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How to Make Your Own Scented Christmas Cards

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Sending holiday cards to family and loved ones is a seasonal tradition for many people this time of year.  Whether the holiday cards are store purchased or handmade, receiving one in the mail certainly brings a smile to anyone’s face.   So, when you are sending out your own holiday cards this year, why not include an extra special element; that of fragrance!  At Natures Garden, we figure with scents this good, you can’t go wrong!

Scrapbooking cards and memory albums are great ways to really make a project your own.  With a clean canvas and an ingenious mind, the world can be your oyster.  The whole essence of scrapbooking could be summed up in just one word: preservation.  Usually, there are three fundamentals that contrive a great scrapbooking design.  They are photos (of course), memorabilia, and the stories behind the memory that is being encapsulated.  But, did you know that one of the most powerful keys to recall memories is through the sense of smell.  So, we figured this is right up our alley.

In the true spirit of scrapbooking, we wanted to add our own special touch to our design.  Hence, the scented scrapbook card was created.  Although, you can replicate our recipe verbatim, also feel free to make it your own as well.  You can of course use any of Natures Garden’s fragrance oils to scent what ever theme your scrapbooking project may be.  However, if you are looking for a great holiday fragrance oil for your Season’s Greetings cards, please check out Natures Garden Holiday selection.  You will have no problems finding the perfect scent to truly embrace the feel that you are looking for.

One of the reasons why this holiday recipe is so amazing is because it truly allows for your imagination to thrive.  So, let’s get put our crafty caps on, and get the creative juices flowing.

Here is what you will need:

Hansel & Gretel’s House Fragrance Oil
Elmer’s Glue
Unscented Hairspray
Colored Paper
Candy Balls
Various Soap Paints
Paint Brushes
Glitter or Mica Pigment



1.  Scent 2 oz. of Elmer’s Glue with 30 drops of Hansel & Gretel’s House Fragrance Oil.

2.  Scent 2 oz. of unscented hairspray with 30 drops of Hansel & Gretel’s House fragrance oil.

3.  Add a few drops of Hansel & Gretel’s House fragrance oil to your desired soap paints.

4.  Apply scented glue to the areas of the card that you plan to adhere glitter, candy balls, and other décor.

5.  Paint the portions of your Christmas card with your scented soap paints.

6.  Spray your Christmas card with your scented hairspray.

7.  For an extra bonus, make recipe cards with some of your favorite family recipes and place inside card.

But remember, the fun does not have to stop there.  By scenting the Elmer’s glue and hairspray, you can fragrance any of your scrapbooking projects.  Just simply replace any adhesive steps out with your scented glue and you are good to go.  This project idea brings a whole new meaning to scrapbooking memories!

Fragrance & Fun for Everyone

Inspire, Create, and Dominate!

Sparkles!!! Nicole

(Corporate Manager of Natures Garden Candle Supplies)


The Psychology of Color in Fragrance

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The sense of sight is a very powerful tool.  But, did you know that you can help influence your customers in purchasing certain items just based on the items color?  Color does in fact play a huge role in marketing.  This is all based on how your client perceives the color, and what statement your client is looking to make when it comes to purchasing your product.

Color is more than a physical attribute to an object.  Our mental psyche not only perceives colors, but also directly correlates them to our emotions.  Color can be used, and is used in everyday life to excite, persuade, and even encourage.  In fact, anytime color is used in advertizing, the percentage of making the item memorable is 100%, as compared to a black and white ad.  On the flip side, color can also be associated with negative messages or feelings.  This is why color deserves a serious
examination when trying to brand a company through a logo or product.

In the marketing aspect of things, aesthetics is always a factor that needs to be considered.  How something looks may determine whether or not the sale will be made.  In general, the population’s first instinct on buying items they may not consider as necessities is based on its look.  Color is actually the first thing that a buyer mentally registers.  The use of color therefore must be the first and foremost frontrunner to decipher when trying to promote an item for sale.  The second consideration should be which target audience you are trying to sell to.
Here are a few examples:

Darker colors appeal to the male gender.

Pastels and Neutral Colors appeal to the upper scale clientele.

Primary colors appeal to children the best.

There is a ton of research available on this topic.  So, here is a brief explanation on the 10 most basic colors.

The effect of the color Black:

Positives:  Black is directly associated with intelligence.  It is a very strong and domineering color showing both power and authority.  Black also have the visual effect of making things appear smaller or thinner.

Negatives:  Black has been mainstreamed as a color denoting ill will or immorality.  The color black is also accepted as the signifier of loss or grieving.  When used to an extreme, black can quickly overwhelm.

The effect of the color Blue:

Positives:  This color is by far selected as one of the most loved and favorites.  Certain shades of blue even promote the production of calming chemicals in our bodies.  It is an excellent choice selection for bedrooms and bedroom decor due to the fact that blue evokes rest and serenity.  When darker blues are used, there is an unspoken feel of comfort.  Blue denotes
loyalty and wisdom.  Blue will keep us focused and dedicated to the task at hand.  There have even been studies proving that productivity is always increased when blue is the dominant hue of the surroundings.

Negatives:  Blue can have a chilling effect on our emotions.  Blue can be perceived as indifferent and detached.

The effect of the color Brown:

Positives:  This is the color of friendship.  Brown shows reliability and durability.  This is considered one of the best colors to
use when trying to denote an item as being natural or organic.  Brown denotes a sense of strength.  The color brown is a standard in many homes and decors because of the feeling of security it provides.

Negatives:  Over using the color brown can create sad feelings.  This is because brown also signifies isolation and loneliness.

The effect of the color Gray: 

Positives:  The color gray signifies timelessness.  Gray is also considered a standard for showing practicality.  There is an
association that people put with the color gray of stones or rocks; which then leads to gray signifying that it is solid.  Anytime you want to add this notion to any of your items, a touch a gray color will exemplify this without saying a word.

Negatives:  Due to the nature of the color, it is often seen as a color that reflects being on the fence or undecided.  Items that contain an abundance of gray leaves people feeling unsure about it.  Gray can also be mentally tied to elderliness and depression.

The effect of the color Green:

Positives:  Green is really one of the most pleasing colors to all of the senses, we perceive this color as nurturing.  This is due to the notion that many people inherently relate the color green to nature; being of the earth.  Of all of the colors, green is said to be the most healing.  Various shades of green are also directly mentally correlated to money and production.  From the lighter spectrum of green, there is a calming effect.  The standard green is associated to luck.  The color green is also associated with fruitfulness.

Negatives:  Green can be viewed as a symbol of naïveness  and inexperience.  Green also is used to denote envy.

The effect of the color Orange:

Positives:  If you are looking for a color to show excitement or playfulness, orange will create this.   Orange is boisterous, loud, and full of energy.  Orange also relates the notion of aspiration. There is a feeling of warmth and happiness when this color is used.  This hue can also be used to signify a product is organic.

Negatives:  Avoid using the color orange in environments where people need to stay on task and focused.  Having bright orange products or items in a room like this will prevent productive activity since the color orange is seen as a show stealer.

The effect of the color Purple:

Positives:  This color is quickly picking up the favorite color vote with young girls.  Royalty and wisdom are the first thoughts that are associated with the color purple.  Due to that notion, the next onslaught of adjectives that describe this color are rich, cultured, and prosperous.  Purple is a great color choice when trying to stimulate brain activity for problem solving.
If you would like to add a mysterious element to an object, trace amounts of purple will allow for this.  Using this color makes the statement of being special and unique.  This color screams “notice me”.

Negatives:  Over use of the color purple can be seen as denoting superficialness.

The effect of the color Red:

Positives:  Red is the first color that the human eye sees.  It is a confident color that denotes power.   This primary color symbolizes energy.  Bursts of red denote enthusiasm.  If you are looking to drawl attention to a product, red is the ticket.  Red is the symbol color for life and love.  Wearing elements of red, or having red items around you can boost your self esteem.

Negatives:  Red is one color that you do not want to over use.  Too much red can cause confusion for the mind, because everything is fighting to be the focus.  Medically speaking, when a person is in an environment that is predominately red in color, their heart beats per minute increase, and they can also have issues trying to catch their breath.  Also, too much red can be intimidating.

The effect of the color White:

Positives:  White is the color that best describes purity.  This absent of colors hue also denotes creativity and imagination.  If you are looking to add a feel of cleanliness and safety to a product, white is your best bet.  White is also viewed as a fresh outlooks, new beginnings, and limitless opportunities.

Negatives:  Too much white can give off a feeling of emptiness.  There is also an unfriendly coldness about white that some people find unwelcoming in products.

The effect of the color Yellow:

Positives:  Almost everything optimistic and uplifting is associated to the color yellow.  Fun, happiness, cheerfulness, sunshine, and warmth are just a few words to describe its effect on humans.  All things happy somehow relate to this color because when we see yellow, our brains actually release an increased level of serotonin.  This is the feel good color that also opens up and increases our creativity.  The color yellow also has the potential to speed up of metabolism levels.  Shades of golden yellow are perceived as an unspoken promise to greater, prosperous things.

Negatives:  When yellow is used in abundance, it has the capability to enrage tempers.  Certain shades of yellow can be related to cowardice or fear.

All of Natures Garden’s fragrance oils have a color suggestion given.  In order to help everyone find that perfect fragrance oil and color, here is the link to the Fragrance By Color promo.  All of the fragrances are broken into color categories.  So, if you are looking to fill a certain color quota for your product line, check out the fragrance oils Natures Garden has to offer.  It is time to get creative…

Fragrance by Color


Fragrance & Fun for Everyone
Inspire, Create, and Dominate!
Sparkles!!! Nicole
(Corporate Manager of
Natures Garden Candle Supplies)


The Sense of Smell & Cleaning House

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Well, as I am sure that we are all on the same boat, last weekend I started the switch over from the spring/summer wardrobe and décor to the fall/winter ones.  This super fun task is not my favorite, as I am sure you can read my sarcasm.   Not only does my house look like World War 3 had occurred in it; but as I am switching out the storage boxes from the basement, and I am realizing that my home is not as clean and organized as I thought!  UGH.

It is time to pull it together.  My most dreaded season is next… winter… and the cold weather blues.  No more outside evenings with cookouts and the warm sun rays.  Sadly, I will miss them.  And in my down and outedness (yes, that is another word I made up), I had still not reached my rock bottom.  My dark and ominous realization then came to light…winter is around the bend. I soon had to accept the claustrophobic notion of winterizing my home.  To put it frankly, very soon there will be no more crisp autumn breezes flowing through my windows, and I am racing the time clock on really giving my home a thorough deep cleaning one last time before the Jack Frost arrives and decides to stay for a while.

So, I am looking at one last cleaning before we shut down the house.  Yikes, this is a major task!  What to do… where to start… I need a game plan.  To be honest, I am a control freak.  In order to embark on this journey, I needed four very important things.  First, a strategic list of the duties I had at hand.  Second, the happiest, brightest, hot pink highlighter I owned to cross off my finished chores.  Thirdly, the right frame of mind.  And, last but certainly not least, something to keep me motivated so that I stayed with it.  In the past, I have tried several things, but never really found anything that I could count on to work each time.  I needed to figure this out desperately, but I was struggling as to what I could use to stay focused, so I did the next logical thing; I googled it.

The result, I actually found a website about this topic.  The information was all about using your 5 senses to clean.  Obviously, our senses are all used to let us know when it is time to get mean and clean.  We see a mess, we clean it up.  If there is a stench in the kitchen, it is time to take out the trash and wash those dishes in the sink.  If the handle you just touched is sticky, it is time to wipe it down.  I am sure you are all getting the idea.

Now, let’s look at the senses in a new light; a cohort in cleaning if you will.

The sense of sight
It is crucial when cleaning to not overwhelm yourself.  Sure, it is easy to look around and feel like you alone are battling the world when it comes to deep cleaning your house, but take it one step at a time.  Start with a small portion or corner.  Then, gradually move on to the next section.  On a personal note, I found this worked best for me.  I split each room into four sections.  Then, working each section as if it was its own individual room, I remove everything I could.  I wiped the walls and windows.  Then, I cleaned, dusted, and analyzed if that item belonged in that area.  Finally, I vacuumed.  I know that it seems like a lot, but it actually isn’t.  I found that my cleaning time was cut in half.  Even with distractions like my children, I had no problem picking up where I left off.

The sense of hearing
Cleaning with the television on is not a great way to multi-task.  I as well have been guilty as charged.  I always thought that I would powerhouse clean during my shows because I could listen and know what was going on.  That did not work; I always ended up sitting on the couch engrossed in the show.  Then, I made the agreement with myself that I would work during the commercial breaks, but that was a pipe dream.  That never happened; I always found other things to do during that time such as getting snacks, or a quick bathroom break.  So, I tried the suggestion of cranking up the music.  I used my library playlist from my computer and went to town.  It totally worked, I was energized.

The sense of smell
Well, we all know that stinky scents will motivate us to at least deal with where the stench is coming from, but smells can also be used to motivate, inspire, and energize.  This was a new concept for me, so I thought it was worth a whirl.  It turns out the scent of peppermint can do this.  Spraying peppermint in the air where the cleaning needs to take place works.  The smell is actually energizing.  I tried a different minty scent in each room I deep cleaned.  They were all a success!  Here are my top 3 selections; I give them all 5 star ratings!

1.  Basil Sage Mint Fragrance Oil

2.  Eucalyptus Spearmint Fragrance Oil

3.  Peppermint Fragrance Oil  


How to Make Odor Eliminator Spray–  I scented mine with Natures Garden’s Peppermint Fragrance Oil


The sense of taste
I know… this one threw me for a loop too.  But, there is an actual correlation between what is going on in our mouth, and our drive to clean house.  The main culprit is our salivary glands.  As it turns out, anything that negatively effects the way things taste directly affects our activity level.  Broken down, we need our taste to be spot on if we want the initiative to clean some house.  However, have no fear; this is a really easy problem to solve.  By chewing a piece of minty gum, (or having a piece of mint candy in your mouth) you can get a jump start on your tasks.

The sense of touch
I cannot be the only mom in the world that has picked up my children’s playroom and wondered what was the sticky layer on the toys and how did they get it there?  Instantly, I get the sensation to remove every element of the room and scrub, disinfect, and repeat.  I always thought that I did this as a way to prohibit the germs.  Although, I am sure that something about my line of thinking still rings true, it also has to do with controlling our environment and keeping it less chaotic.  The best resolution- get down and dirty with cleaning, but do not forget the latex gloves!
Interested in seeing it for yourself:

Fragrance & Fun for Everyone
Inspire, Create, and Dominate!
Sparkles!!! Nicole
(Corporate Manager of
Natures Garden Candle Supplies)