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Chicken Wing Soaps

by Robyn's Nest Boutique
Robyn's Nest Boutique Chicken Wing Soaps


Robyns Nest Boutique-  Chicken Wings Soaps

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I have always had a love for all things skincare and beauty-related. I buy fashion magazines, just so I can skip to the skincare and beauty sections. For as long as I can remember, I have been a bath and body addict, with a special penchant for perfume. My dresser looks like a retail shop, with at least 20 different bottles all lined up because I can never choose just ONE fragrance. I wear something different everyday. A girl has got a right to change her mind.

Back in 2005-2006, I went to school for skincare and makeup while I was pregnant with my twins, and in 2006 I took the test and got my state esthetician license, just 3 weeks after giving birth. I knew I wanted to start my own line when I was in school, but I truly knew it was my calling after I became a mother. I started REALLY noticing all the chemicals in perfume and skincare (particularly what I was using on my twins) and I knew that just was not for me or my family. It was then that I started dabbling in soapmaking and making my own scrubs and perfumes. Now my dabbling has blossomed into my passion and my business. Everything I make is hand blended with all vegetable bases and oils. Many, if not most of my products are vegan. 

I make many of my own soap molds myself, too, as well as my own labels, hand stamped tags, stickers and note cards to tuck into each package, for a truly handmade experience.

My line is everything from basic bath bars and decorative soaps, to scrumptious, realistic looking bakery, candy shoppe, and snack food soaps. My best sellers are, by far, my Luscious Lip Tweets and buffalo wing soaps. The novelty soap line is adored by kids and adults alike! And of course, I make perfume, scrubs, and lotions, too. They are all my favorites, and my customer favorites, too.  And with over 200 fragrances to choose from, there is something for everyone!

Natures Gardens selection is unbeatable and their customer service is truly outstanding. I truly enjoy using their fragrances for the best variety and quality in my line. 



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