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How Do You Make Scented Lotion?

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How Do You Make Scented Lotion?How Do You Make Scented Lotion?

We have had a few of our customers asking the following question: How do you make scented lotion? So, we thought that describing the purpose of our wholesale lotion ingredients would help everyone understand what goes into making scented lotion. While some ingredients are optional, others are crucial for the functionality of your recipe. So, let’s lets talk about your lotion making supplies and see what you need for a homemade lotion recipe!

How Do You Make Scented Lotion?: Easy DIY Lotion Recipes

First, we will talk about pre-made lotion bases.  These bases are perfect for beginners.  These easy to use, natural bases, are a wonderful way to start your lotion making journey.  Simply add water to the base until you have the consistency you are looking for.  Of course, you can always add scent and color as well.

How Do You Make Scented Lotion?: Natural Goat's Milk Multi Base LotionHow Do You Make Scented Lotion?: Natural Goat’s Milk Multi Base Lotion

You can use the Natural Goat’s Milk Multi Base Lotion to easily create homemade lotions that are skin-loving and pH balanced. Also, you can create different kinds of lotion, which includes thick creams, light lotion, and even moisturizing body spray.

How Do You Make Scented Lotion?: Yogurt Multi Base LotionHow Do You Make Scented Lotion?: Yogurt Multi Base Lotion

Additionally, you can use Yogurt Multi Base Lotion to create some easy homemade lotion. This lotion base  has many of the same qualities as the goat milk lotion base, as it is skin loving and has a balanced pH. So, both are great choices for homemade lotions.

How Do You Make Scented Lotion?: Soy Body Butter

Finally,the all natural soy body butter base that can also be used to make a variety of body products.  You can use this base to create a body butter.  This base can also be used to create a body spray.  The product you create will be determined by the amount of distilled water that you add.

How Do You Make Scented Lotion?: How to Make Lotion from Scratch

How Do You Make Scented Lotion?: Emulsifiers

One of the most important parts of making lotion is the emulsifier. This is the ingredient that keeps everything together because the oils and water that are being mixed would separate otherwise. Since oils are non-polar, they only want to mix with other non-polar substances. But, we want these non-polar oils to mix with polar water. Similarly, polar water only wants to mix with other polar things. So, we need an ingredient that has both polar and non-polar parts, which is what we call an emulsifier! As you can see this single ingredient is quite crucial.

How Do You Make Scented Lotion?: BTMS 25 EmulsifierHow Do You Make Scented Lotion?: BTMS 25 Emulsifier

The BTMS 25 Emulsifier is a natural emulsifier that is conditioning for the skin, too. So, this ingredient will hold everything together and care for your skin. In fact, this will leave your skin with a soft and powdery feeling.

How Do You Make Scented Lotion?: BTMS 25 EmulsifierHow Do You Make Scented Lotion?: EMULSIFYING Wax NF- Traditional

Next, we have our Traditional EMULSIFYING Wax NF. Just as an emulsifier should, this cosmetic ingredient will hold your oils and water together in a homogeneous mixture. Plus, it is low odor, very stable, and can be effectively used in low concentrations.

How Do You Make Scented Lotion?: Silky EMULSIFYING Wax

Also, you can use the Silky Emulsifying Wax, which is plant based and created to blend difficult mixtures. So, this emulsifier will be effective at holding all your ingredients together and is highly stable. Plus, it is low odor.

How Do You Make Scented Lotion?: Moisturizing Oils and Butters
How Do You Make Scented Lotion?: Apricot Kernel OilHow Do You Make Scented Lotion?: Apricot Kernel Oil

Apricot Kernel Oil is a great ingredient to include in home made lotions. This oil is light and absorbs nicely into the skin. So, it would be perfect for creating light lotion formulations or for including in a recipe with thicker oils to ensure that the recipe starts working fast!

How Do You Make Scented Lotion?: Argan OilHow Do You Make Scented Lotion?: Argan Oil

Another great cosmetic oil for lotion is Argan Oil. This oil will easily sink down into the skin and is light enough on the surface to allow the skin to breathe. Further, this oil is often used in acne fighting lotion formulations. So, this would be a great choice to include in face lotion recipes.

How Do You Make Scented Lotion?: Avocado OilHow Do You Make Scented Lotion?: Avocado Oil

Next, we have Avocado Oil, which is a great choice for creating thicker creams. This oil is heavier and can take a bit more time to sink into the skin. But, it is perfect to combine with oils that absorb faster in a thick cream. This will ensure that dry skin is fully nourished.

How Do You Make Scented Lotion?: Castor Oil How Do You Make Scented Lotion?: Castor Oil

Also, you can use Castor Oil in your homemade lotions. This oil is perfect for creating thick creams that are very moisturizing. Since this oil is a humectant, it will pull moisture to your skin and will heal dry, damaged skin.

How Do You Make Scented Lotion?: Cocoa Butter How Do You Make Scented Lotion?: Cocoa Butter

Another option for lotion making is our Cocoa Butter Deodorized. This is a hard butter that is perfect for making luxurious products.  Also, you could use Cocoa Butter Golden Natural, which has all the same properties and has a chocolate-like aroma.

How Do You Make Scented Lotion?: Coconut OilHow Do You Make Scented Lotion?: Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is another choice for creating quality lotions at home. The Coconut Oil 76  has a melt point at 75 degrees, while Fractionated Coconut Oil is liquid at room temperature. However, both oils are skin loving ingredients that are non-greasy and perfect for lotions.

How Do You Make Scented Lotion?: Grapeseed OilHow Do You Make Scented Lotion?: Grapeseed Oil

Also, you can use Grapeseed Oil in your homemade formulations, as it is high in antioxidants. So, this oil is great at keeping your skin looking healthy and young. Since this oil is light, it can be used in facial creams or in homemade anti-aging creams.

How Do You Make Scented Lotion?: Jojoba OilHow Do You Make Scented Lotion?: Jojoba Oil

Next, we have a luxury oil that is wonderful for skin care. Jojoba Oil is a liquid wax that has amazing absorption and moisturizing properties. Plus, this high quality oil has a very long shelf life of 1-2 years!

How Do You Make Scented Lotion?: LanolinHow Do You Make Scented Lotion?: Lanolin

If you are looking to create a thick lotion, then solid Lanolin or Lanolin Oil may be a good idea. Solid lanolin is easily absorbed into the skin for dry skin and can even be used to protect burns. Also, you can use lanolin oil as it has the same properties but is in a liquid form.

How Do You Make Scented Lotion?: Macadamia Nut OilHow Do You Make Scented Lotion?: Macadamia Nut Oil

If you want a quality lotion that isn’t greasy, then Macadamia Nut Oil is a good choice! This cosmetic oil will nourish the skin to reduce signs of aging. Plus, this oil will sink into your skin to moisturize without leaving a greasy feeling on your skin.

How Do You Make Scented Lotion?: Mango Butter How Do You Make Scented Lotion?: Mango Butter

Another great choice is Mango Butter, which is a lovely luxury oil. This oil is thought to reduce wrinkles as well as moisturize the skin. So, your skin will feel soft and look healthy!

How Do You Make Scented Lotion?: Meadowfoam Seed OilHow Do You Make Scented Lotion?: Meadowfoam Seed Oil

Another great oil that will sink into the skin is Meadowfoam Seed Oil. This oil is able to sink down to repair dry and damaged skin. So, the oil won’t leave your skin feeling oily but it will provide all the nutrients your skin needs.

How Do You Make Scented Lotion?: Pumpkin Seed OilHow Do You Make Scented Lotion?: Pumpkin Seed Oil

Next, you can check out Pumpkin Seed Oil. This cosmetic oil is full of skin loving nutrients, like fatty acids and vitamins. Plus, this oil will sink into the skin and won’t leave a greasy feeling on your skin.  So, this oil is able to sink in to help repair damaged skin.


How Do You Make Scented Lotion?: Rice Bran OilHow Do You Make Scented Lotion?: Rice Bran Oil

Another great oil to include is the Rice Bran Oil. This cosmetic oil is a great replacement for olive oil, as this has many of the same skin-loving properties.


How Do You Make Scented Lotion?: Safflower OilHow Do You Make Scented Lotion?: Safflower Oil

Also, Safflower Oil is perfect to add to your lotion making supplies, as it is high in Oleic acid. This means that this oil is nourishing and will help replenish healthy skin.

How Do You Make Scented Lotion?: Sesame Seed OilHow Do You Make Scented Lotion?: Sesame Seed Oil

Another great oil is the Sesame Seed Oil, which is light and high in nourishment. These nourishing vitamins and antioxidants are perfect for creating a lotion that will sink into the skin and care for it.

How Do You Make Scented Lotion?: Shea ButterHow Do You Make Scented Lotion?: Shea Butter

Next, we have a butter that is moisturizing and nourishing for the skin. Both Shea Butter and Shea Butter Unrefined are perfect for lotion making. The only difference between the two is that unrefined has a slightly yellow color.

How Do You Make Scented Lotion?: Sunflower Oil How Do You Make Scented Lotion?: Sunflower Oil

Another skin loving oil is our Sunflower Oil. This cosmetic ingredient is high in Oleic acid and is great for skin care. This oil will nourish the skin and create a gorgeous lotion recipe.

How Do You Make Scented Lotion?: Sweet Almond Oil

Another great oil for lotions is the Sweet Almond Oil. This lovely cosmetic oil is light and perfect for all kinds of lotions. Plus, it sinks into the skin easily and won’t feel leave you feeling greasy.

How Do You Make Scented Lotion?: Vitamin E OilHow Do You Make Scented Lotion?: Vitamin E Oil

Lastly, we have Vitamin E Oil. This ingredient is great for the skin and your products. Due to the antioxidant properties, this cosmetic ingredient can reduce the amount of oxidation in products and reduce oxidation of the skin!

How Do You Make Scented Lotion?: Thickeners

Another important ingredient for home made lotion making is the thickener. While some recipes will be just fine without one, others really need a thickener. But, it is all about the consistency that you prefer. If you are looking to make a butter or cream, then you will want something thicker. Or, your batch may just light lotion that doesn’t require a thickener like stearic acid or sodium lactate. It is all dependent upon the type of lotion you are creating.

How Do You Make Scented Lotion?: Stearic AcidHow Do You Make Scented Lotion?: Stearic Acid

Since Stearic Acid is a thickener, it can be used in lotions to create a more creamy, luxurious lotion. This is useful for recipes that are nearly perfect but are a little too runny. We recommend that you add no more than 3% of this ingredient in your overall recipe.

How Do You Make Scented Lotion?: Sodium Lactate

Instead, you could use Sodium Lactate in your lotion recipes. This ingredient can be used to help thicken your handmade lotions too. Additionally, this cosmetic ingredient can be used to regulate the pH of your product. In addition it is a humactant, so it helps moisturize your skin. Depending on your needs you may prefer one these over the other.

How Do You Make Scented Lotion?: Skin Loving Ingredients

Also, there are some other ingredients that you can include to increase the quality of your lotion. While oils and butters are fantastic for skin care, there are some ingredients that you can include that have some effective properties that a regular lotion won’t have. So, you can combine one of these cosmetic ingredients with your butters and oils to create the perfect lotion recipe that will nourish and moisturize your skin!

How Do You Make Scented Lotion?: Vegetable GlycerinHow Do You Make Scented Lotion?: Vegetable Glycerin

You can use Vegetable Glycerin in your recipes to add some extra moisture to your skin. This ingredient is clear, odorless, and has a syrup consistency. Plus, it is soluble in water. This cosmetic ingredient is added to lotions because it is a humectant, which means it will draw moisture to it for your skin.

How Do You Make Scented Lotion?: Scenting Your Lotion

While you can make unscented lotions that are effective for skin care, there are so many wonderful scents that you can add to your effective lotion recipes. All these scent oils do is take an amazing lotion and make even better!

How Do You Make Scented Lotion?: Fragrance Oil UsageHow Do You Make Scented Lotion?: Fragrance Oils

Fragrance oils are great, but you can’t use whatever amount you want. In fact, each fragrance can only be used in a certain amount to be considered body safe. The highest amount we will ever recommend will be 5%, but the IFRA sheet may allow more depending on the scent. However, there are some scents that may use less than 5%. You can find out the usage rate for each scent on its fragrance page. You can find all of our fragrance oil options on the Fragrance Oils page of the website.

How Do You Make Scented Lotion?: Essential OilsHow Do You Make Scented Lotion?: Essential Oils

Also, you can use Natures Garden Essential Oils to scent your homemade lotion recipes. These simple notes are a perfect way to add some natural scent to your recipes. Plus, you can blend some of these natural oils to create a more complex scented lotion recipe.

How Do You Make Scented Lotion?: Flavoring OilsHow Do You Make Scented Lotion?: Flavoring Oils

Another fantastic way to scent your lotion recipes is our Flavoring Oils. This option not only smells delicious, but it tastes great too! This is perfect for making massage lotions, but is just as wonderful in regular lotions, too.


How Do You Make Scented Lotion?: Preserving Your Lotion

How Do You Make Scented Lotion?: Optiphen PreservativeHow Do You Make Scented Lotion?: Optiphen Preservative

Another important ingredient for homemade lotion is Optiphen Preservative. This will allow you to keep your lotion for longer, as it will kill germs and prevent bacteria growth. So, this is crucial for anyone selling or storing their product. But, anyone using this for their own products will still benefit as this ingredient will expand the lifespan of your product. While you can add this to your lotion recipes made from scratch, Germall Plus is already in the multi lotion base lotion and soy body butter. So, you do not need to add a preservative to the pre-made lotion bases.

How Do You Make Scented Lotion?: Packaging Ideas for Lotion

We have a variety of product packaging supplies that you can use to package your scented lotion. Not only will these keep your recipes fresh and convenient to use, but they are essential for making recipes that look official. So, anyone creating lotion to sell should look into some quality packaging.

How Do You Make Scented Lotion?: Jars and TinsHow Do You Make Scented Lotion?: Jars and Tins

First, you can use either Plastic Jars or Metal Tins. Both of these packaging supplies are great options for your lotions, especially thicker creams or body butters. All you have to do is scoop out your finished product as it is needed and you are all set!

How Do You Make Scented Lotion?: Bottles and Lotion PumpsHow Do You Make Scented Lotion?: Bottles and Lotion Pumps

Also, you can lotion pumps with your plastic bottles to package lotions that are thinner or more liquid. This will allow you to conveniently use a pump to dispense your scented lotion. The 24/410  lotion pumps will fit with the 16 oz Bullet Bottles, 8 oz Bullet Bottles, 8 oz Boston Round Bottles, and 8 oz. Cosmo Bottles. Do You Make Scented Lotion?: Lotion Bar Containers

Another option that you have for packaging your lotion is lotion bar containers. These are perfect for creating homemade solid lotion recipes. These lotion recipes are great for moisturizing on the go!


How Do You Make Scented Lotion?: History of Body Cream

Simple body creams started out thousands of years ago with ingredients like animal fat or certain oils. There are a few civilizations, like Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans that created their own lotion recipes. Further, the bible even mentions lotions made of olive oil and spices. As time progressed, ingredients have changed to things like petroleum jelly, mineral oil, and various vegetable oils. If you want to learn more, then check out more in the History of Body Cream article on Leaf.

How Do You Make Scented Lotion?: Talk to UsHow Do You Make Scented Lotion?: Talk to Us

We hope that you learned something that you can use to create your very own lotion recipes. While there can be a lot to consider, formulating is easier when all the ingredient’s functions are explained. If you have any more questions about making lotion, then talk to us! An easy way to reach us on social media, which would include Facebook, Instagram (@ngscents), and Twitter (@ngscents).


Shimmering Bronzer Lotion Recipe

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Shimmering Bronzer Lotion RecipeShimmering Bronzer Lotion Recipe

While gorgeous, sun-kissed skin is sought after by so many of us, it can be dangerous trying to get your skin the perfect color. If you frequent tanning beds or lay out in the sun for too long, then you’re putting your skin at a higher risk of skin cancer. This is due to the excess exposure to the UV light, which is why too much sun can actually become a bad thing. Plus, there are some people that just can’t ever tan. Personally, I fall into this category. No matter how much sun I get, I never can tan. My skin goes from pale, sunburnt, and right back to pale. So frustrating! But, a good bronzing lotion can be a used as a perfect solution to both these problems. These lotions help provide a light, golden color without any damaging UV light. So, we at Natures Garden decided to create the Shimmering Bronzer Lotion Recipe.

This lotion recipe uses cocoa power to provide a natural colorant to create a perfect color for the recipe. This herb is a perfect colorant for a bronzer, as the cocoa powder is a shade that doesn’t leave you looking orange. Furthermore, this homemade bronzing lotion has all the skin nourishing benefits of regular lotion recipes. So, this lotion will give you will have golden, beautiful skin that is moisturized, glowing, and heathy.

Shimmering Bronzer Lotion Recipe: Ingredients Available at Natures Garden

Goat’s Milk Multi Base Lotion
NG Copper Hue Suntan Lotion Fragrance Oil
Organic Cocoa Powder
24k Gold Mica Pigment
8 ounce Clear Bullet Bottle
White Lotion Pump 24/410
Candy Thermometer

Shimmering Bronzer Lotion Recipe: Other Ingredients You’ll Need

Mixing Bowls
Mixing Spoon or Spatula
Stove Pot
Distilled Water
Gallon Size Ziploc Bag
Stick Blender

Shimmering Bronzer Lotion Recipe: Weights and Amounts of Ingredients

16 ounces Goat’s Milk Multi-Base Lotion
48 ounces Distilled Water
1.92 ounces NG Copper Hue Suntan Lotion Fragrance Oil
3 teaspoons 24 K Gold Mica Pigment
5 teaspoons Organic Cocoa Powdered

Shimmering Bronzer Lotion Recipe: NG Copper Hue Suntan Lotion Fragrance OilShimmering Bronzer Lotion Recipe: NG Copper Hue Suntan Lotion Fragrance Oil

Our wonderful homemade lotion recipe is easy to create and smells great thanks to this wonderful fragrance oil. NG Copper Hue Suntan Lotion fragrance oil by Natures Garden smells similar to a popular suntan lotion.  If you like the smell of Coppertone suntan lotion, this fragrance oil will make you very happy!  This fragrance is a wonderful arrangement of green herbs, jasmine, rose, lavender, and lilac.  This fragrance oil is a summer favorite here at Natures Garden!

Shimmering Bronzer Lotion Recipe: Preparing Your Equipment and Work Space

Before you begin creating your homemade lotion recipe, there are a few things that you may want to do to prepare. These preparations will make the process easier and even make it quicker. First, you will want to clean your equipment and supplies for this recipe, which makes sure that everything is ready for you to use. Also, you may want to clean and wipe down your work space. This will make sure that you have enough room to work on your lotion. Also, we suggest that you wear a pair of gloves, an apron, a face mask, and a hair net while preparing this recipe. After everything is clean and ready, its time to start creating this lovely lotion recipe.

Shimmering Bronzer Lotion Recipe: Preparing the Water

First, you are going to want to prepare the water for your lotion recipe. So, you will need to add some distilled water to your stove pot. You are going to need to boil the water to kill bacteria and make sure your lotion is as clean as possible. After your water is heated, you are going to need 48 ounces. So, make sure that you have more than this amount in your stove pot, as the some of the water will evaporate during the heating process.

Now, you will need to heat your water to at least 185 degrees Fahrenheit. After the water reaches this temperature, you will want to make sure the water holds this temperature for at least five minutes. Once this amount of time has passed, you can remove the pot of water from the heat source. You will need to measure 48 ounces of the water into one of your mixing bowls. At this point, you are going to want your measured water to cool a bit. After your water has cooled you can move on to the next step.

Shimmering Bronzer Lotion Recipe: Cooling the Water

Next, we are going to mix the water with the Goat’s Milk Multi-Base Lotion. Before you go to start mixing these ingredients, you need to make sure that your water is at the right temperature. First, you need to let your water cool down. While we needed to boil the water to sterilize it, we can’t immediately use the hot water in this mixture. If we use this hot water with our lotion base, then we are likely going to break down the base. So, you are going to need to cool your water to about 100 degrees Fahrenheit before you can combine this with the base.

Shimmering Bronzer Lotion Recipe: Combining the Water and Lotion BaseShimmering Bronzer Lotion Recipe: Combining the Water and Lotion Base

Now that your water has cooled to the right temperature you are ready to add the goat milk lotion base to the water. So, weigh 16 ounces of the Goat’s Milk Multi-Base Lotion and add it to your previously measured 48 ounces of water. After you combine these two ingredients you are going to mix them well. You will need to use your stick blender to emulsify these two ingredients together. So, you will want to continue mixing until all the water has been incorporated. If you are wondering when your mixture is finished, then know that you will be able to tell that you are done when the mixture looks like lotion.

Shimmering Bronzer Lotion Recipe: Adding the Natural BronzerShimmering Bronzer Lotion Recipe: Adding the Natural Bronzer

Now that your homemade lotion has been made, we are ready to add the color to your recipe. I added this at the same time as my water,  You can add it before the water or after, the choice is totally yours.  While this lotion won’t help you get a tan, it is perfect for adding a bit of color to your skin while you moisturize. For this homemade lotion recipe we are using organic cocoa powder to create a natural color for this lotion. So, take 5 teaspoons of the Organic Cocoa Powder and add it to your lotion base mixture. After the cocoa powder has been measured and added to your mixture, you need to mix thoroughly. You will need to make sure to break up any clumps of the herb. Breaking these clumps will ensure that the color is distributed evenly throughout the entire mixture. It may be helpful to use the stick blender again to mix this all together. This will leave your lotion with a light, bronzing pigment that is beautiful and naturally colored.

Shimmering Bronzer Lotion Recipe: Adding the Fragrance OilShimmering Bronzer Lotion Recipe: Adding the Fragrance Oil

Next, you are going to want to add the scented oil into your bronzing lotion. This ingredient takes your gorgeous and nourishing lotion and brings it up a notch. So, you are going to measure 1.92 ounces of the NG Copper Hue Suntan Lotion Fragrance Oil. You can either weigh this amount in a small bowl or directly into the lotion mixture. Then, you will want to combine the scented oil with your lotion and mix well. Once all of your fragrance oil has been thoroughly included into the lotion mixture. After everything is mixed together you are ready to move on to the next step.

Shimmering Bronzer Lotion Recipe: Adding the Shimmer and SparkleShimmering Bronzer Lotion Recipe: Adding the Shimmer and Sparkle

We can’t forget about adding all the shimmer and shine! Our last ingredient for this recipe is going to be the gorgeous 24 K Gold Mica Pigment. This ingredient is going to enhance the gold hue of the natural colorant and leave you sparkling. So, let’s get started! You will need to take three teaspoons of the gold mica pigment and add it to your lotion. Then, make sure that you thoroughly mix the mica into your lotion recipe. After all the sparkle and shine has been completely incorporated, your lotion will be ready to use. If you feel like you need a bit more glam, then you can try adding a bit more mica. However, our recipe has a great amount of shine. So, you should have enough glam for your pretty bronzing lotion.

Shimmering Bronzer Lotion Recipe: Packaging You Finished Product

Next, you are going to bottle up your finished homemade bronzer lotion. Since it would be difficult to pour your lotion directly into a bottle from the mixing bowl, we are going to take a different approach to packaging. First off you are going to need to transfer all of your lotion into the gallon Ziplock bag. You can use your mixing spoon or spatula to transfer everything into the Ziplock. After, you are going to seal the bag and use a pair of scissors to cut a small piece off the corner of the bag. However, you may want to set up your 8 oz bullet bottle before cutting the bag. Now can use your Ziplock bag to neatly and quickly fill your bottles. Once you have filled all your clear bullet bottles you can screw the 24/410 lotion pump onto your bottles

Shimmering Bronzer Lotion Recipe: Using Your Finished Product

Finally, your diy bronzer lotion is complete and ready to use! You can perfectly use this lotion to add a bit of color and shimmer to your skin. You will be able to use this delightful cosmetic lotion to add a bronzing glow to your skin. Just remember that this lotion isn’t meant for helping tan, but just adds some color and nourishes your skin. While the lotion is perfect for adding some color to your skin, the appearance isn’t the only benefit that you can get from this lotion base recipe. Our effective lotion base recipe uses wonderful, skin-loving ingredients that create a great lotion recipe. This Lotion Multi-Base uses vitamins and luxurious cosmetic oils. You are sure to love this homemade cosmetic lotion recipe!

Shimmering Bronzer Lotion Recipe: Standards of Beauty Through Time

While it may seem like the standard of beauty that we all know of today is obvious and permanent, there are other ideas on what is beautiful is different through time and in different cultures. I’ve always found it interesting to learn about all the changes in preferences for make up, fashion, and body type. Some ideas of ideal beauty from times and places are even considered unattractive today and vice versa. For example, in the Elizabethan Era pale skin was considered ideal and women would use a white powder, ceruse, to make themselves look paler. So, the idea of tanning or using bronzing lotion would’ve been ridiculous to people of this culture. But, this isn’t the only way that cosmetics were used differently throughout history. There are even more beauty standards throughout history. A Buzzfeed Article called “This Is How Dramatically Women’s Makeup Has Changed Throughout History” talks about a few different appearance preferences that people have tried to achieve through cosmetics.

Rainbow Zebra Print Soap RecipeShimmering Bronzer Lotion Recipe: Contact Us on Social Media

Hopefully, you have enjoyed this homemade body lotion recipe as much as we do! We here at Natures Garden would love to hear all about your experience with this easy and fun recipe. If you would like to share your creation, then you should absolutely share your products with us. Also, we are available to listen to any questions or comments. If you are interested in asking us questions or sharing your experiences, then you should definitely reach out to us on social media! You can find us on a few different social media pages. On Facebook, we have a Natures Garden page. Also, you can use @ngscents to find us on either Twitter or Instagram. Hope to hear from you soon!


Rice Bran Oil Benefits

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Rice Bran Oil BenefitsRice Bran Oil Benefits

This lovely oil from Natures Garden is perfect for making all kinds of homemade cosmetics. Not only can this oil be used in your homemade products, but rice bran oil contains various nourishing vitamins and minerals that are wonderful for the skin. So, there are many rice bran oil benefits that you can utilize in your handcrafted products. This means that your products will be able to utilize this oil’s properties and become more beneficial to the body!  So, let’s check out all of the wonderful properties of rice bran cosmetic oil and see exactly how this ingredient can fit into your products!

Rice Bran Oil Benefits Where Does This Oil Come From?Rice Bran Oil Benefits Where Does This Oil Come From?

This lovely, cosmetic oil is derived from the brown rice chaff. Actually, it is created from the inner husk of the rice. This portion of the rice is cold pressed into the wonderful oil we all know and love. This rice based oil is used in many different kinds of recipes. Everything from cooking to making soap can effectively use rice bran Oil. This widely used ingredient contains all kinds of nutrients that your body can benefit from both on the inside and outside. So, adding this oil to your homemade bath and body products would be a fantastic idea!

Rice Bran Oil Benefits For Your ProductsRice Bran Oil Benefits For Your Products

One way that you can benefit from the qualities of rice bran oil is to incorporate it into your amazing bath and body products.  This cosmetic oil is perfect for adding some nourishment to your body.  While this oil is amazing on its own, rice bran oil is perfect for adding to products. The only thing better than a single oil that contains nutrients for your body is a perfectly crafted product that includes this lovely oil! So, check out some of the benefits that this cosmetic oil can provide to your bath and body products.

Rice Bran Oil Benefits Making Cold Process SoapRice Bran Oil Benefits Making Cold Process Soap

Rice bran oil will be perfect for creating handmade soaps. Just like any other soap ingredients, this soaping oil provides unique properties for your recipes. Specifically, this oil will provide all kinds of amazing qualities for your bars. For one, this cosmetic oil will provide conditioning properties. This property will moisturize and care for your skin perfectly! Also, you will find soaps with this oil to have a creamier lather. Finally, this oil adds a bit of hardness to your bar. Many soap makers have found that this oil is similar to how Olive Oil works in soap. Additionally, rice bran oil is a soaping  oil that is nice for sensitive skin. So, you will have a more nourishing and creamy bar of soap!

Rice Bran Oil Benefits Creating Lotions Rice Bran Oil Benefits Creating Lotions

Also, adding this cosmetic oil to your homemade lotion would be a wonderful idea! Anyone that is making their own body lotion recipe has one goal in common. We are all looking to create a recipe that will effectively moisturize your skin. Luckily, rice bran oil benefits your lotion perfectly as it is a great choice for moisturizing the skin. Rice bran oil will sink deep into the skin and nourish your skin cells. Further, this oil is known to absorb fairly quickly. So, you won’t end up with a greasy film on the top layer of your skin. This means that rice bran oil would make a perfect addition to a lotion recipe that would moisturize and nourishing without leaving an oily residue.

Rice Bran Oil Benefits Making Homemade Hair ConditionerRice Bran Oil Benefits Making Homemade Hair Conditioner

Since rice bran oil is wonderful for the skin, you can imagine that its impact on your scalp and hair would be great, too. Also, you would be so right! This cosmetic oil is perfect for promoting healthy hair. First of all, this oil is wonderful for the scalp. This cosmetic ingredient will level out the natural oils on your scalp, lead to thicker hair, and nourish the roots of your hair. Second, the nutrients in this oil will positively impact your hair, too. This cosmetic oil will reduce split ends and strengthen your strands. So, rice bran oil will strengthen your hair and lead to healthy hair growth!

Rice Bran Oil Benefits For Your BodyRice Bran Oil Benefits For Your Body

Another fantastic reason as to why you should use rice bran oil is all the benefits that it contains for the body. In fact, this should be one of the most important reasons because these products should be all about caring for our body! The benefits in this potential ingredient come from the various vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats that this cosmetic ingredient contains. This means that you can use these various nutrients to perfectly nourish your skin and hair. So, you can check out some of the ways that this cosmetic oil can benefit your skin, hair, and entire body.You will love how rice bran oil benefits your body! 

Rice Bran Oil Benefits Solution for Dry SkinRice Bran Oil Benefits Solution for Dry Skin

First of all, rice bran oil is perfect for moisturizing your skin. Your stubbornly dry skin doesn’t even have a chance! This cosmetic ingredient will provide your skin with a deep conditioning nourishment. In fact, this oil is able to sink down deep into your skin to take care of it all. This will leave you with healthy, smooth skin that you will love! Plus, this cosmetic oil is not as oily or greasy as many other oils. This means that rice bran oil will not leave the oily residue on the surface of your skin. This moisturizing oil will sink in quickly. So, you get all the moisture without leaving your skin oily afterward. Between quickly sinking into the skin and its moisturizing power, this cosmetic oil is perfect for providing your skin with the nourishment that it truly deserves!

Rice Bran Oil Benefits Anti Inflammatory Rice Bran Oil Benefits Anti Inflammatory

Further, it is thought that the addition of this cosmetic oil would make an effective anti inflammatory product for your skin. So, rice bran oil can really come in handy for those dealing with this uncomfortable issue. Many believe that some of the nutrients in the rice bran oil, which includes the Phytosterols, are perfect for soothing the skin. These nourishing properties can help to reduce issues like eczema, poison ivy, rashes, and many other skin ailments that involve inflammation for some. So, take a chance on the lovely rice bran oil benefits to soothe the itching, dryness, pain, and constant desire to scratch!

Rice Bran Oil Benefits Speed Up Hair GrowthRice Bran Oil Benefits Speed Up Hair Growth

Also, this cosmetic oil is perfect for promoting faster, healthy hair growth! The components in this oil perfectly nourish the hair to ensure that your hair is strong enough to grow out long. First of all, this cosmetic oil will strengthen your individual strands. This will allow your hair to grow longer and faster than when it was damaged or lacked nourishment. Further, the nutrients in this oil will lead to more nourished roots and stronger hair. So, the Ferulic Acid, Esters, and Vitamin E Oil are perfect for stimulating your roots and hair growth. You are going to love the benefits that this oil has for your hair!

Rice Bran Oil Benefits Normalize Hair Oil

Do you have to wash your hair every day just to keep up with your oily scalp? Your hair may even start to get greasy before your day is over! You may think that you are just cursed with super oily hair, but some of this issue may be able to be reduced. All you need to nourish your scalp, which you can do with the help of rice bran oil! Now, this may seem crazy, like you are just adding more oil to an oily situation, but it’s what is in this cosmetic oil that counts! You can use this cosmetic oil perfectly on your scalp, as this oil will help your natural oil reach a better balance. This will lead to a more normal production of your own natural hair oils. Thus, breaking the so called curse!

Rice Bran Oil Benefits Anti-Aging Effects on the HairRice Bran Oil Benefits Anti-Aging Effects on the Hair

Not only is rice bran oil great for growing your hair out, but this cosmetic oil will help reduce your hair’s natural signs of aging. Some of the nutrients in this cosmetic oil, like the Vitamin E Oil, are perfect for helping keep grey hairs at bay. This oil allows you to provide the right nutrients to protect against premature grey hair. So, you don’t have to worry about any grey hairs. Although you can’t entirely prevent the process of natural aging, you can put off getting grey hair for some time. So, you can put off getting your grey hair for the time being! 

However, don’t feel as though you have to hide from your grey hair, embrace it! In fact, grey hair can be beautiful! It’s all about what you are comfortable with for yourself. These lovely women, which you can see at 60 Gorgeous Grey Hair Styles, decided to be bold and chose to embrace their grey hair! You can keep your hair looking as it has in the past or you can rock this new life change. Either way, love your gorgeous locks! 

Rice Bran Oil Benefits Wrinkle Reducing in SkinRice Bran Oil Benefits Wrinkle Reducing in Skin

Furthermore, these anti aging effects can be beneficial for your skin! While wrinkles will naturally happen over time, there are a few things that we can do to reduce their effects. The nutrients in the oil will sink deep down into your skin to create healthier skin that is able to fight wrinkles. For example, the Vitamin E in rice bran oil is great for reducing wrinkles and fine lines, This vitamin is able to help reduce these signs of aging because Vitamin E boosts important skin functions, like cellular regeneration. This leads to healthier skin that is able to retain a more smooth complexion

Rice Bran Oil Benefits Far More Than HypoallergenicRice Bran Oil Benefits Far More Than Hypoallergenic

Another wonderful benefit of this cosmetic oil is that it is sensitive enough for all skin types. So, this oil is a more versatile option for your products that is more likely to agree with all skin types. Further, this lovely oil is even said to lower your body’s response to your normal allergies. It is said that eating  rice bran oil can lead your body to be less sensitive to any allergens that you may have hyper-sensitivity to. However, we highly suggest that you only use this oil as a precaution. It would not be wise to actively seek out any allergens after ingesting this oil. While it may be true that this oil reduces your body’s reaction, we can’t guarantee that your body would have no reaction at all.

Rice Bran Oil Benefits Using This Oil in Room Scenting RecipesRice Bran Oil Benefits Using This Oil in Room Scenting Recipes

Finally, this cosmetic oil can even be used in your room scenting recipes.  You can add rice bran oil to melted candle wax.  The oil will thin the wax out enough to create a gel potpourri that can be added to your room scenting burners. Two examples of this are the Shimmer Gel Potpourri Recipe and the Vanilla Liquid Potpourri Recipe from Natures Garden. This gel is so easy to use, just squeeze a bit of the gel into your burner, and turn it on. Click on the links for a step by step tutorial for each of these room scenting ideas.


Natures Garden sells our cosmetic oils, like rice bran oil, for external use only. We do not sell them as food items. The information that we provide is for educational purposes only. This information is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease. This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Keep all cosmetic ingredients out of reach of children and pets. Special care should be taken by pregnant and/or lactating women when handling cosmetic oils. Natures Garden accepts no responsibility (written or implied) for any products you make with our Rice Bran Oil. All testing is the responsibility of the customer.


Frappe Mocha Body Cream Kit

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Frappe Mocha Body Cream Kit

Frappe Mocha Body Cream KitYou know what can turn an impossible morning into sunshine and rainbows? Coffee, of course! Iced, steamed, dark, or creamy, coffee is the perfect fix for a dreary day. The scent is irresistible and something we all recognize as our morning life saver. So, why not enjoy the scent all day? Natures Garden’s Frappe Mocha Body Cream Kit guides you through the process of creating delicious, coffee scented body cream. This recipe uses real coffee grounds, World’s Best Coffee Fragrance Oil, and Chocolate Fudge Fragrance Oil to create a perfect mocha aroma. Plus, this lotion recipe is also fantastic!

Frappe Mocha Body Cream Kit is Available from Natures Garden

Frappe Mocha Body Cream Kit

Frappe Mocha Body Cream Kit Ingredients Within the Kit

Frappe Mocha Body Cream Kit Ingredients Within the KitDry, Ground Coffee Beans
Coffee Filter
Disposable Pipettes
4oz Clear PET Jar
White Lids 58/400
Sweet Almond Oil
Traditional Emulsifying Wax
Cocoa Butter
Stearic Acid
Vitamin E Oil
Optiphen Preservative
NG World’s Best Fresh Brewed Coffee Fragrance Oil
NG Chocolate Fudge Fragrance Oil

Frappe Mocha Body Cream Kit Other Ingredients and Equipment Not Included in the Kit

Distilled Water
Large Bowls
Medium Bowl
Measuring Cup
Stick Blender

Frappe Mocha Body Cream Kit Weights and Amounts

353 grams Distilled Water
¼ cup Dry, Ground Coffee Beans
1 Coffee Filter
Disposable Pipettes – 5
4oz Clear PET Jar – 4
Sweet Almond Oil – 48 grams
Traditional Emulsifying Wax – 24 grams
Cocoa Butter – 10 grams
Stearic Acid – 8 grams
Vitamin E Oil – 5 grams
Optiphen Preservative – 7 grams
World’s Best Coffee Fragrance Oil – 5 grams
Chocolate Fudge Fragrance Oil – 1 grams
Large Bowl(s) – 1 (for single layer) or 2 (for layered cream option)
Medium Bowl – 1
Pots – 2 (for double boiler)
Stick Blender

Frappe Mocha Body Cream Kit Clean and Prepare

Before you begin preparing the Frappe Mocha Body Cream Kit, you will want to get prepared to make sure that the process goes as smoothly as possible. First, make sure that your equipment and work space are sanitized and ready for you to get to work. This will help you stay organized and prevent your product from contamination. Second, you may want to read over all the steps of the kit. This will help you be aware of the critical temperatures and timing of certain steps. Otherwise, you get your lotion recipe to emulsify correctly or you could burn off the Optiphen preservative. Finally, once you feel that you’re well prepared to create your delicious frappe mocha scented body cream you can get started!

Frappe Mocha Body Cream Kit the Creative Decision

While you are given detailed directions and all the necessary ingredients to create this body cream, you have an opportunity to create one of two slightly different products. You can either create this recipe in one solid mocha colored layer or create a two-layer product. This other layer is meant to look like a whipped topping on top of a rich mocha base layer. The second layer would use a portion of the oils that you have been provided within the kit and divide it to create a white topping layer. Either way you choose, the steps will be given for each in the steps below. Once you have decided, we will begin creating our Frappe Mocha Body Cream.

Frappe Mocha Body Cream Kit Boiling Water

Initially, you’ll want to boil about 500 grams of distilled water for twenty minutes. Also, you want to make sure the water reaches at least 180 degrees Fahrenheit for twenty minutes. This step is meant to kill bacteria, which will help to prevent contamination issues in your final product. While we will not use 500 grams of water, some of it will boil off. So, we want to make sure we have plenty of water to allow for this.

For those creating a layered cream: If you are creating a layered cream, you may want to add more water to the pot as evaporation will occur.

Frappe Mocha Body Cream Kit Making Coffee

Frappe Mocha Body Cream Kit Making CoffeeSecond, we are going to prepare the coffee filter to create the coffee water for your mocha colored base. Take your strainer, set the coffee filter inside, and add about a half cup of coffee grounds to the filter. Next, we will be pouring the boiled water through the coffee and filtering mechanism. This will be done by placing a medium bowl on your scale. You will then hold the strainer over the bowl and pour the water into the coffee filter. It will then filter the coffee water into your bowl. However, the amount that you will need depends on whether you are making one or two layers. If you chose to create a single mocha colored layer, then filter 353 grams of the boiled water through the coffee. Set the coffee water aside, for now, we will come back to it.

For those creating a layered cream: If you are going to have a whipped topping appearance on your products, you will only need to filter 264 grams of boiled water through the coffee. Take the remaining water and place it back on the heat. Set the coffee water aside, we will come back to it.

Frappe Mocha Body Cream Kit Double Boiler

Frappe Mocha Body Cream Kit Double BoilerThis next step requires the use of a double boiler. However, the same effect can be done with one larger pot and one smaller pot. Take the larger pot and add a couple of inches or so of water. Put the smaller pot inside of the larger pot. When adding your oils and butters you will want to add them to the smaller pot. The water in the larger pot will warm up the ingredients, and it will help you to prevent the scorching of your butters and oils.


Frappe Mocha Body Cream Kit Oil Phase

Frappe Mocha Body Cream Kit Oil PhaseNow, we are going to heat the oils, butters, and emulsifying wax. Weigh out 48 grams of sweet almond oil, 24 grams of traditional emulsifying wax, 10 grams of cocoa butter, 8 grams of stearic acid, and 5 grams of vitamin E oil. Then, melt them using your double boiler. Once this mixture is melted, you will remove it from the heat and cool it to about 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Frappe Mocha Body Cream Kit Emulsification

Frappe Mocha Body Cream Kit EmulsificationNext, you will combine your oil and water for the emulsification phase of the recipe. As the coffee water and oil mixture both approach 140 degrees Fahrenheit, you should get the stick blender, scale, and a large bowl ready. Once both the mixtures are around this temperature you will combine the oil and coffee water, mixing with your stick blender. The amount of oil that you will add depends on the number of layers you intend to create. If you are making a single layer, then simply add all of the oil to the water.

For those creating a layered cream: Now, you will need to separate the amount of the oil mixture if you are going to create a layered cream.You will measure out about 71 grams of the oil mixture into the large bowl. Next, mix the water and oil very well with the stick blender.  The remaining oil will then be used for the whipped portion.

Frappe Mocha Body Cream Kit Cool Down

Frappe Mocha Body Cream Kit Cool DownFinally, let the emulsified mixture cool to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Once your mixture is at this temperature, you can add the preservative and fragrance oils. If you are making a single layer, add 7 grams of Optiphen, 5 grams of the World’s Best Coffee Fragrance Oil, and 1 gram of the Chocolate Fudge Fragrance Oil.


For those creating a layered cream: If this is the base of your dual layered product, then you will add 5 grams of Optiphen, 4 grams of the World’s Best Coffee Fragrance Oil, and a bit less than a gram of the Chocolate Fudge Fragrance Oil.

Frappe Mocha Body Cream Whipped Cream Layer (Optional)

Frappe Mocha Body Cream Whipped Cream Layer (Optional)If you have set some of your provided ingredients aside for two layers, then you can prepare your white topping layer. First, make sure that your clear, boiled water and your leftover oil mixture are at about 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, combine 89 grams of the clear water and the remaining oil. Then, stick blend well to emulsify. Next, let the emulsified blend cool to about 120 degrees Fahrenheit before you add the final ingredients. Now, add about 2 grams of Optiphen, 1 gram of the World’s Best Coffee Fragrance Oil, and the rest of the Chocolate Fudge Fragrance Oil. Finally, blend this well and set the mixture aside until you mocha colored layer has set up.


Frappe Mocha Body Cream Kit Filling the Jars

Frappe Mocha Body Cream Kit Filling the Jars


Now, retrieve the light mocha colored bowl of your emulsified lotion. Next, once the mocha base has cooled to room temperature, you can scoop the lotion into the jars.  If you are only making one layer, then you can feel free to scoop the base to the top of your jars. Also, sprinkle some of your leftover coffee grounds on top.  Finally, place a lid on top!



Frappe Mocha Body Cream Kit Filling the Jars with Topping


For those creating a layered cream: Be sure to leave some room, about

half an inch, for the top layer. First, wait for the white topping layer to cool down to room temperature. Then, once this layer is at the right temperature, scoop this layer into the top of the jars. Also, you can sprinkle some of your leftover coffee grounds onto the top of your lotion product. Finally, place a lid on top of your jar!

We hope that you enjoy Natures Garden’s Frappe Mocha Body Cream Kit as much as we have.  Personally, I love this cream recipe! It doesn’t leave oily residue on your hands, but has a wonderful softening effect on the skin. Between the intoxicating scent and the moisturizing power, this recipe has easily become my absolute favorite lotion! So, I need to let all my fellow coffee lovers out there know that this is a recipe that you do not want to pass up! Also, for more kits available from Natures Garden, click here.


Couture Hotness Fragrance Oil

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Couture Hotness Fragrance OilCouture Hotness Fragrance Oil– Fragrance Oil Spotlight

Hello, Ladies! Are you ready to make heads turn and jaws drop? I’m assuming you said yes, because who’d say no to drop dead gorgeous. So, why not smell the part? Couture Hotness Fragrance Oil is a scent of feminine power, beauty, and sex appeal with an attractive quality that’s tough to fight. While many may say beauty lies with the perspective of the beholder, it’s pretty tough to deny when you’re this good. Given that your scent is one of the first things to notice and the longest to linger, I’d say the perfect scent is the first step to sexy! While there are a plethora of different choices for your signature scent, this Nature’s Garden rendition of Hot Couture is tough to compete with!

What does Couture Hotness Fragrance Oil Smell Like?

A glamorous, sophisticated fragrance oil by Natures Garden that combines top notes of raspberry and bergamot, middle notes of magnolia and jasmine, and base notes of white musk and vetiver.  Very sexy and feminine!  Our rendition of Hot Couture Fragrance.

Top Notes: raspberry, bergamot
Mid Notes: magnolia, jasmine
Base Notes: white musk, vetiver

How Do Our Customers Use Couture Hotness Fragrance Oil?

First, lovely homemade soap makers can use this fragrance at no more than 5% to create fantastic smelling products, whether it be by cold process or melt and pour methods. Our cold processed soap results for this fragrance showed that was a perfect pour! There is no acceleration, no ricing, or no separation for soap containing this feminine fragrance. While the bar will discolor to a butterscotch color, it is possible that vanilla white stabilizer may lighten the color, but you will need to test this. Adding this product may produce a lighter or even white bar, depending on the fragrance. However, this stabilizer only counteracts the discoloration caused by vanilla or vanillin. Since there  are more than 40 ingredients used in fragrance manufacturing that may contribute to discoloration of products, the stabilizer will not work exactly the same for all fragrances. Further, other bath at body products, such as bath oils and gels, work great at concentrations of 5% or lower. For coloring, we recommend that you use red soap colorant in the amount that satisfies you, never use candle dye in any body products.

Next, candle crafters can use a maximum of 10% in their creations using either vegetable wax or paraffin wax. If you’re deciding to color your products, we suggest using three drops of red liquid candle dye for every four pounds of melted wax. Remember that crayons can not function as a sufficient substitute for actual colorant in your candles as they will clog your wick. However, the use of gel wax is not compatible for creating products using this scent.

Finally, many other creations can be made using this scent as well! Fragrance oil room scenters can use up to 50% in potpourri and incense. Also, Lotions, perfumes, and cleaning products are all safe to use to 5% of this fragrance.

Glamour Girl Lotion RecipeWe at Natures Garden hope that you find this scent as compelling as we do and are able to make tons of fabulous products!  If you are trying to decide what to create first with this fabulously sexy, feminine scent click here to try out free Glamour Girl Lotion Recipe!


Rose Lotion

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rose lotionRose Lotion

Hello everybody! Are you looking for new and exciting projects to try? Do you like floral or flower scents? Have you ever made any with our Fresh Cut Roses fragrance? Well, we are introducing a brand new recipe for our Rose Lotion! This awesome lotion is sure to be a new favorite for everyone around you! And the wonderful smell of roses will follow you wherever you go! Be sure to try out this great recipe and share it with your friends and family!



18 grams of Cocoa Butter

45 grams of Fractionated Coconut Oil

4 grams of Meadowfoam Oil

37 grams of Emulsifying Silky Wax

6 grams of Stearic Acid

18 grams of Sweet Almond Oil

4 grams of Vitamin E Oil

23 grams of Vegetable Glycerin

2 grams of Arrowroot Powder

14 grams of Fresh Cut Roses Fragrance Oil

6 grams of Optiphen

360 grams of water

6 grams of dried rose petals

1 coffee filter

Multiple mixing bowls

Mixing Spoons




First, prepare your oils. Weigh out and melt down the following to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. 18 grams of cocoa butter, 4 grams of meadowfoam oil, 18 grams of stearic acid, 45 grams of fractionated coconut oil, 37 grams emulsifying silky wax, 18 grams of sweet almond oil and 4 grams of vitamin E oil.









Next weigh out and bring your 360 grams of water to a boil. Then you can add your 6 grams of dried rose petals into the coffee filter inside a bowl. Then check to make sure the water is at 140 degrees Fahrenheit and pour the water over the petals into the bowl to make a rose tea.



Even though you used 360 grams of water to make your rose tea, you only need 286 grams of the rose tea for this next step. Weigh out and pour 23 grams of Vegetable Glycerin into the 286 grams of rose tea.


Make sure your oil mixture is 140 degrees Fahrenheit as well as the rose tea and vegetable glycerin, and then go ahead and mix them both together.


After you have mixed it all together thoroughly, then you can add 2 grams of Arrowroot Powder to the mixture.


Then add 14 grams of Fresh Cut Roses Fragrance Oil to your mixture and mix it all together thoroughly again.


Check the temperature of the mixture and make sure it is just around or at 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Then add 6 grams of Optiphen and mix it all together. Keep mixing everything together until the mixture becomes thicker.




Once it thickens, refrigerate your lotion to cool it down, and then it is ready for you to use! Enjoy your awesome new Rose Lotion!


This rose lotion recipe is sure to be a favorite of yours and everyone you know! The amazing scent of roses is sure to follow you and your loved ones everyone everywhere you go! Make sure to check out all the rest of our awesome free recipes and classes for even more fun for you and your loved ones! Please don’t hesitate to contact us here at Nature’s Garden with any questions, thoughts, or concerns you may have, and keep watching for more Enlightened by Layla!

enlightened-by-layla (1)


Juicy Scent

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juicy scentCucumber Cantaloupe Fragrance OilFragrance Oil Spotlight

This juicy scent brings you right into summertime.  Cucumber Cantaloupe Fragrance Oil is famously balanced between two of the best summer scents: cucumber and cantaloupe.  And, in this delicious, juicy scent you can even smell each aromatic note.  When in products, cucumber cantaloupe really turns heads.  Rich and full of the most mouth watering notes, this fragrance is rated 5 stars from everyone.  A juicy scent that works beautifully in every aspect of the customer demands from candles, to body products, to car fresheners.  This very fresh scent is a classic!

What does Cucumber Cantaloupe Fragrance Oil smell like?

Oh what a wonderfully fresh fragrance oil by Natures Garden! An aromatic blend of ripe cantaloupe, with base notes of juicy cucumber and fresh green notes. A Best Seller!

How do our customers use Cucumber Cantaloupe Fragrance Oil?

For candle crafters and home scenters; our customers use this juicy scent in their soy waxes like 464 and 415.  It also works well in Joy wax, WOW wax, pillar of bliss, and Palm wax.  And, Cucumber Cantaloupe scent has good hot and cold scent throw.  As for home scenting ideas; this fragrance oil has been used to make smelly jellies, aroma beads, reed diffussers, oil burners, and odor freshening sprays.

On the bath and body end of products, the usage rate for this fragrance oil is 5%.  This fabulous and juicy scent is used to make:  melt and pour soaps, body butters, body frostings, bath salts, body creams, and handmade lotions.  And, for those of you that are cold process soapers, this juicy scent is amazing!  Here are the official results:  A great classic.  Juicy and fruity.  So rich and full.  Perfect Pour, no ricing, no acceleration.  This was cp phenomenal!!!  Very pale creamy discoloration if any at all in final soap.  Scent stayed super strong throughout cure.


Lotion Recipe

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Homemade Tropical Lotion RecipeThis amazing Tropical Lotion Recipe is filled with skin loving and moisturizing elements.  But, not only does this lotion sink right into your skin, it smells like a tropical paradise.  Just the perfect thing to snap you out of the winter blues, and get you ready for summer!

To make this lotion, there are some supplies you will need.  To heat and melt the oils/butters, you will be using a double boiler method on your stovetop.  You will also need a larger mixing bowl to combine the water and butters/oils, as well as a stick blender to encourage the emulsification process.  Other than that, the rest of the supplies are pretty standard:  a scale, a mixing spoon, a spatula, and a funnel (optional).

As for the rest of the ingredients in this lotion recipe, they can all be found at Natures Garden.  You will also be able to find the bottles and lids to package your lotion in by clicking on this link.

Here is the lotion recipe to make (2) 8 oz. bottles:
Water Phase:
425 grams Distilled Water
8 grams Sodium Lactate
Oil Phase:
24 grams BTMS 25
10 grams Mango Butter
28 grams Rice Bran Oil
30 grams Fractionated Coconut Oil
6 grams Vitamin E Oil 
To Scent and Preserve:
10 grams Optiphen Preservative 
12 grams Papaya Dragon Fruit Fragrance Oil 
To get the same color pictured, you will need:
5 drops Da Bomb Soap Dye Yellow
7 drops Da Bomb Soap Dye Blue

It is suggested before starting this recipe to prep your area with all of the supplies that you will need.  Also, clean and sanitize your work area as well as your packaging materials.

And now, the steps:

The Water Phase:
Step 1:  Using your scale, weigh out at least 525 grams of distilled water.  Even though you will only be using 425 grams for this lotion recipe, you want to account for evaporation while heating.  Place your water in a pot.  Place the pot on the stove top.  Heat the water to 180 degrees Fahrenheit.  Once the water hits that temperature, hold it there for 20 minutes.  This step will eliminate any bacteria that may be in the water.

heat your distilled water

Step 2:  When the time has elapsed, remove the water for the stove top/heat. Weigh out 425 grams of the water.  Then, add the sodium lactate.  Stir and set aside.

adding sodium lactate to lotion recipe
The Oil Phase:
Step 1:  Grab a larger pot.  Place a few inches of tap water into this pot.  Put this pot on to the stove top on medium heat.  Now, weigh out and combine the following:  Mango Butter, BTMS, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Rice Bran Oil, and the Vitamin E.  Place all of the ingredients into a smaller pot.  Then, place this smaller pot in to the larger one.  This is the double boiler method.  As the ingredients melt, stir occasionally.  Heat the ingredients in the smaller pot to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

double boiler method for the lotion ingredients

The Mixing Phase: Get ready to move!
Step 1: Double check that your water and your oils are both around 140 degrees Fahrenheit.  Then, in a large mixing bowl combine the oil mixture and the water.

adding the oil phase to the water phase
Step 2:  Using your stick blender, begin to emulsify.  This will become apparent when your mixture turns white in color.

emulsifying lotion recipe

The Cooling Phase:
Step 1:  Now, allow your mixture to cool.  The temperature that you are looking for is 120 degrees Fahrenheit.  Once your lotion is this temperature, add the Optiphen preservative, colorant, and fragrance oil.  Once again, using your stick blender, mix.

preserving your lotion
Step 2:  Finally, let your lotion cool to room temperature and then place it into your bottles.

packaging your lotion

You have now turned your Tropical Lotion Recipe into Homemade Tropical Lotion.  You will just love how truly amazing this lotion is!  Enjoy the tropical fruits of your labor!

Natures Garden is not responsible for the performance of any of the recipes provided on our website. Testing is your responsibility. If you plan to resell any recipes we provide, it is your responsibility to adhere to all FDA regulations. If there are ingredients listed in a recipe that Natures Garden does not sell, we cannot offer any advice on where to purchase those ingredients.


Menthol Crystals

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menthol crystalsThe menthol crystals that Natures Garden carries are actually crystallized peppermint essential oil.  These crystals are 100% natural and have a variety of uses when introduced into your products.

Although menthol crystals can be made synthetically, when derived naturally they come from mint oils such as cornmint or peppermint.  Once the extraction occurs, the oil is immediately frozen (cold extraction) which forms the menthol crystals.  These crystals, which look similar to smaller oblong rock crystals, are solid at room temperature but have a melting point of around 107 degrees Fahrenheit.  These menthol crystals which are a white or clear crystalline substance are soluble in alcohol and propylene glycol and they are miscible in oils.

Menthol crystals have many uses.  They can be found in many industries such as oral hygiene, candies, pharmaceuticals, personal care, perfumery, and tobacco.  They naturally have a strong minty odor to them.  And, their usage percentage in a product can vary anywhere from .2% to 10% depending on the end product that is being formulated.

Menthol contains local anesthetic, antipruritic, analgesic, antispasmodic and anti irritant qualities.  The use of menthol in bath and body products can actually engage the cold sensitive receptors in our skin and provide a cooling sensation.  This same sensation can also occur from inhaling menthol as well as ingesting it.

menthol crystals in oral hygiene
Oral Hygiene:

In the realm of oral hygiene this ingredient is used not only for its refreshing flavor, but also to combat bad breath and can be used in mouthwash and toothpaste.


menthol crystals in gumFlavoring and Candies:
Menthol crystals are used to flavor many of our favorite go to minty pleasures.  It is used with the addition of anise to produce the tried and true flavor of licorice.  The crystals are used in peppermint and spearmint chewing gum for their refreshing and cooling feeling when chewed.  And, it is also even used in the production of many hard candies.

menthol crystal usesPharmaceuticals:
For slight throat irritations, menthol crystals can be used in items like cough medicines, cough drops, and throat lozenges.  The addition of this ingredient will cause a soothing and cooling sensation in the inflamed area.

Menthol crystals can be used to alleviate nausea, especially when the nausea is due to motion sickness.  This is because peppermint (which is used in making menthol crystals) is a natural carminative herb, meaning it can settle the digestive system.

Because menthol crystals have antipruritic and anti irritant qualities, they are great for anti itch creams and balms.

When it comes to chest congestion and upper respiratory issues; menthol can work as a decongestant.  The uses in this category for menthol crystals include: rubs, balms, or salves.  Inhaling the minty aroma of these crystals will also help to alleviate the blockages.

For an excellent fever reducer, menthol crystals can be made into wraps to be applied to the head or feet.  These wraps can also be made into balms or cooling gels.

menthol crystals in bath productsBath and Body: (Once made into a liquid form)

Menthol crystals are a great addition to lip balms.

Menthol crystals are a remarkable additive to lotions and creams for their analgesic property.  This provides temporary relief of minor aches and pains, as well as sprains in muscles.  Because menthol is antispasmodic, they can also help to reduce muscle cramping and muscle spasms.

Due of their amazing cooling, analgesic, and anesthetic properties, menthol crystals are extremely helpful in the treating of sunburns and razor burns.  The cooling sensation in gels and shaving balms simulates the feeling of ice providing some instant relief from the pain.  But, menthol can also penetrate deeply to numb the pain area temporarily.

Menthol crystals can even be used in deodorants, hair shampoos, and hair conditioners for their refreshing and cooling sensations.

Adding menthol crystals to soap recipes can enhance your soap for any of menthol’s benefits.  Just make sure the crystals are completely dissolved in the soaping oils and stirred well to reduce skin irritations. 

menthol crystals in perfumes

Menthol is even used in the perfumery industry.  When dealing with notes of floral, especially that of rose, perfumists will use menthol to produce menthyl esters.  These esters actually accentuate these delicate notes.


Menthol crystals are used to flavor various tobacco items such as cigarette tobacco, pipe tobacco, and chewing tobacco. 

The shelf life for these crystals is 2 years when stored accordingly.  However, areas with high humidity may experience the hardening and mass joining of these crystals into a solid lump.  This lump may be broken up by lightly hitting it with a mallet.  Also, areas with high levels of heat may melt the crystals.  Menthol crystals are best stored in a tight fitted glass, aluminum, or double lined container.  The crystals should be kept in a cool and dry area away from heat and direct sunlight.

Care should be taken when using menthol crystals in skincare products, as using too much may irritate the skin.

Natures Garden sells our menthol crystals for external applications only.  In the preceding post, we discussed how these wonderful crystals have many different uses in vast industries.  Nothing in this article is to be construed as medical advice.  Please consult your doctor before using any of this information for treatment purposes. We provide this data for educational purposes only.


Gifts for Guys

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Dude Fragrance Oil On the hunt for gifts for guys? 

This holiday season show those special men in your life just how much you appreciate them with a homemade gift.    Homemade gifts are heartfelt, memorable, and are way less expensive than department store presents.  Plus, being that your gift is homemade, you can cater it exactly to the person whether it is your boyfriend, husband, grandfather, brother, uncle, etc.

These easy to make recipes are written with step by step instruction, and are tried and true being formulated, made, and tested.

Hydrating Hand SticksHydrating Hand Sticks–  Perfect for your man in the elements, this recipe provides skin conditioning, moisturizing elements, and a “weather proof” coating for the skin, especially skin that is chapped and windburned.  A great gift idea for mechanics, construction workers, hunters, or anyone that enjoys the outdoors; these hydrating hand sticks are the perfect size to stay on the move with your busy man.

rejuvenating foot balmRejuvenating Foot Balm Recipe–  Great for tired and achy feet, this foot balm recipe will be heaven on earth for the men in your life that need a little pick me up.  With energizing essential oils and conditioning ingredients this recipe is awesome for any man on the move.

edible massage barSexy Edible Massage Bar–  A wonderful gift for any man that deserves a massage at the end of the day, this recipe is one you can both enjoy!  This massage bar is the answer if massage oils are a little to messy for you or the man in your life’s liking.

whipped-shaving-soap-pic2Whipped Shaving Cream–  A solution for any man of shaving age on your holiday gift list, this shaving cream recipe provides an excellent sleek shave free of nicks and cuts.   Plus with a rich lathering foam, this whipped shaving cream makes a wonderful gift for a ideal shave every time.

Winter Body Butter RecipeWinter Body Butter–  Winter can do a harsh number on the skin with the wind, low humidity, and bone chilling temperatures.  This winter time body butter recipe is especially moisturizing and nourishing.

beer candleBeer Candle–  What man would not love this beer candle?  Perfect for any manly man on your list, this gel wax candle smells and looks just like beer (it even has froth).  A great addition to any man cave!

green camoGreen Camouflage Candle–  If your man is the outdoors type, this granulated candle done in camouflage fashion is your answer.  Easy to make and fun to design, this scented candle will really stand out!

Cold Process Beer SoapBeer Cold Process Soap Recipe– If cold process soaping is nothing new to you, this beer soap recipe is a true winner.  With it’s thick and creamy lather, these soap bars are worth the extra effort.

Cold Process Shaving SoapCold Process Shaving Soap Recipe–  If the men on your holiday gift list hold grooming high in priority, this shaving soap will be exactly want they want.  With skin loving benefits and amazing lather, this easy to make shaving soap will have your man grinning from ear to ear.

Hunters Cold Process SoapHunter’s Cold Process Soap–  Receiving rave reviews, this cold process soap recipe is loved by every man, especially the “hunting crowd”.

On a special note:  Because you are making these recipes from scratch, you are able to scent these items with any fragrance oil (body safe fragrance oil if it is a body product).  To see a full list of all the fragrance oil possibilities please click here.  If you are interested in masculine type fragrance oils like designer scents, or man themed aromas, check out Natures Garden’s Masculine Category of fragrances.