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 Snail Bubble Bars Recipe download-recipe

Snail Bubble Bars Recipe

Recipe makes approximately 6 bubble bars.

Ingredients Found At Natures Garden:


Other Ingredients & Equipment You'll Need:
Mixing Bowls (4)
Small Bowls (2)
Mixing Spoon
Parchment Paper or Silicone Baking Mat (2)
Rolling Pin
Total Recipe Amounts:
205 grams SLSA
230 grams Sodium Bicarbonate- Baking Soda
112 grams Cream of Tartar
34 grams Corn Starch
100 grams Vegetable Glycerin
12 grams Sweet Almond Oil
7 grams Torrential Rains Fragrance Oil
Green Colorant:
3 drops Neon Green FUN Soap Colorant
Dark Blue Colorant:
4 drops Neon Blue FUN Soap Colorant
3  drops Ultramarine Violet FUN Soap Colorant
Light Blue Colorant:
2  drops Ultramarine Blue FUN Soap Colorant
3 drops Neon Blue FUN Soap Colorant
Black  Colorant:
2 drops Black Oxide FUN Soap Colorant
Clean & sanitize your work area and all of your packaging materials. It is suggested that you wear gloves, an apron, a face mask, and a hair net while preparing this recipe.
Step 1:  Begin by preparing the dry ingredients.  In a mixing bowl add 205 grams of the SLSA, 230 grams of baking soda, 112 grams cream of tartar, and 34 grams corn starch.  Mix well, using your hands to break up any clumps.
Step 2:  Using a small bowl, weigh out and mix your wet ingredients.  Combine 100 grams vegetable glycerin, 12 grams sweet almond oil, and 7 grams Torrential Rains Fragrance Oil. 
Step 3:  Now, add the wet ingredients to the bowl containing the dry ingredients.  Using gloved hands, mix everything together.  You are looking to achieve a dough consistency.  If your bubble bar dough is too dry, you may need to add just a tablespoon or two more vegetable glycerin.  Just be careful not to add too much.  Too much glycerin will prevent the bubble bars from setting up properly.
Step 4:  Next, we are going to begin separating your bubble bar dough.  First, you will need to separate out about 15 grams of your bubble bar dough.  Place this portion in a clean small bowl  and set it aside for now.
Step 5:  Next, you will need to separate about 285 grams of the dough. Roll this amount in a ball and set it aside, for now. 
Step 6:  Then, divide the remaining dough into three equal portions. Each portion will need to be separated into a different mixing bowl. 
Step 7:  Now, we will begin coloring the dough.  Begin with the first separated portion of 285 grams.  Add 3 drops of Neon Green FUN Soap Colorant to the bowl.  Using your hands mix to incorporate the colorant completely.  Roll this portion into a ball.  Set it aside once more.
Step 8:   Next, you are going to color the three smaller portions of your bubble bar dough.  The first bowl will remain white.  Simply roll this portion into a ball.  Set it aside for the moment.  In the second bowl, create the light blue color by adding  2 drops Ultramarine Blue FUN Soap Colorant and 3 drops Neon Blue FUN Soap Colorant.  Using your hands, mix to incorporate the colorant completely.  Roll this portion into a ball.  Set it aside as well.  The third bowl with be a darker blue.  So, add 4 drops Neon Blue FUN Soap Colorant and 3 drops Ultramarine Violet FUN Soap Colorant.  Again, using your hands, blend the color completely and evenly into the dough.
Step 9:  Prepare your area to roll dough.  First, place a mat or parchment paper (about 13” in length) in front of you.  Lightly coat it with baking soda to prevent sticking.  Also, lightly coat the rolling pin.  You will want to place a second matt nearby to transfer your bubble bar slices.
Step 10:  At this point we will begin rolling out our dough.  This process will be similar to rolling out a pumpkin roll.   Begin with the light blue bubble bar dough.  Place the ball in front of you and flatten it slightly.  Then, roll it into a rectangle shape.  Now, you will need the dark blue dough.  Place it directly on top of the light blue dough.  Then, roll it out in the same manner as the previous layer, maintain the same shape.  Finally, place the white layer on top of the dark blue  layer.  Once again, roll the bubble bar dough and maintain the same shape.
Step 11:  At this time, we will roll the dough into a loaf.  So, with the mat in front of you horizontally, lift the edge of your mat.  Slowly and gently roll the dough.  You want to roll it  in the same manner you would roll a pumpkin roll.
Step 12:  Once you have a rolled loaf you are ready to slice.  First, make a thin slice on each end to remove the edges.  Then, slice your loaf into six even slices.  Carefully set each slice on the second mat or parchment paper where it will not be disturbed during the next part of the process.

Step 13:  Return to your first mat or parchment paper.  Again, lightly coat the mat/parchment and the rolling pin with baking soda.  You will want the second mat/parchment nearby.
Step 14:  Now, you are going to take your green bubble bar dough and divide it into six portions equal portions.  Take one of the 6 potions of the green dough and roll it into a thick snake shape with your hands.  Roll this flat to create the body and make sure the width is about the same as a bubble bar slice.
Step 15:  Next you are going to carefully transfer one of the bubble bar slices onto the green dough.  You will want the slice to be slightly closer to one end.
Step 16:  Then, take the longer end of the green dough and gently lift it up to the slice.  Delicately press the green dough onto the slice and smooth the seam.  This longer end will be the head of your snail. Repeat Steps 14-16 five more times.
Step 17:  Now, we are going to create the snails’ smiling faces!  Take the 15 grams of dough
set aside in the beginning.  Take about  9  grams of the white dough and roll this dough into 12 oval shapes.  Note that this will spread out as you press the whites of the eyes into the dough.  So, make your ovals slightly smaller than you need.  Gently press two eyes on each snail towards the top of the head.
Step 18:  Take the remaining 6 grams of dough and add 2 drops of Black Oxide FUN Soap Colorant.  Use your hands mix to incorporate the colorant completely.  Then, roll the black portion into 12 small balls and 6 tiny snakes.  You will gently press one ball onto each white eye.  Also, use the tiny snake to create a smile on each snail!
Step 19:  Allow it to setup for about 24-48 hours.  The setup time can vary depending on the humidity.
Once setup, your bubble bar snails are ready to use!
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