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Soy Wax Kit

Soy Wax Kit


Soy Wax Kit

Great for gifts! Comes in an attractive box. Kit Contains: 3 pounds NG Soy Wax, 2 color blocks (burgundy & green), 4- 1 oz. fragrances (Hot Baked Apple Pie, Vanilla Silk, Fresh Linen, and Floral Bouquet), 25- 6 inch HTP-83 wicks, 12 Hexagon Jars with Lids, and complete instructions.

Items you will need that are NOT included in this kit:  A metal pouring pot, and a candle thermometer (both items  are available at Natures Garden).

Invite your friends over and learn how to make soy candles together!!  Candles made with natural waxes is the hottest new trend in candlemaking.  

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4.5 8 Soy Wax Kit

Nice kit, but not enough wax

3 Soy Wax Kit

Reviewer: from STL

I really appreciate this kit as a beginning candle maker, however I really think the proportion of wax to containers should be rethought. Either supply smaller containers, or more wax. I am disappointed that I only got 9 candles out of my kit instead of the 12 it came with. I will have to buy more wax to make up those other three, when it could have been included for a small cost increase. The fragrances were hit or miss, I love the Apple Pie scent and the Vanilla Silk as well as the Fresh Linen, but Floral Bouquet just didn't do it for me. I suppose that worked out since I could only use 3 fragrances with the amount of wax I was given.

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Nice Beginners Kit

5 Soy Wax Kit

Reviewer: from Wentzville, MO US

Nice price for the supplies and works as a pretty good beginners starter kit.

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5 Soy Wax Kit

Reviewer: from Lithonia, GA US

I love my kit,

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Candle beginner

5 Soy Wax Kit

Reviewer: from Belleville, MI US

I brought this to learn how to make candles to start my line i used 1lb of wax and 4 hexagon holders and 1 oz of fragrance i did good my first try but
Im burning barely smell the fragrance next batch I will use 1 1/2 oz of fragrance and 3 jars per pound :)

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First time candle maker worked out great !!

5 Soy Wax Kit

Reviewer: from Central Florida

I got this kit becuase I wanted to learn how to make candles. It was very easy for me to use and I pretty much got the hang of it after I used the first batch of soy 1lb. which made me 3 of the hexagon jars. The first batch I made, I mixed the oils a little with the extra I purchased and used 1 1/2 ounce per 1 lb, I let them sit per the time NG gave me on the instructions and now I am burning them for the first time and so far so good throw seems nice cold and hot. I am very pleased and will be purchasing all of my candle making supplies from NG. Great for beginners, the only thing is I would love to see more variety of different styles of Jars that way I can just come here and buy everything I need without going else where. Other than that I am very pleased. Thanks NG for a great kit. Next I will be trying CP soap.

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Different jars needed but great to start

5 Soy Wax Kit

Reviewer: from Reading, PA US

I started out with this kit and loved it yes but feel there should be different jars. It was a great start recommend it to others. Had fun trying it and haven't turned back since. Thanks Natures Garden

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Needs different jar choices

4 Soy Wax Kit

Reviewer: from Hi Hat, KY US

I loved the kit,but I would like for NG to offer a different type of jar so I wouldnt have to shop elsewhere for an assortment of jars.The hexagon jars are great but I would like a different variety to add to my selections of shapes instead of the same jar all the time.NG shoul also offer cups for candles.I also have to shop some where else for these.Ng should also offer different sizes of baskets for those of us that make candle baskets & use different sizes & shapes to put into the baskets & maybe some kind of wraps or bags.Like before I have stated I also have to get these other places.I would just love to sit down & order everything from NG.Thanks

5 of 5 people found this review helpful. Do you? yes no

Nice, but could be better.

2 Soy Wax Kit

Reviewer: from San Jose, CA US

This is a bare bones kit for the beginning beginner candle maker. It doesn't have key tools you will need to get started once your kit arrives. So make sure you purchase those either from NG or somewhere else before hand. The price is nice, however I would have been happy paying more for more wax and those key tools so that I could actually use the kit once it arrived. Once you do some calculations you realize the proportion of wax to fragrance oils to the 6.5 oz jars makes it so that you don't get to use all of the jars or fragrance oils. In that regard I think they should add more wax to kit and raise the price a little as well as including those much needed tools.

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