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 Lemon Vanilla Shimmer Snap Bar Melts Recipe download-recipe

Lemon Vanilla Shimmer Snap Bar Melts Recipe

Ingredients Found At Natures Garden:


Other Ingredients & Equipment You'll Need:
Mixing Spoon
Pot (for double boiler)
Step 1:  First, we will create the red chunks.  So, line your cake pan with wax paper.  Then, melt one ounce of Pillar of Bliss Candle Wax.  Then, add a small amount of a scarlet color block.  Stir to incorporate the colorant.  Next, add 0.10 ounce of Independent Fragrance Oil.  Once again stir.  Finally, pour the wax into one cavity of your silicone mold.  Note:  You can also pour the wax into a nonstick pan or another silicone mold that you use for candle making. 
Step 2:  Next, you will repeat step one using a royal blue color block this time instead of a scarlet color block.  Allow both the red and blue wax to setup before moving on.

Step 3:  Now, we will cut the red and blue wax into chunks.  So, once the wax has setup, remove each color from the mold.  Then, use a knife to cut both colors into chunks.  You will notice that not only do you have chunks, you will also have shavings where you cut.  You will want to keep both the chunks and the shavings.

Step 4:  At this time, you will need the break bar mold.  Place both the red and blue pieces into the mold.
Step 5:  Melt 3.5 ounces of the Pillar of Bliss Candle Wax.  Add a small amount of a white color block and stir until it is fully dispersed.  Then, add 0.45 ounces of Independent Fragrance Oil.  Then, allow the temperature of the wax to drop to about 145F and pour it into the mold directly on top of the chunks.  Allow the wax to setup before moving on.  Note: You want to pour at a lower temperature anytime you are using a plastic mold like the break bar mold.
Step 6:  Once your wax has setup, remove it from the mold.  Break the bar into pieces.  It will break in a similar manner to chocolate bark.  Once you have broken the bar simply package it and let it cure.
Your Snap Bar Wax Melts are ready to use!  Simply place a piece of the melt in your burner to use it!

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