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 Tropical Lotion Recipe download-recipe

Tropical Lotion Recipe

Recipe makes 2- 8 oz. bottles of lotion.

Ingredients Found At Natures Garden:



Other Ingredients & Equipment You'll Need:
Distilled Water
Mixing Bowls
Stainless Steel Spoon
Melting Pot

Stick Blender


Total Recipe Weights:
425 grams of Distilled Water (but you will want to have overage to offset evaporation)
28 grams Sweet Almond Oil
30 grams Fractionated Coconut Oil
24 grams BTMS 25
10 grams Mango Butter
8 grams Sodium Lactate 
6 grams Vitamin E Oil 
10 grams Optiphen Preservative 
12 grams Papaya Dragon Fruit Fragrance Oil 
5 drops Da Bomb Soap Dye Yellow
7 drops Da Bomb Soap Dye Blue

Phase I: Prep Your Area: Clean and sanitize your work area.  You will also need to sanitize all of your packaging materials.  It is also advised that you wear your gloves, protective clothing, and a hair net during the making of this recipe.

Phase II: The Water Phase:  Weigh out your distilled water.  Make sure to include extra water so that you have enough (425 grams) for the recipe.  Now, heat the water to at least 180F.  Once the water hits this temperature, hold it there for 20 minutes.  This will destroy any bacteria that is in the water.  Then, remove the water from the heat source and weigh out the 425 grams.  To this amount, add the sodium lactate.  Stir and then set aside.

Phase III: The Oil Phase:  Now, in a small pot, weigh out and combine the following ingredients:  BTMS 25, Mango Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, and Vitamin E Oil.  Heat all of these ingredients to 140F, using the double boiler process.  Stirring occasionally.  

Phase IV: The Mixing Phase:  Moving quickly, ensure that your water phase and oil phase mixtures are both around 140F. Then, in a large mixing bowl combine the oils mixture and the water.   Blend this well with a stick blender.  As you blend, you will notice the mixture will turn white in color.  This is showing you that your lotion is beginning to emulsify.

Phase V: The Cool Down Phase:  Next, allow your mixture to cool.  The temperature that you are looking for is 120F.  At this point, add the Optiphen preservative, colorant, and fragrance oil.  Mix thoroughly once again.  Finally, allow your lotion to cool to room temperature and then place it into your bottles. 


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