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Make Your Own Candles, Soaps & Cosmetics

Honeysuckle Soap

by Nora's Soap Scents
Nora's Soap Scents Honeysuckle Soap


Nora's Soap Scents​- Honeysuckle Soap

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 I started soaping back in 2011 after I recently was forced into early retirement at a very young age. I love making CP soap and homemade bath products and have been hooked ever since. The ideas are endless and I'm always excited to make my next product.

I make a variety of soaps and bath products from goats milk, Coconut Milk, Hemp, and much more. I use all natural ingredients that are healthy with numerous benefits for your skin which include olive oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, avocado butter and a variety of many more. I like to call them body treats for your skin.

I started an Etsy shop and also do one seasonal craft show a year along with meeting the needs of local followers.  My dream one day is to open a brick and mortar storefront to pursue my long term goals.
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