Garden’s Pillar of Bliss Wax. The nice thing about pillar waxes is that, since they are harder waxes, they will pop right out of your mold. Anytime you are using a mold, I would recommend using a pillar wax.

The bottom layer of this wax melts recipe will resemble a chocolate pie crust. In this section, I will walk you through the creation of this layer. It will be about 1/3 of your base. So, keep in mind, you will not be filling the mold completely with this layer. You will need two of the silicone mini cupcake molds ready. This recipe will create 16 pumpkin wax melts. Begin by melting your Pillar of Bliss Wax using the double boiler method. You will need to melt 3 ounces of pillar wax.

Once melted, you will need to add color. Since you only need a small amount, we suggest using two toothpicks. Get out both your black liquid candle colorant and brown candle dye. Now, dip one toothpick in the brown candle dye. Then, dip the toothpick in the wax. Now, using the second toothpick, do the same with the black candle colorant. Mix well to incorporate the color.

Pumpkin Cheesecake Wax Melts Recipe Pie Crust LayerNext, add 0.3 ounces of Pumpkin Cheesecake Fragrance Oil. Stir to blend the fragrance oil. Finally, you can now pour the melted wax in 16 of the mini muffin mold cavities. Remember, you will want to fill each of these cavities 1/3 of the way full. Allow this layer to set up completely.

Pumpkin Cheesecake Wax Melts Recipe: The Pumpkin Cheesecake Layer

When creating the pumpkin cheesecake layer, we will again, be working with Pillar of Bliss Wax. This time you will need to melt 6 ounces of Pillar of Bliss Candle Wax. Again, weigh out the wax using a scale. Then, use the double boiler to melt it.

Once melted, add your colorant. You will again want to use toothpicks to add just a small amount of colorant. This time you will need three toothpicks. Use the toothpicks to add yellow candle dye, brown liquid candle colorant, and orange candle colorant. Mix well.

Pumpkin Cheesecake Wax Melts Recipe Cheesecake LayerNow, use your scale to add 0.6 ounces of Pumpkin Cheesecake Fragrance Oil. Mix well to incorporate the pumpkin scent. Finally, pour the wax into each cavity of the mold. You will fill the remaining 2/3 of the silicone mold. Allow this layer to set up.  Lastly, once they have completely hardened, remove the bases from the molds.

Pumpkin Cheesecake Wax Melts Recipe: The Whipped Frosting Layer

When creating the whipped frosting, we will be using Joy Wax. Joy Wax, since it is a container wax, is softer making it ideal for our whipped topping. You will prepare the wax as you normally would, in a double boiler, adding your fragrance around 170 degrees. Add 0.9 ounces of Pumpkin Cheesecake Fragrance Oil to the Joy Wax. Stir the cheesecake fragrance oil into the wax completely. Now, you will want to wait for the wax set up a bit before you begin whipping it. Start whipping the wax when it has a slushy consistency. You can use a stainless steel spoon to whip the wax. You want to stir the wax until it has a whipped cream consistency.

Pumpkin Cheesecake Wax Melts Recipe Whipped LayerNow, begin topping each base.  You will need to use your spoon to scoop a small amount of wax onto each base.  You want it to look like frosting.  Use the spoon to create peaks in the Joy wax.  Lastly, get out the pumpkin pie spice powder.  Sprinkle a small amount of the pumpkin powder on each melt.

Once you have allowed that wax tarts to cure, they are ready to use.  Simply place one melt in your tart burner and enjoy the creamy pumpkin cheesecake aroma!  Have you created this wax melt recipe at home?  Or, maybe another product you would like to share?  We would love to see what you have come up with.  Post your pics on Natures Garden’s Facebook page or on Instagram, tagging us @ngscent.


Mulled Cider Fragrance Oil

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Mulled Cider Fragrance OilMulled Cider Fragrance Oil – Fragrance Oil Spotlight

Mulled Cider Fragrance Oil is a complex spice and fruit scent by Natures Garden. This aroma is a complex blend of fresh, citrus, and tart fruit scents that mingle with an abundance of fantastic spice scents. This potent spice blend is an amazing fall or winter time scent for scenting rooms. So many of our customers that have used this incredible mulled cider drink scent have found the fragrance to fill up their rooms and homes. Almost everyone that has reported back seems to have all kinds of love for this apple and spice fragrance oil.

What Does Mulled Cider Fragrance Oil Smell Like?

A fantastic and strong fragrance oil by Natures Garden!  This fragrance has strong base notes of ripened apples and oakmoss,  made spectacular with a complex blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, orange zests, lemon peel, and a touch of  tart lychee berries and coumarin.  Unbelievable!  A Best Seller!

How Do Our Customers Use Mulled Cider Fragrance Oil in Air Freshener Recipes?

Our customers are able to use this fantastically complex spice fragrance oil to create amazing room scenting products. Both potpourri and incense are permitted to include a maximum of 50% of this apple spice fragrance oil. Also, aroma beads are able to use this fragrance oil and will maintain a nice and strong mulled cider scent.

How Do Our Customers Use Mulled Cider Fragrance Oil in Candle Making Recipes?

Moreover, this fragrance oil can be used to create amazingly scented candle products. Any candles that are made can include no more than 10% of this deliciously spicy fruit fragrance oil. Joy wax and WOW wax will both perform perfectly for this mulled cider scent. Also, soy wax products can use this fragrance oil and the scent will remain nice and strong. When coloring your wax, we suggest six drops red liquid candle dye and two drops brown liquid candle dye. Alternatively, a small amount of shredded red color block along with brown color block can be used. These recommendations are for a four pound batch of candles or wax tart recipes.  Just remember, never use crayons to color your candles as they will clog your wick.

While homemade room scenting products are able to be created using this alcoholic apple cider fragrance oil, bath and body creations are not permitted to be made with our Mulled Cider Fragrance Oil due to the fragrance oil not being body safe. Since this scent is not body safe, it can not be used on products made for the skin, bath, or any place where the fragrance my come into often or perhaps constant contact with an individual’s skin. Therefore, bath oils, bath gels, any kind of soap, lotions, homemade cleaning products and all other related bath and body products can not safely include this fragrance oil at any amount. This is a more common downfall of creating aromas that include a great deal of spice. However, they sure do make fantastic room scents for the autumn and winter!

We hope that you enjoy this fragrance oil in your room scenting creations!


Frosted Pumpkin Type Fragrance Oil

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Frosted Pumpkin Type Fragrance oilFrosted Pumpkin Type Fragrance OilFragrance Oil Spotlight

For a fabulous fall fragrance, go no further than Frosted Pumpkin Type Fragrance Oil from Nature’s Garden!  This wonderful autumn scent is warm and appealing, delivering just the right dose of tempting pumpkin aroma.  Delightful spices combine with sugary notes to create a bakery scent sensation upon which the pumpkin scent is built!  This amazing fragrance oil is perfect in all of your scented products, making it a wonderful selection to add to your fall collection!  A valued customer from Eatonton, GA detailed their experience using Frosted Pumpkin Fragrance Oil, writing “This is one of my customers new favorites. Great throw hot & cold in soy. Perfect to add to your fall, winter lineup. Getting ready to order my second bottle. The first one went fast.”  With distinct pumpkin notes and a warm bakery accord, Frosted Pumpkin Type Fragrance Oil has something for everyone!

What Does Frosted Pumpkin Type Fragrance Oil Smell Like?

Frosted Pumpkin Type Fragrance Oil from Nature’s Garden begins with fresh, uplifting top notes of citrusy lemon, leading to middle notes of creamy pumpkin and hints of warming, delightful nutmeg and ginger.  Base notes of maple sugar and vanilla frosting bring this delightful Autumn scent to a close.

How Do Our Customers Use Frosted Pumpkin Type Fragrance Oil?

Frosted Pumpkin Type Fragrance Oil is perfect for creating enticing Fall atmospheres.  Room scenters can incorporate this fragrance oil up to 50% in scenting recipes such as Smelly Jelly air fresheners and room sprays.  This green scent also performs exceptionally in aroma beads.  Homemade candles and tarts can be made using vegetable wax or paraffin wax and will perform wonderfully when this fragrance oil is used.  The recommended maximum usage is up to 10%.  This fragrance oil performs perfectly in Joy Wax, Pillar of Bliss Wax, and Wow Wax.  It will also perform well in soy wax.  If you want to add a little color to your candles, we recommend 4 drops of orange plus 1 drop of brown liquid candle dye per four pounds of wax, or your could shred a small amount of a orange and brown color block into your melted wax.  Remember, never use crayons to color your wax as they will clog your wick.

Frosted Pumpkin Type Fragrance Oil creates amazing, sensual bath and body products.  Bath gels, bath bombs, and bath oils were found to perform well with up to 5% of this fragrance oil added.  Homemade soap makers can use up to 5% in cold process soaps or melt and pour soap recipes.  Our Cold Process Soap Testing Results have shown that soaps that incorporate this fragrance have a perfect pour!  There was no ricing, acceleration, or separation.  This fragrance oil soaps wonderfully, and cured bars discolor to a tan with a strong scent retention. If you wish to color your soap, we recommend using orange liquid soap dye according to your specification.

Customers can incorporate Frosted Pumpkin Type Fragrance Oil into a wide variety of products.  Create a harvest aroma by incorporating this fragrance up to 5% in your perfume and body spray recipes!  Customers also make their own lotions with a maximum of 5% fragrance oil,  and household cleaning supplies with a maximum of 5% fragrance oil.

Frosted Pumpkin Type Fragrance Oil soap recipeReady to get a jump on your fall product line?  Check out our Carrot Cold Process Soap Recipe, which incorporates Frosted Pumpkin Type Fragrance Oil!


Autumn Magic Fragrance Oil

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Autumn Magic Fragrance Oil by Natures Garden is both an NG Original Fragrance, as well as a Best Seller!

Autumn Magic Fragrance OilFragrance Oil Spotlight

Although this fragrance oil smells good out of the bottle, this scent truly blossoms and is amazing in handmade products.  In fact, we love this fragrance oil so much we just made cold process soap with it!  No one can deny that there is something magical in the autumn time air, and this fragrance oil by Natures Garden seems to capture that essence.  A scent that is more than just your typical apple and cinnamon combination, this fragrance is unique and is quickly becoming a fall time fan favorite among Natures Garden’s customers.

What does Autumn Magic Smell Like?

Autumn comes to life in this magical fragrance oil by Natures Garden.  Autumn magic starts with top notes of lemon and apple; followed by middle notes of anise, cinnamon, and ginger; sitting on well-rounded base notes of woods, musk, and vanilla.

How Do Our Customers Use Autumn Magic Fragrance Oil?

For anyone who is a candle crafter or home scenter; Autumn Magic Fragrance Oil is typically used in paraffin, gel, soy, and Joy waxes.  This fragrance oil has wonderful hot and cold scent throw.  In fact, some of our customers comment that their candles even scent rooms without ever lighting the wick.  This fragrance oil also works well for air fresheners, smelly jellies,  and aroma beads; bringing the scent of fall indoors.

For bath and body crafters, this fragrance is awesome!  The usage percent for this fragrance oil is 5%, and is used to make: body creams, melt and pour soap, bubble baths, shower gels, body sprays, and even shampoos.   Finally, for those of you that are cold process soapers, this fragrance is behaved well.  Here are the official results:  Soaps great, no ricing, no acceleration, discolors to a tan.