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 Rainbow Votives Recipe download-recipe

Rainbow Votives Recipe

Recipe makes 8 votive candles

Ingredients Found At Natures Garden:


Other Ingredients & Equipment You’ll Need: 
Mixing Bowls
Mixing Spoons
Electric Hand Mixer
Pots (for double boiler)
Total Recipe Amounts:
425 grams Pillar of Bliss Wax
2 grams Royal Blue Color Block
2 grams Grass Green Color Block
2 grams Yellow Color Block
3 grams Orange Color Block
3 grams Red Color Block
60 grams Rainbow Fragrance Oil
200 grams Joy Wax (Whipped)
Step 1: First, we will weigh out the Pillar of Bliss. Measure out 85 grams. Melt the wax on the stove using the double boiler method.
Step 2: While your wax is melting, you can cut the color blocks and weigh them out according to the recipe amounts above. 
Step 3: Continue melting until the wax reaches the highest temperature of 195 degrees Fahrenheit. At this point, add the royal blue color block.  Stir to incorporate the colorant.
Step 4: Next, add 8 grams of Rainbow Fragrance Oil to the blue candle wax. Pour the wax into each cavity of the shot glass mold. Then, allow it to set up completely.
Step 5: Now, create your second layer. Repeat the previous steps, this time adding the grass green layer. Pour the green wax at 150F. Continue to layer the wax until each color has been used. We poured in this order: blue, green, yellow, orange, and red.
Step 6: Allow the votive candles to set up. Pop them out of the molds once they have hardened. Using a votive wick pin, poke a hole in the center of the red portion. Thread your candle wick through this hole. We chose to use the CD 5 wicks. Trim them as desired. 
Step 7: Now, weigh out 200 grams of Joy Wax and put it in another pouring pot. Melt it down using the double boiler method again.
Step 8: Then, you will need to take out your electric hand mixer. As the wax begins to cool down, start whipping the wax. Continue whipping on and off until it starts looking like creamy frosting.
Step 9: Once it is nice and fluffy, grab your votive candles. This mold creates a shot glass, so the candles will have a center opening in them. You will want to scoop the whipped wax into that opening until it comes through the top of each candle. Continue fluffing it until you like the look of it.
Your Rainbow Votive Candles are now ready to use! Enjoy!
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