Happy 4th of July from Natures Garden

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usaHappy 4th of July from all of us at Natures Garden! Today is a day to be thankful for the freedoms we have, and to be reminded of how important it is to never take those freedoms for granted. The rights we have in the US are individual rights, not collective rights; thus protecting the individual from mob rule. Very courageous men and women have fought to keep those rights for us, and I am eternally grateful to our military for everything they do for this country. I am also grateful to all of the constitution-supporting elected officials who fight everyday to keep our freedoms alive and well.  Without personal freedoms, it would be very difficult to make the American Dream come true.

My personal life story, I have been told, is a story of the American Dream that came true.  I say this with all humbleness, and thoroughly understand that my American Dream story did not come true simply by my efforts or my business knowledge alone.  My American Dream came true by building a team of people who were committed to making Natures Garden a success, and due to the customers who have believed in us over the years.  Back in 1997 when we started Natures Garden, the only thing we had going for us was a “commitment to a dream”.  Working out of a very small basement, we had no money, very very limited space, and very little help.  I knew we needed to find help to make this dream come true, but how in the world would I get people to believe in this dream I had?  Let’s face it, the work environment was a far cry from something that looked like it had the potential of success.natures garden crew

I told myself that if my company would ever be taken seriously, I would have to treat my dream with respect, and get people to work with me who believed in that dream too.  I surrounded myself with people who believed in me and the company dream.  Being only 29 years old, fired up with ambition, I was some how able to sleep only a few hours a night without killing myself.  Everyday I would say to my team, “Failure is not an option”.

You see, nothing in life has come easy to me.  At one point in my life, living in a small trailer, I could not even afford fuel oil to stay warm in the middle of winter.  Even at the lowest point in my life, I never thought I had it rough.  I simply picked up extra shifts waitressing to make ends meet.  For some reason, God has always provided.  Things do not fall into my lap, and if there is such a thing as “luck”, I sure have none.  What I have is an obsessive work ethic, and an uncontrolled optimism that great things can and will happen when you remain committed to what you want to achieve. In America, if you dream it, you truly can achieve it.  It may not be easy (it sure wasn’t for me), but we do have a system that allows ambitious people to reach their dreams.

After 16 years in business, I look back and I am truly thankful for the Freedoms I have in America.  Without those rights, and without elected officials who fight to keep those rights, small businesses in America would not exist.  I am thankful to all of our customers who have believed in us over the years.  I am thankful for the amazing team I get to work with at Natures Garden.  These people truly care about our customers, and they care about their personal performance.  God bless all of you, and may God continue to Bless the USA!

Deborah Ward
Natures Garden

Red, White and Blue Room
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  1. Jessica Agee

    Thanks for sharing your story Deborah,you truly inspire me!! I am 34 with 3 kids one who is Autistic that we can get help for because we just don’t have the money. We did however come across a new child psychologist that our medical covers that is a God send and she is upset of the lack of help we have had & just by looking @ my son knew he needed way more medical help then we have been receiving. So she ordered a Mri,EKG,EEG & A lot of blood test to see whats up. Even though we are scared of the results its nice someone actually cared to help. So my friend & I started researching & making bath & body products & we are selling to family & friends on FaceBook & hope to one day have enough money to be a real business and be able to pay for my sons medical so he can have the best! I am so passionate about this little small business we got going on and it comes from my heart. So thanks for providing us with great product that are a great price so we can succeed one day. Thanks again for sharing 🙂

  2. Sue Faunt

    Happy 4th to you and your family Deborah. Thank you for sharing your story. We all know it’s hard to run a small business and even though it’s been difficult, tiring, financially straining and just frustrating, I would never do anything else. I love my business and I’m so happy that I found you almost 8 years ago to help me grow it into something in which I take great pride. You inspire me and your quality products keep my customers coming back.

    Thank you.

  3. Deborah Ward Post author

    Love you Sue! I feel everything you are saying! Struggles create character, and nothing beats passion. If you love what you do, you find a way to make things work. Thank you for building such a wonderful relationship with us over the years! You are greatly appreciated and loved here at Natures Garden. Have a super 4th of July!!

  4. Jessica Agee

    Oops I meant can’t get help not can,but I’m sure you knew that.lol. Your story did inspire me to never stop doing what I love & am really passionate about just because of a HUGE obstacle, so thank you for that 🙂 happy 4th to you & your family!! I have faith that my son is getting some help finally after 14 years and their are people who care.Thanks have a great day!!


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