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Pink Color Blocks Dye

Pink Color Blocks Dye



CLEARANCE!  Natures Garden Candle Supplies' Pink Color Block Dye is a new candle colorant that can be used in candle waxes.  Our pink candle dye will allow you to create candles and wax tarts in a variety of pink shades.  In the picture above, you will see a pink color block used in handmade wax melts.  A single pink color block dye will color about 15 pounds of candle wax in a deep shade.  When using color blocks, melt a small amount of one of the solid pink dye blocks in your candle wax.  Once melted, mix until the pink colorant is combined completely with the melted candle wax.  When it is blended into the candle wax, you can have specks of dye in your finished candle if you don't mix thoroughly.  Too much of any type of candle dye can clog your wick, inhibiting the burn of your candle.  Each color block weighs approximately 1/2 oz.  The pink color blocks are for use in candle wax only and should not be used in body products.

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