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Sunflower WAX

Sunflower WAX


Sunflower Wax

A hard, crystalline, high melting point vegetable wax obtained through the winterization of sunflower oil. It is Ecocert Certified. Sunflower Wax consists of long chain saturated  esters derived from fatty alcohols and fatty acids. In many formulations Sunflower Wax can be used as an alternative for Rice Bran Wax, Carnauba Wax, and Candelilla Wax. Sunflower Wax functions to regulate consistency in sticks and emulsions and has very strong oil gelling properties when used in concentrations as low as 4%.  Our special Sunflower Wax is light in color and has very low odor.  Our sunflower wax comes in granulated form, and can also be added to the cold phase of recipes and used as a natural exfoliant. Can be used as a replacement for jojoba beads in decorative cosmetics.

Applications: Lipsticks, Mascaras, Decorative Cosmetics, Lip Balms,

and Emulsions.

Advantages: Sunflower Wax improves the hardness, texture, strength, and mold release of sticks. It also acts as a consistency modifier in sticks and emulsions. Sunflower Wax can be used as a thickener and to improve oil binding, emolliency, film formation, and lubricity.

INCI name: Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil

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4.5 3 Sunflower WAX

My customers love my sunflower lotion bars! Review rating is 5 stars

5 Sunflower WAX

Reviewer: from New York, NY

When added to my lotion bars it is the key ingredient. My clients scoop them right up, especially the ones scented with sunflower fragrance.

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Delicious Lipbalm Review rating is 5 stars

5 Sunflower WAX

Reviewer: from Great Falls, MT US

I used sunflower wax in my blue raspberry slushie lipbalm recipe and it worked great! I simply swapped out beeswax in my typical lipbalm recipe and used sunflower wax instead (but I used less sunflower wax since it is harder than beeswax).

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Be aware Review rating is 4 stars

4 Sunflower WAX

Reviewer: from Napa, CA US

NG offers this pure wax at a great price, and I was so happy to find it. It's a nice change in lip balm. Also, you can add it to lotion and CP soap recipes. I love the consistency when melted with oils, and get good results with lotion bars. *However,* it does come with a scent -- from what I know, all sunflower wax has a distinctive smell. I don't use this in unscented or lightly scented products.

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