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 Reindeer Poo Bubble Bars Recipe download-recipe

Reindeer Poo Bubble Bars Recipe

Reindeer Poo Bubble Bar Recipe

Recipe makes approximately 8 bubble bars.

Ingredients Found At Natures Garden:


Other Ingredients & Equipment You'll Need:
Mixing Bowls
Mixing Spoon
Total Recipe Amounts:
410 grams Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate
460 grams Sodium Bicarbonate- Baking Soda
224 grams Cream of Tartar
72 grams Corn Starch
200 grams Vegetable Glycerin
24 grams Grapeseed Oil
14 grams Reindeer Poo Fragrance Oil
14 grams Vanilla White Color Stabilizer
10 drops FUN Soap Colorant Tomato Red
10 drops FUN Soap Colorant Neon Green

Clean and sanitize your workstation and all of your utensils. It is suggested that you wear gloves, an apron, gloves, a face mask, and a hair net while preparing this recipe.
Step 1:  First, in a deep mixing bowl, weigh your baking soda, sodium cocoyl isethionate, corn starch, and cream of tartar.  Use your hands to mix the ingredients. You also want to break up any clumps that you find in the powders.
Step 2:  In a second small bowl, weigh out and mix your wet ingredients.  In the mixing bowl, blend the following vegetable glycerin, grapeseed oil, Vanilla White Color Stabilizer, and Reindeer Poo Fragrance Oil.
Step 3:  Next, add the wet ingredients to the bowl containing the powdered ingredients. Once again, use your hands to mix everything together.  Continue to mix until you have a dough consistency.  

Note: If the bubble bar dough is too crumbly, you can add more vegetable glycerin.  However, do not add too much or your dough will become too wet and will not setup properly.
Step 4:  Mix the dough completely.  Then, separate it into 3 equal portions.  One portion will remain white. You can roll this portion in a ball and set it aside, for now.
Step 5:  Next, we will color the two remaining portions.  To the first portion, add 10 drops of the red soap colorant.  Mix using your hands until the colorant is fully and evenly dispersed.  To the remaining bubble bar dough, add 10 drops of the green colorant. Once again, mix.  
Step 6:  Now, we will begin creating our bubble bars.  Take a couple tablespoons of each color in your hand and roll them into a small ball.  Then, place the ball on your flexible mat. Now, roll it into a snake shape. It will need to be about 8-10 inches long.  It should also be about ¼ inch in diameter.
Step 7:  Once your dough is rolled out, you will need to shape it into a spiral shape that gets narrower towards the top. When you are finished it will be shaped sort of like the frosting on a cupcake.  So, create a spiral shape with the dough until you use all of the dough.
Step 8: This recipe will make about 8 bubble bars.  Allow your bubble bars to setup. You will know they are ready once they have hardened.  It took ours approximately 48-72 hours to setup completely. However, it can take longer depending on the climate of your environment.  
Your Reindeer Poo Bubble Bars are now ready to use!  When using your bubble bars crumble a bubble bar under your warm running bath water.
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