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Votive Candle Wick Pin

Votive Candle Wick Pin


Votive Candle Wick Pin

Place this votive candle wick pin in any votive cup for a perfectly centered wick every time.  This particular candle wick pin is 2 5/16" in height with a flat bottom base. Simply place the candle wick pin inside a votive mold, pour your candle wax mixture, do any type of second repours to fill in sink holes, allow candle to set up, remove candle from votive mold, remove candle wick pin from candle, and then slide tabbed wick inside the hole that the candle wick pin made. 

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4.5 2 Votive Candle Wick Pin

Love These!! Review rating is 5 stars

5 Votive Candle Wick Pin

Reviewer: from Humboldt, TN US

May sound silly that I didn't realize this was a possibility! Once I tried out the smores candle recipe I found out and now I love this wick pin! I love creating candles without the confining glass jars!

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You only get one Review rating is 4 stars

4 Votive Candle Wick Pin

Reviewer: from Arbovale, WV

I was expecting to get three because of the picture. My mistake, the description only indicates that you get one. Just pointing this out to others that might make the same mistake. Other than that, the product is just as described and is a quality piece.

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