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 Lavender CP Soap Recipe download-recipe

Lavender CP Soap Recipe

Recipe makes approximately 3 pounds of soap.

Ingredients Found At Natures Garden:


Other Ingredients & Equipment You'll Need:
Distilled Water
Mixing Bowls
Mixing Spoons
Rubber Spatula
Stick Blender
3lb Loaf Mold
Total Recipe Weights:    
409 grams Distilled Water
147 grams Lye
129 grams Almond Oil
108 grams Avocado Oil
215 grams Cocoa Butter
54 grams Lanolin Oil
54 grams Mango Butter
97 grams Safflower Oil
151 grams Shea Butter
269 grams Coconut Oil
33 grams Lavender Essential Oil
2 grams Whole Lavender Flowers
Colorants for Purple Soap: 
5 drops of Ultramarine Violet FUN Soap Colorant
Colorants for White Soap:
8 grams Titanium Dioxide 
Mixed with a small amount of soaping oils
Clean & Sanitize your work area and all of your packaging materials. It is suggested that you wear gloves, protective clothing, a face mask, and safety glasses. 

Click Here For Basic CP Soap Making Class. Also, before attempting to make any cold process soap, please become familiar with Soap Making Safety Class.
Step 1:  Prepare your lye solution.  Allow the lye solution to cool to room temperature.  

Step 2:  While you are waiting for your lye solution to cool, prepare your soaping oils.  Once your oils are melted, allow them cool to room temperature.
Step 3:  While you are waiting for your oils and lye solution to cool, prepare the colorants.  
Step 4:  You will need 1 bowl for your purple soap. Add the 5 drops of colorant to save time. Set bowl aside.

Step 5:  When both the soaping oils and the lye solution are at room temperature, combine them.  Then, stick blend the soap batter to emulsify.  Next, add the Lavender Essential  Oil.  Once again, stick blend your soap batter to incorporate the scent.  

Step 6:  Now, separate your soap batter.  At this time, you will need your bowl with the Ultramarine Violet drops in it. Pour about half the soap batter into this bowl. 
Step 7: To the leftover soap batter,  add the titanium dioxide mixture.  Stick blend to mix it all thoroughly. Set aside your white batter. Next, stick blend your purple soap batter until colorant is evenly dispersed.
Step 8: Next, grab your loaf mold. You will begin by pouring some of the purple soap batter into the loaf mold, fill the soap mold about ⅓ of the way. Next. add a layer of poppy seeds.

Step 9: Pour about ⅓ of the white soap batter for the second layer. Add another layer of poppy seeds. 
Step 10: Pour the rest of the purple soap batter for the last layer. Once the remaining white soap batter is at a thick whipped consistency, add it to the top creating peaks. Then, sprinkle whole lavender on top. We used about 2 grams.

Step 11:  After 48 hours, remove the soap from the mold.  When ready, cut the soap into slices.  Allow them to cure before using. 

We hope that you enjoy this Lavender CP Soap Recipe!
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