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Liquid Sorbitol

Liquid Sorbitol
 Liquid Sorbitol



Sorbitol is used in some cosmetics and soaps due to its ability to prevent moisture loss, improve transparency, thicken some transparent gels, and to reduce the greasy feel of some skin lotions.  Sorbitol is a naturally occurring sweetener.  It is polar in nature; while oils and butters are nonpolar in nature.  Sorbitol in its natural form will not mix with non polar ingredients.  When using sorbitol with non polar products, you must use an emulsifier to get polar sorbitol and non polar oils/butters to mix.  This requires a background knowledge of cosmetic chemistry; which we do not offer any advice.

Liquid sorbitol has been affirmed as GRAS (generally recognized as safe) by the US Food and Drug administration, and is approved for use by the European Union, and is approved for use in countries around the world; including Australia, Canada, and Japan. Sorbitol is very stable at high temperatures, and does not participate in Maillard (browning) reactions. 

Natures Garden offers no advice on cosmetic formulations using this product.  We carry this product because our customers requested it.  If you require formulation help, please contact a cosmetic chemist.

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5.0 2 Liquid Sorbitol

Fixed My Issue

5 Liquid Sorbitol

Reviewer: from Thornton, CO USA

I have never been able to create a lotion that wasn't overly greasy, but this product has helped me create a better product for myself and customers.

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Use in lotions

5 Liquid Sorbitol

Reviewer: from Delaware

Works great in my lotions ipo a portion of glycerin-cuts down on the "stickiness"--I'm very happy with it.

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