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"Cute As A Button" Candles

by Two Sisters Two Scents Candle Co.
Two Sisters Two Scents Candle Co. "Cute As A Button" Candles


Two Sisters Two Scents Candle Co.​- "Cute As A Button" Candles

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Golden Foods Soy Wax 464

As you may guess, we are two sisters (And our two sense!) who make handmade, hand decorated and wonderfully fragranced soy candles. All of our candles are hand poured and then hand decorated in jute, buttons, barn stars, hand loomed jute flowers and recycled/repurposed fabrics. You'd be surprised at how an ugly pair of dress slacks makes for a beautiful decorative fabric! But the benefits don't stop there. Once the candle is used up, the beautifully decorated jars are easily cleaned out with a small amount of boiling water allowing them to be repurposed around the home. No more throwing jars away after your candles are spent. An Eco friendly and decorative alternative to plain jar candles! Our candles come in three sizes, a large 16oz candle, a small 8oz candle and our "Cute As A Button" 4oz candles which are all decorated with the signature buttons that gave these candles their name. We also offer our "Melt My Heart" wax tart melts which come 6 to a box and are adorably heart shaped...sure to Melt Your Heart too!

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